My First “Sweet” Daddy Pt.2

My First “Sweet” Daddy Pt.2
“Mark wake up I have a special gift for you” my mom, Emily yelled from downstairs
“Come on son it’s your birthday today, your mom already started freaking out” my dad scream from his office
As a family, it was like a tradition to throw huge parties for each others birthdays. So my parents were trying to organize the perfect party for me especially since it was my sweet 18. But this year there was a change of location for the party.
This year my parents decide to renovate the pool area which is our host place for our parties. So they kept me a secret the area which was about to host my party.
I put my shorts (I sleep naked), and head out of my bedroom. As I entered the kitchen my mom gave me a tight hug and start yelling
“My sweet boy you just turned 18 I can’t believe, like yesterday you were a baby in my arms”.
“Mom please stop it, I am a grown-up stop making me like a k**”. I said.
“You will always be my little baby, Mark”.she said and gave me a kiss.
Behind me, I heard footsteps and before I turned around, I was in the air, my dad has given me an air-hug as we used to call it since I was a c***d.
My dad was a “huge man” he was a 6’5 foot tall and very fit, both my dad and Harold were going to the gym every other day so their bodies were absolutely great.
In comparison with me, who I was just 5’9 and very slim. At least I had a round booty that a lot of guys dreamt of fucking it.
“Dad stop it, I’m not your baby” I was screaming that but on the other hand, I couldn’t stop laughing because he was tickling me.
“Happy birthday boy, I wish you the best”, he said.
“Thanks, dad”.
And our morning continues with the 3 of us around the table, eating my mom’s greatest sweets. Suddenly my dad started telling me finally what they have planned for my party.
“Mark”, he said, “due to the fact that we renovate our pool area, I asked Harold and Julie if we can host your party at their house and they accepted”.
I was shooked, I thought now was the right time to make a move on Harold, now that I am not a minor and I have started believing more in myself, well believing more in the power of my ass.
After we finished our breakfast, my mom told me to head over to Eric’s house to give Julie the recipe for some dessert they were about to make for my birthday party. After a while, I was in their doorstep ringing the bell but nowhere answered. So I decided to go from the back of their house in order to find an unlocked door or a window.
As I was approaching the kitchen door that was always open I had to pass by outside Eric’s room, but I heard some voices. I knew what he was doing he was watching porn. Then I decided to scare him, just open the window and make a loud noise, I knew he would laugh at the end because we didn’t bother to see each other naked since we were like brothers from babies.
I wish I knew that this desition was about to change my life forever.
“Haaaaa I got you broooo!!!”.
“Mark what the … What are you doing in here”
Oh my… it was Harold, I couldn’t believe what just had happened. Harold was in Eric’s room watching porn, and if I was correct, he was watching a gay porn video.
I couldn’t resist looking at his crotch area. The sight was incridable, his cock was so huge, it was like 8.5 inches and really thick and veiny. His mushroom was like a little giant, it was pink and really yummy as many would have said. His balls were huge and low hanging, I kept thinking the cum that he would produce by these enormous balls.
I couldn’t stop looking at his good endow nature!
“Mark, I said what are you doing at my house?”
as he said those words he tried to put his boxer on.
“I… I was just brought a recipe for the evening gathering”.
“Oh, ok give it to me”
Of course, I listened to him and gave him the paper with the recipe. Meanwhile, I was trying to hide my erection. But he noticed it and…
“Mark haven’t you seen a grown-up’s dick before”.
The interesting thing about this sentence was the way he told it, it was like telling me “if you want it you can come closer and have a look” or “come and play with it”.
I felt so ashamed that I turned my back and left quickly the house, without saying a word. As I approached my house I thought what will happen during the party at his house. Did he was hitting on me, or was it just in my fantasy.

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