My Fantasy Part 1 Friday mmf


My Fantasy Part 1 Friday mmfMyself, my boyfriend Steven and his handsome friend Kegan went away for a weekend in the middle of summer. We stayed in a 2 bedroom chalet in a beautiful lodge. We arrived after 5 on the friday evening and immediately after checking in and getting to our chalet, off came the boys shirts, and from this moment I immediately started looking at Kegan’s handsome upper body. He was tall, tanned, well built, spikey brunette hair and blue eyes. He had recently broken up with his girlfriend so he was available if I desired to cheat on my boyfriend. Steven was a bit shorter and smaller than his handsome well built friend but nevertheless as handsome. The boys soon started the fire for a braai while I prepared a quick salad to go with the meat and soon we were all outside having a few drinks. As I’m sure as most adults in their early 20s, while the drinks flowed between the three of us, the topic of discussion soon became sexual. We spoke about our favorite sexual position, how the boys enjoy being dominant and cumming on girls, facials and as well as my boyfriend embarrassing me, tell his handsome friend that I allow him to fuck my ass as well. Kegan immediately gave Steven a high 5 regarding enjoying the pleasure of having anal sex with me and he then responded saying that he loves fucking a tight ass. As the next round drinks continued, the two boys started hinting to me for a mmf 3some. My boyfriend Steven was first and the main instigator as he asked me would I like to have two men pleasure me. I replied in a hard to get manner, although down below my pussy had become very wet, but I said, it will all depend who the two guys are. Steven replied, well it’s just me and Kegan here.I replied, hmmm well that’s a pity I guess.Kegan replied next, guess Bomonti Escort I’m not handsome enough for her Steve.Steve replied back, it’s a pity as I’m sure we would really give her some unbelievable pleasure. I blushed and giggled as Steven said babe are you sure you dont want us to pleasure you. As I looked at the two boys, I thought how I would love to have Kegans handsome body all over me and that this will be my only chance. I then stood up and walked up to my boyfriend and asked are you sure you are willing to share me with your handsome friend? And as he replied I turned around and cheekily walked into the chalet. Steve replied, yes he’s my best mate. By the time I reached the bedroom and turned around, both boys were behind me. Steve moved closer first and off came my top and bra, exposing my 34b cup boobs with erect nipples to Kegan for the first time. Onto the bed I was pushed and I heard steve tell his handsome mate take the left tit bud. My hards nipples were in these two boys mouths as they sucked hard on them making me moan. Steven’s hand soon wondered under my pants and he started rubbing my pussy. His hand soon moved back out, both boys released my hard nipples, Steve stood up and then said to Kegan the honor is yours. Kegan didn’t waste much time, his hand grabbed onto my pants as I arched my back and he removed them and my drenched g string simultaneously, exposing my shaven wet horny pussy to him for the first time. Seconds later he was between my legs, making me moan with the skillful use of his tongue. Steven soon shut me up, as he had removed his pants and jocks and move over me and shoved his cock into my mouth. He fucked my mouth as he’s friend ate my pussy, soon I had push steven away from fucking my mouth as his friend brought Bomonti Escort to climax and giving me my first orgasm for the weekend. As I started catching my breath, Steven pulled me to sit up. Him and Kegan were standing in front of me as he said well babe it’s now for you to release Kegans throbbing cock. Oh really I replied blushing a bit but excited as can be. I released his uncut thick hard cock. About the same length as my boyfriend but Kegans cock was definitely thicker. I took his cock into my mouth for a quick suck, before the two boys pushed me back onto the bed. ” we gonna take turns fucking you now, and just before we bout to cum, we gonna pull out and swap with each other” Steven said to me. Steven stand at the base of the bed, lifted both my legs into the air, his cock pushed into my wet pussy and he started fucking me. He fucking me hard deep and rough making me scream for about a minute or two before pulling out. He moved aside and then the handsome hunk move to between my legs. Kegan to held my legs in the air and as I looked into his beautiful eyes he shoved his thick cock onto my wet pussy. “You real tight still'” he said as he started fucking me. He to made me scream from pleasure as he fucked me hard. He to pulled out after a minute or two. Steven again entered me and as he started fucking I reach climax, my pussy tighten around his cock as my body trembled as I orgasmed. This made Steven fuck me harder till he again pulled out. Out of breath from the hard deep fucking Kegan moved towards me, but he turned me around onto my hands and knees as he said so you love rough doggy. Yes I replied as I felt his thick cock fill up my pussy. His hands grabbing onto my hips and he started fucking me deep and hard. I though to myself Escort Bomonti that I would love to have him alone and be on top of him. But I loved every minute of him fucking me. My body soon tense up and my pussy tighten around his thick hard cock as i orgasmed again. Soon after my orgasmed he pulled out and I felt my boyfriend’s smaller cock enter me. He fucked hard. Probably the hardest he ever fucked me, making me scream from pleasure and he soon groaned as he exploded shooting his hot load deep into my pussy. As he pull out he said he could last any longer as this has been amazing and Kegan then replied saying I’m also near to exploding my load, where do I cum. My boyfriend said, babe maybe you must rather suck kegan off now then having double cum in your pussy. A bit disappointed, I agreed to that and as I sat on the edge of the bed, I took Kegans cock into my mouth. Steven watched as I deepthroated his friend. I sucked his cock with passion wishing that he was rather fucking me. As he groan and his load shot out his thick cock, I deepthroated him deeper. His cum hitting the back of my throat which cause me to gag as I took his load in. He removed his cock from my mouth once he finished and complimented me to Steven as he said that was the best blowjob finish I ever had. I smiled at him as I thought to myself you have no idea how I would make you finish if I were in control. Steven replied, saying yes I know she definitely give the best blowjobs. I smile back at the two boys who said they were gonna go have one more drink to cool off. I said I’m gonna cool off in the shower.They left the room and I hopped into the shower. As the Luke warm water ran over my body my hand made it to my pussy. Rubbing my pussy as my boyfriend’s cum slowly seeped out, I fantasized about having Kegan all alone to myself. I soon reached climax and orgasmed for the last time this night. After my shower I dressed in my nightie and then went and said goodnight to the boys giving my husband a kiss goodnight and off to bed I went on the Friday night.

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