My sexy room mate


My sexy room mateThis is a fantasy and not real, please comment and tell me what you think.Cassie is 19 years old, very athletic with long dark red hair which goes down to her shoulders. She lives with her room mate Sammie who is also 19 and the same athletic build with short brown hair and both study at the same university. They are both single and still virgins. Sammie has had a fair share of boyfriends, none of them worth taking her clothes off for. Cassie hasn’t had a boyfriend since she was in high school.Cassie went off men when her last boyfriend wanted sex and she didn’t. (Don’t want to go into detail on that part but i think you get the idea)She started fancying Sammie when they moved in together at the start of the semester. Sammie didn’t know she was a lesbian at the time.Sammie just finished her last exam and finialy finished her first year of university. Cassie finished her first year a couple weeks back. Sammie was going out with her fellow students to a club to have a coupe of drinks.”Im gunna go in a bit you sure you don’t want to come with?” Sammie said to Cassie.”No im fine i’ll just watch tv for a bit, what time will you be back? I’ll wait up for you if you want?” Cassie replied.”I won’t be too long maybe back about 10 or 11 ish” (these are student’s remember they can drink alllll day if they want).”ok” Cassie replied eyeing her room mate while she walks up stairs to go for a shower. “Oh my god” Cassie was thinking. “She is so sexy”. Cassie’s nipples was getting hard and a slight erge to put her hand down her jeans. Before cassie could Sammie came down stairs and ask if she need the tiolet before she got in the shower. Cassie said no but in her mind she wanted something else.A few minutes passed, while Sammie was in the shower Cassie went up stairs to pleasure herself in her bedroom while Sammie occupied. Before she got to her room, she noticed the bathroom door was slightly open and Cassie couldn’t help but taking a peek.She opened the door just a bit more and seen something she will never forget. Sammie was naked with her ass towards the door and Cassie staring right back at it. Cassie started getting wetter and wetter in her pussy watching Sammie rub her body with soap. Sammie bent over to wash her legs but unknowingly bent over far enough to show Cassie her pussy. Cassie was in shock, that someone so beautiful had a magnificent, had an even more magnificent lightly pink pussy. Cassie couldn’t stop her hand reaching down her jeans and rubbing her pussy. But again before she could, Sammie turned around and Cassie darted into her room.Cassie’s heart was pounding, adrenaline rushing throught her body. That was the second time she was interruppted before her hand even touched her pussy. Escort She just sat on her bed taking the image of her room mate fully naked and only a couple of feet from her. She desired her for almost a year and couldn’t get her.Cassie went back down stairs quietly as she could forgetting that she was going to masterbate and watched tv.About 30 minutes later Sammie came out of the shower and went into her room not knowing that Cassie was spying on her in the shower. She did her make-up (not that she needed it) put on a simple but very sexy purple dress, tights and a pair of 5″ high heels and went down stairs.She went into the main lounge were Cassie was sat watching tv.”Could you give me a hand and zip me up pleasure?” Cassie swong her head round to find Sammie with he back turned in an unzipped dress with no bra on showing all her back. Cassie went over in just staring at her which felt like hours.”Something wrong?” Sammie said.”No, no, everything is fine, ermmm, just the zzipper is stuck” Cassie had no idea what to say only the first thing which came to mind which propably wasn’t the smartest but worked any how.Sammie turned around with her sexy dress zipped us and said “So what do you think?”.Cassie examined Sammie’s body. “You look beautiful in that dress”. Even though she was thinking what panties she had under there: thong? lacey knickers? Or maybe nothing with stockings on maybe.”Oh thank you” with a slight blush on her face. “Right im gunna go, be back in a bit” and off she went walking to the door with Cassie’s eyes glued to Sammie. She turned around and waved to Cassie and shut the door behind her.”Oh, my, GOD, she must be a godess or something because she is just…..” Cassie couldn’t think of the words to describe her.An hour later.Cassie finished watching her show and went up stairs into Sammie’s bedroom. snooping around which she hasn’t done before. She looked through Sammie’s draws and found knickers bras underwear, normal stuff. She looked in her bed side draw and found a silver bullet shaped vibrator. She couldn’t believe it. Cassie has dildo but she has been single a lot longer than Sammie and wondered why she would need it.Cassie bit her bottom lip, nipples hardening, jeans feeling tighter, pussy getting wet. This was her chance to finaly masterbate after seeing Sammie in the shower, with Sammie’s vibrator.Cassie took the vibrator, shut the draw, shut Sammie’s door and went into her room. She stripped off fast nearly tripping over trying to take her jeans off. When she finally taken off her clothes, she layed on her bed with vibrator in her right hand opening her legs as wide as she could. Her pussy was shoaking wet at this point. She turned the vibrator on and had Escort Bayan no trouble putting it in her pussy. The first push was unbelievable. Urges went through her entire body, pussy shaking and contracting so much like an orgasm but it was happening so quickly. She pulled it in and out shouting Sammie’s name with the occationaly “Oh God”.She kept rubbing her clit with her left hand while shawing her pussy with the vibrator in her right. She couldn’t stop cumming, the orgasm’s were so intence her body shook after each one. Didn’t stop pulling the vibrator in and out for hours. After each orgams she put a finger in her pussy and tasted her juice which tasted fantastic, she always tasted it, she wasn’t a wastefull person. All she could picture was Sammie’s naked body in the shower and nothing else After cumming about 15+ times she lost count and and lost track of time. After about 3 and a half hours Sammie came home. Cassie’s was still up stairs masterbating with Sammie’s toy oblivious to the fact that sammie was down stairs.Sammie went into the main lounge expecting to see Cassie but no one was there. Then from up stairs she heard a big moan which was from Cassie. Sammie slowly and quietly went up stairs to Cassie’s door which was slightly opened expecting to see Cassie with a man having sex but to her supprise she seen only Cassie with her vibrator in her pussy and rubbing her clint. Sammie watched her for a while, staring at her naked body masterbating. She had never seen another girl masterbate even though she had done it herself numours times. But then out of nowhere, Cassie was cumming and about to climax when she let out a big scream followed by “Oh Sammie fuck me now, and want your fucking tongue in me”. Sammie was shocked to see her room mate masterbating over her.She opened the door and said “Having fun?”Cassie froze with the toy in her pussy and leaking her pussy juice all over he bed. She was lost for words wondering how long Sammie had been watching.”Is that my vibrator you have?” Sammie said with a slight smile on her face.Cassie didn’t say a word. “Can i have it back i will be needing it tonight?” Cassie looked shock expecting Sammie to be mad at her for using her toy but she wasn’t. Cassie handed over the toy with her pussy juice all over it. “Wow, i didn’t realise that my toy was that good, i hoped you enjoyed yourself with it”Cassie said while getting her breath back “I’m so sorry for using your toy, it won’t happen again””Damn right it won’t happen again because you will have my tongue in your pussy instead of my toy””What? Really?” Cassie shouted with a huge smile on her face.Sammie didn’t answer. She put her hand behind her back and slowly unzipped her dress. Bayan Escort Cassie’s eyes was glue to Sammie’s chest. she hadn’t seen her boobs yet but always wondered what they would be like. Sammie’s dress dropped to the floor and Cassie was staring at her half naked body. She only had a thong, stockings and her heels on. Cassie couldn’t believe this was happening. The one person she wanted to lose her virginity with was there for the taking. She leaped up from her bed and drilled her tongue into Sammie’s mouth. Both of them snogging and caressing each other. Cassie slowly started kissing down her body. When she got to her tits, she sucked on her nipples and Sammie started moaning “oh yes” Then cassie stopped. They looked at each and Cassie said “Shall we continue this on the bed?””Ohhh yeah” Sammie said with a chuckle and a smile.Sammie went on the bed first and started taking off the rest of the clothes.”You are so beautiful” Cassie said while sammie’s pussy came into view again.Cassie crawled on the bed with her head to Sammie’s pussy and she started licking her pussy lips and clint. Sammie started moaning again “Ohhhh god dont stop, rub that clint, get that pussy wet”Cassie started eating her out more vigirously with her whole mouth buried into Sammie’s pussy. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh goddddd, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” Sammie kept shouting. “Im gunna CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” Cassie’s mouth was flooded with pussy juice but she wasn’t a wastefull person and started licking the juice and drinking it.”How was that?” Cassie asked”It was fucking unbelievable, amaszing but….”Cassie’s heart jumped in her throat. she was thinking if she didn’t like it, was it too much. All them thoughts running though her mind Sammie said “now its my turn for you. I want to do a 69 right now””oh my god you are so sexy” and Cassie put her pussy at Sammie’s mouth and she started eating it out and Cassie did the same. Both of them had huge orgasms and Cassie couldn’t believe her dreams of losing her virginity to a women and a women who she has wanted for ages. they kept eating each other out until both of them started cumming, filling Sammie’s mouth with Cassie’s juice and Cassie just kept licking until she ate all of Sammie’s juice. When they were both finished cumming numours times cassie layed down next to Sammie and said “That was the best experience i have ever had””That was fantastic, you was amazing” Sammie replied.”We have to do it again and again until we explode” Cassie said.Sammie chuckled and smile then said “yes we will don’t you worry, you got a new toy now”Cassie smiled and closed her eyes taking in the moment hoping it would never end. She opened her eyes a moment later and found that Sammie was not there. She looked around to find that she was alone. She looked at the clock and that it was 10 o’clock in the morning and the sun was shining. “Was it all a dream? What happened” Cassie went into Sammie’s room and seen Sammie naked on her bed and Cassie just smiled.

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