My Favorite Experience


It’s a gloomy, rainy day. I get in my car, turn on my favorite cd and get on the road. You are said you want me, but you will have to wait.

Toll booth.

My mind drifts as I drive. My hand wanders to my crotch, which unsurprisingly, is already wet. I haven’t been dry since I met you four weeks ago.

Toll booth.

I’m almost there. My mind is racing though the thoughts of what we will do today. I pull up to base, show my ID, and for the first time, get questioned on why I am here. “What is your business on base today, ma’am?”

“I am picking up a friend from the barracks to go to dinner.”

“What restaurant will you be going to?” asks the imposing soldier.

“I am not sure yet, sir.” I can tell he is hesitant to let me onto base but can’t put his finger on why exactly. Oh, how I would love to tell him the real reason I am here.

“Be off base by 10 o’clock, ma’am” he replies as he hands me back my ID and steps away from my car.

I pull away, taking the few turns to the barracks, and text you, I’m here.

You open the side door and I slip in, purposefully brushing my breasts against your arm. Signalling to you how ready I am to play. You give me a stern expression, because you know that I know better than to be so brazen in the hallway. We head to your room.

I’m not sure I ever told you this, but I am so incredibly glad you had a single suite and we didn’t have to waste time making nice to a roommate.

I slip off my shoes at the door, as you have always asked. Then tread softly to your bed, hoist myself up and lay back like I own the place. My arms resting above my head, wrists close, just in case you decide to come and give me a little punishment for being so brazen a moment ago.

Sadly, you don’t. You were mid-xbox game with your friends and quickly pick up where you left off, leaving me to fend for myself for much longer than I had wanted.

I reposition on your bed, making myself comfortable. You turn and ask, “Would you like something to drink? We are going to be awhile.” I hear the squawk over your headset of everyone asking who you are talking to, if you have girl there, the final voice saying, “If that’s a girl, you are a bigger pussy that I thought bro, ignoring her to play with us!” resulting in loud laughter from the rest of the group. You tell them to all shut up and get back to playing the game so that you can be free to have a different sort of fun.

Observing this exchange, I decide to get a little more bold than you are use to with me and start playing with myself. I take off my shirt and drape it over the foot of the bed. I shimmy out of my jeans and dangle them from my toe, tossing them over your shoulder to get your attention. You jump, not expecting me to throw something at you, much less my pants. You turn and look right as I am running both hands down my body straight towards my panties that have a noticeable wet patch right where you would expect it.

Your jaw drops, completely shocked at my actions. The squawking begins again from your headset. I guess my distractions got you killed, making your team one man too short to finish whatever game you were playing. Oops!

You quickly tell your ‘bros’ sorry but that you have some business to attend too, which is received with much hooting and hollering, as men do when Uşak Escort they know one of their own is about to be satisfied.

You turn off the game, hit the lights on your way to the bed, and climb on top of me, fully dressed. I giggle knowing that my actions got me exactly what I wanted – Your full and undivided attention reserved just for my body.

You take my wrist and raise it above my head; I quickly follow with the other knowing what you want. A low growl escapes your throat as you peer into my soul, my breath picking up pace in anticipation of what is to come. Restlessly waiting for you to take over, allowing my brain to stop analyzing and just enjoy your sexual creativity.

You move to turn my head with your jaw so you can kiss that sweet spot right below my ear. The one that no matter how gentle you touch gives me a full body shiver. You land two short kisses, shivers included, then take the tip of your tongue and slowly trace my jaw line, leaving a chilling trail of moisture, which you proceed to blow a short breath over, making me tremble.

I can feel the weight of your body on top of mine. Your hand confining my wrists above my head, your hand supporting yourself alongside my ribs. Your chest pressing against mine, the bulge in your pants growing against my pelvis. Your legs confining mine together when all I want is to wrap them around your waist and beg you to pour into me.

You move to kiss me, starting out gentle and slow but quickly riding the wave of passion that has crashed into both of us. Your hand moving to my covered breast, pawing at the fabric that separates us. Molding and feeling as an artist molds and shapes a piece of pottery. My nipples standing taller and taller to show my appreciation for your ministrations.

You become fed up and push the cup over my breast, freeing my wrists and sitting up slightly on your knees to be able to admire the skin you have conquered. You claim your riches with your tongue and fingertips. Slowly tracing the outline of each nipple, flicking each one with the tip of your tongue, leaving the slightest touch of moisture that chills in the open air.

You set off on a path to conquer the world made up by my body. Your hands busy exploring the mountains, your lips forge a new trail down the valley, towards a jungle not yet explored… today. You kiss and lick my hips where bone and skin meet because you know how ticklish I am there, making me squirm and try to pull away from you. But you have me captive.

Your mouth has reached my panties, disapprovingly. They are sexy, don’t get me wrong, black and lacey, just like you like. But they are in your way. Your hands go to one side and easily pop the seam, and repeat on the other side. You slide them out from under me with a flick of your wrist, exposing me for the remainder of your expedition.

I am surprised when you hop off of me, and the bed. But my startled and disappointed look quickly leaves my face as your hands move to your belt buckle. Your clothes are in a pile on the floor, perhaps faster that I have ever seen you undress. And even quicker you are back on the bed, arms under my thighs, face ready to conquer my core.

Your tongue is the first to reach out and touch me, a tremble shoots up my spine. Your hand comes over my hip to pull back my Uşak Escort Bayan skin and reveal the treasure you seek. “My god woman, do we need to get a towel first?” you exclaim as you admire how wet my pussy already is for you.

I giggle and respond, “Sheets are washable!”

At that, you dive tongue first into me, tasting my wetness. An involuntary moan escapes you, which makes me relax and truly begin to enjoy the ride. Your tongue spends ample time exploring my folds and thoroughly tasting each part of me, but all without touching the one spot I desperately want you to touch. My hips move against your tongue, trying so hard to make you touch me there. But you know how bad I want it and thus refuse until I can’t wait any longer.

My hands snake down my body to your head, I pull your face into me even closer. My hips rise and fall with your movements, seeking and hoping for that spark to ignite. Finally, you give in and guide your tongue to my clit. With the first passover of a flat tongue, I moan in ecstasy. With a second passover with your tongue pointed and on a mission, I go wild. My hips fly off the bed, my hands grasp the sheets and I grind my pussy onto your face. Less than 30 focused seconds later, I am breathless, convulsing and stiff as a board as my entire body contracts simultaneously in orgasmic bliss.

After five seconds of not hearing me take a breath you stop your ministrations to my clit and allow me to start to come back to our atmosphere. You prop your chin up on a hand to watch the explosion continue to play out across my face. My breathing begins again with heavy panting, my hands start to unclench the sheets, and my body has relaxed enough to only tremble slightly. You sneak in another lick and I nearly kick you in reaction to the lightening bolt you just landed on my clit.

You can’t seem to wipe the shit-eating grin off of your face. I motion for you to come up to me and you slide up my body, landing a hard passionate kiss as I get to taste myself on you. I wrap my legs around your hips and try to guide you into me with no hands. You keep pulling away, not letting me find success in my search for your cock. My nails gently scrape down your back and grab your ass, all in efforts to better guide you into me. But again you resist.

“Please, please, I need you in me right now.” I beg in between kisses.

“What? You mean you need more?” you joke as I wrap my legs even tighter around you, hoping to break you down.

“Please, god, fuck me right now! Please!” I beg as you kiss your way down my neck to my nipple, flicking it with your tongue and sucking into between your teeth, rolling it back and forth, making me moan amongst my begging.

“Give me that cock!” I demand. You perk up at this, looking me in the eye.

“Give it to you, huh? You want me to give it to you?” you question rhetorically. Yes! I think, I riled him up now! “Alright, I’ll give it to you!” you exclaim as you line up with my waiting pussy and slam into me, full hilt on the first attempt. I scream out in passion as you fill me with your rock hard cock and am rewarded by a hand quickly covering my mouth. “You have to be quiet Mary, remember!”

I groan inwardly, remembering I have to bite a pillow or better, cover my whole face with a pillow so I can moan all I want Escort Uşak to, as he ravages my pussy. He slowly and deliberately extracts himself from me, but forcefully returns himself as soon as he exited. He keeps up this pace until I am groping for a hand hold to pull him down on top of me.

He takes each of my legs and places them on his shoulders and wraps an arm around my knees and goes to town. He fucks my pussy so fast and hard I can barely get a breath in between each stroke. I am panting and moaning faster and louder, forgetting my pillow. He grabs one from behind my head and drops it on my face, muffling me as I climb higher and higher a second time.

My pussy starts to tighten around his cock, singaling my impending orgasm, and he stops. I could cry out of pure frustration from him interrupting my almost orgasm. He grabs my hips, flips me on my side and puts my leg back on his shoulder while he straddles the other. He returns his cock to me and starts out torturously slow again. He picks up speed and uses his free hand to pinch and pull on my nipples. He leans down pressing my leg down with him to find my nipple with his mouth. The pressure from this position, his cock pistoning in and out of me, and his mouth send me over the edge and I convulse with pleasure underneath him.

He doesn’t stop fucking me as I convulse, forcing my pussy to accept him with each pass. Finally, I beg, “Stop! Give me just one second to breathe!” And he relents, allowing me to come down from my second orgasm of the night.

“Ready?” he asks, climbing off me and motioning for me to stand.

I climb off the bed on weak knees and he grabs my wrist, spins me around to face the bed and I willingly let him push my head down. His hand finds my ass for a light smack, as I arch my back to offer myself to him. He slides his cock into me again, and I swear he is even harder than before. He grabs my hips for control and I rock back into him with each pass.

I look back over my shoulder at him and watch as best I can as he fucks me as fast and hard as he can. I can tell he is almost there. I push back into him harder and harder, our skin slapping together, moaning my pleasure as he throws his head back, digs his nails deep into the skin of my hips and buries himself deep inside of me. I rock my hips back and forth, massaging him, making him grunt in ecstasy and slam into me again. All the while I feel him shoot rope after rope of hot cum inside of me. He lingers, so I give him a squeeze which makes him shudder. He slowly pulls out, watching as his cream spills out of me and down my leg. He leans over and swipes his tongue across me pussy, tasting our juices mixed together, then leans in for a kiss, let me taste us.

I grab a tissue and clean up as he climbs on the bed and collapses. I crawl in beside him and we drift off for a blissful 20 minute nap. Only to be awoken by a loud knock at the door.

We jump up and dress as fast as humanly possible. I put on my jeans and shirt and kick my torn panties and bra under the bed and sit politely in the desk chair. He does the same but moves to the door, opens it and looks back at me in shock.

Four men dressed in military fatigues are at the door. My first thought is crap! It must be after 10pm and I am getting arrested. But no, Chuck starts to laugh as the sounds of me screaming fill the room. These are his friends from the video game I interrupted. They have been outside the door, recording our passion. I there is probably only one way I will be able to become the sole owner of that recording…

…To be continued…

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