My Lucky Day


My last four shift rotations had been very long and taxing and the constant issues I dealt with made my short work week very challenging and tiring. And just to give you an idea, during my last four day shifts, I encountered multiple emergencies (coordinating chopper interventions and state police support for two high speed chases, multiple accidents with injuries, and three tornado warnings really kept things hopping in the county’s 911 Emergency Operations Center all week. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes, when things are busy, it makes your shift go by much faster than when nothing happens at all for an entire shift. Then there were these days…like full moon days that anything and everything goes wrong…all at the same time. I finished my last shift, briefed my Terry, the oncoming shift supervisor and then headed home for the next three days. I was looking forward to relaxing and taking it easy.

As I pulled into my driveway that evening around 5, I noticed another car parked next to my wife’s car, it was Rebecca’s little blue Miata and normally, I wouldn’t want company on a night like tonight, but Rebecca was always a sight for my sore eyes. She had long flowing black hair, a pretty face, an enormous rack, a tight ass usually packed into some skin-like yoga pants, and sometimes in the summer, she came to the house in her “summer clothes”…aka skimpy swimming attire…but I wasn’t complaining a bit. In fact, numerous times I had to hide my massive hard-on from my wife and this hot little vixen. So, I parked my Jeep Wrangler on the side of the garage, grabbed my backpack, and trotted into the house.

I heard my wife and Rebecca talking somewhat loudly in the kitchen as I walked in from the front porch. Then I saw the reason why on the table. They had several bottles of wine on the table, and it looked like two of the bottles were completely empty. I just stood there and admired them and their lovely bodies and they didn’t even realize I was there.

Now, I told you about Rebecca, but I didn’t give you my wife’s description. Tawny (as she like to be called, but her real name was Tanya). She had curly auburn hair, a very attractive face, and boy could she kiss better than every other woman I have ever kissed. She had size 34B titties with dime size nipples and a hot little body that never stopped wanting my attention. When she walked around the house in her yoga pants and a tank top, I had a constant erection.

So, back to the situation at hand. I had two hot ladies in my kitchen who both had had a tad too much alcohol. I decided to take control and I simply wolf whistled at them to get their attention. They abruptly stopped talking and looked at me, and then they started to laugh uncontrollably. I looked at them and their crazy antics and asked them “what is so funny?”

Rebecca, appearing a little tipsy, responded sluggishly by saying “Well, Brad, we were gonna…like wait for you…but then Tawny opened the first bottle to salivate…er …I mean celebrate your five year anniversary and then when that bottle was done too soon, I decided to open the second one and wouldn’t you know it, that one didn’t last long either.”

Then Tawny piped up…”yeah, we were just about to open the new Stella Rosa Sweet Red, but we dropped the dang bottle opener between the counter and the dishwasher, and so, now we are stuck with this unopened bottle and nothing to open it with…can you believe it?”

I smiled at them and nonchalantly said “I think I can help you.”

I walked to the counter near the dishwasher and looked down with my phone’s flashlight on. Yep, there was the bottle opener. It was wedged nicely between the counter and the dishwasher. I stood up and walked to the garage and found my telescoping magnet stick and brought it back to the kitchen. I took my time and reached down in the gap with the mag stick while trying to control the light. Seconds later, I hooked it with the magnet and I started fishing it out.

When I slapped it on the counter, both girls were like…”yeah, now we can get back to celebrating again…”

Tawny walked over and gave me a nice kiss and normally Rebecca would just watch, but tonight, she came over right after Tawny and planted a nice wet kiss on my lips. I could smell and taste the alcohol on both their lips. I kissed her back and hoped that my wife would not be pissed later.

Rebecca pulled away reluctantly and said “My, that was nice Brad…care to do it again?”

I looked at Tawny and she looked at me like she didn’t mind a bit…so I walked over to Rebecca and gave her another go. But this time, figuring I could get away with it, I put my arms around her waist, pulled her close to me so that I could feel her tits on my chest and her crotch on my leg, and I leaned down and kissed her passionately. After a minute, Tawny was like “Ok you two, break it up and come up for air.”

Reluctantly we did, but there was a connection there and I sensed some magic happening. haramidere escort We all stood around the bar as I opened another bottle of wine for us. As we made small talk, I admitted to both of them. “Ya know, over five years ago, I dated sweet little Rebecca and I was a happy man…but then somehow, I started dating your best friend, and I ended up married to sexy Tawny, your best friend…and tonight I stand here as one lucky man as I now have the best of both worlds in front of me.” In fact, “kissing both of you hot ladies tonight has brought back some great memories and I hope they don’t stop tonight.”

Fast forward to an hour later after two more bottles of wine and the alcohol has totally lowered all of our inhibitions and made us each say things we probably shouldn’t be saying. I started it off by stating to the girls “I have always enjoyed Tawny in bed but I have always wondered what it would be like to take you Rebecca.” “I never got you in the sack to enjoy some “quality time” with you and it has been a big regret in my life.”

Rebecca smiled at me and says “well, I am up for it if you can get permission…hmm? Then she glanced around to Tawny to see what her reaction would be.

Tawny, shakes her head and at first she kills me…”you can’t do that…” both Rebecca and I look down and then Tawny finishes her sentence. “What I mean is you can’t do that without me. I would need to be there, ya know…since I am married to him…and you are my best friend…and as we seem to share everything else, why wouldn’t I share Brad with you.” Instantly, there were smiles all around the bar.

I look at both of them and smile and inside…my heart is racing knowing that I will be taking both of these lovely ladies to bed later. I propose a toast and tell them “It has always been one of my most closely kept secrets and one of my most endearing and favorite fantasies to see you both naked and to take turns making love to both two of the best girls I have even known and loved. And I have to tell ya’ll…I have personally loved you both since the day we first met.” That raised their eyebrows and hopefully dropped their panties even more. Then I raised my glass and Tawny and Rebecca both clinked their wine glasses with mine and we each took a big gulp of that fine grape nectar.

Minutes later, the glasses are parked on the counter and I was sitting on a bar stool with both ladies each mounted on me and sharing a leg and we were doing a group hug together. Now, I have had Tawny more times that I can count and I loved taking her every chance I had, but tonight, my focus shifted to Rebecca, but I wanted to give Tawny enough time to not make her feel jealous cause’ I really wanted this to work well tonight. So, I lean over and give Tawny a long, passionate French kiss and as our tongues dance together, I can smell and taste the wine on her lips and her breathe. I then look into her eyes and silently mouth to her, “I love you for allowing this little fantasy of mine to come true.” She squeezes my hand and then pulls me up while grabbing Rebecca’s hand with her free hand and says “I think we should move to the bedroom and get um…cozy.”

So hand in hand we all walk to our master bedroom and I lie on the bed while the two of them go into the walk-in closet and pick out some lingerie. Since they are both around the same size, Tawny’s intimates would look perfect on Rebecca. So, while I wait for their return, I dab on a little cologne, put on some deodorant, and do a quick cinnamon mouth wash to really enjoy our time together. I slide over to my phone and put a little jazz on the bedroom blue-tooth speakers and I dim the lighting a tad to set the mood and light a few candles in the corners to really set the room up. I walk back to the bed and take off my jeans and toss them on the chair so I am in just my socks and my boxers.

I hear the girls in the closet just laughing and giggling to one another. A minute later they walk out…one by one. Tawny has on a red lacy bra and a matching pair of panties…and to accentuate it even more, she has on red stockings and garters and a pair of “fuck me heels.” My mouth drops to the floor and despite being a little drunk, she can see that she has rocked my world. A minute later, Rebecca slowly opens the door and steps out…she is in a purple lace teddy that she fills out nicely and if my horny memory is correct, she has on Tawny’s purple lace crotchless panties and a nice set of gold heels. My reaction is to drool down my face and my cock goes on high alert mode as it is now visibly tenting my boxers. Both girls step over to me and we all kiss and feel each other up a bit.

I feel Tawny’s hand on my chest as our lips meet, but all my nerves have shifted focus to Rebecca who has grazed my ass with her soft hand…she subtly slipped her well-manicured hands under the seam and is now touching and lightly groping my butt and moving her hand forward içerenköy escort ever so slowly. I move my hand to her ass as well and enjoy the feel of her amazingly smooth bottom. Wow, I can’t wait to see it up close and personal. I pinch myself to see if this is a dream because I can’t believe I am doing this and that my wife is participating in this lifelong fantasy.

I move from Tawny’s lips and I focus in on Rebecca now. I kiss her deeply and breathe in her breath. I kiss her neck and nibble on her ear and slowly work down to her lips again, our eyes meet and I can read in them “I am all yours tonight.” I am intoxicated by her beauty and I reach down and sample a taste of her magnificent tits. I leave the purple bra on but move the fabric back with my nose as I search for her nipple like a baby longing for the nipple. I locate it and begin to suck on it as I feel a hand being placed on my cock. I sense that it is Tawny’s but a second later, there is a second hand. I am enjoying this attention as the two loves of my life tag-team massage my manhood.

I shift to Rebecca’s other tit and I begin to suck it like a sex-starved man. I hear her moan as I suck and knead and taste her sensuous breasts. As I play and massage and taste Rebecca’s forbidden fruit, I feel her hands totally exploring me. Touching my abs, my arms, my legs, my crotch, and her touch is provoking me to go further.

I make my move and lie down on the bed and seconds later, I am laying in the middle and each of them are next to me, Tawny on my right and Rebecca on my left. Rebecca moves her arms for a second, and then her bra is off and she leans over me and offers me her lovely orb. I admire it at first, I reach up and kiss her lips and tease her with my tongue and then I move back down and begin to suck her tit again as I take in her beauty and etch this moment in my brain forever. She has lovely brown nipples and her areolas are perfectly round, half-dollar sized, and a lighter shade of brown.

I run my tongue over her nipple and nibble lightly…then moving to her areola…I do circles around it and trace it over and over again with the tip of my tongue and I taste a hint of her very feminine perfume. I erotically lick her again and bring the nipple deep within my mouth as I suck her tit in…as far into my mouth as I can so that I am totally engorged with her beautiful tit. Again, I hear her moan and seconds later, my wife, Tawny is up next to me and we slightly shift positions so that both Tawny and I can suck on Rebecca’s tits together. I can’t believe that I am witnessing her do this and I swear my dick grows two more inches and hardens like an old oak tree. Rebecca is enjoying every bit of the attention as she runs her fingers through my hair and the look on her face says she can’t wait for the next phase to begin.

Tawny removes her bra and seconds later, the two girls reposition and are now taking turns sucking on each other’s tits and occasionally they are sharing deep orgasmic kisses with each other. I maneuver my body and get directly under Rebecca and I can now smell her sweet garden. To make matters better for me, she has on the crotchless panties so I decide to start kissing her inner legs and tasting her ever so slowly. I work my way to the front of her panties and a place I have never visited before and I begin to enjoy her womanly essence. I taste the fabric right in front of her mound. It is wet and her juices taste heavenly and I cannot wait to savor this woman who I have fantasized about for over five years.

I inch forward and then I flick my tongue across her sensitive clit and begin to probe her moist slit. Immediately I notice how damp her damp pussy is as little droplets of her forbidden nectar drip into my mouth. I hold there a minute as she continues to drip into my mouth. I reach up with my tongue and begin to make slow, long, licks on her clit and her beautifully pink labia. Then I feel something…I forgot that the teddy snaps together where her ass and pussy meet. “Oh yes! The gold at the end of the rainbow is mine for the taking.”

While I was taste testing and exploring her best friend, Tawny pulled my boxers down and began to lick and suck my hard cock. I could feel her breath on the head and I felt her lips part and the head disappeared into her warm, moist, and inviting mouth. Seconds later, she is sucking on my cock head like a tootsie pop and I think I have died and gone to heaven. I get back to the matter directly in front of me and I maneuver my hand to the purple panties and locate the little snap holding the folds of fabric together. I undo the snap and the fabric falls away to reveal a nicely trimmed bush and a photogenic pussy. I dive upward into her pussy and begin to gobble away at her clit, her lips, her inner folds, and I probe her as deep as I can reach with my tongue. Rebecca is enjoying the intimate attention and repositions right over me so I now have full innovia escort access to her intimate treasures. She begins moaning and her hips start grinding my face. Her flavors are flowing down my cheeks, my lips, and my mouth and I am tasting every precious drop of her sexual gravy. I repeated taste her, lick her, and nibble on her and suck in her lovely labia. She has such amazing tastes that I just don’t want to stop eating her out.

Meanwhile, Tawny, who had been doing wonderful things with her mouth on my cock, decided to pleasure herself, so she crawled on top of me. I felt my cock slip into her very hot wet pussy and I could not believe that she was about to fuck me while I simultaneously ate out her best friend. The two girls were facing each other and both were mounted on me and I wish I could get a picture of this moment to keep forever. They decide to kiss some and give me a show when I wasn’t buried in Rebecca’s muff. Between their laughs and giggles, they explore each other’s mouths and love each other.

So, at this moment, the girls are kissing, Tawny is now slowly rocking on my cock which is buried deep within her sexy and slippery wet pussy. I sense she wants me in even deeper with each pelvic thrust on me. She is working my cock wonderfully to touch the spots inside of her that send her over her sexual cliff. Meanwhile, Rebecca is still totally enjoying my oral work that I am doing on her pussy and she too is gyrating her hips…but hers are all over my face. I can feel her juices dripping everywhere…I feel like I have bathed myself in a pussy shower as the flowing nectar runs down my cheeks, into my mouth, and down my neck and everywhere. She is so sloppy wet and I can’t get enough of her womanly juices into my mouth and I imagine how wonderful it will be when I eventually get to slide my cock into this beauty. She is making me crazy and I know I am driving her mad with my tongue and what I am doing to her to sex starved pussy.

The girls are back to kissing again and then slowly and ever so softly, I hear them whisper to each other and then a brief pause happens. They hold me down while they change positions and the next thing I know is that I am eating Tawny and she is tasting super moist and flavorful …but when Rebecca straddles my muscular legs and grabs my cock with her warm soft hands, I focus on what is at hand.

I know she has not had a man in her life for some time so I know that her pussy is prime for the taking. I love eating my wife, but I am totally focused on Rebecca and what she is about to do. She delicately guides my purple engorged cock head to the entrance of her womb as she uses her sexy hips to line up her pussy so that my cock can feel that inviting chasm that leads to heaven. Slowly she pushes forward and my manhood disappears deep into her love canal…inch by inch I go deeper into her unchartered depths until her mound is pressed into me. I want my cock to move around and explore every inch of her pleasure center. She is oh so tight and as I slowly inch out from her depths and push back into her, I feel her inner softness enveloping my cock like a velvet glove and I want to remember this moment for the rest of my life. She runs her hand down my chest and down to my abs which makes me look at her…she looks down to me and slowly mouths to me “I have always loved you…”

I whisper back to her “and I have never stopped loving you Rebeca.” She smiles that million dollar smile at me and then she begins to work my cock deep into her previously forbidden depths. This is the first time I have even been in this gorgeous woman and her pussy is intoxicating…like a drug and I don’t want this amazing high to ever end. The intense, erotic feelings I am sensing with my cock buried deep and pulsing inside Rebecca’s womb are etching this moment into my brainwaves forever. I mentally take pictures of her face, her body, her tits, her nicely trimmed bush, her perfect pussy lips, her amazing hips, and the most delicate flower of a pussy I have ever plucked. Rebecca is doing things to me that a man would certainly kill for. It was a moment I would truly never, ever forget.

Tawny is still going strong and rocking my world with her amazing pussy. I love tasting her flowing juices and she is also enjoying the attention I am giving to her pussy with my tongue. I nibble on her some more and I find her very excited clit and give it a little tongue action. It doesn’t take long and I feel her pick up the pace and she begins breathing heavier and her hips have swung into full gear. She is now working my tongue as she moves her pussy up and down, side to side, back and forth…faster…then…slower. She is close and I can sense it. I feel her pull up on me as she orgasms from my tongue action and she reaches down and grabs my hair and holds me still with just my tongue touching her pussy folds. I know her pussy gets super sensitive at this point so I just follow her lead.

I can see she is visibly quivering and her ass is shaking…yep…I got to her and she has gone past the threshold. Her juices are flowing out of her and all over my face that I can just barely see her pussy lips quivering from the rapid onset of her orgasm. I know she will need a moment to come down off this mountain before I can taste her and explore her again.

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