My Step Sister


I’m about 6’2″, 225, graying hair, fair looks and my cock is an even seven inches when hard.My step sister Jessica, a buxom girl (36C), is maybe around 130, which is not bad. She had light brown hair to her shoulder blades, very busty and she was really cute. To be honest, she slightly resembled Traci Lords in the face and hair department.We ended up alone one Saturday night when our Dad went away on a fishing trip, and Mom decided to spend the night with our Grandma. I remember it was a stormy night and very windy. We’re from Chicago and, if you’ve ever been here, the wind is unbelievable.With nowhere to go and nothing to do, Jessica and Arnavutköy escort I ended up raiding the bar in the basement. We found a bottle of Jaegermeister to go with the beer we were drinking.It was around 10 pm if I remember correctly, and we were having fun drinking when Jessica, sensing a long night of partying ahead, wanted to take a shower and get more comfortable. She came back ten minutes later with nothing but a towel on and her cleavage very visible. Her tits were really big. I figured I wasn’t going to be the only one sitting around in hot clothes, so I told her I was going to take a shower Avcılar escort bayan too. It was hot and muggy, and drinking shots of Jaeger made it even hotter. I have a little towel wrap-around that fastens with Velcro, and when I’d finished showering, I just came out in that.So there we were partying in towels and getting massively buzzed.Jessica got up and turned the radio on to drown out the thunder and rain. We played a game where you had to drink a gulp of beer, a shot, and then another gulp of beer. We were getting pretty loaded.Jessica was dancing to the music, and I acted like a fool and Escort Bağcılar started dancing around like an idiot. I kept bumping into her and she’d push me and we’d get into little shoving matches. I grabbed her towel and pulled it off her and she chased me around the living room. We were laughing so hard. Watching her big tits bounce around was a pleasure and when she tackled me onto the couch, I realized I had half a hard-on.She tried pulling my towel wrap off and I struggled to hold it in place, but she won out and ripped it off me, freeing my cock. She was staring at my cock, which was fully hard by now, when I got up and lunged at her. She screamed, threw the towel and ran. I chased her around the living room table where she stopped to catch her breath. We walked slowly around the table for a couple of minutes. Her tits were just huge and her nipples were hard. She must have gotten just as excited as I did wrestling around on the couch.

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