My sexy wife on a sailing boat


My sexy wife on a sailing boatOn Friday early afternoon I got home from my office and could not find Anita anywhere. Our house was empty…It was strange, since she had not texted me or called me to say where she would be. I went into the kitchen and found a handwritten note on the fridge. It said she was camping with some friends; I was welcome to come up but I could not stay the night there with them…I thought about it. If I go, I would be watching my wife being fucked, but if I stay at home, I would be alone; so I decided to go there…I jumped in my car and drove towards the lake. As I arrived there at a camp ground, I then heard my name called. I looked around and saw Peter, a black guy that used to fuck my wife. He walked over and asked me what I was doing there. I told him that my wife was up here with some guys and I did not know who or where they were. So he offered to help me, sailing in his boat to look for them in some coves around.As we sailed out, Peter admitted he had met one of his buddie’s wife up there and they had been out fucking in the boat. We cruised into the cove of the next camp ground and Peter suddenly pointed out they were there in the lake’s bank.We pulled up and he tied the boat to a tree.We checked out some tents, but no one was there inside.Peter laughed, saying my sexy wife would be fucking somebody in a sailing boat moored there not so far. I asked him why he was so sure she was fucking. He laughed louder, picking up a tiny bikini bottom from the grass and I recognized it belonged to Ana.Peter put the little piece to his nose, saying no doubt it was Anita…I wanted to kill the bastard, Eyüp Escort but I managed to keep calm and just said he could leave if he needed to go. But Peter insisted, he would make me some company meanwhile my sweet wife was busy…We got into a cooler in their tents and stole a couple beers. The sailing boat suddenly started to move and approached us. We saw three young guys getting into the water up to their knees and coming up to us. Peter and I did not know them.I looked and saw my wife climbing out of the boat with a towel around her waist; she was still wearing her tiny bikini top. The first guy coming to us showed his fist to Peter, saying he would kick his ass. But Peter was a huge nigger, so he stood up and said he was not kicking anybody. He laughed at the young guy, saying he would take another beer and even would fuck his lady friend there in that boat…Peter then called my wife; she run over him and he hugged her.Anita then dropped the towel, showing she was butt ass naked. The huge black guy then handed her the bikini bottom he had found before and told Ana they were going for a boat ride…The young guy grabbed her by the arm; but Ana kicked him off, saying she was going now to be well fucked by a real man, a black one, with a very huge hard cock… The guy called her a slut, but then Peter’s fist knocked him out.His two buddies just stared at Peter and they both said nothing.The three of us went back to his sailing boat. I asked my sensual wife who were those guys and she said they worked in her building. They had invited her also for a boat ride. Peter asked if she had fucked Eyüp Escort Bayan any of them and Ana admitted the three guys had got their chance in her wet hot cunt already…She looked at Peter, asking him if he was ready to fuck her…The black stud looked at me and I nodded my head a yes.Ana begged him to find a cove to dive in and lean up, since those stupid guys had left a generous load in her horny cunt.But she suddenly looked at me, saying I could better clean her with just my tongue. While Peter tossed the anchor out, Ana pulled out again her bikini bottom and I got ready for my business…I got on my knees between her spread thighs. Her nicely shaven pussy lips were looking just a little red. I ran my finger up the slit and it opened right up. I put my mouth to her swollen lips and ran my tongue right between them. I licked Ana’s clit and cunt, until she had an orgasm. She admitted those guys had pounded her very quickly and they had filled her, but she could not come while she was fucked…She grabbed the back of my head and raised her legs over my shoulders. I knew she was clean but I kept on, until she finally pushed me away.With her eyes half open and her legs wide open, my slutty Ana just motioned Peter to her with one finger. He stood up and dropped his shorts. A huge black cock sprang out and it was already hard.He did not even ask to get head; the lucky bastard went to his knees and sunk that huge hard bone all the way to his black balls. That lifted Anita’s ass up off the seat a little. Her nicely tanned legs wrapped around his back and he began hammering her like he had never Escort Eyüp had her pussy before. They fucked like that for about ten minutes, while Ana screamed loud like a bitch in heat. Peter then picked her up, holding my little wife in his strong arms. He sat down, with Ana still impaled onto his dick and she rode him until she said her knees were hurting. She then got off him and I watched as his cock just slipped out.Peter then made her bend over her waist and he moved behind her. Anita and I were locked eye to eye; so I could see the second he entered her again. She closed her eyes for a few seconds and a straight smile came to her wet mouth. She opened her eyes and stared me right in the eye the whole time he kept pounding her from behind.Peter suddenly stopped moving and he put his hands on her back. Anita stood up slowly, feeling this black cock still in her. He had cum in her, but wanted her cunt not leak his sticky semen…He slipped out slowly and my wife grunted loud.She then turned over to lick his huge cock clean and ordered me to suck on her well ruined cunt. I looked right up my wife’s well fucked pussy lips; they were apart and her stretched hole was gaping out.I saw Peter’s salty cum started to drip out. I caught it and sucked every drop out of her sweet ruined pussy. When Ana was done with my tongue, she stood up and put her bikini bottom on again.Peter offered her to get back to the same camp site; but Ana laughed loud, saying now that after him ruining her cunt, it was too loose for those white guys’ tiny cocks…Ana offered instead to come home and fuck some more in our marital bed; it would be much more comfortable.They spent the whole night rocking the headboard of the bed against the wall, although this noise was not so loud as my wife’s moans, cries and screams in pleasure.Of course, I spent the night in the guest room; close to that wall…

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