My First Meeting With Denise


My First Meeting With DeniseMy First Meeting With DeniseA story by Chris Straight@all rights reservedI was hiking in the hills just on the edge of the city. I had a favorite trail. It was quiet and peaceful. Lots of green shade and plenty of pine needles on the trail. When I came to a familiar fork in the trail, I decided not to take my usual path and instead I took the other trail, which was hardly visible. It dipped down for a while, and then curved around a bit. Then, without warning, I came upon a man and woman arguing. He was dressed in army camouflage—boots, pants, shirt, hat, the whole thing. She was maybe 5’ 6” a brunette, with hair that just touched the top of her shoulders. She was wearing turquoise shorts and a ribbed, white tank top that showed off her incredible physique. The trail had changed so quickly that there was no way I could pretend I didn’t see them.“You promised,” the camouflage guy was saying. “But I’m scared,” she said.Then they saw me.“Ooops,” I said. “Sorry, I didn’t see you on the trail.”“No problem,” the guy said.I noticed he was holding a camera.I was right next to them now. Despite his camouflage gear, the guy looked friendly. And the girl was definitely hot. Her breasts were clearly outlined underneath her tight tank top.“Can I help?” I asked.The guy looked at me. “Well,” he said. “We came out here to take some pictures. And now she doesn’t want to pose for me.”“Listen,” I said, looking at his wonderful girl. “You don’t have to worry about a thing. This trail is never used. I mean I’ve been hiking this area for months and I only discovered it by accident.“You’re sure?” the girl spoke for the first time. She had a soft, dreamy kind of voice.“I guarantee it,” I continued. “You’ll be totally alone here. I only discovered this portion of trail by accident.“I don’t know,” she said.“Come on,” the guy insisted. We drove all the way out here. I brought all this equipment.”I now noticed there was a pack on the ground. I could see several lengths of rope. I surmised there could be other gear in the pack—leather cuffs, floggers, whips, toys.“Listen,” I said. “I’m sorry I interrupted your scene here, but maybe I can help. Sometimes meeting a stranger can be a good thing.”“What do you mean?” asked the guy.“You get your camera ready and just watch me,” I said, not knowing exactly what I would do next, but determined not to let this chance slip away from me.“What’s your name?” I said to the girl.“Denise.”“Denise, “ I said, “You’re going to pose for your boyfriend and let him take all the pictures he wants. I’m going to help by telling you exactly what to do, and you’re going to do it. Understand?”Denise didn’t say anything. In fact, she looked a bit doubtful.“I like it,” the guy said. “Denise, please don’t spoil our date.”I needed to see the girl naked right away.“Denise,” I ordered. “You can keep your tennis shoes on, but take off everything else. Right now.”First she pulled her tank top off and revealed a fine set of tits—a real handful. Then she tugged off her tight shorts, pushed them down her smooth legs, and stepped out of them.All this time, I could hear the click of the camera as the guy took pictures.“Come on,” I said. “Quit stalling. Get those panties off!”She complied.As I could have guessed, her pussy was perfectly shaved. Probably already moist, too. Well, I’d bursa escort soon find out.“Now hold your hands up behind your neck,” I said, “Like in a pin-up picture.”The guy kept taking his pictures.While she was posed like that, I went up to her and softly held her tits in my hands. “You have really wonderful breasts,” I said. Denise didn’t say anything. So, I started squeezing her breasts a little harder. Then I began to really maul them quite a bit.I twisted each tit counterclockwise. Then I twisted them clockwise. Then I twisted them in opposite directions. I was crazy for her tits.The camera was clicking like mad.“Stop,” Denise protested. “You’re hurting me.”I held onto her tits and twisted them some more.“I haven’t even begun to hurt you,” I said. “But I will.”I reached into the pack, found the cuffs and put them on her wrists and ankles. I looped the rope through the D-rings in the wrist cuffs, tied them together, and then tossed the rope over a branch overhead. I tugged the rope until her arms were stretched firmly over her head.I found several stakes and a hatchet in the pack and I quickly hammered one stake into the ground and used it to anchor the rope. “Denise,” I said, admiring my work. “You look really nice tied up like that.”Denise squirmed a bit and her breasts swayed.The camera kept clicking.I went up to her tied up like that. I jammed the first two fingers of my right hand onto her moist cunt twisting them around trying to find her G-spot. With my right thumb, I started rubbing her clit. “Denise,” I said. “You really like being strung up like this, don’t you?”With my right hand exploring her cunt, she just sort of moaned. I made sure she was nice and wet.But I didn’t want Denise to have too much fun.I stopped fingering her and went over to the pack where I found a leather flogger. It was actually pretty stiff, not as soft as I’d expected. So much the better.I started using the flogger on Denise’s back. Not too hard at first. I just kept hitting her. Five times on the right side of her back and shoulders. Five times on the left. In no time at all she was moaning with pleasure. I could see her lovely back was getting redder and redder. I must have hit her back a 100 times at least.Then, I slapped the flogger on her ass, hitting her harder now. She arched her back so her ass stuck out, and I could hit it more easily. After about 50 stokes her ass was nice and red.I kept on hitting her ass. As the whipping continued, Denise’s moans of pleasure changed into little cries of pain. That was what I was after. I kept whipping her ass. A little harder with each stroke.All this time the camera was clicking. But I’d stopped playing attention to the guy. It was just Denise and I.When her cries started coming faster, I decided to give Denise a rest. I put the flogger over my shoulder, went around to her front and started mauling her breasts again. I squeezed and twisted her fine breasts. Then I concentrated on her nipples. I pinched them in my fingers and dug my nails into her sensitive flesh. I pinched and twisted as hard as I could. “Please,” Denise said. “Please.”“Please what?” I said. “I’m not going to stop.”But I did. I had another surprise in store for Denise.I took the whip off my shoulders and stood facing her. Now I began whipping her tits. Softly at first, just to get my aim.Each bursa escort bayan time the leather tails hit her breasts, they shook delightfully. First I hit the outside of her left breast and it bounced. Then I hit the outside of her right breast and it bounced. Denise moaned and cried with each stroke.I concentrated on hitting the outside of each breast. Sometimes I used the full force of the leather with a lot of thud. And Denise’s tits would bounce with the impact of the flogger. And sometimes I hit her with just the tips of the leather tails, which can be more painful.“Oh, God,” Denise cried, writhing helplessly with her hands bound above her head. “Please. Please.”By concentrating on hitting Denise’s tits with just the tips of the leather tails, I began to see faint red lines marking the outside of each breast. Three or four delightful red welts on her left breast. Four or five crimson welts on her right breast. I had left my mark on the beautiful woman’s breasts. The camera was clicking away.I decided to move on. So, I put the flogger around my shoulders and found two more stakes. I hammered them into the ground about three feet apart. Then I used another length of rope to fasten Denise’s ankle cuffs to the stakes.Her finely shaped legs were spread open for me and for my whip. I stood back and looked at Denise. It was the classic Eiffel Tower position. Her hands hoisted high and straight over her head and her legs spread open like the base of the Paris tower.She was a beautiful and very vulnerable target.At fist, I used the whip on thighs, slapping the inside of each thigh until they were quite pink.Denise squirmed and cried but she was helpless. When I got tired of flogging her thighs, I started aiming the whip right between her lets. Softly, at first, and using an underhand motion, I swung the whip so the tips of the tails hit the back of her ass, and the middle of the tails thudded against her pussy. At first, it would feel like a leather pussy massage.I was in no rush. If I was patient, I knew what was going to happen.I kept on whipping her pussy like that. Hitting her clit and labia with the thick portion of the tails, and letting the leather tips sting her ass cheeks.Denise struggled and pulled against the cuffs holding her arms over her head. And she twisted against the ropes securing her legs to those stakes I’d driven into the ground. It was a pretty picture. Each time I hit her, she moved like a stripper dancing for money.Only she wasn’t going to get any money. Just a whipping.And there was no way she could protect her cunt from the whip.I kept whipping her. Not hard. I didn’t need to. Just continuous steady flogging. Making the thud do the work.Denise’s breathing grew deeper.Instead of twisting against the stakes in the ground, she began thrusting her hips towards each whip stoke.I increased the force of my whipping a bit.The camera kept clicking.I heard a deep, hoarse moan escape from Denise’s lips, and she erupted into a gradually quickening series of cries and shrieks. I kept whipping her pussy.Denise’s orgasm continued like a sudden storm, washing over her whipped body.“Please. Please,” Denise cried.I softened the whipping a bit. I let her orgasm exhaust itself.“Please. Please,” Denise begged.“I’m not done with you yet,” I said to her.“Now, get your camera escort bursa ready,” I said to Denise’s companion. I’m going to finish her off.I unfastened Denise’s ankles, and I put the pack on the ground. Then I lowered the rope so she could kneel on the pack. After all, I didn’t want her to hurt her knees,Denise’s hands were still stretched over her head, and she was kneeling in front of me.I could clearly see the bright red lines my whipping had marked on each of her breasts. I threw the whip away and lowered my pants.“Now, it’s my turn,” I said.I rubbed my cock on her cheeks and felt my cock grow harder.Denise was helpless.As my cock hardened, I slapped her face with it.I rubbed my cock under her chin. Then moved towards her mouth.“Lick the tip of my cock,” I ordered her.Denise obeyed by opening her lips. She licked my cock carefully.“You lucky girl,” I said.Denise’s mouth was warm, wet and inviting. I shoved my cock a little further into her. But I didn’t go all the way in yet, because I wanted to feel Denise’s lips and tongue on my cock. The camera was clicking.When I could no longer stand the soft caress of Denise’s tongue on my cock, I jammed my cock all the way to the back of her throat.I held my hard cock in that position. I let her get control of her breathing.“Denise,” I said. “I’m going to ride you for a while.”I think she attempted to cry out in protest, but my cock was gagging her.I withdrew my cock a bit, and then I pushed my cock against the back of her throat and held it there. Then I took my cock half way out, waited a moment and then drove back in.Denise started to gag.“Breathe through your nose,” I commanded. “Swallow my cock down your throat.”I backed out a bit, and let Denise regain her composure. Then I jammed my cock back deep into her throat.She gagged some more.She’d learn one way or the other.I had a great time, riding my hard cock into and out of Denise’s mouth and throat.Over and over again, I pulled my pulsing cock back out, then relentlessly drove it again into the back of her throat. I could feel my balls pressing on her chin. The camera kept clicking.In fact, the camera seemed precisely synchronized with my cock.I used poor Denise’s mouth and throat for my exclusive pleasure.As I grew more excited, I grabbed her already bruised breasts and squeezed them tightly.Denise was drooling non-stop with my thick cock jammed into her throat.“Denise,” I said, “You are about to receive your reward.”I pulled my throbbing cock out of her mouth, took a half step back, and aimed my cock at her helpless face.I squeezed off twice and my hard spray of cum shot at Denise’s face, striking her just below her left eye.I saw her wince when my cum hit her.Then, I shifted quickly and continued my cumshot so hit just above her right eye.My hot cum oozed down the bound girl’s face.A couple more spasms laid more cum on her.When my cock was empty, I shoved it back into Denise’s mouth.“Suck out all my cum,” I ordered her.Denise obeyed immediately. I didn’t even have to warn her to suck my cock softly. She knew.I let Denise suck my cock for three or four minutes like that.When I was rested again, I pulled my cock out. “Well,” I said, looking at the guy “I hope you got some good pictures.”“You bet,” he said. “Let’s trade phone numbers. I want us to do this again.”I looked at Denise. She was still on knees, her arms stretched over her head, with my cum all over her face. I could see the red welts on her breasts.“That would be a good idea,” I said. Then, almost as an afterthought, I said, “Why don’t you untie her.”

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