My Exception is You Ch. 31


Hi lovelies!!

I know this chapter has been long awaited. I don’t want to make up excuses but I have some reasons. This chapter was the hardest for me to write and took the longest to be happy with.

With school finals wrapping up in the last three weeks and some personal medical happenings I was delayed in the final edits/submission of this chapter. But here it is! Chapter 31 – the final chapter of this wonderful story.

It feels like just yesterday Clay and Bruno were getting drunk at Clay’s place, Bruno kind of crushing on him… how time flies!

I hope you enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it.


I woke up, remembering instantly that we were at my parent’s house. I felt a weight on my arm and smiled seeing Clay’s stupid face. He always looked so handsome, so it was nice to see his sleeping face, the way his mouth hung open slightly as he breathed deeply. I rolled over slightly, curling up into him as I played with his hair.

“Mmmm,” his arms wrapped around me as he rubbed his face into my chest. I laughed, biting my lip as his hands pressed up against my skin. “You’re so warm,” he grumbled, kissing my chest. It was a bit lazy and kind of sexy, the way his mouth and tongue teased my skin.

“Come on, it’s Christmas eve. You know how my family is with holidays by now,” I teased and he sighed, letting his mouth and tongue press against my nipple.

“Just a little bit. It’s not a vacation if I don’t get to sleep in,” he grumbled, rolling onto his back. I exhaled a laugh of disbelief as he pulled me on top of him. His hands slid down my thighs, pulling legs over his hips before I felt him push my briefs up. “And you’re always so tempting,” he teased, squeezing my ass suggestively. I could feel his boner pressing up against me too.

“Clay you’re ridiculous,” I pushed on his chest, sitting up. He closed his eyes, sighing happily as my ass pressed down on his cock.

“You act like you’re not in the same mood,” he grumble, his one hand sliding along the front of my thigh. His thumb brushed over my balls and against my shaft, his palm pressed against my thigh in my briefs. I knew I was hard too but I really wanted to go enjoy the day with my family.

“What do you need? A quick hand job or something?” I grumbled, pulling his hand away. He sighed, pouting then as he turned his head to glare at the far wall. “I’m used to your face now, you can’t use it against me,” I grabbed his cheeks, making him look at me. The devious smile and soft chuckle made me feel a bit better for rejecting him.

“I guess you usually turn into a prude at your parents’ house,” he pushed me off, getting out of bed easily. I scoffed, grabbing my pillow and whacking him across the back as he stood up.

“Do you not remember last Christmas?” I snapped quietly and he smiled. “Or Thanksgiving for that matter?” I insisted. He laughed, turning and grabbing my hair as he kissed me. His lips were so soft it was always so amazing to get to kiss him.

“Oh I remember them,” he chuckled, sounding husky as he bit his lip and ran his hand down my neck and over my chest. “I was hoping that by picking at you, you’d change your mind,” he muttered about to touch my cock when I pulled away with a sigh, trying not to laugh as he groaned out of frustration. He took a deep breath and went to his bag to grab some clothes to change into. I let myself watch as he slid his briefs off, loving how hot his body was. He noticed me staring.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself,” I grumbled, stripping my briefs off as he chuckled.

“If you can’t help but get a look that’s fine. But don’t act like you’re not horny then stare at my ass and cock like it’s your first meal you’re about to eat after weeks of starvation,” he teased. I blushed, hating it when he teased me. It wasn’t like I was ogling him, I was just admiring him. I slid my jeans on, grabbing a hoodie. I looked over seeing him pull a long-sleeve shirt on. Why did he have to look so good in everything he wore. I bit my lip liking how his bulge and ass still peaked out from under the shirt as he grabbed his jeans. “I’m serious Bruno you keep looking at me like this and we’re getting back into that bed,” he grumbled, stepping into his pants as I shook my head and collected myself.

He was right, I was the one who rejected him. I fixed my hoodie, pushing my sleeves up as I walked over to him. He smiled at me, buttoning his jeans as I grabbed his shoulder and pulled him toward me for a kiss. Once he zipped his pants his arm wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer as I reached up to hold his face. We didn’t hesitate to tangle our tongues together. There was something so sensual and intimate about it, even if we weren’t trying to fuck.

“Mmm, if only you could kiss me like that all the time,” Clay grumbled, grabbing my ass and pulling me closer. I laughed, moaning when his mouth covered mine. We savored one more tender kiss before I pulled away and went to the door. “Fucking tease,” he sighed, kolej escort sounding frustrated again. I snickered, glancing back at him as I pulled my sweatshirt up and wiggled my ass at him.

“Tonight, ok?” I breathed, his eyes locked onto my ass. Before I could pull the door open he grabbed my hips and pulled me back. I laughed, enjoying the warm tingles under my skin as he ground his cock against my ass.

“You better fucking promise,” he put his lips to my ear and I nodded, laughing as his hands pushed up into my hoodie to caress my body. “Good because I’ve been dying for that fucking ass for a few days now,” he almost sounded like he was whining, in a sexy desperate way.

“Well that’s what happens when you promise to let me top for a while,” I teased and he groaned, clawing at my skin as he kissed my neck. “Come on! I think I can smell the cinnamon rolls,” I laughed, prying his arms off me. He sighed, giving in as we walked down the stairs.

“They live!” my mom cheered, making me laugh as I hugged her quickly. “Rolls are on the stove boys, help yourselves everyone else already had their fill!” she went back into the living room and I licked my lips, staring at the tray of freshly baked rolls.

“Score!” Clay hurried past me and I laughed, wrestling him as he tried to take almost the entire tray of rolls onto his plate.

“Come on share!” I laughed as he kept grabbing my arms and prying them away. We were tangled up, laughing, when Fifi walked in laughing.

“You two are ridiculous!” she shook her head, grabbing the last one on the tray and eating it.

“Hey! Mom said those were for us!” I grumbled, Clay crossing his arms as she shrugged. “Well how many are left,” I looked at our plates counting them out. He sighed, kissing my cheek as he grabbed one and dropped it on my plate.

“Now we’re even,” he grabbed his plate and went to the fridge pulling the milk out. I smirked, grabbing both of us glasses. He poured us some, putting the milk away before we went into the living room to hang out with the family. It was a slow morning, not much planned until we did our usual Christmas Eve events. I was ok with that because Clay always seemed to enjoy hanging out with my family, and I liked seeing that happen too.

“Oh Clay!” Nina turned to him eagerly, grabbing his shoulder and arm. “I got a switch for my birthday and Just Dance. Would you play with me?” she asked excitedly. He smirked, glancing at me as I shrugged.

“What makes you think I even like that shit?” he grumbled. My mom scoffed, slapping his leg as she walked past to clean up the living room. He laughed, looking apologetic as he turned to Nina. His hand grabbed my thigh right above my knee, squeezing it slightly. “I’ll play if Bruno plays,” he countered, her eyes meeting mine.

“We can all play!” Fifi pulled me into an unexpected headlock and I groaned, pushing her off.

“Who says I want to?” I demanded, crossing my arms.

“Wouldn’t it be fun?” Clay teased, leaning into me. I sighed heavily, shaking my head slowly. “We can even do a duet dance?” he kissed my cheek, laughing as I pushed his face away.

“I’m setting it up!” Nina exclaimed excitedly, hurrying over to the TV. I sighed, Fifi getting up and grabbing the controllers. They were a flurry of activity clearing out room in front of the TV. My dad was sitting on the chase part of the couch, chuckling as he sipped his coffee. My mom came back in looking a bit shocked at the state of the living room.

“Careful with the tree!” she hurried over, moving the ottoman again. Clay stood up, patting my leg and smiling at me.

“We’ll play two at a time because it’s small,” Nina breathed and I sighed, crossing my arms. She gave him the controller and he adjusted the wrist band. Fifi was giggling next to me and I glanced at her, curious. Our eyes met and she covered her mouth, giggling again.

“What’s so funny twerp?” I pinched her arm and she sighed, pushing my hand away. Nina and Clay were discussing songs when she grabbed my shoulder and pulled me in.

“Nina has a crush on Clay,” she muttered and I scoffed, feeling uncomfortable and weird.

“What the fuck?” I grumbled, Fifi putting her hand on my mouth.

“It’s just a harmless little crush. It’s because he’s so attractive and nice. She knows he’s gay, but she said she hopes to find someone like Clay for herself,” she continued quietly and I scoffed.

“If only she really knew him,” I crossed my arms, glaring at him as he adjusted his jeans and got ready to start the song. If anyone knew him as well as I did they wouldn’t think he was such a great, gentle guy. I mean, he is caring and he does do a lot for me. He doesn’t mind cleaning and doing chores. He also is pretty smart and fun to be around. I hesitated and blushed, covering my mouth as it hit me. The only reason I think he isn’t this amazing, stand up guys is because I know what monster is brewing under the surface.

That damn unrelenting python in his fucking pants and the maltepe escort way he wields it was always terrifying. I covered my face as my ears got hot thinking about all the ways he wasn’t a nice, gentle man. Would I want someone like Clay for my sisters? His caring, compassionate sides absolutely. Someone who would help them if they’re sick or injured, share the responsibilities and be emotionally honest and vulnerable, absolutely. All of those were great qualities to have.

Did I want to think about them finding a true Clay of their own?

Fuck. No.

“Is he not always this nice?” Fifi asked quietly and I felt mortified as a flash of him pushing my face into a pillow as he railed my ass played through my mind.

“Uh, um, I mean he is really nice. It’s just, it’s different when you’re in a relationship. You get to see the person the way no one else does. He’s not an awful boyfriend and what you guys experience, when you hang out with us, I guess I can understand,” I offered, feigning innocence. My mind was jumping through images of him bending me over our couch, pinning me down on our bed, forcing his way into my showers at times. All of these were going through my mind like that stupid flip toy with the picture wheel.

“I guess that makes sense. It’s kind of cute too, that she likes your boyfriend,” Fifi nudged me and I sighed, feeling so embarrassed and uncomfortable knowing that. It wasn’t cute it was just weird. But it made sense.

“Alright Nino, Fifi,” Nina turned to us with a big grin on her face, handing the controllers over. “Clay’s awful at the game!” she teased and he shrugged. I sighed, getting up and taking the controller as Fifi scrolled through the songs. “Bruno’s really good at these games,” Nina muttered and I glanced back, noticing how she grabbed his arm. He just sat there smiling at me, none the wiser. It was almost comical how unaware he was.

I brushed that thought aside and turned back to the TV. Fifi picked a song we both knew and I smiled. She paused it right before the song started, looking at me. “If you don’t beat my high score, you’ll never live this down,” she warned and I scoffed.

“Just play the damn song,” I gestured, mom coming back into the living room and giggling as she hurried over to sit down on the other side of Clay. Fifi and I played the song, getting into the dance moves. She was laughing, mom cheering us on.

“Come on Nino!” Nina cheered out and I bit my lip, focusing as I tried my best. It felt a bit unfair since Fifi and Nina played this game together all the time. But I was doing my best. When it ended I just barely scored under her, sighing as I put my hands on my hips and panted.

“That’s ok Nino,” she pat my back and I shrugged, turning to look at Clay.

“I want to dance with Bruno,” he pushed up then, taking the controller from Fifi. He smiled as he glanced at me. “You sure know how to move your hips,” he mumbled and I blushed, clearing my throat as he bit his lip and picked a duet. I laughed when he grabbed my controller and made me do the girl’s part.

“You’re ridiculous,” I sighed, pushing my sleeves up already feeling hot. The song started and Clay nudged me.

“You better commit to every part, even if we have to do stuff together,” he warned playfully and I rolled my eyes, trying not to smile as the song started. We started dancing, Clay really committing to his role even though he was a bit awkward trying to follow the steps. There was one part where he pulled me into his arms and I laughed as he stared at the screen for the next move.

“Who knew someone so athletic could be this bad at dancing?” I teased as I stepped away and continued the next steps.

“Shut up, it’s different and you fucking know it!” he insisted, laughing himself as he continued on. We finished with him holding me as I did a dip, my arm up in the air and then we both laughed.

“You two are adorable!” Fifi called out and I sighed, blushing as he pulled me up and kissed my cheek.

“I think we’re pretty adorable too,” he muttered, making me blush even more as I pulled away and offered Fifi the remote. Nina and her got up, playing a few songs since we all decided to sit out. My phone rang, Clay adjusting to put his arm around me as I answered it.


“Bruno can Katie and I tag along with your family tonight?” Jake’s voice shocked me. I sat up a bit, feeling surprised.

“Um, s-sure? Hold on,” I looked at my mom who was studying me curiously. “It’s Jake, he wants to bring Katie along?” I offered and Fifi stumbled, glancing back at me. Did she still have a crush on him? This was weird. My sisters were weird.

“Oh sure! The more the merrier!” my mom gushed, my dad nodding. “You know Jake is always welcome,” she insisted and I smirked.

“Alright, yeah Jake you guys can come,” I nodded, leaning back into Clay as he held me casually. It was so comfortable being with him now, almost like second nature.

“Cool, we’ll come over by four or so?” he offered mamak escort and I nodded. “I’m excited and Katie is too! Especially after Mel’s Thanksgiving weekend. She thinks our holiday celebrations are way more fun than her damn family’s,” he laughed and I smirked.

“Well because they probably are! Christmas is going to be a lot this year,” I adjusted my pants, crossing my arms slightly as I glanced at Clay. “See ya when you get here. Love you man,” I sighed.

“Yeah love you too,” he hung up and I sighed, putting my phone away.

“Doesn’t it bother you that Bruno loves another man?” Nina demanded as she turned to us then. I rolled my eyes, Clay chuckling as he pulled me into his side.

“I know the difference,” he breathed. I felt like I was the only one who picked up on the insinuation. “Jake’s his best friend, not another boyfriend,” Clay smiled and I couldn’t help but smile too.

We hung out, Jake and Katie joining the fun until my dad corralled the troops to the car. We piled in with Jake, Clay, and me crammed in the back. I was excited as we pulled up to the entrance to the lights show, Jake looking excited too.

“It’s been so long since I’ve joined a Fischer Christmas Eve light viewing,” Jake breathed as my dad lowered the Christmas music.

“And you guys do this every year?” Katie looked back at us and I nodded, Jake nodding too. “Doesn’t it get boring?” she giggled and Clay chuckled.

“It’s more about the Christmas spirit it inspires,” Fifi mumbled, looking indifferent as she sat with her arms crossed staring out her window. Jake reached up pulling her hair and she gasped, pushing his hand away. “It doesn’t matter if it’s the same every year. Driving through here always makes us feel like it’s Christmas,” she added, Katie nodding as she looked out the window too. Clay grabbed my hand, holding it as we looked out the same window.

“And then we always eat Chinese food!” Nina cheered and I smirked, Clay chuckling at her enthusiasm. It was really nice to see how happy everyone was, and I was loving all of the lights. Some were the same as last year, but they always seemed to add new stuff and it was really nice to see. When we got through the exit Jake sighed, smiling at me.

“Hot chocolate time right?” he offered and I nodded, Katie glancing back at me with a smile.

“Oh I love hot chocolate!” Katie gushed.

“Yeah there’s that café we go to,” I mumbled and he nodded. Clay squeezed my hand slightly and I glanced at him curious. He pulled my hand up, kissing it as he closed his eyes.

I didn’t like thinking about it, but I was always somewhat grateful about our rough summer. I think the time apart, and the effort we’ve put in to get back together, has made our relationship a thousand times better. And my family also seemed to really like him. There was just so much I enjoyed about our relationship that made last year, all the shit at the start, and all the shit from this summer feel like it was eons ago.

“Alright we’re here!” my dad called out and I looked out to see we were already parked out front and I sighed. Everyone clamored out, my parents going into the café as we all stood outside. A gust of wind blew through and I shivered, Clay pulling me against him.

“I’m cold too, keep me warm!” he teased, pressing his face into my neck. His lips were a bit chilled and the tip of his nose cold too. I sighed and hugged him around the waist, ignoring the teasing from Fifi and Nina.

“You two are really cute together,” Katie nudged me when Clay pulled away to help my mom carry some of the drinks. I sighed, shoving my hands into my jacket’s pockets.

“Yeah, I think so too?” I offered, feeling happy and very serene as Clay came back over. He held a cup out to me, then to Katie. Jake threw his arm over her, leaning in with his drink already. We tapped our cups together.

“Merry Christmas you guys!” Jake called out cheerily. We all sipped our drinks, Clay smiling at me.

“I want pictures!” my mom cheered again and I sighed, rolling my eyes.

“Every year?” Clay teased and I nodded, hiding my amused smirk as Fifi and Nina hurried with my mom toward the gazebo in the town center. Clay grabbed my hand and we followed lazily, sipping our drinks as my dad ordered Chinese food and my mom got the girls up on the gazebo for pictures.

“This is so cute for pictures!” Katie squeezed Jake’s arm and he nodded. “Gosh I love how quaint everything is, and it feels like Christmas with the snow and lights!” she pulled Jake to the gazebo and Clay sighed, pulling me into his side as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

“Do you still enjoy my family?” I asked quietly and he sighed.

“Bruno I love you and your family, and getting to do all this stuff with you guys. It’s really refreshing after having so many shitty holiday experiences with my horrible parents,” he muttered and I pursed my lips feeling a bit melancholy.

“I don’t like that it’s taken this long for you to be this happy,” I admitted softly and he sighed, sipping his drink. He squeezed me into his side before clearing his throat.

“I don’t mind, because it’s with you,” he sighed, making me look at him as that nervous lump filled my throat. He was an ass, always teasing me and joking around, but it was times like these that made me get flustered and fucking embarrassed. How was it so easy for him to just say shit like that?!

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