My Stepfather 2_(1)


The earlier story took place on a Wednesday afternoon.

The next day I got home late due to track practice. When I arrived my mom and stepfather were in the kitchen talking. “ Chris, honey can you come in here a minute. I have to talk to you. “ I went in and sat down. My mom explained that my Aunt Mary, my Uncle John’s wife, who was 8 months pregnant was having some issues and had to have total bed rest and therefore Mom and Grandma would be driving to Ohio to help out. My mom didn’t want her mother to drive at her age. Mom would probably be back in a week, while Grandma would stay. She assured me she would stock the fridge with food from the diner before she left. I told her not to worry and to do what she had to.

My step father told my mother “Don’t worry dear, we’ll be fine, see what’s needed and come back when you can, I’m sure Chris will help out. “ As he said this he placed his big hand on my shoulder causing a spark to go through me.

Saturday morning I saw my mom and grandma off. Bob was at work, as he usually was open a half day on Saturday, but he didn’t get home to 5:00 P.M. He came in with several bags.

“Chris, come upstairs with me I bought you some things.” I followed him up wondering what he had as he usually didn’t buy much for anyone including himself. He sat on my bed and started to empty the bags.

“I thought you might need some of your own things “ he said. One bag held a bunch of makeup accessories and a booklet on applying it. There was a lot of clothes, a lot of short skirts, short-shorts, some girly t-shirts, panties (mostly thongs), two padded bras (one with straps, one without),pull-up stockings and a cheerleader outfit with pink sneakers. In the last bag was shaving cream, a lady razor and an enema kit.

He said “If your ass is going to be filled you have to keep it clean. Now what do you say to Daddy.”

“Oh thank you Daddy for all these presents.” I said.

“Now strip down and get in the bathroom” he said. In the bathroom I stood in the tub while daddy shaved me. I was mostly hairless just a little light hair on my legs. My chest , butt, and stomach and were hairless, as most males in Mom’s family were not hairy and I hadn’t yet grown facial Escort hair. He shaved my legs and also shaved my pubic area leaving only a small strip. He then told me to use the enema, twice, and to shower.

” When you’re done, get dressed, fix your face and come down for dinner” he said.

I did as he said, the enema felt weird but not bad. I put on a pink thong ,black mini skirt, padded bra, t-shirt and new sneakers. Then I put on make-up. Looking in the mirror, I looked good, but I wished my hair looked more girly. It wasn’t real short, but it wasn’t long enough and didn’t have much style.

I went downstairs and Daddy was sitting in front of the tv eating. Getting up, he said “I almost forgot- here.“ He handed me a nice looking long brown wig- the same shade as my real hair.

I put it on and said “How does it look?”

“Real nice, it will do until your hair grows in more.” Saying that he reached around me and put a necklace on my neck. I looked at the pendant and it said Daddy’s Angel.

“Oh thank you” I said smiling.

He looked pleased and said “Thank me by eating your dinner.”

I was confused. “Is it in the kitchen?” I asked.

“No its right here” he said pushing down his pants and freeing his cock. “Tonight for dinner you get Polish kielbasa.”

He sat down and continued to eat. I knelt down between his thighs.” Do me a favor Chrissy take off my shoes and pants.”

I did as he asked then turned my attention to dinner. I leaned forward and licked the shaft from the bottom to the top before swirling my tongue around the purple mushroom head.

“Chrissy” he said “its kielbasa not a lollypop. Now take it in your mouth.” I did as he said, swallowing the head and part of the shaft. I began to bob my head up and down taking it to the back of my mouth.

“Good girl” he said “now that its in your mouth you can use your tongue.” I did, which brought groans of pleasure to him. I did this for a while and my mouth started to hurt, but I kept going. After finishing his meal Daddy began to push my head down further, almost making me choke.

“Chrissy “ he said “if you’re going to be the woman of the house you have to learn to deep throat Escort Bayan my cock. You have to breathe through your nose and relax your throat.” I started to use my nose and tried to relax. Daddy pushed me down until his head was at the back of my mouth. “Relax” he said, then he thrust his cock into my throat until my lips met his wiry pubic hair. I tried not to panic as he held my head there a bit before letting me up. When he did I coughed up some saliva but he said I did good.

Daddy then told me to lay on the coach on my back with my head hanging over the edge. After I did he straddled my head and pushed his cock in me. In this position he was able to enter my throat much easier. I wasn’t choking nearly so much this way, until as he was balls deep he grabbed my neck and squeezed so that he could feel his cock in me. I started to panic but he told me to be still and he started to piston into me fast. In under 10 thrusts his cock began to spew down my throat. He came a lot but it went right down.

Pulling his thick cock out he said “There’s your dessert, how do you like it?”

Though my throat hurt from this I just said “It was delicious Daddy, my favorite.” He smiled and stroked his still hard cock. Sitting down he told me he wanted to try some new positions. He told me to go get the jar of Vaseline, so I did.

He coated his cock in Vaseline and told me to kneel, straddling him. After I did, he rubbed some on my asshole and positioned his cock at the entrance. “Without loosening you up it will hurt more, but it will be tighter for me. Try not to cry.” he said. He then inserted his huge head into me and I almost cried out , but I just clenched my jaw. Once he had the head in me, he grabbed my hips with both hands and guided me all the way down. I couldn’t help letting out a moan of pain. The look of pleasure on his face said he was enjoying it more. He let me up a few inches then began to pump me from underneath, going all the way in on each thrust. This went on awhile, every now and then he rested and had me moving, but for the most part him doing the fucking. While fucking me he began to kiss me and I eagerly returned his kisses.

Daddy then had me get off his lap. He put a couch Bayan Escort cushion on the floor. He had me position myself so my head and shoulders were on the cushion and my torso and legs were on the couch. He said he saw this on a porn site and wanted to try it. He then flipped my legs over so my feet were on the ground. Facing the couch, Daddy put a leg on each side of me, bent his knees and began forcing his thickness into me. It hurt a lot and I begged him to stop. He paused , staying in me, but began smacking my ass hard.

“If you whine, I’ll tan your slutty ass when I’m done. Now hold onto my legs so you don’t move.” Fighting back tears I held onto his thick calves.

With the fight out of me, he pushed in all 7 thick inches. He gripped my ass and thighs and began fucking me hard. Though I didn’t talk, his fucking forced many moans out of me. Daddy didn’t mind, in fact it seemed to spur him on harder.

This went on so long I didn’t think I could take more when Daddy said “Open your mouth, its time for more dessert”, at which time he pulled out of my ass and aimed his cock at my mouth. Before he reached it he started to cum. The first two blasts hit my face before he got it in. He then finished in me and had me lick him clean.

He told me to get upstairs and clean up. I washed my face and gave myself an enema. When I left the bath room, Daddy was in his room in bed. He told me to come in, as mom was away I could sleep with him. I undressed to my bra and panties and got under the covers with him. He kissed me good night on the lips and pulled me close which is how I fell asleep. I woke up later and the lamp was on and Daddy was kissing me on my neck. He kissed me all over, even on my legs and ass. He then moved the thong aside and licked my ass which felt real good. As I lay on my belly, he knelt between my legs and put his big cock in me and fucked me for a long time. He was resting on his elbows, so his whole body was on top of me and it felt good, though his hairiness tickled. He lasted a long time as he had already cum twice, but it was good cause me being on my belly with him pushing down on me, I came.

He said I was a slut and whore but I didn’t care because it felt so good. After he came in me he didn’t pull out. He just rolled us onto our sides still in me and that’s how we went to sleep.

End of Part 2

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