My Late-Night Hangover


All girls present are of legal age and are 18 years old.


So, this is a recount of what happened when I went over for hangover during college. None of this is real and is fictional.

“Come on, Kyle! Stay a little longer!” Jean, one of the girls at the party who was already drunk beyond the point of making wise decisions, shouted at me. I sighed and decided to hang around a little while longer. See, I was invited to the fortnight party in Charlotte’s home, we would hang around, most of them would get high on coke and so on, some drinking, you know to relax from the goddamn college pressure. Sometimes the boys would attempt to mess around with the girls, but never too far. We were only 18, but that night would change.

There were about 7 girls still high on coke, drunk laughing and talking at one corner, and Jean was one of them who called out. There was only one boy around and he was already tired enough to want to leave, also I had this weird thing where I could rarely get high or drunk, it was both a curse and a gift. Anyways, I rolled my eyes and headed towards the group of girls, deciding to maybe play a few games of poker then leave. Nothing could go wrong, right?

As I sat down and distributed the cards, the girls slowly began to get more and more drunk and would laugh at nearly anything for no apparent reason. Before I could finish distributing the cards, Nicole shouted out, “Lets play strip poker! I’m bored as fuck from poker!” The other girls laughed and agreed, obviously they could not rationalize the situation. As much as I tried to explain to them not to, they just laughed it off and continued. And so me, and the 7 other girls, began playing.

They were obviously too high to even think and play properly, so I was the one who usually had the upper hand. The first girl to lose her clothes was Bella. She had nice round 35dd cups, and was about 160 meters. Most of them only had a crop or tube top revealing their midriffs, 1 or 2 wore a jacket, and most of them either wore jeans or skimpy skirts. About 3 or 4 of them wore bras while the rest didn’t, and most of them wore panties. Bella was unlucky enough to only have a tube top without a bra, so she was the first one to show nudity. She giggled as she jiggled her breasts as she looked towards me with a luscious look, causing everyone to laugh. And so the game went on.

Slowly but surely, all the girls took the tops of and breasts were in all directions of my view. I was the only one with a shirt on, so I decided to make it fair ground and took my shirt off. The girls wowed at my 8 packs, I wasn’t the guy in college you would think to have abs. I just worked out regularly but didn’t want to show them off, wasn’t a playboy.

With that, after about 6 minutes, Angelina was the first one who had to take of her short skirt. She was lucky enough to have her panties on, but they were surprisingly wet as my eyes inevitably looked towards her. After another few minutes, Catherine, another of the girls, had to remove her skirt. She giggled with excitement as she took them off, revealing her shaved pussy that looked tight as fuck. I was surprised that she did not wear any panties, but at that moment my cock inevitably became hard and a small bulge was visible on my shorts. The girls caught sight of it and Jean, who was sitting next to me, began to massage my crotch as she laughed, saying, “We’ll get there girls, come one!” The others joined in with a huge laughter, and that only made me get another erection.

Bit by bit, the girls eventually had their whole body fully exposed, and I was the last one to be fully nude. Rachel was the last of the girls to take of her clothes though, as when she finally revealed her pussy, the 7 girls in front of me made me groan silently with a guilty pleasure. I knew I had to resist it, but the feeling was nearly too great to hide.

After another round, I finally lost and had to take of my shorts. As my face turned gebze escort slightly red I slipped out of it and revealed a huge bulging in my underwear. Charlotte immediately approached me and exclaimed, “I’m the owner of this house, so I go first!” The girls grumbled in agreement and Charlotte flipped her hair and immediately ripped off my underwear.

It showed a long, hard thick 10’inch cock that behold in front of them, even I didn’t know I could go that long. She smiled, her 33d boobs shone in front of me. She bent downwards and began giving me one of the best blowjobs I ever felt in my life, as she would play with the tip of my cock with a tongue, twirling around it, sometimes using her hand to play with my balls while her mouth performed the magic. She would go up and down at a fast movement for a short while, then slow down a bit, continuing the tease. This all made me get even harder, as my cock slowly reached 10.5 inches. After about 5 minutes, Catherine, decided she could not take the show for any longer and decided to join in.

She held out her massive 33dd breasts and played it at my mouth, laughing and said, “No Jerald, I’m gonna have some of that cock as well.” With that, she bent downwards at licked the top part of my cock, will Charlotte was busy sucking the bottom part. As they both worked on my dick, Nicole and Jean, began playing with each other and soon were kissing passionately.

From my perspective, I had a perfect view of both of them kissing, as they began to masterfully perform a French kiss, their tongues massaging each others. Both of them had 32d boobs, and their hands were already fondling with each other. And not long after their hands reached towards each others pussies and began fingering each other. They knew that I was watching, at moments here to there they would give me a luscious smile and continue their passionate kissing. Leaving Angelina, Bella and Rachel, they were eager to join it the fun.

Bella had the biggest tits among them, with her 35dd breasts jiggling as she headed towards me. I smiled with delight as I began using my hand to rub her areolas. Her nipples instantly turned stiffer as she groaned in utmost pleasure. Rachel, who’s pussy was the most well trimmed, headed towards my mouth and led me to lying down, as she exposed her glorious pussy for me to devour. I began to slowly use my tongue to lick her clit, twirling around it, arousing her with as much pleasure as possible.

Then, I commanded her to lower her body, as I devoured up her pussy, sucking and licking the outer lips of vagina. She groaned in pleasure, and Angelina was the last to join in, as she began share Rachel’s pussy, her mouth took turns sucking Rachel’s glorious vagina, and taking turns tongue kissing me. Rachel soon could not hold back her immense pleasure, as she shouted out, “OH GOD I’M GONNA CUM! I’M GONNA CUM!”

With that, she was the first one to let off her beautiful pussy juice, her white, milky fluid seaked out of her vagina, leaving me to slurp all of it and swallowed it with my mouth. Nicole and Jean looked at the sight and wanted to join in, and the moved closer to my face as Nicole, Jean and Rachel began to french kiss with the 3 of them. As I enjoyed the magnificent sight, my cock was getting harder and harder, I could barely hold back my cum. As I grunted out, “GIRLS I’M GONNA CUM! IT’S A BIG ONE!” The seven of them rushed towards my crotch, as they squat and opened their mouths, hungry for some hot semen.

As I found my way to the couch, barely holding it anymore, I finally ejaculated and my hot cum flew everywhere, as I let out a groan of pleasure. The girls immediately jumped forward to drink up as much aa possible, as the drank it with satisfied slurps, and any cum on the floor was thoroughly licked up. As the 7 of them finished, I felt like trying something different. “Alright girls, who wants a good fuck in their pussy?” They giggled with göztepe escort excitement, as they all raised their hands and tried to be as seductive as possible, playing with their tits, slowly rubbing their clit and smiling towards me.

My eyes glanced to Nicole, as when I saw her kissing Jean from the beginning I knew I had to fuck her. I pointed at her and directed her to the floor, and she instantly followed. I commanded her to lie back, as I held my cock in my hand, a full 10.5 inches already, and prepared to penetrate her. “First time?” I asked, and she said “No, I’ve done vaginal with Micheal, my ex boyfriend, but never with a cock this big!” This only made me harder, as small bits of pre-cum leaked out of the tip of my cock. As I slowly lowered down, she used her hand to spread her vagina into a bigger hole, the outer lips stretching to brace the penetration of my hard, thick cock.

The second my cock entered in, both of us groaned simultaneously, as it slowly moved in, I grunted out, “Holy fuck that’s pretty tight!” As I pushed further and further in, I could see her labia stretching out bigger and bigger, as she began to exclaim with utmost pleasure. At 7 inches in, she was already reaching an orgasm, as she constantly screamed out, “OH GOD! OH GOD YES! FUCK THIS TEENAGE PUSSY!” The louder she exclaimed, the deeper I went, and I began to thrust in and out, only making the sexual tension even greater.

The other 6 of them got extremely aroused by this, and Catherine went ahead towards my hard cock which was busy pumping in and out of Nicole, and began licking and sucking the outer area of my cock. I groaned with even more pleasure, and Catherine would sometimes use her tongue to play with Nicole’s labia, which made her groan too. Angelina and Charlotte were hit with a sudden urge to join in too, as Angelina began sucking Nicole’s boobs and nipples, while Charlotte let Nicole taste her pussy.

As I was thrusting further and further in, the 10.5 inches was nearly all the way in, and I was grunting to try and fit in further. Bella and Jean began to hold their hands around my body and began enjoying my eight packs, occasionally reached towards my cock and stroking it. Rachel began masturbating to the beautiful sight, and in a few seconds I finally squeezed my cock all the way in, and in finale Nicole screamed out, “FUCK IT! HERE IT COMES!”

Immediately, I felt her cum flow past my cock, and began leaking out. I used my hands to cup some of it, and drank her cum like sweet wine.

Jean who was sitting at the sidelines enjoying the stunning view leapt forward and stuck her tongue at Nicole’s vagina, licking and satisfying her crave. I grinned at the sight of Jean’s actions, and held her hair up and smiled, saying, “You like that don’t you? You like that, don’t you?” She nodded her head eagerly, like an obedient dog. I laughed and replied, “Good, now give her a good rim job.” With a smile on her face she bent downwards and stuffed her face into Nicole’s butt, sucking and licking to her pleasure.

I turned my attention towards Angelina, who had a nice petite figure, standing at 154 meters, her breasts 33b and was a natural blonde, she was among the hottest of the 7. And since I was in the center of attention, I wanted to try something. As Angelina was previously working on Nicole’s boobs, I commanded her to come to me with the deepest tone possible, which turned the rest of them on. I smiled and twirled her hair, telling her, “Wanna do anal, girl?” This statement surprised them, but the Catherine, Bella and Rachel moaned at the thought of this, saying how lucky Angelina was. She stuttered a bit, but I said, “Don’t worry girl, I’ll be careful.” I said with a reassuring tone. She nodded her head, telling me it was her first time, and boy was I eager to pop her cherry.

As she laid down, she went into an arched-back position, her fine ass in front of me. I stroked halkalı escort in with my hand, enjoying the backward view. Her petite figure made it all the more sexier, as her body was curved in a way that I could grab her breasts whilst anal-fucking her. I told her we were about to begin, and asked Catherine for some lubricant, hoping it would not be to pain for her. As I held my cock out, ready to descend in, I had a huge grin plastered on my face, and then I leaned forward.

As I opened up her asshole, I slowly made my way in. The first few inches were a tough one, as her anus was the tightest thing I ever felt, I could feel her tension, but I knew she was enjoying every moment of it. I grabbed her hair and asked her, “Enjoying this girl?” She immediately exclaimed a “YES! FUCK YES!” And I pushed in further. I squeezed my way through, my cock filling up her entire anus. About 7 inches of my cock was in, and it was already a huge step in. As Charlotte decided to join in for a while, she began to go behind me and perform a satisfying rim job for me. I groaned at this action, as her tongue continued to teased my senses.

This only made me was to penetrate further, as I pushed in more both of us screamed and shouted with pleasure, and soon my whole cock was fully inside her, filling up every space. Immediately, I began to thrust inwards and outwards, slowly at first but I was reaching my climax bit by bit and wanted to enjoy every moment of it. I began thrusting harder and harder, as she screamed, “FUCK MY ASSHOLE HARD! FUCK IT HARDER! YOU LOVE THIS TEENAGE ANUS!” She would scream, and soon my balls were practically clashing against her butt cheeks. Rachel and Catherine went to my side and began to take turns kissing me, and I shared the both of their gorgeous naked bodies by putting my arms around their waist and held their bodies.

It was like a teenage reverse gangbang galore, as I held the cards to their pleasure. Rachel and Catherine has a nice golden tan, and their bodies were the cheerleader standard; not too fit, but just nice. Bella then began to masturbate to herself, as I would sometimes take glances at her.

As I continued to ass-fuck Angelina, I soon felt like cumming, and was about to ask her for permission, but she screamed, “CUM THIS CUM SLUT IN THIS ASSHOLE! CUM ANYWHERE IN MY ANUS!” This made me smile more than ever, and soon I was thrusting harder then I did before, grunting and putting in all my might. At once, I felt and explosion in my cock, as I let out all my load into Angelina’s anus, the hot semen flowing out of her butthole, causing the other girls to try and drink it up. Although I had cummed once in her anus, I felt like a second wave was coming up, so I stuck my ass out and unconsciously sprayed my cum all over the girls, like a fountain the girls in front of me was covered in cum, as they began licking themselves for my savoring cum. I laughed at the sight, and some of them also began to cum, the sight was indeed a heavenly one.

As I sat back down, Bella went towards me and began giving me a blowjob, her mouth doing a wondrous work. As I sighed and enjoyed the service, I noticed Jean heading to the kitchen and I assumed she was cleaning herself up. As I laid down I satisfaction, Nicole, Catherine, Charlotte, Rachel and Angelina headed near me and laid down too, giving me a magnificent view of 6 teenagers bodies.

Suddenly, there was a ring on the door which startled me. I wondered who it was and was about to get up, but Jean smiled at me and waved one of those sexy “No” with her boobs jiggling whilst doing so. As she opened the door, nearly 4 more girls in my college year came in. They were Jessica, Haley, Sarah and Paulina. They were the hottest girls in school, which made them among the most popular. I was surprised that they were here, but they seemed more surprised than me.

“Holy fuck Jean, you were right. That is like 4 inches longer than Brandon’s cock! Holy fuck that’s huge!” Haley, their leader of sorts, exclaimed. Immediately, the four of them stripped of their clothes, revealing the few sexiest bodies I had ever seen, and walked towards me, grinning. “Kyle, a lot of girls are gonna want you now, cos of that cock.” Sarah said, as I prepared for round 2 with another batch of teenage pussies.

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