My sexy older cousin


It was a cold but dry Christmas day… One of the worst days to commit a sin! I was so excited because every year at Christmas I have my family over.. Ya know, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, and most importantly cousins..Let me explain that part.. Every time my cousins come over , about twice a year, my hormones rage.. But for one cousin in particular, my oldest cousin Mike. He was about 6 feet tall, had dark brown hair, pure teal eyes, and was thin but really muscular. Now I know you should never think of your relatives that way.. Of course not.. But my mind fought my hormones and they always won. Guys my age go after me all the time.. But I like older guys.. Guys like Mike. Now Mike is 5 years older then me and in college and can get anyone better then me. I mean I’m nothing.. And he probably still thinks of me as a little kid. I’m only about 5’3, have long auburn hair down to my ass, which by the way is perfect (like he would notice), I have big glowing green eyes on my olive skin that I’ve been told they show all my emotions, I’m thin.. Thinner then most, and I must say so myself that my boobs are great! They’re a large 36 B and are perky and bouncy and guys my age always stare at them, and it doesn’t matter, I’m not interested in any of them. But Mike would never even care.. Or so I thought.My family members started piling in all at about 5. I watched Escort Anadolu yakası as they all walked in for Mike. I haven’t seen him all year because he’s been in college and too busy with his eventful life to come visit. Anyway, I was waiting for him to walk in and see his reaction on what he thought of me! I mean My boobs are pretty newly grown, I lost my baby fat, and my ass seemed to grow all in this year. And today I tried to wear the perfect complimentary clothes I could find. I mean I was determined to have Mike, though I still doubted anything happening.. I wore a loose (easy access) white top with a very low cute V-neck so my cleavage would be as visible as possible, and tight, super tight, black pants over a thin lace G-string (once again, easy access).As I finished hugging my cousin my age, but unappealing, I noticed Mike walk in. He got at least 2 inches taller.. And manlier, sexier actually. I started thinking about what he’d think of me.. My head was swimming with all the wrong thoughts. He was talking to my mother and wishing Merry Christmas’s then he walked over to me and said a warm merry Christmas and gave me a big hug. His muscles rapped around my waist and it sent a warm sensation through my body that was pressed hard against his. “You look gorgeous Tabitha! Really.. Gorgeous” He Kurtköy escort said smiling his perfect smile. “You look really handsome yourself!“ I replied.I wondered to myself if he wanted me. I mean the feeling of his large muscley hands holding me closely to him felt so good.. So right..! He needs to make a move or I wanted to make a move.. But I wasn’t sure how so we went into the downstairs family room away from the family and sat on the couch and joked together and shared stories, his about college and the girls there which made me jealous. So I shared mine about high school and the guys there. Then suddenly he asked me “Tabby, are you a virgin?” .My body heated up at the thought of him even caring. “Yes..” I replied feeling like a loser.“Really?? With all those guys following you? And you’re very pretty.. You have a really mature figure for your age” he said smoothly.“You think so?” I said unsure if he was just telling me that or if he meant it.“Yeah! You have a nicer body then any of the girls I’ve ever been with” he said as he picked up his hand and started rubbing my leg in a circle. I smiled being almost positive he wanted me. At least at that moment. He slowly and smoothly started going up my knee until “Hey! Guys! Time for dinner!” we heard calling at the top pf the stairs. I was SO close! If mother didn’t call Maltepe escort bayan us for dinner his hand would be rubbing my inner thigh by now! I wanted it so badly. But what happened, happened.. And I think he was upset too. We went upstairs and sat at the table next to each other. The family was talking and grabbing food when I noticed a stain on his pants.. A perfect spot.. I thought to myself. I pointed it out to him and started tracing it with my finger as he grabbed food.. The few family members that saw thought of it as ‘us little kids playing around’ but I thought of it as a way to make him feel good and want more. He was grabbing pork when my hand slid up his leg. He dropped the pork and it fell on his shirt and lap making a mess. I grinned knowing he did it because of what I did to him.“Tabitha, go bring him to the bathroom and help him clean up.!” My dad said sternly. We got up and walking to the bathroom. It was locked, someone was in there. I thought of that as an opportunity.. I grabbed his hand. “I have a bathroom in my room so you can wash up there.” I pulled him up the stairs by hand and into my room. I showed him into the bathroom. “Here.. Let me get you one of dads shirts!” I said as he tried to wipe of his shirt by hand. I came back with a decent shirt for a guy his age. “Thanks Tabbs” he said. “here” I started taking his shirt off and threw it on the floor. I couldn’t help but stare at his abs.. they were perfect. I wanted to lick them they looked so tasty. “Well has someone been workin out?” I said partly joking.“Uh yeah. Try to look my best for the ladies! Is it workin?” He asked also partly joking.I replied “you say I have a nice body..

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