My First MMF with BBC


After my first time with Eric on my birthday, I had sex with him many more times. We still live separately as I don’t want to get married to him. We both know it’s sex only. Now I am under pills so I am letting him take me bareback and enjoying the full sensation of getting fucked by a black cock. But I never allowed him to use my anal hole. I was afraid about it. But he used to lube it and tried entering finger into it. He was successful couple of times even though I never let him fuck my hole.

It was the day before new year eve i.e. 30th of December. Eric said he has organized a small party for me and his friend in his apartment. As usual, I put up a light make up. This time around I picked up the traditional Indian dress of Saree to go with sleeveless blouse. As usual, had a petticoat underneath the saree. I ensured I draped the saree well below my navel showing my hip and navel to all through the see-through saree. Blouse was a size small and all can see the good amount of breasts if they are cared to. Beneath the petticoat, I did not put up a panty as I know it won’t be needed. I decided to let the hair fall free and applied light perfume.

When I entered Eric’s home, his friend already arrived. He was taller than Eric and seems much bulkier than him. Eric duly introduced me to his friend Sam and he hugged me and gave a slight kiss on lips. He slightly squeezed my ass and smiled at Eric. As I sat near to Sam, Eric offered me a glass of Wine which I needed to cool down a little bit. As I began to sip it down, I felt large hands on my thighs and obviously, it should be Sam as Eric was sitting opposite to us.

I saw Eric for his reaction, but he was just kızılay escort smiling and from that, I understood he does not have any qualms in sharing me and also he has already told Sam about what is going between us. I have never been with two guys at the same time before hence was a little tense. But Sam seeing there is no action from my end to stop his hands put one hand around my hip and began to fondle my open hip and tried to access my navel. His large fingers began to encircle around the navel as I closed my eyes and was enjoying the attention I am getting from him.

After a few minutes, Sam has completely taken off my pallu and I was sitting in sofa with blouse showing 1/4th of my breasts and open tummy with saree down. I stood up and removed the rest of the Saree. As it falls down, I walked towards the bedroom with enticing looks to both Sam and Eric. Both understood my invitation as they followed me all the way to room. Once inside the room, I stood near the middle and removed the hooks of the blouse to show my full breasts to both the young guns.

I stopped them and knelt before them and started removing their zipper of the pants and brought out two growing black cocks. Both spring in front of me. I took Eric’s in right hand and began to fondle while I kissed Sam’s cock. Sam’s cock has the big head and his balls appeared to be much bigger than Eric’s. I moved forward and took Sam in mouth while jacking eric. It seemed that Sam loved my action as he let out a soft moan. His hands began to play with my hair as he holds it tightly. I began to work hard on his cock and taking as deep as possible. After a few maltepe escort minutes, I let him out while taking Eric in the mouth. I alternated between both the Cocks for some time but as I know both had good stamina and did not seem to cum yet. At that point, Eric went behind me and asked me to be in All fours and removed my petticoat and made me completely nude. As a practice, I used to keep my pubic area completely shaven he had the good view of my swollen lips moist with my juices which are ready to come out.

With the aggression he never shown before, he began to slap my ass cheeks repeatedly which made me hornier than the pain. It left my ass cheeks burning while my breasts began to dance. After few minutes both exchanged the position. this time, Eric grabbed my head and began to fuck my mouth harder. Sam with his pants removed, put his cock at the entrance and held me by hips and pushed in a single motion. With the sudden entry of thick cock, I let Eric go free and moaned in pleasure and pain. Sam was much thicker and longer than Eric which caused me initial pain.

He began to pump me from the back and forced me to take Eric’s cock deeper in the mouth. Eric was getting turned from the attention as I hear him moaning from the work of hot mouth and I also moaned over his cock. Slowly sam began to increase the speed. He took my hair in one hand began to pull it now and then causing me to deviate from Eric and moan in pain and pleasure. I left blowing Eric and began to wank his cock hard with a hand as I feel he is nearing and soon he came all over my face. With hard fuck by Sam, I was also on the edge and mamak escort when he began to smack my ass with one hand I let out the moan as my juices drenched his cock.

Sam pulled out of me and he joined me in the bed in his back. I understood what he wanted and get on top of him slowly taking his big cock inside me and began to ride him slowly. As I just came, pussy was slippery and it let him in without much difficulty. When I settled into the rhythm, I looked out for Eric but did not find him. But a few minutes later I found something wet and cold applied to my little hole and knows that should be Eric.

With a lubed finger he tried to breach into my virgin hole as he pushed his finger I cried in pain. He did not care as he continued pushing forward till he broke into my anal hole completely. He made short Movement to make my hole used. Now my hole adjusted to his massive fingers as I began to respond with deep moans as I still riding Sam albeit slowly. After few minutes he removed the fingers and added more lube to the hole and suddenly I felt the big head of his cock on the entrance. As my body began to oppose naturally, Sam held me tight from beneath and Eric pushed his fully erect cock into me as I felt my body as if it cut into two pieces. Tears began to flow down my eyes as they held me tightly and Eric pushed further into me.

Slowly my hole adjusted to his dick and began to ease him in and now they started fucking me slowly in rhythm. Eric took my hair in his hand and began to pull me as he pounded the ass from behind. With two big cocks working in tandem I soon reached my climax. They kept pounding me and soon changed the positions. Sam came behind me and pushed his cock in a single push as I cried louder. He kept pounding me harder. Eric meanwhile pushed up from beneath and soon both emptied their load inside me as I lied on Sam’s chest breathing heavily and not able to move.

That was my last experience with those guys. Soon will be back with new experience and adventure.

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