My Girlfriend’s Dad Pt. 04


Instinctively I looked around for something to cover myself, but the cabana was bare except for a couple of pillows on a small chair near the window. I jumped up and scooted to the chair, sat down and put a pillow in my lap.

“What the fuck, man?”

Dan looked at me for a second, then started to chuckle.

“What are you hiding for?” he asked. “It isn’t the first time Tina watched us.”

“Where is she?”

“In our bedroom. Waiting for us.”


“This was just Round One,” he said, rolling off the air mattress. “Round Two is coming up. Come on inside.”

He stood up and strolled out of the cabana and headed across the yard, stark naked.

I pulled on my shorts and followed, looking anxiously about to see whether the neighbors were watching. As far as I could tell, scurrying past the pool, no one was.

Dan was waiting for me on the covered porch. When I walked in he turned, went into the house and headed down the hallway to the back bedroom. I followed.

When we reached the bedroom door Dan went in without stopping, but I held back, a little afraid of what I might see. But curiosity – and something else; anticipation, i suppose – prompted me to step in.

Tina lay on the bed, propped up on a couple of pillows, completely naked.

I must have started a little, because she said, “Come on in, I won’t bite. Much.”

I took a good long look at her. Although her face told you she was past 40, her body was as beautiful as her daughter’s – maybe more beautiful, because she was rounder in places that Jenny was angular, with just enough extra flesh in her hips and belly and especially in her breasts.

I’d always admired Tina’s breasts when they were hidden by her clothes – not that she made much effort to hide them – but bared like this they looked magnificent, full and surprisingly firm for someone of Tina’s age, with small areolas and large nipples that were fully erect.

Her legs were spread, and as I watched she turned so that her pussy came fully into view. She was completely shaven. The outer lips were pink and distended, and the inner lips were glistening with moisture. She clearly had been masturbating.

As I watched she brought a hand to her pussy and languidly fingered her clit. I felt my 18-year old cock jump.

I aydınlı escort looked around the room. On one wall was a large TV screen showing the cabana room and air mattress where I had butt-fucked her husband minutes before. She had been watching the whole time.

“Take those off,” Tina said.

I turned and looked at her but didn’t move. Dan stepped over, kneeled in front of me, undid the button on my shorts and pulled them down. Before I could react my still-swelling cock disappeared into his mouth.

“Oh, yes, baby,” Tina said. “Suck that boy’s cock.”

I looked at her again. She was now stroking her clit more vigorously and her breathing had become more ragged.

When I was fully hard Dan let go and stood up. He put his hand on my shoulder and nudged me toward the bed.

I wanted to fuck Tina and she seemed more than ready, but instead Dan guided me so that I was lying on the bed with my face within inches of her swollen pussy. She spread her legs a little further so the lips parted, and she opened up almost like a flower – a pale pink flower glistening with juices.

Nudged again by Dan, I moved forward and plunged my tongue into her waiting hole.

Tina gasped. She wound her hands into my hair and pulled me closer.

“Oh, yes, baby,” she murmured. “Lick that clit.”

I went to work on the pink button at the top of the inner lips, licking it with the rough part of my tongue in long steady strokes. She gasped again.

I felt Dan’s hands on my legs. Slowly he pulled them apart, and then I felt his warm breath at my hole. Just as I plunged my tongue again into TIna’s dripping cunt I felt Dan’s tongue enter me. Now it was my turn to gasp.

For more than a minute the only sounds that could be heard were Tina’s moans and little slurping sounds Dan and I were making. Dan wasn’t just licking me; he was fucking me with his tongue, and I could feel something start to build deep inside me.

The next thing I felt was Dan’s hands grasping my hips. He pulled me up and into a kneeling position, my feet hanging off the edge of the bed. In the next moment Tina rolled over, got up on all fours facing away from us and backed up toward my cock, which was swollen to its maximum size and dripping a long bağdat caddesi escort string of precum.

When she was in position just in front of me she spread her legs slightly and I got a view of her butthole and gaping pussy. Dan reached around, grasped my cock and, as Tina slowly moved back, placed my cockhead in her cunt.

Before I could move Tina sank back, and my cock slowly disappeared into her.

Just as I was about to start thrusting she moved forward, then back again, and soon she was fucking herself without my moving at all. Every time she moved forward she tightened her pussy around my cock, almost as if she were working some muscles, which I suppose she was. The feeling was unbearably intense.

Once again I felt Dan’s hand on my shoulder, then the other hand on my hips. He bent me forward so that my chest lay against Tina’s back, then used his own hips to nudge my legs apart.

I knew what was coming.

In an instant I felt it: Dan’s fingers lubing me up with something, maybe his saliva, maybe his precum. And before I could prepare I felt the tip of his cock at my hole and he was pushing it in.

“Oh, God,” I gasped.

Slowly he pushed forward. Surprisingly it didn’t hurt; my ass opened up to him like Tina’s pussy had for me minutes before. As he entered me I felt my own cock swelling, which made her gasp again.

“Oh, yes, baby,” she moaned.

What happened next I will never forget as long as I live. As Dan fucked me from behind, Tina fucked me in front. They moved in rhythm, his forward thrusts coinciding with hers going backward. Pinned between them, I was helpless to do anything, so I just closed my eyes and gave in to the feeling.

First I concentrated on the movement of Dan’s cock. He was incredibly hard; it was as if my ass could feel every ridge and bump on his massively swollen dick. I could also feel his balls slap against me every time he thrust into me. And every time his cockhead pressed against my prostate I felt a little stab of ecstasy.

Then I concentrated on the feeling of TIna’s cunt. She was sopping wet. I could actually feel her juices flowing out around my cock and trickling down my balls. I don’t know how but she was actually gripping my dick, milking bahçelievler escort it, demanding I shoot my load inside her.

It wasn’t going to take much longer.

I reached around with both hands and caught her big round tits, which despite their firmness were swaying forward and back with her vigorous backward thrusting. Finding the nipples I gave them a soft pinch, and was rewarded with a moan. I rubbed my thumbs against them more firmly, and the moan rose in register. When I gave them a firm pinch she let out a squeal and clamped her pussy as tight as she could.

Now it was my turn to squeal. I hit the crest of a wave, and when Dan’s next thrust brushed against my prostate, I came, a huge shuddering wave that started in my ass and spread to my cock, and I shot the first load of my spunk into Tina’s cunt.

My orgasm triggered theirs. Tina came first, with a long low animal-like moan, tossing her head, digging her hands in the covers and grinding her pussy against me. Dan followed a split-second later, with an even louder groan, clutching my hips with his hands and making short quick thrusts with his cock. I actually felt the warmth of his jizz pouring into me.

Never before or since felt anything so intense. A contraction in one of us instantly communicated itself to the others. It was almost as if waves of ecstasy were passing back and forth from Dan to Tina, and I felt them going both ways.

Finally the waves subsided. All of us were breathing hard, and the smell of sweat and sex was overpowering. Nobody said anything.

After a minute or so Dan pulled out of me, so quickly it made me wince. Then Tina slid forward, more slowly, and as she did her swollen pussy, dripping my cum, came briefly into view. Dan nudged me aside with his hip, kneeled behind his wife and buried his face in her sopping cunt. For more than a minute his head bobbed up and down while he licked her clean. Tina let out a long groan that rose in pitch until, with Dan’s hands clamping her pussy firmly to his face, she came once more with a convulsive jerk and something that sounded like a sob.

Utterly spent, she turned and sank back into the pillows. Dan crawled up the bed, turned and lay down next to her. They both closed their eyes.

I stood naked in front of them, but it was as if I wasn’t even there.

I looked around the room, found my shorts, pulled them back on and went back to the cabana, where I collected the rest of my clothes and finished dressing. On my way out I glanced up at the webcam in the corner, wondering whether they were watching me.

Probably not, I thought. They already had what they wanted.

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