My step daughter


My step daughterI have a lot of stories about my ex wife and her family and would like to share one of them with you It’s about my step daughter and the way she finally got me to fuck herI was married for almost 20 years my now ex wife had three k**s but I don’t think it’s a good idea to bring the other two into it but I have to tell you about the one that was bound and determined that I give her my cock and not very long ago I finally gave in to her desire for the first time and it was more than she ever imaginedShe’s in her mid thirties and since I first started dating my wife I noticed that the older of the two girls was interested in more than just a father figure and she was not ashamed to show me her then very young bodyIt started with her playing with me and she took it to far every now and thenOne day she had a pair of boxers which were not quite her size and she started to try to get me to wrestle with her and I finally gave in and we began to wrestle she was f******n and she had a good Bush between her legs and she made sure that I got a good look as she opened her legs as she was trying to kick out of the holdThat was the first time I saw her pussy but it was not the last time the second time I had just gotten home from work and I was heading to take a shower I had no idea she had just gotten out of the shower so I wasn’t aware that she was drying off and since the door wasn’t looked I just turned the knob and opened the door she was standing up and facing me and opened the towel and gave me a good look at her naked body she never even tried to cover herselfWhen I saw her I turned and walked out of the bathroom and closed the doorThat was just the beginning and it got worse as she got olderEvery time she knew she and I were the only ones in the house she would walk around the house almost nude and she even went as far as stripping right in front of me several times by then she was in her upper teens and had developed into a womanI Fulya Escort had no idea at the time that she had been watching me fucking her mother and she had seen the size of my cock which had made her mother moan as I fucked her pussy and she had also seen her mother take it up the ass and heard the way I had made her cry as I pounded my wife’s asshole with my cock and she had made her mind up and she wanted to know how my cock feltIt was not long ago that she finally found out how my cock felt when I had had enough of her teasing meIt had been over ten years since me and my wife divorced I had moved to another state and hadn’t seen my step daughter in years but as luck would have it I happened to run into her at the store and she started telling me how much she had missed me well one thing lead to another and before I knew it she was in my house and wasn’t too shy about getting closer to me and she was really friendly with me I tried to get her to behave but she wasn’t having itThat was when she went to far as I went to the fridge for a cold beer she removed the blouse she had been wearing over the tank top I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples were already sticking out and showing me that she was excited and wanted more than just a little too look atI walked to the door leading into the living room and stopped as I stared right at her hard nipples I made up my mind to give this little bitch exactly what she had been wanting for so many years I was watching her as I told her she was about to receive the thing she had wanted then I walked up and ripped the tank top completely off her body her eyes grew wide as I ripped off her pants and panties she was speehless as I dragged her to the bathroom and told her I was going to shave her pussy before she got fucked by my now very hard cock I had never been the kind of man that was interested in domination until that day and she had never been dominated by Fulya Escort Bayan a man before until then she wasn’t sure what to think as I shaved her pussy I told her she was not to speak unless I gave her permission to and she was to do what ever I wanted without a word she just nodded yes as I tied her to the door leading into the kitchen I went to the bedroom and pulled out a handkerchief which I used to blind fold her then I pulled her legs apart and tied one to the couch and the other to the love seat I had pulled out into the kitchen and she said it was getting her turned on by the way she was being treated like a nasty little tramp she had always beenShe tried to jump the first time I slapped her pussy a little too hard but to my surprise she was starting to get wet so I gave her another one this time harder than before she just got even more wet so I gave her one more hard slap turning her pussy really red she was really getting into it as far as I could tell I’m not sure why it was starting to get me excited to do this but it was and I went with it as I came around and slapped her hard across her ass cheek first one then the other one she had gotten so excited by then she was beginning to beg for more and more as I continued to slap her ass soon I had begun to slap her upper thighs she was really hot and said she had never had any guy get her so wet and horny like I had just gotten her so I decided to see just how hot she was so I told her she was really going to like what came next she started to protest when I told her I was going to ask a friend or two over to watch her getting dominated but I think it was just as hot that she was being watched as I did anything with her I wanted to she finally said it would be the hottest thing she had ever experienced and really wanted to be the center of attention so I called a few friends over five of them to be exact but once she saw there were more than just a couple she said she didn’t like the way It was leading but I told her she had spoken without my permission and slapped her across the face hard she wasn’t sure what was really going to happen but I brought her back when she felt her pussy slapped twice one right after the other then my hand slapping her ass cheeks and before she knew it she was getting slapped by everyone there which is hard to believe but it actually drove her into a erotic state that she had never expected or experienced and she was loving it I walked up behind her and without any kind of notice rammed my 7plus inches of cock deeply up her asshole she let out a cry as her asshole was stretched out but it was also exciting to feel like her asshole was being ripped apart as her pussy was getting slapped after I had stretched out her ass I took her from in front and power fucked her cunt as I shoved two fingers of each hand deep inside her asshole and used her ass as leverage to get as much of my cock into her cunt she was screaming as I fucked her while five of my friends stood there and watched when I had fucked her while she felt her ass being stretched out again by another cock as I let her know that she was going to be fucked by all of usWe all took turns fucking her several times before she was untied and dragged into the living room and had her take a cock in each hole as three watched three fucked her then we would trade all in all I think she was fucked for more than four or five hours before she was left lying on the floor of the living room covered in our cumAfter the guys left I told her we were going to go take a shower together as we showered she confessed that she had loved it every minute of it and asked me when I was going to do it again I told her she was going to be getting fucked like that very often but when I wanted to not until then she said she could live with thatI told her she was going to be my personal cum bucket and she was to be a good little tramp that I owned I have never seen a bitch so happy to be treated like a nasty little tramp as I saw that day and time and time again she has been used like a slut and she says she loves it

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