My Punishment


This story is short, meant to tease you while I consider other ways to display my depravity. All copyrights are retained by the author.

I knew what was coming, I knew the punishment would be intense, I quietly crossed the threshold. Standing at the bottom of the stairs of my split entry ranch was my daughter, strap in hand, looking stern and angry. How, when had the tables turned? I’m the father, she’s the daughter, and she is going to punish me. “I told you to be home 45 minutes ago. I had to change my appointment. I had to make a client wait. Now you’re making me wait. Get down here, dad. Remove your pants and grab the straps.”

Grab the straps. I hated hearing that. It meant a long session, a session including leather straps, canes, paddles, unable to move for hours. When did she become a dom and me a slave? My pants hit the floor around my ankles, my hands reached for the straps, my lovely young daughter made the straps tight so I couldn’t pull away. I was meat hung from a butchers hook.

I looked into my daughter’s eyes and she looked back, sparks flew. Her lithe body, barely five foot two inches was taught from many years practicing martial arts and yoga. Her long black hair hung to the small of her back. She has broad shoulders, firm breasts that match her stature, 34A. She tapers to tiny waist that flares into hips that hide a wonderfully tight butt, round and well pronounced. She has strong legs that are perfectly toned.

She circled around me a couple times as inspecting. She grabbed my under shorts and pulled them down to meet my pants at me ankles. Bakırköy escort She circled again and took my cock in her hand and jerked it a few times. I couldn’t but begin to rise to her although I knew it would mean more punishment for getting hard in her hand.

Now, seeing her standing to my side, I saw her arm extended knowing the first blow was seconds away. It landed squarely across my ass and I sucked in a breath hard and fast. She was giving me a series of strap blows that I couldn’t count. They were landing so fast that the sting of one didn’t register before the next blow landed.

When she stopped, she turned on the remote camera, the monitor was in front of me. My ass was flaming red and already turning blue in places. Now, monitor on, I could see the punishment being delivered. Her arm extended again as another series of fast hard blows rang out against my ass and upper legs. I continued watching each strike almost hypnotized by the view of leather strap striking skin, skin rippling as it takes each strike.

She was still strapping me aggressively, I could see the color of my ass turning a deeper blue. Eventually the strapping would have to end and she would cool me with some ointment leaving me to anticipate the next round. When the moment came that she stopped strapping, the cool ointment being applied hurt, cool against the hot damaged skin.

She applied the ointment with one hand, that was normal; however, she was using her other hand reaching between my legs to fondle my balls and dick, that was not normal. After she was satisfied escort bayan that my ass was properly anointed, she came around my front and looked into my eyes; I looked back. Not sure what she saw in my eyes, I saw something different hers, not just the usual dom look, there was something else, sensual.

She grasped my cock again and stroked it, then dropped to her knees. “Don’t you dare cum. If you cum, I will wail on your ass until you bleed.” She sucked my cock into her mouth licking and tasting along my length. Every few seconds she reminded me not to cum. “Not on my mouth, not on my face, not on my clothes, no cum.” Then she would take me deep in her mouth and suck more.

As she sucked, I couldn’t help but sway my hips into her. “Are you going to cum? If you cum your ass will get ripped open by my cane.” Harder she sucked.

How do stop a fired bullet exiting a gun barrel? I exploded into her mouth as she sucked hard taking my load into her mouth and swallowing. “I told you not to cum. You are so weak, you can’t obey a simple command. Now I have to punish you more.” Taking my cock back into her mouth she sucked a pulled every taste of sperm from me, then stood, walked behind me, and tested my ass for redness and soreness.

Satisfied that I was still deep red and blue, she checked the camera and monitor, picked her favorite paddle, and displayed it to the camera lens. There was nothing for me to say, I did cum and she told me not to, she was going to make me suffer for my transgression. In the monitor I saw her taking a firm two hand grip, escort rus cock her arms back, and swing. The paddle landed squarely and firmly leaving a new large welt. She wasn’t swinging as often with the paddle as with the strap. Each swing of the paddle came after she adjusted her grip. Two, three, four, ten, 18, I lost count, the monitor showed nothing but a large blue bruise that was my entire ass. The pain began subsiding as my nerves started shutting down, I was becoming numb and knew that continued strikes would start doing severe damage. I wondered how much more I could take.

The blows were fierce, my ass vibrated against each blow. Two more, three, five more, I was straining against the straps trying to stay on my feet. I took ten more blows before calling out, “Jasmine!”

Hearing Jasmine, the blows stopped being delivered. “Are you okay? I can’t believe how much abuse you took.” I was released from the straps and all but collapsed to the floor and crawled away to my recovery area. My breathing was still labored and feeling was returning to my ass. The pain was putting me on the verge of blackout when I felt ice packs spread across my abused ass cheeks. The sudden cold against my recovering nerves was more than my senses could take; I did go unconscious.

I don’t know how long I was out, however, my dom was still with me soothing and comforting me. When she was in her dom role, she was 100 percent dom. But when she hears our duress word, she quickly comes out of role.

“Its going to be a couple months before you’re healthy again, there is a lot of damage. We better be careful for a long while.” I smiled as she continued to help me recover.

You may wonder how I became dominated by my daughter and how we could cross the line to incestuous acts like oral sex. That’s another story for another time. Right now all I cared about recovering.

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