My Tutor


I was 20, my girlfriend at the time was only 18, and she was playing mind games as some girls that age do.

At the time I thought I was in love with her, and I thought she was in love with me as well. That was until she told me, I only say it because you say it, I really don’t mean it.

Why not just kick me in the balls. I was heartbroken, and I needed to talk with someone who would be understanding and caring.

I went to see Karen, she used to Tutor me in High School a couple of years before.

Karen had cried on my shoulder once, because a guy dumped her, I had said all the right things to make her feel better, now it was my turn.

I called her up and she could tell that I was upset, she told me to come by her place so we could talk.

Karen was 28, and I was always hot for her, she was very petite, 4’11”, she had decent sized boobs, 34C, a nice ass, and oh how I had always wanted to see more.

We had used her pool a few times before, So I had seen her in her bikini and would jerk off when I would get home just thinking of her hot wet body.

My mind always thought of küçükçekmece escort what it would be like to see her naked, to feel her boobs, and when I thought of her touching my cock, I would jerk my cock faster until I shot my load.

Karen was renting a room, I went over and we talked for hours about my girlfriend problems.

At the end of the night, she walked me to her door, then she asked me to lean down, and to my surprise she kissed me.

I couldn’t believe it, she then told me I had to leave before something happened.

I went home, jerked off, with a big grin on my face, and came like never before, just thinking of that kiss and what might lay ahead.

All I could think of was what had happened at Karen’s place, were my fantasies going to become real.

I called a few days later and we went out for dinner, then back to her room to talk.

We were sitting on her bed, Karen at one end, me at the other. When she suddenly asked if I thought it would hurt our friendship any if we were to make love.

Well şişli escort a guy isn’t about to get that kind of question wrong.

I told her that I only thought that it would strengthen our friendship.

Well that was all she had to here.

She crawled over to me and started kissing me.

Everything happened so fast, she had my T-shirt off, I started removing her top, before I knew it there before my eyes were the tits that I had only dreamed of.

I sucked and licked her nipples making her moan. I pinched one nipple while sucking the other, yes this was happening.

She had already started to undo my pants, and when she got a hold of my cock, a smile came across her face.

Karen stripped of the rest of her clothes and got on top of me.

She wrapped her small fingers around my hard cock and guided me right inside her pussy, and lowered herself down onto my hard 7 inch cock.

Karen started screaming, Oh god you’re big, oh yes your cock fills my cunt.

I was in shock, I couldn’t believe Karen was saying cock şirinevler escort and cunt. I found out she loved to talk dirty during sex.

I reached up and sucked her nipples and she was telling me to fuck her, fuck my cunt, fill my cunt with your big cock, fuck meee.

I was certain the other people in the house could hear her, but I didn’t care if she didn’t, I was just enjoying the feeling of my first fuck.

She was riding my cock and telling me how much she loved the feel of my big cock inside her.

Then she was almost in tears, I had given her an orgasm, she started kissing me and thanking me for making her cum.

She kept on riding my cock until finally we flipped over and I started fucking harder until I shot my load, deep inside her, it felt wonderful.

I didn’t tell her that she had just taken my virginity, I told her years later in a letter.

Looking back maybe I should have told her, she might have taught me some more, after all she had tutored me before.

We rested for a while and she started to fondle my cock and before long it was time for round two.

The thing that always gets me excited thinking back was her talking during sex, fuck me, fuck my cunt with your big hard cock, I want you to cum inside me, I want you to cum with me, fuck me, fuck my cunt, oh I love your cock.

To this day if I need some relief, I think back to Karen, I close my eyes and know, it wasn’t a dream , it was a fantasy come true.

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