My Neighbor is My Daddy Pt. 02


(Continued from My Neighbor is My Daddy Pt. 01)

I sat in my living room, covered in Daryl’s cum. I really should say my Daddy’s cum. I couldn’t believe I had let this happen. God I’m such a little bitch. I’m Daryl’s bitch. Daddy’s bitch.

I looked at the list he gave me. I needed to buy panties, a butt plug, and a dildo with balls and a suction cup. How am I supposed to get all this before tonight? And how long am I going to be at Daryl’s place tonight? The real question is what is he gonna do to me tonight.

While I was thinking all this my phone buzzed. It was a text message from Daryl that just had an address and the words “Tell them Daddy sent you”, I had a feeling this was related to my list. Probably some seedy sex shop. I cleaned up as fast as I could and headed over. I had no time to waste. I was still wearing Beth’s panties underneath my clothes.

The place itself wasn’t too far away. I was right, it was some sort of sex shop. It didn’t look as gross as I thought it might. I was still so nervous to go in. I forced myself though. I couldn’t have him send that picture to Beth. I walked into the store and saw only one person there. A middle aged man, he looked a little intimidating. I was dreading what I had to do even more. He looked right at me and said “Can I help you?”

“Um yeah um….. Daddy sent me?” I said sheepishly.

Suddenly he grinned. “Oh did he now? So you’re Daryl’s new little slut. I could tell you was a sissy faggot when you walked up here.”

“What? I’m not a sissy faggot” I cried.

“Ah quite your yapping. No real man would come in here and say his Daddy sent them. Now get over here and let me take a look at you.” He barked at me. I quickly scurried over to the counter. He gestured me to come around and so I did. Standing behind the counter with him I could smell a distinct smell of cigarettes. “On your knees bitch” he said.

“What?” I gasped.

“You heard me bitch, if you want me to get you ready for your Daddy I need to see what you can do first, consider it my fee” He said with a smile.

I sunk down to my knees and opened my mouth like I thought he wanted.

“Now beg, beg like a dog.” He said, smiling again.

I put my hands up like paws and starting panting like a dog. I wish I hadn’t but at this point I knew I couldn’t back out.

“Oh beşiktaş escort now that’s a good little bitch” he said as he undid his pants and took his cock out. It was quite big but not as big as Daryl’s. I started licking it and as soon as I did he started moaning. Once it was nice and wet I started to suck the head which he really seemed to like, I think I was getting better at blowjobs because I started to get into a groove. I was taking it in deeper and using my tongue as I went. “Mmmm that’s a good slut, keep sucking that cock”

As I bobbed up and down on his shaft I heard the chimes on the front door of the store. I suddenly felt his hand on the back of my head, as if he knew my first thought would be to stop knowing someone was about to see us. I didn’t fight him and just kept on sucking. “Good girl, you don’t stop until I say so,” he said.

“Hi Daddy!” said a female voice I could here behind me, “Whatcha doing?”

“Just testing out Daryl’s new little sissy bitch. Quite the mouth on her.” he said with a laugh. I guess I was just going to have to get used to people referring to me as a girl.

“Ooooh, I’m jealous! Daryl has such a huge cock! You’re gonna learn to love it!” she squealed.

“Gina baby, will you grab the essentials kit for new sissies for me? I kinda got my hands full over here”

“Of course Daddy! Should we send her back with any other special sexy surprises?” giggled the girl.

“No not yet, let’s see how he likes her after he fucks her for the first time.” The man turned his attention back to me, “Now you keep doing a good job down there or I’ll give you the panties the whores leave in the glory hole instead of some nice new ones.” I definitely didn’t want that so I started really kicking it into high gear, jerking his cock with one hand while I went up and down as fast as I could with my mouth.

“I got it Daddy!” The girls voice had returned.

“Damn Gina that was fast.” Suddenly he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me off his throbbing dick “Take off all your clothes, slut” I did as he said. I looked back and saw a beautiful girl in a white tube top, leather skirt and thigh high boots. Her blonde hair went all the way down past her shoulders. What really caught my attention were her massive breasts. She smiled taksim escort at me while her Daddy said “Gina here is one hot piece of ass, ain’t she? She ain’t no sissy bitch like you neither. Now bend over and finish sucking me off while I sit down, point that ass up high for Gina”

He was now seated and I had to get on my hands and knees to suck him off. As I got to work again I felt a similar sensation in my rear, “Oooh what a tight little sissy hole we have here. I’m gonna have to really work it for the plug to fit in.” I couldn’t believe she just said plug. I knew it was on the list but I didn’t think I’d have to wear it already. As she kept fingering my ass I continued to suck on this man’s cock. This man whose name I did not know and had only met moments ago. I really was a slut.

“Okay baby girl, here it comes, just relax and it’ll go in nice and easy.” Gina cooed as she slid the plug inside me, slowly at first. I let out a big moan with a cock still in my mouth. It still wasn’t all the way in. I didn’t know if I could take it.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna cum, you better catch it all you little slut!” the man commanded. I didn’t have to swallow Daryl’s load earlier, but I knew I’d have to swallow this one. I started jerking his cock as fast as I could, and while Gina popped that plug in my tight asshole, I shoved his member deep down my throat as he shot thick globs of cum into my mouth. “Oh fuck yeah that’s a good sissy slut!”

I swallowed it as soon as I could, but I couldn’t help but cough afterwards. Gina giggled. As I looked up at the man he seemed pleased. “Oh I think you’ll do just fine for Daryl. Now that you’ve swallowed my load, you may call Pete. Well for you it’s Master Pete, or really just master or sir will do fine. Anyways, Gina will get you all sorted out and I assume you’ll do well enough for Daryl tonight that Gina here or one of the other girls will see you back her on Saturday. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go call your Daddy little girl.”

As Pete left I coughed a few more times and Gina helped me to my feet. She started saying, “I’m so excited for you! I bet you’re nervous huh? And scared? Oh sweetie don’t worry you’ll do great! Now here, I picked out some new undies for you, here’s tonight’s pair,” she handed me a pair of pink panties etiler escort with a little bow on the front. “Daryl like his new girls to wear pink at first, he finds it helps them feel less like a man. And this bag has more naughty things for you like that little plug that’s in your boi pussy!” she giggled again. More naughty things? Did she mean the dildo? I hope there’s not more than that.

“You don’t need to worry about paying for anything right now, your daddy will take care of everything! You just focus on being a good little sissy tonight! Do you have any questions?” Gina asked, very sincerely.

I was so dumbfounded by this whole situation, I wanted to ask her how I got here, how she got here, was this going to be my life now? All I could muster was, “Will it hurt?”

“Only at first baby, but soon you’ll be begging him to fuck you harder. In fact even if it still hurts, you should beg. They really like it when you beg.” She said with a wink

“Umm, will I need um….other clothes? Like girly clothes?” I asked, standing there naked, holding a pair of pink panties.

“Oh no not tonight! He’s gonna want the full experience of breaking you tonight. But I love that you’re already thinking of that! No don’t worry, on Saturday Myself or one of the other girls will take you shopping for some cute new clothes, and of course a lot of slutty clothes. We’d get fired or something if we didn’t get you looking like a proper slut for Daryl, that’s usually how he likes them.” Gina assured me. It sounds funny but when she said it all I found it very comforting, even thought this whole situation was bat shit crazy.

“Um, can it be you on Saturday?” I asked sheepishly.

“Aw, you got a crush on me or something? Sure thing sweetie, if that’ll help ease you. But if you’re not a good girl tonight you won’t get to see me. So why don’t you let that motivate you tonight,” she said with a wink “Of course you may regret that decision, we won’t just be shopping Saturday, and you haven’t seen my bossy side” she giggled. I felt myself getting hard at the thought of her bossing me around. And she noticed, after all I was naked. “Now now missy, don’t get too excited, you have a big night ahead of you,” As she said this she took the panties from my hand and bent down and started lifting my leg to put them on me. She slid them up my legs as she said, “Now you go home and be a good girl and let your daddy fuck you like a cheap whore,” she slid them over my cock and my plugged ass as she whispered in my ear, “And then I promise I’ll fuck you myself on Saturday.” And then she slapped me hard on the ass. I yelped and she giggled once more.

“Bye Sissy!”

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