My Summer with Lisa Pt. 02 – Ken and Melanie


Chapter 1. Our Introduction.

The Summer of Love is over. Lisa has returned to Uni. I’m back to being a 53 year old neighbouring gardener.

(Story note: I adjusted my age to accommodate future story installments.)

On this day, I’m in the kitchen sipping my coffee looking over my backyard garden and thinking about the summer that was and is no more. Reminiscing and teary eyed I am suddenly jolted from my daydreaming.

“Knock, knock, Anybody home.?” A sweet female voice.

“Anybody answering.”

Through the outside door enters the cutest woman with shoulder length brunette hair, a curvaceous body and dressed like…like….somebody I know.

“You must be Ken.”

“I am, and I bet you are Melanie, Lisa’s mom.”

“I am. How did you know?”

“She’s the spittin image of you Mel. May I call you Mel?”

“Of course you may.”

“I didn’t think it possible to have two such beauties under one roof.”

“Keep talking ole boy. Don’t stop now” she giggles.

“Lisa told me so much about you Ken, like you’re her hero. So, I just had to come over and meet you.” Mel plunks herself against the counter. “Any coffee?”

“There is. Let me get you a cup.” While doing so I make the time to look her over and what I observe I like. My goodness.

Mel stands about 5 foot 7, same as Lisa, an angelic face with shoulder length brunette hair, again same as Lisa. And like Lisa, she dresses similarly, a Tight green T shirt, no bra. She is slim with fairly large breasts and a tiny waist which flares out into a bubble butt ass and, like her daughter, long athletic legs. What impresses me most, though, is her butt. And what an ass, especially in the tight shorts she wears. Did I say tight? I mean her painted on white shorts. I’m almost drooling and my body is certainly aroused.

And I catch Mel observing me observing her. A tiny smile appears on her face. I decide to tease her. “So, why do you think Lisa referred to me as her hero?” Trying, and failing, to conceal the smirk on my face, handing Mel her coffee.

“Well now Ken, you don’t think there are any secrets between mommy and daughter do you? Hmmmmm. We share everything, not just clothes. By the way, do you like my shorts?” Teasing me.

I gulp. “Matter of fact I do. But you already know that, don’t you Mel? If Lisa was busy sharing our secrets you know how much I appreciate a woman’s butt.” Speaking honestly. I place my coffee on the kitchen counter, “what else did my 23 year old Lover tell you, hmmmmm?”

“Do you really wanna know Ken?” whispering in a seductive husky voice.

Nodding yes and moving closer to her now. “How much you like, no love, eating pussy. You wanna eat me ole boy? I bet you do. See if you can be my hero too.” Laughing. I’m thinking, ‘Like mommy like daughter.’

And like her daughter, Mel is very forward and up front. Quite refreshing to see two women who are so honest and forthright. “Are you hungry Ken? Bet you are,” smiling and putting her coffee on the counter next to mine.

“A ha, I’m always hungry, especially for pussy,” wrapping my arms around her, resting my hands over her golden globes and pulling her closer. Her arms reaching up around my neck, pressing her body into me. Locked in an embrace. We kiss. Lips touching and brushing. Tongues sliding out, flicking and flirting. Holding her ass cheeks tight fingers digging into her flesh my erection pressed against her tummy.

In a swift movement I lift her up into my arms and carry her to the bedroom, sliding her T shirt and shorts off before laying her on the bed. I pull my shirt over my head, kick off my blue jeans and boxers, liberating my swollen cock which jumps out like a flag pole, pointing the way. Mel smiles, “my daughter doesn’t lie. Now, you’re my hero too” giggling. “Come and get it ole boy.”

And just like that. That fast, a morning of gloom has suddenly reversed to become a morning of love.

Climbing onto the bed I bury my face into Mel’s bushy Pussy. My tongue licks and teases her, my mouth nibbling the folds of skin. Placing two fingers on her Clit i work my fingers circularly.

“Slow down ole boy…..ooooh…too sensitive…slower please.”

I move my body upward until my cock is before her face, hands braced on the headboard. Mel cups my shaft in her hands and guides the mushy cockhead to her mouth. Eyes growing big as saucers, mouth opening, her tongue flicking out, she pulls my swollen cock into her mouth. As she does I gently push my pelvis forcing my cock deeper.

Surprisingly she swallows it all. I’m in paradise. Rocking back and forth and slowly face fucking her moist tight mouth I feel my balls tightening, I pull out.

“Your turn baby.”

Again dropping my face down and attending to Mel’s needs and desires.

No sensitivity this time. I lick and finger. The folds of skin in my mouth as I rapidly lick and nibble. Fingers stroking her clit.

She GASPS, GROANS, her body trembling and bouncing in the bed sheets. “ARGHHHHHH” she orgasms. Opening wider, suctioning her Kültür Escort pussy, her cunt, her vagina, her sweet tasting nectar into my mouth. I am beyond aroused. Sexual bliss. Ecstasy. Mel Cums filling my mouth with her sex. I lap it up wanting more. Another orgasm, her body shutters. Pushing me over on my back, “My turn” giggling. Climbing on top, sitting up and dropping her pussy over and down onto my cock she begins fucking me. Cowgirl style. Bouncing up and down pushing me deep into her womb, tits bouncing and flailing, the look of satisfaction on her angelic face.

When I explode it is with a vengeance. Thick gobs of semen flowing like a river floods her womb, leaking out of her pussy. We lay in a lake of cum and her sex.

Mel collapses on me. Speechless. Her eyes closing she drifts off, as do I.

When we awaken, Mel looks over at me, “I think I’ll keep you….my hero” giggling. “If Lisa wants you back she’ll have to fight me first.” Laughing

“Your hubby may have something to say about that.”

“You had to mention him didn’t you? Rob would need GPS to find my pussy. And eat pussy. Give me break. The guy is a total square.”

“I’m sorry I brought his name up. Sorry.”

“I’m sure you can make it up to me” laughing “Let’s go shower” and we do.

Chapter 2 Interlude

After showering we sand naked in front of the dining room window looking out over the backyard and distant hills. I stand behind Mel, my arms draped over her shoulders, hands cupping her luscious breasts. My flaccid cock dangles against her soft bum.

We are soaking in each others thoughts, embracing as two lovers do in the quiet afterglow of love making.

“Ken, will you be my friend? My lover?

“You know I will. But, tell me, what is the deal with your hubby? I sense some hostility.”

“You’re right, there is hostility. We’ve been married 24 years. Lisa was conceived on our honeymoon. Rob wanted a boy and has made me pay for it ever since. He and Lisa don’t even communicate. Our honeymoon was the last time we had sex. Can you imagine?”

“No!! I can’t. Absolutely not. Is he crazy? Stupid? Holy fuck.”

“For a several years I looked for love in the pubs and had a series of boyfriends but that life wore off after I was almost beaten up by a really bad apple. Besides I owed it to my daughter to be a proper mommy. As Lisa grew older we became very close. Like very very close, if you get my drift. Even to the extent she tried adopting that lifestyle while at Uni. It wasn’t until this summer that she began opening up to men. Actually, to a man. And that man was you. So, in addition to her helping you out with the Herbs, unbeknown to you, you helped her out.”

“I had no idea.”

“Ken, she really loves you despite the fact you are an older guy to her” Mel laughs, “and she thought hard about going back to Uni. So now you have a dilemma.”

“I do?” surprised.

“You men can be so naïve.”

“Ah huh. You’ve got two girls who want and love you” she turns in my arms and looking into my eyes. “How you gonna handle that?”

“Easy peasy lemon squeezy. I’m going to love you both, if you are willing to share me.” Grinning.

“Oh Ken, you don’t know how happy this makes me. I’ll go to the moon and back for you babykins.”

“One thing I wanna know. What do we do with your hubby? What’s his name?”

“Rob, his names Rob. Ignore him. He doesn’t have any problem ignoring me. Come over for dinner tonight and you’ll see first hand”

Just then we hear a car pull into the driveway next door. “Speak of the devil” We walk over to the side window standing back so as not to be easily seen.

“Handsome isn’t he. What a delusion that was. A doctor told me once there are people, very few mind you, that have no interest in sex. Do you believe that? Crazy huh. And I married one.”

“So, the fact that I’m standing here with his wife, his naked wife, and we are watching him kinda naughty isn’t it?” laughing.

“Yep, and Iove it” smiling into my face. “Wanna do something extra special naughty lover boy” her fingers tracing along my veiny flaccid cock shaft which begins responding to her touch.

“Silly question” turning her around “brace your arms against the window sill and lean forward.”

Standing behind Mel and stroking my cock, guiding it to her pussy. As Rob walks into their house, my cock slides into Mel’s cunt. A thrusting forward and I am all the way in.

She GASPS and I begin humping her doggy style.

“Woof woof babykins.”

“Woof woof yourself” she laughs “Oh fuck yes. Do me hard baby. Do your bitch lover” and with that I increase the tempo my heavy balls slapping against her thighs.

Moans, SCREAMS, GASPS, my rigid cock pounding my lover, hands holding her ass cheeks.

“OH FUCK” I YELL, my balls tighten, feeding my shaft with semen and I explode. Cum spirting into Mel’s pussy.

She lets out a bellow, “ARHHHHHHH”

Rob, who has now reappeared outside looks around thinking he heard a noise then shrugs his shoulders.

I Kültür Escort Bayan wonder, ‘does he even care that a few feet away from him, the neighbour is fucking his sexpot wife like a dog.’

I pull out, and as Mel pulls her shorts over her cum stained body, “I’m going to invite you over for dinner so you can see first hand what I live with.”

And, on that note she’s gone, back to her home.

Chapter 3 Sex Capades and Dinnertime Hijinks

You would think, after having made love already twice in one day with deep penetration, plus a couple more times involving oral sex, a 53 year old man using Herbs raise his arousal and a 43 year old woman would have had enough sex for one day. However, love, or is it lust, is a funny thing. When a woman has been deprived of and longed for LOVE for so many years, finally finds a guy who desires and loves her she goes the extra mile for him. Such seems to be the case with Mel and myself.

As the dinner hour arrives I am wondering exactly “see first hand what I live with” really means. I slip on a pair of black slacks and a white dress shirt before visiting my garden to pick a bouquet of colourful flowers for Mel.

Ringing the doorbell i wait for the door to open not sure who to expect I hold the flowers behind my back.

The door swings open and there stands the most delicious and tantalizing woman I have ever laid eyes on. My eyes pop wide open. I’m flabbergasted. I drop the flowers on the stoop.

I’m greeted with a “Hey babe” and stepping forward Mel plants a juicy long kiss on my mouth pressing her body into me. My hands instinctively land on her rump. I finally ease her back placing my hands on her shoulders.

“Let me look at you.” How can a woman dress so elegantly and look so sexy at the same time. Mel is dressed in a full length red cocktail dress which, much like her shorts earlier today, hugs her body like it is painted on. Two long slits up the side of the dress to her waist. A plunging V shaped neckline reaching down to mid tummy exposing the greater part of her breasts. BREATHTAKING. Of course, I am instantly standing at attention, my flag pole at full mast.

I bend over to retrieve the flower bouquet.

“My handsome lover. You look so delicious.”

Where’s hubby?”

“Don’t know, don’t care. Probably in his office as always. Creature of habit you know. Wanna fuc….make love baby?”

“You know I do, but … umm…” A kiss is planted in my mouth, a hand placed over my bulging trousers, fingers fumbling with the zipper and out pops my liberated cock into Mel’s cupped hand.

My hands have slipped thru the slit and rest on her bare luscious ass globes, fingers caressing and fondling her ass crack.

Pushing me back against the wall, hiking up her dress and turning around in one swift movement, whispering “woof woof” and bending forward, I enter her. Both hands gripping her waist I push and thrust my engorged cock into her velvety wet pussy. Meeting my thrusts with her own our ecstasy consumes us.

I’m surprised at how fast I cum.

Mel tries to stifle her Gasps and fails miserably SQUEALING in delight. She Cums, an orgasm rocking her body.

Seconds later my cock explodes unloading a river of cum. Pulling out of her, Mel adjusts her long dress, shakes her hair lose and stands straight as the office door opens. “Dinner will be ready in ten minutes” not missing a beat. I had turned to tuck myself in and zip up. Turning back toward Rob, “Hello.”

He grunts before turning back into his office.

“Miserable prick” I whisper.

“You haven’t seen anything yet. And, by the way, you are wonderful.”

We kiss and head into the kitchen to make final dinner arrangements, but not before Mel places her flowers into a vase.

Ten minutes late Mel calls out, “DINNER.”

The seating arrangement for dinner is odd. Rob sits on one side of the table, Mel and I across from him on the other side which suits me but is odd nonetheless.

I quickly learn why. Obviously Mel intensely dislikes her hubby and wants as much distance as possible from him. The other reason, and more importantly, she wants to be as close as possible to me. She wants to tease and play. She is one badass girl. Naughty and cute. Living in the extreme.

We make small talk. Rob is not much of a conversationalist, not with me anyhow. He comes across as condescending and arrogant. How on earth did Mel allow this prick into her life is beyond me. When Rob finally has something to say its a blessing in disguise.

“I am going away on Monday for two weeks.”

“You guys will have a wonderful time” I chime in.

“Who said anything about us guys. You assume too much Ken.”

“Oh well. I’ll keep an eye on Mel, keep her out of trouble.”

“Trouble. Are you kidding me… She can’t even spell the word.”

I’m about to unload both barrows on him when I feel a hand on my thigh.

“I have work to do in my office” as he stands up and leaves.

“What an arrogant condescending Escort Kültür asshole that man is.” Thinking, ‘your loss man.’

Mel smiles, “I told you. Now you’ve witnessed it first hand.”

My compassion for this woman gains ten notches. I just wanna hold her tight, love on her and be a real man for her. Looking into her sad eyes tearing up, shoulders shaking as she attempts controlling her emotions. I stand, lean over and lift her from the chair and carry her to the living room couch. Holding Mel crossways in my arms, one arm supporting under her bent knees, the other behind her back, she cuddles into me. In this embrace I sit in the couch and allow her to sob into my chest.

Chapter 4 Make ME a Baby

“That’s my baby. It’s okay to cry. Daddykins will make everything okay. I love you Mel. I never want to lose you babykins. Please be mine forever.” Having her in my arms and being able to comfort her is exactly where I wanna be right now. My love for her is unlimited and my only desire at this moment is soothing her and removing all the hostility she feels. Her fragrance, her closeness, the heat radiating from her and, yes, the tears flowing down her cheeks onto my shirt. all combine to bring us closer together and bind us in a supernatural love.

Physically, the bulge in my trousers rests under Mel’s bum, her weight causing an erection arousal. Her partially exposed breasts stirs my adrenalin as our hot breathing increases and warms us.

“Somebody is excited.”

“It’s okay baby, just relax in daddy’s arms. We’ll play later,” smiling. “I just wanna love and comfort you now and protect you from the big bad wolf.”

“I wanna see my toy baby.”

“Okay, but no games, okay?”

I shift her off my lap and we both sit cross legged facing one another.

“Let me see.” big brown eyes smiling in excitement.

I unzip and before I can, she reaches in and hauls him out.

“Awwwwww, baby, he’s so cute” gently stroking the thick veiny shaft with her finger nails. Standing at attention and, I think, smiling with all the attention he’s receiving. Waving back and forth. Mel looks so intently at him, smiling, “I’ve never taken the time to study him. He’s soo big and cute. I think I love him” giggling. Bending forward and moving her face closer, studying his girth and running fingers over the veiny girth.

I GASP, sit and watch, a warm feeling flowing through my body, the heat rising, the arousal peaking.

With Mel sitting cross legged her dress bunches around her waist. She sits exposed. Her bushy pussy gleaming in the light. Droplets of moisture beading up on her pubes.

I lift Mel’s face up and kiss her before lowering my face to her ‘opening of delight’ and, like her before me, studying it up close and personal. Running my fingers over and through the folds of skin.


“Is my baby feeling better now. Daddy make all better?” Again my love for this women overwhelms me causing me to tear up.

“Baby, I wanna be the only man for you for ever. I’ll do anything, anything at all for you babykins.”

She smiles, trying to not cry anymore.

“Show me your love baby.” Climbing off the couch, standing with her back to me. I swing my legs off the couch, planting my feet on the floor and grasp her by the waist, pulling her back and lifting her dress. Drawing her down onto my lap.

“Baby want something?”

“Ah huh.”

“What’s baby want?” drawing her out.

“Love me baby. Love me baby with my special toy.”

Placing a hand on her back and leaning her forward, my other hand caressing her ass crack and pussy, fingers stroking inside her love box as her sex moistens them.

I ease her back down and slide her over my erect cock. A LOUD GASP. I enter her. Her body tightens.

“It’s okay baby.” My cock enters her tight pussy. A LOUD GROANING.

“OH FUCKKKKKKK. ARGHHHHH.” Her weight settles on my lap and cock. Deep inside her cunt, we sit quietly and enjoy our closeness. I begin moving her up and down slowly just enough to remain hard.

“Baby, I want too have your baby. Make me pregnant babykins.”

“I love you Mel. I wanna be a daddy for you, your hubby.”

She rocks back and forth keeping me hard.

The sounds of pleasure.

After a while I ease Mel off my lap, my cock pops out, and lay her on her tummy on the couch.

“Show me your ass babykins.” Bending her knees she pushes her ass up. I climb onto the couch behind her and guide my cock to the entrance of her baby making womb. “Lets make a baby honey” forcing my cock into her love box.

“OH YESSSSS, a baby.”

We fuck. We fuck wildly, thrusting deep inside her. Sperm percolating in my balls. Baby making seed wanting to escape.

Mel arcs her back thrusting back onto my cock. I wildly pump and thrust into her cunt. Hips bucking. An explosion of SEED building within my balls.

Without warning, but both knowing ……. We ORGASM, Our ORGASMS CRY out in unison.



Gobs of sperm erupting into Mel’s womb.

“Find me an egg” they say.

A warm sensation overwhelms us.

We collapse in a heap on the couch laying in our sex juices and cum.

Rob pokes his nose out of the office, “What’s all the racket out here?”

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