My Sweet Sister Part 1


My sweet virgin sister, Jackie. The light brown curls that draped down to her back smelled like strawberry conditioner. Her eyes were just like green emeralds that blinded you when she starred at you. Jackie’s full pink lips made you think “How would those lips taste?” Her small juicy breasts were a tasty B cup. She had beautiful legs and I loved it when she wore shorts. I, somehow, knew that my gorgeous sister was untouched. She was a shy girl, though she was stunning she has avoided boyfriends. It was the summer time, Jackie had just turned sixteen, and she was just starting to blossom into the sexy young girl. We were living in our summer home, which houses were about 2 miles apart. Luckily, my parents were out all of the time. Restaurants, parties, casinos, clubs, our parents Küçükyalı escort bayan were very rich and busy people.As usual, Jackie was horse riding in the field. She was wearing her jean skirt, which was very short and would fly up. I sat on the porch reading my book, as she got onto the horse I saw a flash of her light pink panties. My cock swelled at this site. Jackie was also wearing her tight baby blue tank top. She wasn’t a bra, which was unusual. As she began riding, her tits began bouncing. I was slowly developing a boner, but I could not stop starring. You could see her pretty nipples through her shirtThen I noticed something, I saw her purposely rubbing her crotch on the seat, and she quietly moaning. As her moans became Escort Kartal louder, she began humping the seat as the horse ran. My cock was slowly rising, but of course I did not look away. I didn’t think she knew I was watching. Then she began furiously pounded on the seat, and her back arched. She yelled, and then she made her horse stop. Jackie looked around and saw me… and my hard cock. In a panic, I quickly ran inside the house.I ran in the bathroom, and jerked off. I imagined her tits bouncing and her wet pussy rubbing on the seat. When I went back outside, Jackie wasn’t there. I check around the house, then I saw Jackie in her room, through the window. She was had her underwear and her tank top on, and she lying on her bed. Unfortunately, Suadiye escort then we didn’t know much about sex. Our parents never let us learn anything. But I knew way more than Jackie. I knew everything.Jackie had a rocking horse, and when she undressed fully her back was to me. She hopped on it, and I watched her. She started off slow and steady, and she was slightly moaning. I couldn’t help but begin to jerk off at this. I was so frustrated that I couldn’t see her tits, so I went in the house. As swiftly as I could, I slowly cracked the door. Now she was furiously pounding her cunt on the on the pony. Her beautifully sculpted breasts were trotting as she was humping the horse. So I started beating my dick harder, my hand was on the door knob. When I began to cum, I lost control and fell into her room.Jackie starred at me, fully naked, I starred at her with my cock in my hand. I slowly walked out of her room and back to my room. I was so embarrassed, what if she told our parents? Then I began to think, she’s just an inexperienced virgin who didn’t really know what happened.

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