My First BBC Gay

My First BBC Gay
My first man-on-man sexual experience was the direct result of overhearing a woman-on-woman sexual conversation. It was a weeknight, and I had decided to stop in at a trendy “pub” for an imported beer. I seated myself at the bar and ordered something smooth and dark. Near me where two very attractive women: one a leggy brunette, the other a petite blonde. Both were very beautiful and very thin. In addition to their looks, it was their conversation that that drew my attention; they were talking about sex.

“….. I just can’t believe that I would do those kinds of things, or that I even wanted to do those kinds of things,” said the blonde.

“I know what you mean, it was amazing. I have my fantasies, but I never thought I could be such a slut for black cock,” the brunette replied.

They both burst into laughter.

“He really showed me my submissive side. It was like I was a different person. I wanted that beautiful black cock of his down my throat all night long,” continued the blonde.

“Me too. He has some strange power. I have never felt that need to please someone like that, and you’re right about his black cock; it’s gorgeous,” returned the brunette.

Their conversation continued for several minutes. I was locked into it. They spoke about their desire to be “used” and how someone had shown them that desire.

“I always felt safe too, I was never scared. He knew exactly what to say and do that made me really want to do those nasty things,” said the brunette.

“Same for me. I just can’t stop thinking about that wild sex. I just wish Ty wasn’t such an independent asshole,” said the blonde.

They had said a name that set me off: “Ty”. It could be short for “Tyrone”, a friend of mine. It had to be the same guy; the name was just too unique and the bar was the same.

I had met Tyrone several months ago in just this same place. We had become fairly good friends in a very short time. Tyrone is one of those people that just plain has his shit together. He never brags, just does things to please himself and always does them well. 

Tyrone is about 30 years old, 6’2″ and wiry. He never works out, but he is incredibly lean, coordinated and athletic. He has dark black skin, dark hair and green eyes. Had I even realized that I knew what color his eyes were? 

He is always trying to learn something new whether it’s a language, sport or even cooking. His latest thing was wine. He was really trying to understand wine and why it was so popular. He did these things for himself, and never boasted or showed off. I valued his friendship deeply. Many times I even tried to be a little like him.

I am only 25, and I enjoy life fully. Maybe that’s why Tyrone and I became friends. Maybe.

I am 5’10”, slim and fair. My hair is kind of long, but stylish I guess. I am a happy, kind person. My name is Sean.

Back to the story. I had to know: Were the women talking about my friend? I called Tyrone and asked what he was up to. He said, “I am trying a new California cabernet that I’d heard about. It was on sale and I bought a few bottles. Want to join me Sean?” said Tyrone.

“Sure!” I enthusiastically replied. “I’ll be over in ten.”

I quickly drove to Tyrone’s house. My mind was filled with questions about the girl’s conversation. Could I ask Tyrone about what they had said?

He greeted me with a full glass. I sat and tried the wine. It was delicious. “This is good,” I said.

“I like it too,” he answered.

We drank for a while, catching up on things the way that two good friends can do; sports, work, life. However, during our conversation questions were spinning through my mind about the things I’d overheard. I finally broached the subject; “Tyrone, I was at our local watering hole, and I heard a couple of women talking. I think they were talking about you.”

“Really?” he laughingly replied. “What did they look like?”

I described the women in detail. He responded, “It must have been Michelle and Toni. I knew they both worked at the same law firm, but I had no idea they knew one another; both amazing women.”

“They were talking about the sex they had with you,” I said.

Again he laughed, “Come on, are you sure?”

“Yes. They had some very interesting things to say. I was hooked listening to them. They said you had some strange powers and that you had this ability to open a person up. Is it true? Can you tell me how to do that?”

He smiled at me, almost embarrassed. “Yes, I suppose it’s true. Some time ago I discovered that I have this strange ability of showing people their submissive side. It amazes me how many women have that side.”

“Please tell me how to do it! I want to know.” 

He turned to me and became very calm. “I will show you rather than tell you.”

“I don’t understand.” 

He placed both hands on my knees and repeated, “I will show you rather than tell you.”

My heart picked up its pace. Was he telling me he wanted me? I was strangely excited. 

He continued, “Will you agree to let me use you? You will learn many things.”

“I, I, I don’t know. What if someone found out?” 

“I am very discreet. It will be up to you if you want to tell anyone,” he said. “So, do you agree to be used?” his thumbs slowly circling my inner thighs.

My heart was at full speed now. I was deeply aroused, the girl’s words banging around in my head; “beautiful cock”, “down my throat”, “such a slut”. I couldn’t move. “Yes,” I croaked.

“Good,” he simply replied. “This will be my first time with a man,” he continued.

“Me too,” I answered.

He got up and went to his walk-in closet. He returned with a towel and robe. He handed me both along with my glass of wine and a joint. “I want you to take a shower. Clean yourself thoroughly; especially your cock, ass, balls and feet. Do a good job, but don’t take too long. The wine and joint are there to help you elevate your desire.” He said this all in a calm yet “solid” voice. 

I went to the bathroom and started the shower. As the water heated up, I smoked the joint and sipped the wine. What was I doing? I knew I was more aroused than ever in my life, so I just did as he had directed. I cleaned myself well, dried and put on the robe. Well, ‘here goes’ I thought. 

I entered the bedroom. The lights had been dimmed and some deep sensual music was playing, something I’d never heard before. There was Tyrone sitting in a large soft chair. He was still dressed! I felt almost ashamed in the robe; that’s not true, I felt submissive.

He smiled and told me to stand in front of him. I did as he asked. He then guided me to my knees with his hand on my shoulder. “Put your hands behind your back please,” he said.

I snapped my hands behind my back and laughingly replied, “Yes sir!”

He calmly looked at me for a moment and then reached behind me for my wrists. He returned my hands to the front and said, “I will be telling you to do many things tonight. I want you to simply do what I tell you, not comically or dramatically, just naturally. Now, please put your hands behind your back.” 

I complied as he had indicated and grabbed my ankles for support. He bent forward from the chair and pressed his left cheek to mine. He whispered in my ear, “Tonight I am going to use you. You will never be in danger, but you will feel pain.” He then opened my robe and grasped my cock with his left hand. He slid his hand to the base and gripped very firmly, holding me in his power. He continued, “I will never tease you about tonight, nor will I even speak of it. With this knowledge you will go further than you’ve ever imagined. You will not fear future shame.” His hand fully compressed my hard cock at the base. I could feel the head pulse with hot blood.

“Now close your eyes.” I did and he titled my head back. I could feel his lips on my neck, his teeth on my neck. He now placed one hand on the back of my head, the other on my jaw. He opened my mouth like this and slid one hand to my throat. Holding me firmly front and back, he kissed me deeply. Our tongues danced for a very long time. It was incredible. The kiss was the single most erotic experience I had ever had… for then.

He stopped that delicious kiss and removed the robe from my shoulders. It fell to my sides; I was naked, he was dressed. I began to understand his “power”. He was amazingly intuitive; he knew of my secret needs, needs that I wasn’t even aware of.

He placed one boot on my naked thigh. “Remove this please.” I unlaced his boot and dropped it to the floor. “Now the other,” as he placed the other boot in place. “Socks too.”

He stood and removed his shirt, showing his nice body. I could see the outline of his hard cock beneath his jeans. “Open my pants please,” he simply stated. I reached up and unbuckled his belt. My hands were actually shaking. I unzipped his fly and slid his pants down. I could see that his cock was hard and huge beneath the boxer briefs.

“Hands behind your back,” he said. I complied. He ran his fingers through my hair, dragging his nails lightly on my scalp. It caused my skin to tingle. He grabbed my long hair firmly at the base of my neck and pulled me forward. “Don’t suck yet. Smell me. You’ll be surprised at how the sense of smell can increase desire.” I inhaled deeply. I could smell the sex of him, his arousal. He was right; I was crazy with lust and only from smelling him.

He pushed me away and bent down to give me another long kiss. “Watch me now,” he said. He stepped out of his pants and removed his briefs. The girls were right; his black cock was gorgeous: long, thick straight. He stroked it softly.

“I’m going to go deep the first time, are you ready?” he said. I nodded my head, almost drooling. I really wanted that beautiful black cock in my throat. Where was this coming from? “Open and do not swallow your saliva, keep your mouth wet,” he said. I did and he eased his cock into my awaiting mouth. He held my throat with his downward pointing right hand and the back of my head with his left. His cock was filling my mouth. I could feel it touch the back of my throat. He simply held it there. 

“Touch yourself…lightly.” I did as was told. He began to slide his huge cock slowly back and forth; the saliva began to build, I could feel strands of it hanging from my chin. He would slide deep; hold my throat for several seconds then return to his motions. I was addicted to that black cock.

He pulled out and held it in front of me. He stroked his saliva-covered cock for me to see. I actually opened my mouth wide and stuck my tongue out. I wanted his cock back in its home. What was he doing to me? I was feeling things for the first time in my life; lust, deep lust. Wanting, need. Was this even me? Yes.

He sat down and told me to lightly lick his shaven balls. I did and lapped softly. He then pulled his knees up exposing his ass. “Clean me,” he said. I wanted this. I leaned forward and licked him. He moaned and grabbed the back of my head. I stopped to smell his musky Tyrone scent. Incredible. I continued with my chore, his asshole slick with my saliva. “Good boy, such a good boy,” he cried.

He stopped me and rewarded me with one of his amazing kisses. “Stand please,” he said. I stood and he grasped my cock, leading my to another part of the room. “Kneel, I want you to see what you like as you are being used.” He opened a closet door revealing a full- length mirror. I could see our naked forms. “Watch yourself.” He again eased his black cock into my now open mouth. It was incredible seeing myself being used like some love slave. It excited me. 

“Close your eyes for a moment,” he said as he pulled his cock free. I did. I could feel his full, open hand on my left cheek. He held it there when suddenly he gave me a short sharp slap. “That is to increase your desire.” I gasped, but he was right, the “pain” gave me an adrenaline rush and I wanted that black cock back in my throat.

“Touch yourself, but do not cum until I release you.” He began his assault on my throat, going deep, holding then returning to motion. He face fucked me for a long, long time all the while both of us watching our reflections in the mirror. I was getting close to cuming. He must have sensed it as he said, “Wait for me to allow you.” Soon I could feel his cock growing even thicker when he firmly grabbed my hair, pulled out and began stroking himself quickly. “Wait,” he again repeated. Suddenly his cock erupted spewing hot thick cum onto my face. “Wait, wait,” he said. On shaky knees he used the side of his index finger to clean the cum from my face. He held the cum covered hand in front of my face and ordered, “Clean this up and watch your while you do it.” I was totally focused on the mirror and his hand. It was like I was another person watching this slut clean cum from an outstretched hand. I was stroking myself furiously now. “Please,” I begged.

“You may cum now,” he simply answered.

I arched my back and blasted my cum into the air. It went on forever. I was shaking and crying, an amazing experience, the strongest orgasm in my life.

We both fell to the floor, my head on his stomach, softly sucking his black cock. We fell asleep like that for what must have been twenty or so minutes.

He awakened me and handed me a glass of cold water. I cleaned my throat and smiled. He said, “There’s more to learn.” He again grabbed me by the cock and led me the bed. “Hands and knees please, head down.” I quickly took my place. “This next part is for me.” He stood at my side and with his left hand he firmly grabbed my hair, his right hand softly caressed my ass cheeks. My arousal was quickly returning. “Ready?” he said. I grunted an affirmative. He began to slap me hard on my ass. Bright loud slaps to each cheek. I could hear him breath deeply between slaps; this excited him. His grip on my hair was much stronger than before as the rain of slaps continued. My ass was actually hot, my lust high.

He moved his left hand to the back of my neck and pressed my face into the bed. I could feel the fingers of his right hand slowly caressing my asshole. It began to pucker in and out. He shifted around behind me and I felt him spread my ass cheeks. His tongue began a light tickling of my virgin ass. My arousal was at full return now. I spread my knees to allow him greater access.

The light tickling became deep licking, his tongue probing my depths. My asshole began to relax and I could feel it open. He flipped me over and said, “Pull your knees to your chest.” I did and he reached into the nightstand for a tube of lubricant. As I watched, he applied the lube to his stiff black shaft and cockhead, stroking smoothly. He then directed the head of his cock to my asshole just holding the tip at my entrance.

He placed his right hand on my throat and held me firmly there. He bent down to kiss me, much stronger than earlier. The pressure on my throat was stronger now; almost choking me, his cock harder but not yet inside; only touching me, our kisses deep. He said, “Close your eyes.” I did and he again gave me a short tight slap to my face. As my lust raged he plunged his rock-hard cock into my virgin ass. He slid deep, holding it in place, waiting for me to become accustomed to the volume of it.

Our kisses continued; his cock buried in me. He began gentle sliding movements, picking up length with each stroke. I pulled my knees tighter to my chest, wanting him to use me. He had done it; I was his slave, I wanted to please him, I wanted him to use me.

He stopped the kiss and knelt above me. As he continued fucking me, he grasped my cock and began to stroke me. Fast, slow, firm, soft. I was again near cuming and hoped he wouldn’t ask me to wait. He sensed this and his stroke quickened. Suddenly I came all over my stomach and chest, some cum hitting me at the base of my own chin. He bent down and licked up my cum, filling his mouth. While his still hard cock was inside of me, he bent down and kissed me deeply, pouring my own cum back into my mouth.

He finished the kiss and went to his chair. “Come here please,” he said as he stroked himself. “Kneel.” I did and he continued, “Service me.” He leaned back and closed his eyes. I knelt forward and tried to pleasure this amazing man. I licked every part of his black cock, ass and balls, taking my time. He would run his fingers through my hair as the occasional reward. 

I took a chance and began to play with his asshole, slipping the tips of my fingers into his hole. He seemed to enjoy that so I probed deeper. Soon I was massaging his prostate, his cock deep in my throat. He moaned loudly and grabbed me by the hair, forcing himself even deeper into my mouth. I felt his cock pulse with each jet of his orgasm deep into my throat.

He gently pushed me away and collapsed into he chair. “Amazing,” he softly said.

After a second short nap we showered together; kissing and soaping one another. I was in dreamland, totally spent and relaxed. We finished the shower, dressed and went into the living room. He said, “That was an incredible night for me. I would like to repeat it, but for you not for thirty days.”

What, I thought, thirty days!

He continued, “You’ll be amazed at how one month without sex, thinking of it daily, will make your next session even better.”

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