My Parents Were Swingers


My Parents Were Swingers

I listened to my mother having sex with my father and other men. This story is 100% true.

I tried not to use any names but where I did, they were made up. However, I have used the real personality and character of each person depicted in this story. Everyone in this story is over 18. Since this story is very personal, I have copyrighted it.


I was raised by my grandparents from birth until I was 18 and a senior in high school. My Dad was in the US Army and was assigned all over the world. When I was a few months old, Mom left me with my grandparents so that she could live with Dad where ever he was stationed. They did come home for short visits but not very often. Growing up, it was clear to me that they did not want me to live with them. Now that I am older, I believe that Mom craved a lot of sex and the only way to get it was to be with Dad wherever he was stationed and a child complicated their life.

When my Dad retired from the Army, he and Mom moved back to my hometown. They insisted that I come live with them. I really did not know them at all so living with them was a challenge to get used to their ways of doing things.

Let me tell you about my parents. They both were in their 40s when they moved home. Dad was a big man, not fat but husky and muscular. He was a tough football player in high school and was an MP when he entered the Army. Mom told me that he never lost a fight and I believed it.

Although Mom was a nudist, I never saw Dad without clothes so had no knowledge of his dick. My wife and I did see his brother’s dick once on a visit to Texas while he peed in a cemetery. It looked like a radiator hose it was so big and wrinkled. I too am gifted with a dick larger than any I had seen in the college gym, so I assumed that Dad must also have a good-sized dick. Possibly an attraction for their swinging activities.

Mom was a strawberry blonde and thin, maybe 100 pounds. Even though she was over 40, she was very pretty and men were very attracted to her. She had no tits, just a flat chest with two nice, pink nipples. I don’t know if they were sensitive when it came to sex. I certainly never heard her tits mentioned during their noisy sexual activities. I believe that my mother was almost a nymphomaniac. She had to have a lot of sex in her life and she certainly enjoyed it. I also think that swinging gave Mom a variety of men.

I believe that my parents developed the swinger lifestyle while Dad was in the Army. My thoughts on this are not important to this story so I will move on. The story takes place after I moved in with my parents. I was 18 and a virgin thus I had no experience with sex. Listening to my parents have sex, was a wonderful learning experience for me.


My parents moved home about Thanksgiving during my senior year in high school. I lived with them just a few months until I graduated the next June. I then left for college so I could start my studies early and not have to wait until the fall semester.

During my senior year in high school I was a radio ham (Amateur Radio Operator) and I loved communicating with people all around the world. I spent the evenings in the basement with headphones on until the wee hours of the morning. Listening to faint communications, my hearing became much more sensitive. Due to my Radio Ham activities, I was always down in the basement where I could not hear any of my parents sexual activities. They must have done it before I went upstairs to bed. Had I known that they were having sex, I would have not been in the basement but rather in my bed listening to them. When I went to college, I took my radio equipment with me. Thus when I came home from college for holidays and breaks, I had nothing to do in the evenings but to go to bed early and listen to my parents have sex.


The first of their ways of doing things was that Mom was a nudist. She always ran around the house with no clothes on or sometimes just her underpants. She always slept in the nude. I adopted this lifestyle living with them and am a nudist now. Neither my wife or I wear any clothes to bed.

Another of their habits that I had to adjust to was every time Mom went to the bathroom, she would never close the bathroom door, consequently I often saw her peeing. She always sat with her legs apart so I could clearly see her pussy. She did not have much pubic hair and what was there was a light brown, almost blonde. Her pubic hair was curly and laid down flat. I did notice that her inner lips were large and stuck out from her outer lips by well over an inch. I thought this to be odd as it differed from what I had seen in my anatomy books.

One day when I was home, I was reading a book and I walked by our bathroom while Mom was in there peeing with the door open.

“What are you reading?” she asked.

I stopped and turned to face her while she was peeing. Her legs were spread apart and I got a good look at her pussy. I know that I must have turned red. There I was, looking at her big pussy lips that stuck out. I tried to act like I was looking at her face but her pussy really held my attention. Mom did not seem to notice or care that I saw her pussy.

“It is Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D. H. Lawrence,” I said looking at the book.

“I have heard of it. Isn’t that a sexy book?” Mom asked.

I was afraid that she might take the book away from me if she thought it was a “dirty book”.

“It does have some graphic scenes in it,” I replied. “It is really quite old and famous.”

“When you are done with it, may I read it?” Mom asked.

“Sure. You can keep it because I won’t need it at college,” I replied. “This is just recreational reading for me.”

Mom pulled some toilet paper and started wiping her pussy. It was interesting seeing her inner pussy lips moving around as she wiped between them. I turned and went into the living room to read my book. It never bothered her to let me see her peeing.


My first holiday from college was Thanksgiving. This was the first time I heard my parents having sex. I always went to bed right after the news on the TV. They would stay up longer until I was asleep then they would have noisy sex.

Their bedroom was next to mine and neither bedroom door was ever closed. Consequently, I could hear what was happening in their bedroom.

My parents made love every night and they were noisy. They were used to living alone so they forgot that I was living with them.

When they got ready to go to bed, their usual routine was like this: Dad would turn the lights off and head to the bedroom. Mom would go to the bathroom and pee in the dark with the door open. When she was finished, she would always stop at my doorway to “check” on me but it was really to make certain that I was asleep. I became good at pretending to be asleep including some noisy breathing. My bed was parallel to the bedroom doorway and I always laid on my left side facing the door. If I slightly opened the eye closest to my pillow to a tiny slit, I could see the doorway but still appear to be asleep. Although the lights would be out, there was some light coming through the living room windows such that I could see a dark profile of whomever was standing in my bedroom doorway.

When they were in bed, I could hear them quietly talking and occasionally I could actually hear some of what was said. Then they would do some kissing and possibly some other foreplay. The bed always made a slight noise when Dad crawled on top of Mom. She always said “Ohhh” as he entered her. I could hear noises as he stroked in and out. I think they always did missionary position. The whole time Mom was making fairly loud moaning noises that told me that she was really enjoying the stroking. Mom always had her orgasm before Dad. I always looked forward to hearing her cum because she started by panting fairly loud. Then she would make fairly loud grunting noises followed but several loud “Oh God!” at the peak of her orgasm. Her orgasm lasted much longer than mine ever did when I masturbated. I would hear Dad continuing to stroke in and out. It varied how much longer he stroked before he had his orgasm. When he was close to cumming, he would make some panting noises followed by loud groans every time he shot cum into her. They would lay quietly for a while then I would hear the bed make a noise and I knew he crawled off. Mom would then go to the bathroom and on her way back to bed she would stop at my doorway to check on me. I always stroked my cock through their sex episode but I held my orgasm until after Mom returned to bed. I am vocal when I cum so I would stuff some of the blanket in my mouth so I could cum quietly.


I was curious about what type of birth control Mom used. I never heard a condom being opened during their sexual adventures. One day when they were not home, I went into their bedroom and did some sleuthing. In the nightstand drawer I found two tubes of Ramses gel, each with a nozzle applicator that looked like the ones that come with hemorrhoid medicines. Ramses gel was used inside of diaphragms as a spermicide. I sold some while working in the pharmacy. In the back of the drawer, there was a plastic container for a diaphragm. I opened it and there was the diaphragm — all powdered and ready for use. Since this was before the “pill”, a diaphragm was the perfect method for sexually active women.


Mom and Dad’s swinging activities centered around attending the monthly Elks Lodge Dinner Dance. Their standard swinging routine went like this:

Mom and Dad would leave home about 6 pm as the dinner was at 6:30. Then later in the night I would hear Mom bring home a man and have sex. When they were finished, she and her guest would leave the house and return to the dance. Dad was not cuckold in this arrangement. He would go with a woman to her home sometime during the evening. If they could not go to her home, then he would take her to his car and have sex there. When I was at home, Dad always had me clean their car after every dance. I found condom foils and condom boxes under the seat. Sometimes there were stains in the backseat that were hard to clean up. Also there was a tube of lubricant in the glove box. After the Elks dance, Mom and Dad would return home and go to bed. They would always finish the evening with their usual sexual performance before going to sleep.


Over my first Christmas holiday I returned home for 3 weeks. My parents helped me get a part-time job in the local pharmacy. I often had the afternoon-evening shift which ended at 9 pm. Once at home I would watch the 10 o’clock news and then go to bed. My parents always watched the Johnny Carson Show after the news and then went to bed and had sex.

I can remember this memorable event like it was yesterday. Although I had heard Mom and Dad making love every night, this was the first time I had heard Mom with another man and apparently with Dad’s permission.

They went to the Elks Annual Christmas dinner and dance. I stayed up until about midnight and then went to bed. I was asleep but was awakened by the backdoor to the house opening. As they entered the kitchen, I heard Mom whispering instructions to her male friend. She then stood in my bedroom doorway to make certain that I was asleep. I saw her motion with her hand for the man to follow her. The two silhouettes moved past my doorway heading toward Mom’s bedroom. In the bedroom I heard her talking softly followed by kissing sounds. Then I heard them undressing followed by the bed making its usual noise of them crawling in. I lifted my head off the pillow so that I could hear better. All that time that I spent listening to distant voices on my ham radio made my hearing very sensitive. I heard some new noises that I could not identify, possibly some form of foreplay, followed by the bed noise as the man crawled on top of Mom. She gave her usual loud “Ohhh” as he entered her. As he stroked I could hear the slapping of his body hitting hers. Mom was moaning fairly loud. I got my hard dick in hand and started jacking off slowly and quietly so that I would not miss anything.

Soon I heard the man say rather loudly, “I am cumming.” His voice was different from Dad’s voice so I knew it was not Dad. I heard his body slam into Mom two or three times and then quit. Obviously he was shooting his cum inside Mom with each of his thrusts.

“Keep going. I am almost there,” Mom said clearly.

I heard the guy resume pounding on her but more slowly. Mom was groaning louder and starting to pant.

“Yes, now. AHHHHH!” Mom exclaimed. It was followed by several loud “Oh God”. She was clearly having one of her orgasms. She didn’t seem as vocal as when she and Dad had sex.

Afterward. it was quiet for a short time. I heard Mom talking softly and all I could make out was “…again?”

The man then said, “I can’t… need to get back to Elks” followed by something else that I could not hear. I guessed that the guy left the Elks with Mom but his wife did not know he had left. It was important that he get back as soon as possible.

There was some kissing, then the bed made its usual noise as they got up. I heard them dressing followed by some more kissing. I saw their outline as they walked by my doorway. Then the backdoor opened and closed. When I heard a car starting, I grabbed a handful of Kleenex tissues and jacked off until I had a huge orgasm. Since there was no one at home, I was quite noisy as I shot 5 or 6 times.

I went to the toilet and flushed the tissues after I peed. I returned to sleep but was awakened again later. I could barely see the clock on the wall through my bedroom doorway; it read 2:30 am. Again I heard Mom whispering followed by her silhouette in my doorway.

She then said softly, “He is asleep.” and two silhouettes moved past my doorway. The male one was clearly my Dad.

I heard them undressing followed by the bed making its noise as they crawled into bed.

I heard my Dad’s voice but could only make out “How was he?” So they were both home and he wanted to know how it went with the other guy.

I heard Mom then talking softly but could only hear part of what she was saying. “… came too quick…. a light orgasm… you to finish it.”

Then I heard them do their usual sex routine. I again masturbated and had 4 to 5 shots of cum into a wad of Kleenex tissues which I held in my bed until morning.

We all slept in the next morning. I woke up to hearing my parents talking in the kitchen and the smell of bacon cooking. I got dressed and joined them in the kitchen. I sat down at the kitchen table and Mom served me a big breakfast.

“How did you sleep?” my Dad asked and then he winked at Mom.

“My bed here at home is so good that I sleep very soundly. It almost feels like I have died. My bed at college is the worst,” I answered.

“I am so glad to hear that you sleep so well here,” Mom said and then winked at Dad.


The next Elks party was on New Year’s Eve. I was still home for Christmas holiday and I knew that tonight it would be another night of interesting noises. Mom and Dad dressed up in their best clothes for this party.

As they were about to leave, Mom said, “Don’t stay up too late.”

“I’ll watch TV and hit the bed about midnight. I want to celebrate the New Year,” I replied. “Have fun!”

I sat up watching TV till midnight and then went to bed hoping to hear my parents’ next sexual adventure. I must have dozed off but I woke up when the backdoor opened. I heard Mom whispering instructions in the kitchen. Then she appeared in my doorway for a minute.

“He is asleep. Come this way quietly,” Mom said.

The man’s outline showed that he was shorter than Mom and rather fat. I looked at the clock and it was 1:30 am. I heard them undressing.

Then the man said with a deeper voice than Dad’s, “Suck it.”

I heard some noise that I took to be Mom moving clothing on the floor and kneeling in front of him. Next came some sucking noises and a lot of sloppy noises. Giving blowjobs may not have been her strong point.

After a few minutes, I again heard the guy. His voice was gruff and he didn’t talk very softly so I could hear him easily. “That’s enough. I don’t want to cum. Get on bed on your hands and knees with your ass up.”

The bed noise told me that they were getting into bed. There was a lot of movement on the bed followed by quiet for a few seconds. The guy with his gruff voice said, “Hold your cheeks apart.”

“Go easy and slow….before,” Mom said. “Ow…Ow… Stop! That hurts!”

“Shut up and no screaming or you might wake your kid up,” The guy sounded angry. “You said that you wanted to do this. That is why we are here.”

“I said stop! That hurts!” Mom said in a loud, firm voice. ” Give me a minute to adjust to you….. Now… please go slow. It really hurts. That’s better. Slow down! Go slowly.”

After a few seconds I heard his body loudly slapping against her body and he was not going slowly. He was panting in time with his stroking. Mom was groaning quite loud and occasionally letting out a loud “Ohh” which sounded like pain to me. After a few minutes of pounding I heard the guy grunt loudly several times and the sound of flesh hitting flesh stopped.

“Christ that was good. I wanted to fuck your ass all evening,” the guy said loud enough that I could hear him.

I thought I heard Mom crying. I was not certain if she was hurting or it was ecstasy. It was quiet for a minute. I heard the guys breathing begin to slow down.

Finally I heard Mom softly talking but could only hear some of it. “… didn’t cum….me off”

“I need to get back to the Elks. Let’s go,” the man said gruffly.

I heard them get out of the bed and get dressed. They quietly walked past my doorway and then I heard the back door close.

I grabbed a handful of tissues and masturbated furiously. I had just heard my Mom have anal sex. That might have been a first for her due to the pain I heard her express vocally. I went to the bathroom and peed. Back in bed I drifted off to sleep. I didn’t analyze the event at the time, but there was no kissing involved, just hurrying to get into bed and then hurrying to leave. Some lover this guy was!

Sometime later I was again awakened as the back door opened.

Again Mom whispered instructions to her male friend as they entered the kitchen. She stood in my doorway for a few seconds and then said, “All clear. He is asleep.”

I saw her move toward her bedroom and then I saw the man’s silhouette. He was shorter than Dad, a slim build, and was bald. I thought that he looked familiar to me. Then I heard them undress and the bed made its noise as they crawled in. I did not hear any kissing though.

“Move your legs apart for me,” I heard the man say just loud enough for me to hear. “I am going to move your labia apart so hold still”

I then heard some wet, lapping noises. Mom immediately started moaning a bit louder than usual.

“Oh God that feels good. Don’t stop! Right there. Keep it up and I will cum,” Mom said.

After about 10 minutes or so, I heard Mom building up for an orgasm. When it hit, she was louder than I have ever heard her. It also seemed to last longer than usual. The man continued what he was doing because the noise continued. Soon I heard Mom have a second orgasm. It was also very intense. I think that she had a third orgasm. I couldn’t wait any longer, I came into some tissues as quietly as I could. I held the blanket in my mouth to keep from making any sounds. (I am always vocal when I come.)

“Stop….stop! Come up here. I need your cock in me,” Mom said louder than normal.

The bed made noises and then man crawled on top of her.

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