My First Gay Fuckbuddy Ch. 02


Just to recap for you, I found out I was gay in “fuckbuddy one” and became sex mates with a man named Robert, who is amazingly good looking and who I eventually seduced into letting me fuck him and suck him. Needless to say he is now bisexual, and we fuck weekly. It is a very fun relationship, of which none of us are binding. To top onto this brilliant relationship, I also have a girlfriend on the side. I don’t want to feel too lucky, but, I’m pretty sure I have It all.

However, I still have not fulfilled my fantasy of having a 3-way with my girlfriend and Rob. Now, Angela (my girlfriend) and I have only just crossed the sex boundary, and I was not sure how long I should wait. However, on one of our many long walks together, I found the topic had turned to sex.

“Hey, Angela, what is your fantasy?” I asked, not veering away from topic.

“Errmm… I don’t want to tell you, it’ll never happen.” She shyly replied.

“Ohh, c’mon, I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours, and trust me, mine is much more embarrassing.” I pleaded, and after several minutes, had her spilling it to me.

“Well, what I’ve always wanted, is to have a MMF threesome, with one guy fucking my pussy, and another, my ass.” I nearly fell over when I heard this reply. It was like a dream come true. “Now you have to tell me yours.”

“I think you will be more than happy with my one. The thing is Angela. I’m bisexual, and my fantasy is to have one guy fuck me while I fuck a girl”. This made her face light up.

“Really, bisexual, have you ever been with a guy before?” Was the reply I new had to come. I prepared myself for her reaction.

“Yes. I still am. The thing is, he is a friend I used to go to school with, and we started up a kind of relationship. His name is Rob, and we are fuckbuddies.” Her face broke into a grin, I took this a cue to continue, so I told her about our experiences, and how we fuck weekly.

“Wow. She proclaimed. This is great. So, when can I meet him?” she asked.

“Anytime, we’re supposed to meet-up this weekend and fuck back at my place. Why don’t you join us, we can fulfil at least one of our fantasies.”

“Oh yes, definitely, yes. This weekend. Yes” She replied. I smiled and on our way back to my house, we made the final arrangements.

That night was one of our best fucks as a couple. As soon as we got through the door, she took off her top atakent escort and started to pull me up the stairs. I pushed her onto the bed and we kissed passionately. I kissed her body and took off her bra so that I could suck on her nipples. She had 34C breasts, which more than satisfied me. She had huge nipples when erect, and she loved to have them sucked. She had a fine body, with curves in the right places, and a pussy that was to die for. Once I had made my way down to her red thong, I pulled it off with my teeth and started to lick and suck her already wet pussy. She started to moan. Whilst continuing to suck and lick her fine pussy, I withdrew a finger, and started to finger-fuck the top of her pussy, whilst continuing to lick. This made her go crazy, as she pushed her pelvis towards my face, gasping with pure ecstasy. I suddenly withdrew my finger, and plunged it into her glory-hole, all the while licking her pussy. Nearly as soon as I pushed my finger in, she started to be more vocal than I had ever heard her be.

“OHH FUCK, OHH!!! THAT FEELS SOOO GOOD!!!” At this I quickened my pace and placed two fingers inside each of her holes, so that I was double penetrating.

“OH GOD!! I’M CUMMING!!!” She bellowed. Keeping two of my fingers in her ass, I put my mouth over her pussy to suck all of her juices. I didn’t want to miss a single drop of her succulent cum. Angela said quietly “that was amazing”, and then collapsed back on the bed. Feeling now however, that I had not been given my fair share of the deal from her, I mounted her and quickly shoved my stiff 9inch cock all the way into her pussy. She gasped as I slowly started to fuck her tired pussy. She rapped her arms and legs around me, as I picked her up, still fucking her and shoved her back against the wall. She screamed, not in pain, but in pleasure, as she loved being forced in sex. I was now swiftly fucking her up against the wall. She was shouting loud enough to wake the neighbours. I suddenly felt the familiar feeling of an orgasm roll over me and shouted

“Ohh, I’m cumming.” This made her immediately answer…

“Yes, FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM, YOU FUCKING WHORE!!!” This made me go over the edge, as I found it hot that she was calling me such naughty names. I filled her pilled pussy with my hot ropes of cum, while she also went through a very loud orgasm. Needless to ataköy escort say, we both collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep nearly instantly.

Over the next few days I was the middle man between Angela and Rob. Both were extremely excited with the upcoming weekend in which we would all join together to fulfil Angela’s fantasy.

On Saturday, Angela, Rob and I decided to meet up, so that the two strangers could get to know each other. Angela took to Rob almost immediately as she had pretty much the same taste as me. Even though we agreed that this night would not leave to anything. Even so, it took all my strength to draw her away from my bisexual companion.

“We want to save it all for tomorrow.” I whispered in her ear as I frogmarched her from the bar. I would not even make love to her that night, wanting to go to give myself as much stamina as I could to survive the sex marathon.

Angela and I slept at my house that night, to make sure that neither of us defied our “No sex of any kind until tomorrow” rule. We both managed to fall asleep, and woke up in the morning with great anticipation.

Rob was to arrive at 6p.m. Which he did, exactly on time, we got out some drinks, and started some general conversation, with Rob and I on either side of Angela. The subject obviously turned to sex, so we both started to describe our first sexual encounter. We both started to feel up Angela’s legs. One hand for each. Rob’s hand slowly crept towards her un-pantied pussy, as my hands roamed up to her breasts which I started to fondle. She started to moan with the two pair of hands roamed her body.

Rob knelt down in front of her and pulled of her skirt, while I pulled of her top, to start sucking her breasts. Angela and I kissed, and my hands roamed while Rob dealt with her pussy. Rob was licking and tonguing her pussy expertly as I continued. Rob already had Angela screaming with joy at the feeling.

I decided now to join Rob down at Angela’s pussy. I lay over her body, and started licking and sucking her clitoris, while Rob tongue-fucked her. Angela was going ballistic at the sensations of two tongues on her. Rob and I started to kiss each other around on her pussy, and we both pushed our tongues together, and duelled inside her mouth. This pushed her over the edge as she screamed and cummed, and orgasmed like she never atalar escort had before. We continued even after her screaming and pushed her into multiple orgasms.

After we had finished our work, she was panting and sweating, but smiling broadly.

“So, you two have fucked each other.” She said, not asking us. “I want to see you fuck.” She said. We obeyed her command and started to kiss, taking off each other’s clothes in the process. I grabbed the lube from the table next to the sofa, and started to lube up my cock, and Rob’s ass. I had been looking forward to fucking Rob, ever since my first experience. I did not wait for him to say ready, but thrust all nine inches of me into his already loose, non-virgin asshole. We both gasped with pleasure as the fuck started. I started slowly at first, but steadily quickened until sounds of flesh hitting flesh was audible.

“Yes you dirty gay twinks, FUCK HARDER!!!” Angela shouted over the noise. We were both groaning.

“Cum in his beautiful ass you Homo!!!” The naughty language did it for me. I thrust all of my cock into his ass and cummed, for at least a minute.

We were both panting. I bent over to lick the cum dripping out of his extremely loose but. Angela cam over to help me, and we licked and kissed his soft ass. I lay down on the couch, and Angela and Rob sat either side of me in to get my cock ready for the last hurdle of the day. I did not take them long to have my cock very hard, and completely ready for action.

Angela lay on the couch, ready and waiting.

“I want your huge cock in my Pussy Rob.” she said, handing me the lube to fuck her sweet ass. We swivelled her around so that her legs were suspended in our arms, and she was supporting herself with her arms on the couch. I was at her ass, willing and ready. I looked at Rob. We nodded at each other, and, at the same time, thrust our cocks into her holes. Angela screamed, and tears came to her eyes.

“Don’t stop, fuck me hard NOW!!!” she shouted. And without further ado, we started to fuck her. After a few thrusts, we had a good rhythm set up, and were fucking her like crazy. She was the first one to crack of course, she had two cocks hammering her, so she would get twice the orgasm. She did. She screamed, shouted, yelled and swore. But that was not it. We were still waiting for ours, and continued to fuck her. She had another two orgasms before Rob cummed into her. Feeling Robs cock against the wall of her pussy, and cumming to-boot, I also yelled, and had one of my longest orgasms ever. We all collapsed onto the floor, panting, and smiling broadly.

This is not yet the last instalment, so keep checking for the updates. shouldn’t be too long.

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