My Obsession with Old Men


Once again, having to masturbate to satisfy myself, I needed a good hard fucking. I need what I dreamt about in my fantasies. To be used hard and rough by a group of older men. There would be no one under the age of sixty, ready to fuck me, and make me do nasty things to them. They would manhandle me and practically rape me, but of course I love every minute of it. The humiliation, the use, the spankings, all of it was a big turn on for me. Being made to know that I am nothing more than a whore for cock is what turns me on the most.

I will explain my fantasy in more detail so you can get an idea of what a true whore needs and wants.

It would start out as simple conversation on the internet, turning into being completely controlled within two weeks. He says he wants to meet, and me being the true whore I am, readily agrees. Knowing he will use me when we meet, I still insist on meeting in a public place. I suggest a coffee shop not far from a hotel I know, so just in case things go as expected he will have an easy way to use me.

I walk into the coffee shop, and since he had sent me a picture online, I noticed him immediately. He stood up as I walked towards the table, and pulled out the chair for me to sit down. Definite brownie points for that slick move. We sat down and proceeded to order dinner and drinks.

As we waited for our food, we sipped our drinks and talked about everything from our favorite colors, to our favorite sexual positions. When the food we came, we sat and ate in silence. We both knew that after we were finished eating he would use me. No words had to be spoken at all. We both knew that I would submit to his every desire, no matter what it was. I was so attracted to this guy, it was amazing. My pussy was dripping wet as I finished up my food. I needed him to use me, rough and nasty, and I had hoped he felt the same way.

We finished up our dinner and when the waiter came to clear the dishes, he asked for the check. He looked at me, with passion and also threatening eyes and said “Let’s go.” I can’t explain why, but I stood up and put on my jacket and stood waiting for him. He walked passed me and instructed me to follow him. I did as I was told and I followed him out to the parking lot and to his car. He opened the doors and ordered me inside his car. Now I was getting scared. I knew I shouldn’t do this, and I should just run, but being the submissive whore I am I got into his car. Following a strong older man’s orders is a huge turn on for me.

He started the car and began driving. I wanted to ask where we were going but thought better of it and kept quiet. He never spoke during the ride, and even as he pulled into the parking lot of the hotel. I wondered how he knew about it since he wasn’t from the same area as myself. I thought about that for a minute as he parked and told me to get out of the car and once again follow him. I did as I was told until he stopped short and I walked into him.

He turned around and said in a very forceful tone “Keep your head down and do not speak with anyone. Do you understand?”

“Yes I understand.” I was trembling as we began walking again. I also noticed my pussy was dripping wet, and all I wanted at that moment kartal escort was for this man to use me and fuck me, and make me his personal whore.

He went to the front desk to pay for the room, and kept me at his side with my head down. I am sure the people standing in the lobby, including the old overweight security guard knew exactly what was going on. I could feel there eyes staring at me, as my head pointed to the floor. I was so embarrassed, but also noticed my cunt was throbbing now, and my juices had begun to slide down my leg inside my jeans. I was ready to do anything for him as long as he made me his whore.

As he began to walk away I followed him down the long hallway to room 237, and he unlocked the door and I followed him in. He stopped and turned around and walked back to lock the door. He came back and looked me up and down. Examining me from head to toe. He grabbed my tits and roughly squeezed them and pinched my nipples making a moan escape my mouth.

“You will make a nice fuck toy for me, and whoever I choose.”

“Thank you” was all I could think of to say.

“But first I will use you and see if you’re worth sharing with my friends.”

“Yes I understand.”

“Right now you are nothing more then a cum slut for me.”

“Is that understood?”


“And from now on you will call me Daddy.”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Good cunt.”

“Take your clothes off.”

“Yes Daddy.” I was so excited as I pulled my shirt over my head, and then slid my jeans down and took them off. I stood there in my bra and panties, awaiting my next orders.

“Take everything off whore!”

“Yes Daddy.” I reached behind my back and unsnapped my bra, and slid my panties of exposing my completely shaved pussy.

He walked over to me and began feeling all over me, touching me everywhere roughly and squeezing and pinching my nipples making them hard as a rock.

“Bend over cunt.”

“Yes Daddy.” I bent over the table that was in the hotel room, and gave him full access to my big fat ass.

He rubbed all over my ass as he told me how he was going own me and use me and make me his whore. He also talked about how he was going to share me with his male friends and sometimes their wives. He also said that in front of other people he would give me the utmost respect, but during play I was nothing more than a piece of fuck meat to him. I couldn’t believe how wet I was. Of course I readily agreed to anything.

“Yes Daddy, I will do anything you want.”

“That’s a good girl.”

“Tonight we will see if that’s true.”

I thought about what he could have meant by that statement. I couldn’t help but wonder what he was planning. My thoughts were interrupted by his hand coming down hard on my ass.

“OOOhhhh Daddy!!”

“What cunt?”

“Tell me what you want.”

“Oh Daddy yes please spank me more, harder please” I said through heavy panting and moaning.

Daddy continued his assault on my ass for about another fifteen smacks, alternating sides. My cunt was like a faucet now, and as he reached down to my pussy he could feel it too.

“Oh you dirty slut, you love kaynarca escort this don’t you?”

“Yes Daddy, oh yes Daddy!”

“Do you want me to finger your juicy wet cunt whore?”

“Yes Daddy oh yes please Daddy!”

“Tell me what you want slut, beg me for it.”

“Oh oh Daddy please finger my cunt, oh please Daddy I will do anything you want, aaaahhh ram your fingers deep inside my wet hole Daddy!”

“You sure you will do anything, no matter what I ask?”

“Yes oh yes anything just please finger my pussy, and make me cum please!”


“Yes Daddy I promise!”

With that he rammed three fingers deep inside me, fast and hard. I screamed as he pounded away at me, and kept reminding me how I agreed to do anything he wanted. Of course I kept screaming anything, just so he would keep pounding me.

“I’m gonna’ cum Daddy!!!”

“Cum for me bitch, because when you’re done you are going to keep your promise.”

He fingered me to orgasm as he continued to call me names and abuse my tits, and nipples. I was still hot and ready for more use, when he came to me and put a blindfold on me.

“What’s this for Daddy?”

“Be quiet slut, and just sit in that chair by the window.”

I did as I was told and sat naked in the chair, waiting for whatever was next. I heard a knock at the door, and got nervous since you could see directly at me from the doorway. I heard Daddy open the door, and knew whoever was there saw me sitting there naked and blindfolded. I was humiliated and aroused at the same time. I was on display to a total stranger and had no idea what he looked like. I heard the door close, and heard nothing for a minute, but then felt hands groping my tits, and pinching my nipples so hard it made me scream. Of course they were screams of extreme pleasure. My legs started to spread a bit with every hard pinch, and then I felt fingers playing with my pussy, and rubbing my clit making me moan and I started panting just like a true whore. I knew Daddy liked it when his whore panted like a dog from his use, since we had discussed that on the internet. Of course I did that as much as possible so he would get very turned on.

I then felt Daddy’s mouth on my cunt, sucking and fingering me, but at the same time I felt a mouth on my hard nipple. At that moment I knew there were at least two people using me, and making me their whore. I started to cum into whoever’s mouth was on my cunt, and still didn’t know if they were male or female. That question was quickly answered when I felt two cocks smacking my face. Of course I opened my mouth, almost begging to suck someone’s cock. As I felt myself getting my lips around a hard cock, I heard my Daddy say “You have a sixty year old cock in your mouth now whore.”

“Do you like that?”

I pulled my head of his cock to answer yes and then continued sucking cock like I was supposed to do. That was my job right now for Daddy. I was to suck any cock that entered my mouth, and enjoy every minute of it. Who was I to argue? I took turns sucking cock, I had now known it was Daddy and a stranger, and I was sucking cock like a pro. The stranger kept commenting kozyatağı escort on how good I was sucking his cock. I wanted Daddy to be pleased and proud of me, and hoped he was.

I took turns sucking their cocks for about half an hour. I do truly love to suck cock, so that was easy for me. Sucking old cock and licking old man balls makes me feel like a nasty whore, and I love it. I want to be called nasty dirty names while I take an old man’s cock in all my holes, and become his whore for use any time he wanted.

They laid me down on the bed and both kneeled on either side of my head, as I began taking turns on their cocks again. I was so hot and ready for a good hard cock deep inside my cunt. One of them reached down to my sopping wet cunt and began playing with my clit, making me moan on the cock deep inside my mouth.

“That’s it bitch, suck that cock good whore.” said the stranger’s voice from behind me.

I began sucking on what I know knew was my Daddy’s cock, hard and fast. Stroking his hard cock while I licked his balls, and begged him to fuck me. I wanted to feel both these old man cock’s inside my juicy cunt, pounding me like the dirty whore I am. Just then Daddy pulled his cock out of my mouth and shoved my head towards the stranger’s cock. I greedily took it in my mouth, as the stranger told me what a cocksucking whore I am.

I felt Daddy’s cock at the entrance to my dripping wet hole, and in one quick thrust his old cock was deep inside me making me scream for more. Now I had a strange old cock in my mouth, and Daddy’s old cock in my cunt. I was in heaven. Being a whore for old men is something that really turns me on. If they call me real nasty names, and are very verbal it’s a big plus. My cunt actually gets dripping wet every time I think about it.

Anyway, I will get back to my fantasy. These two old men continue to take turns fucking my cunt and mouth. Now they had me doggie style, and I was sucking cock and getting fucked. Also of course a nice hard spanking. I love to get spanked. I guess I really love rough sex.

Daddy then grabbed me by my hair and pushed me to my knees on the floor. “Open up bitch!” the stranger ordered.

Of course I opened right up, knowing what they wanted. They wanted me to swallow and wear their cum. They wanted to mark me as a whore for old man cock, and I wanted it too. I waited for their hot cum, and then felt both at the same time shooting their hot loads all over my face, in my mouth, my hair, and dripping down on my tits. I felt like such a whore and I was ready to do anything to keep feeling this way.

I heard the stranger thank Daddy and leave. I still had the blindfold on when I felt Daddy’s fingers playing with my clit. “Did my dirty cunt like getting fucked by an old strange cock?”

“Yes Daddy very much!”

“Why cunt?”

“Because I am dirty nasty whore Daddy.”

“That’s right whore, very good.”

“Thank you Daddy.”

Daddy then slid 2 fingers inside my well fucked pussy, making me moan. Daddy had figured out that I love to be fingered while he talks dirty to me, and makes me say nasty things. It’s a real big turn on and it gets me dripping wet.

“Who owns that pussy slut?”

“You do Daddy, you do.”

Well of course this is still a fantasy but I would really love to make it reality. So here I sit, waiting, and hoping, there is someone, somewhere out there that would like a BBW sub slut to use like this. Maybe he will read this and then I will finally get to fulfill my fantasy. Who knows?

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