My fantasy came true


So I have enlightened you all on my new boy toy, which is so much fun! But I really should go into detail of my sexual prefrences. I have been sexually active since 16, I have kept a log of all my partners and the total is 54 and they are alphabatized! i have had only one serious relationship my whole life which lasted 6 years, I was married. Since then I have been with all younger guys, except one, my boyfriend now who is 50. Believe it or not he is freaky, he fucked my ass the second time we had sex and he eats me out for hours on end! But nothing is too serious for me so I have been cheating with the 22 year old. How could I resist???
I always practice safe sex, well except for the fact that when I have sex I have the one rule, YOU HAVE TO COME IN MY MOUTH! My dream is to get this newest guy to get his brother in on this and we do a DP, have always wanted to and I think he will be the one to make this fantasy come to life for me.
My other fantasy was to be tied up and blind folded and the last 24 year old did that for me. His name was James, and he was fine! He had a cock that could actually make me cum which is hard to find. But he started getting too attached so I had to get rid of him. I still remember when he brought my fantasy to life – I still mastubate over it all the time.
See I woke up tied to my bed and blindfolded. It was really warm out and the air was shut off. He did not talk just started massaging my legs and arms, he focused more on my legs they are muscular and toned and he rubbed them with oil up to the inside of my thighs. This was getting me so hot I was trying to push myself onto his hands. Once he got me so wet and begging he undid my hands oone ad a time Ankara Yabancı Escort and had me roll over. He then placed something like a pillow but larger under my stomach so my ass was high up in the air.. He then re tied up my arms and undid my legs one at a time and spread them further apart. I could tell his head was inches from my pussy because I could feel him breathing. He then massaged oil all over my ass slowly and getting closer and closer to my wetness while letting oil drip down my ass. Finally he put his mouth on my pussy and I came within seconds, but that was not it he started all over again building me close to yet another orgasim, then he stopped and let me sit there blindfolded and tied up with my ass in the air for what seemed like 20 minutes. He came back and I heard the box of toys open. Rubbing my ass and spreading my ass cheecks apart as he stroked me from pussy to ass, I was so ready to be fucked. He grabbed the pump up anal plug (my favorite) and started teasing my asshole with it. I was bucking my ass upwards trying to press it into me. It finally made its way inside and he started pumping it to stretch my ass. He did not moe it at all just teased me with it fully pumped up filling my ass. He then licked my pussy for a while but kept pulling back not wanting me to cum. In fact he said if I did cum he would stop and I did not want this to stop. He started rubbing my back and ass pushing a little on the plug every time his hands went over my ass. He massaged inside my thighs once again making me crazy. I then heard him grab somethig else out of the box it was my jack rabbit. He lubbed it up, not that he Bahçelievler Escort needed to I was soaked and he started teasing my clit with it turned on low. He stopped again warning me that I could not cum yet. I tried so hard to gather myself with the plug in my ass and the vibrator resting between my pussy lips, now off. He started moving it in just a little and out, then he turned it on and buried it inside of me, withthe little bunny tickling my clit. Oh I needed to cum so badly, I was begging him to allow me to, he then started letting out some of the air in the anal plug then refilling it all while moving that in and out. He then said CUM and I did so hard. He removed the vibrator and plug and left the room, but first he turned on one of our many porn videos so I could hear girls being fucked and double penetrated – my favorite. When he came back I was hoping it was still not over and I was right. He grabbed me by ny inner thighs and lifted my pussy to his mouth and sucked on it for what seemed like forever, bringing me so close once again to another orgasim. Once he had his fill I then herad him looking through the toy box for something and I could not wait I was so ready to be fucked once again by something, anything.
He once again massaged my body with the oil teasing my ass once again as well. I then heard oiling another toy. Then I felt him spread my ass open and I felt the head of the life like G spot vobrator I had, which never was in my ass before. I felt the head at my asshole and he started slowly pushing it in, he did not turn it on just fucked my ass with it real slow. This felt so fucking good I was in heaven. Balgat Escort Then out of know were he stopped. and I heard him grab yet another toy. This was the Huge Jelly vibrator with balls that moved up and down and all it also had a clit stimulator the fluttered all over my clit when buried in me properly. He shoved some more pillows under me so he could see that he had it in proper place, then he pushed something up against the end of it so it was lodged in place. Then he spread my ass and started licking my asshole while pushing in a finger now and then, but he still hadn’t turned on the vibrator buried inside of me. He stopped once again, turned the vibrator deep inside me on and postioned himself between my legs,all while keeping his finger up my ass. Awaiting another toy I was getting really excited, then I felt his cock between my ass cheecks. I hadn’t let him in my ass before because he was HUGE! and now all tied up with a huge life like moving cock inside me and my clit being worked over I could not even resist if I wanted to. He lossened my arms a bit only for his next step. He grabbed me by my hair with the head of his cock positioned just right and pulled my ass onto his very roughly. The thing he had holding the vibrator in place shoved that deeper in me as well all while it was fucking me too as it moved up and down deep inside. He fucked my ass just like that by pulling me onto him with my hair. It felt so fucking good I couldnot stop cumming. He thrusted me onto him about 20 times when he stopped, tossed me over real quickly twisting my arms in the ropes he tied me with and shoved his cock down my throat. I felt his cumm shoot all the way into my stomach, he came so hard. After getting every last drop he with drew the vibrator and licked my ass and pussy clean.
What a guy, my fantasy was made true and then some it was fucking great.
After that we would fuck a lot with a vibrator in me were he wasn’t. Too bad he started falling in love, I would of liked to do that some more.

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