My Weekend with Orin


“You don’t mind me staying with you for a few days?” the voice on the end of the line asked.

“Seriously dude, my place is your place, crash with me as long as you need,” I replied as I crashed out on my couch.

“Thanks gorgeous, I just need a few days to sort things out and then I’ll be out of your hair.” Orin replied.

“Anytime. So I’ll see you tonight?” I asked

“Yeah, I’ll send a text when I’m on my way.” She said.

“Ok, see ya then.”

“Bye babe and thanks, again” Orin said as I hung up.

I dropped my phone next to me on the couch, absently watching TV as I thought over the discussion I’d just had with Orin. I’d known her for a few years and always thought of her as a close friend. She’d called me looking for a place to crash, she’d had a falling out with her house mates and decided it was best to get out of the apartment. She’d called me looking for a place to spend the weekend while she sorted out what her next move was.

“Shit, better get the spare room sorted out,” I mumbled to myself, getting up from the couch.

I wandered through the house, heading towards the spare room, grabbing a clean set of sheets and towels from the linen closest as I passed. I was used to having people crash at my place and wasn’t surprised that she’d asked to stay. Orin and I got along well, always flirted on and off. Orin had a tendency to wear low cut tops that showed off her ample chest quite well, along with short shorts or skirts that always drew attention to her legs and amazing ass. I’d always dreamed about fucking her, but never followed through as we only ever left things at flirting.

“Might be a chance this weekend,” I thought to myself as I changed the sheets on the bed, tossing the old ones in the laundry basket.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I reached in, thoughts of Orin passing through my mind. I looked down at my phone, seeing a new text message.

“I’m on my way xoxoxo” It read.

I looked around, making sure the room was ready for her. satisfied everything was good, I pulled the door shut, heading back in to the lounge, intent to crash out and wait for Orin to arrive.


I heard a knocking at the door. I pulled myself out of the couch, heading to the door. Opening the door I was greeted by the smiling face of Orin.

“Hey!” She explained excitedly.

“Hey yourself,” I replied, taking stock of her.

She was standing there, bags at her feet. Her long blonde hair was tied up in a pony tail, cascading over her shoulder, serving to draw your attention downwards. My eyes followed, she was wearing a low cut loose fitting singlet, red bra peaking out os the sides of the singlet, pushing her firm DD boobs up. My gaze continued over her toned body, down over her tight denim shorts and taking in those spending legs. I brought my eyes back up to her face, looking into her radiant blue eyes.

“Come in dude, here let me get those bags for ya,” I said, reaching out and grabbing her bags.

“Thanks.” She said, stepping past me and into the house.

I turned around to follow her in, staring at her tight, full ass, framed in her denim shorts as I kicked the front door shut. Orin proceeded to walk to the back of the house, knowing where the spare room was.

“All yours,” I said, dropping her bags on the floor beside the bed.

“Thanks, this really means a lot, I just didn’t know what else to do,” She said, as she sat herself on the edge of the bed.

“Not a problem Orin, your welcome here as long as you need.” I answered.

“I’ll let you get settled, I’m just down the hall if you need anything ok,” I said, leaning in to give her a kiss on top of her head.

She stood up, wrapping her arms around me, hugging me tight.

“Thank you,” she said quietly, “See you in the morning.”

“Night” I replied, retreating out from the room.

I wandered into my room, shutting my door behind me as I tuzla escort crawled into my bed. Sleep was a way off, as I lay there, thoughts of Orin flowing through my mind, the smell of her hair, her golden skin an her gentle touch making it hard to fall asleep.

“Fuck,” I thought to myself, “this is going to be a long weekend.”


I woke to muffled noises coming from down the hallway. I sat up, my mind foggy as I walked quietly down the hall. The noises became clearer, sounds of moaning emanating from Orin’s rooms, her door cracked open slightly. I couldn’t help myself, as I stood on the other side of the door, peering in through the opening, to see Orin lying on top of her sheets, singlet pulled up to expose her firm breasts, on hand massaging, her other was down the front of her panties, fingers rubbing her pussy. Another moan escaped her lips, her eyes shut tight as she pleasured herself.

I stood there frozen, the sight of this goddess fingering herself quickly bringing my cock to attention through the fabric of my boxers. Absently I reached down, stroking my cock through the fabric of my boxers, eyes glued to the scene through the door.

Orin’s moans became louder, fingers moving faster over her pussy, her back arching slightly as she trembled and writhed under her own pleasuring. I jacked off my cock faster, harder, feeling my own desires taking a hold. Suddenly, I saw Orin arch her back, her hand clamping onto her tit, her other furiously rubbing her pussy as she moaned out in ecstasy, bringing herself to an orgasm. She collapsed back onto the bed, panting, as I retreated back down the hall to my own room.

I dropped back on my bed, my rock hard cock laying against my stomach. I reached down, grabbing my cock in my hand as I stoked up and down, my mind replaying the sight I’d just seen. I worked my cock harder, Imagining what it would be like to have Orin’s hot pussy engulfing my cock. A quiet voice at my door caused me to freeze mid stroke.

“So this is what you do when you see a beautiful girl fingering herself in the other room huh, you come back and jack off?” I heard Orin ask.

“Fuck i’m sorry, I didn’t mean to spy on you,” I said ashamed, trying to hide my cock under the sheets.

I turned to look at my door. Orin was standing there in nothing but her singlet and panties, fingers twirling her hair as she leaned up against my door frame.

“Why’d you think I left the door open sweetie,” she purred as she walked over to the bed.

“I didn’t wanna be alone tonight, but didn’t know if you’d appreciate me just jumping into your bed,” she continued, as she sat on the bed biting her bottom lip, slowly pulling the sheets off my body.

“Orin, seriously, I’ve been having fantasies about you for ages, i really wouldn’t have mind,” I said, as the she pull the sheet of me completely, exposing my rock hard cock to the fresh air off the room.

“Mmm, thats huge!” Orin said, her eyes locked onto my cock, as she slowly reached out a hand, wrapping her fingers around the base.

“You don’t mind do you?” She asked, a devilish grin on her face, as she peered up at me with those big blue eyes of hers.

I didn’t get a chance to reply, as she pulled my cock straight up, sinking her mouth over the tip, lounge twirling around the head. She began to slowing stroke my shaft as she bobbed and slurped on the head of my raging hot dick. I laid my head back on my pillow, eyes, closed, enjoying the sensation of Orin’s mouth as she sucked on my cock. I reached down, running my hands through her hair, guiding her head as she worked on my cock. She slid her hand down, cupping my balls, as she continued her efforts on my dick.

The room was filled with sounds of slurping and sucking as she attacked my cock. I could feel myself building to an orgasm. I didn’t want this night to end early, so I grabbed ucuz escort her by the head, pulling her onto my body. She straddled my hips, laying herself onto my chest as she planted her lips to mine, our tounge’s pushing into each others mouths, exploring, tasting. I could feel Orin slowly grinding her pussy over my cock through her soaking underwear, soft moans escaping from her mouth.

I ran my hands over her back, down and over her ass, cupping as I pulled her into my tighter. I broke off our kiss, trailing soft kisses down her neck, occasionally nibbling on her neck.

“Mmmm, that feels so good,” She said breathlessly, as she ground over my cock harder.

I ran my hands back up her body, hooking under the bottom of her singlet. Orin realised what I was doing, as she sat up straight, allowing me to pull the singlet off, freeing her firm tits. Before she had a chance, I pulled myself up, locking my mouth over on of her perfect tits, bitting and sucking on her nipple, my hands squeezing her ass.

“God yes, keep going, fuck your turning me on,” she moaned.

I continued sucking on her tits, alternating every so often as she continued to buck her hips against my cock. I reached up behind her, grabbing a handful of hair and pulled her head back, exposing her neck again to my kisses. She pushed her chest out, her hands reaching up and grabbing her own tits.

I pulled her back into my embrace, twisting her around so her back was lying on my chest. I ran my hands down her body, one hand rolling her nipple between my fingers, the other, fingers trailing down her golden skin towards her pussy. I slid my fingers beneath the waist band of her panties, as she spread her legs wider, giving me better access to her warm depths. I ran my finger over her clit, a shudder taking her body. I trailed my fingers down her pussy, the tips on just sliding between her lips. I felt her grinding her ass into my crotch. She turned her head to the side, kissing me hard. I bit her lip as I drove 2 fingers into her pussy. A loud moan escaped her lips as I began to finger fuck her pussy, my thumb flicking over her clit.

I continued to focus on her pussy, my other hand puling and rolling her nipples between my fingers, sounds of pleasure escaping from her.

“Fuck i’m going to cum baby, don’t stop. Fuck i’m close. Yes, fuck…” she extolled.

I stepped up the pace on her pussy, plunging my finger in fast and faster, flicking her clit to more force. Her body tensed, back arching again as her orgasm took control.

“I’m CUMMMMMIIIIINNNNGGGGGG…” She screamed, her body shaking and writhing on top of me.

She clamped her leg shut tight, trapping my hand as she came down from her orgasm. I reached down, pulling her panties down, exposing her smooth shaven pussy. She lifted herself up slightly, hand grabbing my cock as she guided me to the entrance of her soaking pussy. In one swift movement she sank her body down, taking my full length in on go.

“Holy shit! So big. So hard! Your filling me up. Fuck me…” she stammered, as she began to ride up and down on my cock.

I pulled her back onto me, bucking my hips as I thrust my cock in and out of her tight pussy. Orin rocked her hips in time, settling into a rhythm as we fucked. I reached up again, taking her tits in my hands. Orin dropped one of hers to her pussy, her fingers running circles over her clit, pleasuring herself as my cock plowed in and out of her hot pussy.

Suddenly, She sat up, pulling her legs beside her as she leant forwards, hands on the front of my legs as she rocked her body back and forth, letting my cock come almost out of her pussy, before pushing back and sinking to the hilt. I had a great view of her ass as she rode my cock like a woman possessed. Random sounds of pleasure coming from her as she rocked and pushed back onto my cock harder and harder, building pace. ümraniye escort Orin rode my cock as I sat back, admiring the view.

Orin pulled herself off me, my cock slipping out of her pussy, as she turned herself around. She bent down, taking my cock straight into her mouth, tongue flicking under the base of the shaft. She gave me a few deep sucks, before she let me fall form her mouth, climbing back onto me, She slid her pussy up and down the shaft of my cock, arch her hips as she got to the tip. I tensed my cock, feeling it rise just enough for her to slide back down, the length of my cock sliding into her pussy. She sat upright, hand hooking behind her head. She stuck her tits out as she began to ride my cock. I placed my hands on top of her thighs, just below her hips as she bounced up and down.

“God you’re so deep. I feel so full. ugh.” She said, as she grabbed my hands, guiding them to her tits once more. Her hands stayed on top of mine, guiding as I pawed at her firm, DD tits. Her eyes were closed, held tiled back lost in pleasure. I slowly bucked my hips, in with her motions on my cock. She sank herself down, grinding and rolling her hips, seeming to enjoy the feeling of my cock filling her up. We lay like that, enjoying the sensations of our tending fucking.

I slid out bodies down the bed, rolling her off my body, as I stood up at the end of the bed. Orin climbed up onto her knees, sticking her ass up high as i turned around, lining my cock up with her pussy. I gripped her hips hard as I rammed my full length into her in one motion, pulling back till just the tip remained before plunging back in to the hilt again. I did this over and over, each time my thrusts causing her ass to jiggle, her body to shake, and slight groans of pleasure. My need took over, I could feel my orgasm closing in. I long stroked my cock in and out, thrusting as hard as I could.

“Fuck, don’t stop gorgeous, I’m so close, fuck, almost there…” Orin encouraged.

I power fucked her, determined to make her cum once more. I was rewarded as she knelt up, pressing her body into mine as I felt her shaking and trembling, crying out in passion as she rolled into another orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum!” I exclaimed.

“Cum on me baby,” Orin stated, as she pulled herself off my cock, sliding down the bed to kneel on the floor, her face level with my cock. She wrapped her hands around my cock, jacking me of furiously.

“Fuck here it comes!” I warned.

Orin kept up her furious pace, aiming my cock as her face, mouth open, tongue out. I came hard, thick ropy streams of cum exploding from my cock to splatter over her face. I kept coming, pumping more cum onto her face as she aimed my cock at her tits, the last of my cum covering her tits. I felt my body shudder, the last of my cum shooting onto her tits. I felt her mouth engulf my cock again, as she sucked, determined to get every last drop. I pulled my cock from her mouth, taking a step back to lean on the wardrobe door. I gazed down at Orin as she sat back on her heels, one hand on her pussy as she scooped up my cum from her face and tits with her fingers, sucking them clean.

“God you look sexy,” I grinned at her as she sucked the last of my cum from her fingers.

“How the hell did you have so much cum?” She asked, grinning back at me.

“Well, bit hard to control myself with a sexy little thing like you fucking me,” I offered.

“Thanks gorgeous.” She replied, as she climbed back onto the bed.

“Jesus, I feel like I just fucked a pringles can,” She giggled.

She climbed back onto my bed, clearly intending to spend the night there. I crawled up beside her, pulling her into my body. She snuggled back into me, wiggling her ass into my cock, pulling my arms around her.

“Don’t ever make me wait like that again,” she said dreamily as I hugged her tight.

“I won’t” I promised.

“I’ll have to surprise you tomorrow I think,” She said as she started to doze, “to say thank you, for everything.”

I stifled a yawn, about to reply, before I noticed Orin had fallen asleep, safe and secure in my embrace.

“Well, this will be an interesting weekend,” I thought to myself, as I drifted off to sleep, the sweet smell of sex and Orin’s perfume filling my nose.

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