My first time with my mother-in-law


My first time with my mother-in-law

This actually happened about ten years ago. It was a situation that presented itself at a perfect opportunity. I haven’t been able to do it again since that time, but one can always hope.

I married into a family that had a lot of problems. It was almost like watching a soap opera with out a TV. This episode was called the cheating cocaine addicted husband. My father-in-law was addicted to cocaine and was out with his friends. (The dealers) I am not sure if he was cheating or not, but my mother-in-law was convinced of it. Naomi (The mother-in-law) was in another drunken stupor. But this time she took it one step further. She popped a lot of pain pills. When she called slurring and told us what she had done, we immediately headed for her house. My brother-in-law was out with his friends, so my wife and I called 911 as we headed over to the house. As we got there, the paramedics pulled up. They checked her over and told us that she would not over dose with the type of pain pill she took. As they left, my wife took all of the alcohol and pills from the house and put them in the car. She was plenty pissed at her dad. Me – I didn’t care. Like I said, this was all just a soap opera. (And I have seen this episode before) My wife asked me to stay with her mom while she went out looking for her dad. I agreed knowing this would be an all night ordeal. What a way to waste a Saturday night!

Now let me tell you about Naomi. She is about 5’6” and about 130lbs. She is an older version of my wife. The only difference is that she has red hair instead of brown. I love redheads. Her best feature – her ass! A good ole fashion onion booty. Like mother – like daughter! And the main reason why I married my wife.

As my wife left, I started my job for the night – take care of Naomi. I started giving her coffee but she was really far-gone. All she wanted to do was argue. She was still pissed off at her husband. About thirty minutes into this ordeal, Naomi informed me she wanted to go to the bathroom. I helped her to her feet and guided her to the bathroom. As she entered the bathroom, she gained her balance and walked into the closet. It was no big deal; most of her clothes, personal items, and such were in her bathroom. What was a surprise was the fact that when she exited the closet, she was almost completely naked. She was trying to put on her nightgown but could not get it over her head. I got a great view of her perky little “B” cup breast bouncing around as she struggled with the Batıkent Escort nightgown. Her nipples were brown and about the size of a quarter. They were the same size as my wife’s nipples, except hers are pink. I just set back and stared. Why not, I always wanted to know. And since she was an older version of my wife, this moment was also a deeply rooted fantasy. Besides, I was starting to get aroused.

Once she finally got her nightgown on, she proudly informed me that she had to go pee. She lowered her panties and squatted on the toilet, and proceeded to go pee. By this time she already had the nightgown on, so I didn’t get to see her underside. Now I set in disappointment. Not that I am disappointed about seeing her tits, but I am an ass-man. (Remember the onion booty!) Once she stood up, she lost her balance again. I had to quickly grab her and help her to her feet. Naomi started to cry. “I’m ugly”, “No one loves me”, “I’m not attractive” – the usual. I tried to comfort her but she wouldn’t listen. The pills were still kicking in and she was slurring bad. She looked up at me, still crying, and said, “Why can’t I turn on men, why do they have to go to other women” (At least that is what I think she said, like I said – she slurred her words) This was my moment. I knew she was plowed. There was no way she would remember tonight if all she had was alcohol; but add the pain pills. This was a sexual mulligan! I had her in my arms holding her up. She was looking up at me. I pulled her closer. “Naomi, you are a beautiful woman” I lowered my head, my lips close to hers, “You are turning me on right now”

Our lips touched – This was my move. I set there, waiting for an eruption of anger. I pressed my lips firmer against hers. I was still waiting to be told to stop. My lips parted hers as my tongue slowly slid into her mouth. Again I waited for my slap in the face. My eyes were closed as I kissed her. I held still, softly kissing her. I was going to live in the moment as long as I could or at least until I was told to stop. I slowly opened my eyes and noticed her were closed as well. She was breathing heavy and into the mood. I am not sure if she knew what was going on or cared. Either way, I was going to push this as far as I could. I lowered my hands and firmly grabbed her ass. They quickly raced across her backside. Delicately kneading each cheek. I pulled her closer and felt her go limp. I slowly lowered her to the bathroom floor. Once we lied down, I went back Beşevler Escort to kissing her. My hands moved from her ass and moved to her breast. After about ten minutes of playing and suckling her breast, I noticed that she passed out. I should have stopped. But would you?

I didn’t have to worry about waking her, so I pulled her nightgown over her head. I moved to the bottom of her body and parted her legs, raising her knees so she spread her legs even wider. Her panties were still left on and I wanted them that way. I quickly lowered myself between her legs and set there smelling her musky scent. I slowly lowered my head and kissed her lower lips through her panties. I slowly stuck out my tongue, pressing the fabric of her panties into the folds of her lips. My tongue easily slid up and down, tasting her through her moistening panties. I lifted her panties to one side, exposing her perfect pink pussy. It was begging for attention. I know. She hadn’t had sex in some time. (Remember the cheating husband?) I dove in, licking and tonguing her beautiful moist cunt. She never moved. Every once in a while a slight moan, but never a stir. I pressed her legs back, which arched her ass up. This exposed her tight little button. Since she was out (And I know she is a freak – this is why I am not sure if her husband cheats) I slowly slid my tongue into her asshole. My lips were pressed tightly against her sphincter so I pressed my tongue deep into her backside. My hands parted her cheeks, which gave me a better chance to violate her asshole with my tongue. I switched back and forth for about 20 minutes. Tonguing her pussy and then her ass and then her pussy and so on.

By this time, I was aching. My dick was oozing pre-cum and begging to be released. I rose up and straddled her face. I let my cock rest on her lips and slid it back and forth. I covered her mouth in my pre-cum but she was out. I opened her mouth with my hand enough to allow me to enter her. I slowly slid my cock in her mouth. It was a turn on at first, but I had to do all of the work. After about five minutes, I decided to speed up the process. I started rubbing my manhood. Aiming my shaft toward her mouth opening. As I felt my balls tighten up, I quickly slid the tip of my cock into her mouth. I must have cum a gallon, but I am sure it was just a couple of spurts. I know I poured my soul into her mouth. And to my surprise, she slowly closed her mouth and licked her lips. I am sure it was reflex. But Büyükesat Escort that turned me on so much; my cock would not go down. I lowered between her legs and slid my cock into her cunt. I quickly increased the pace. Sliding in and out of her glistening pussy. I got a little brave and bottomed out in her twat. I wanted to feel my legs pound against hers. I was really becoming turned on feeling her legs pressed up in the air as my cock buried deep into her cunt.

She never moved. I had an idea. I wonder if I could fuck her in the ass? I didn’t have to worry about her having a sore asshole. She was already loose from my anal tonguing. And I am not a big man. No 10” dick here. I am about 5-6” and average girth. So I rolled her over. I stuffed some of the dirty clothes under her arching her backside up. I spread her cheeks and went back to tonguing her asshole. I slowly inserted a finger. It slid in easily. I tried two fingers and her asshole swallowed both digits. I am a little bigger than two fingers, so the next digit was my cock. I rose up and put my dick head at the entrance of her bum. My hands spread her cheeks exposing her glistening anal button. I slowly slid in my cock. I pressed further and further until I was all of the way inside of her. I was not going to pound her ass like I did her cunt. I didn’t want her to have a sore bottom. I slowly slid back and forth living in the moment. Again I felt my balls tingle and my dickhead swell up. Since I was going really slowly, my orgasm started slow, peaked slow, and lasted forever. I held her ass cheeks in my hands spreading her backside. I could see my dick buried in her asshole. I was in heaven. My cock emptied its load, slowly softened, and slipped out of her bum.

I quickly grabbed some tissue and wiped her asshole and cunt. I needed a keepsake though. I quickly pulled off her panties and replaced them with a fresh pair. I put her nightgown back on and then pulled her to her feet and escorted her to bed. She still did not wake. I put her in bed and fondled her tits a little bit more. I quickly kissed her pubic mound through her new pair of panties while slipping a finger into her cunt. I wanted to start all over again but I pulled the covers over her. I hid my memento and went up to my wife’s old bedroom and went to sleep. I woke up the next morning with my wife at my side sound asleep. I headed downstairs where I found my Naomi in the kitchen drinking some coffee. She had a hangover from hell and was completely unaware of what had happened. I sat down beside her a grabbed a coke. “What a night!” I said. “I wish I could remember it” Naomi said. I realized I indeed did get a mulligan. Too bad it will probably never happen again. She got divorced about a year later and hasn’t ever done what she did that night. But I still have the panties!

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