My Engish Genteman……

My Engish Genteman……
i love the opportunity to worship the male anatomy. looking at your cock, clean shaved and hard, resting on your stomach instantly fills my mind with flashes of what i would love to do. allow me to slide up your body. i want to inhale the scent of you….let you feel just my hot breath upon your skin….your cock, your balls. a flick of my tongue here and there to taste you. lick you form balls to the tip of your cock…slowly, methodically…every inch until you glisten with my saliva. with out the use of my hands, just my lips, my tongue, my breath…watch your cock twitch with a smile on my lips and my eyes on yours.
with your cock glistening before me, my pussy is dripping wet. to worship a beautiful cock, for me, is an exquisite supersize in self denial. i do not want to be touched…maybe fingers in my hair…as i want to be able to give my full attention to the play. without hands, i gently suck at the tip of your cock, each time taking just a bit more of your cockhead between my lips until i have capture your helmet. with lips locked tight, my tongue tickles and brushed your tip….drawing little circles round and round and down to meet my lips…a nip of my teeth…then another. slowly, ever so slowly, i would slide my lips down your shaft, take all i can and just hold you in my warm, wet mouth…a moan of pleasure vibrates you before i start a slow slide back up till just the tip of your cock is kissed my my lips. again, i slide your cock deep into my mouth and back up again…slowly, lightly, my saliva making the journey smooth. each stroke a little…just a little faster…just a little firmer…..just a little deeper. i am in heaven. my teeth scrap your shaft as i take all of your hard cock…cannot be helped…i am hungry…i am eager. for the first time my hand touch you. my fingers trace and tick;e your balls before i take them in hand.
your balls tight in my hand as i message them…makes me hunger for the taste of them. my lips leave your hard cock. i hear you groan as i do. i look up at you and smile…a wicked little smile of knowing. i leave little kisses down your shaft as i move to the next part of you i want to play with. again i inhale the scent of your heated loins…i do love your scent…earthy, musky, male. like a cat, i lick your ball sack over and over purring with the pleasure. gentle i suck one ball into my mouth, my tongue circling, teasing. one released, i take the other into my moist, hot mouth for the same treatment. mmmmmm more. i am testing while teasing…can i or can’t i? i suck one ball in, not quite as gently this time, pulling, stretching it. with a “pop” i release you only to suck in the other for the same treatment. i look up at you for approval…you just smile at me and i take that as a go. first one then the other, i suck and suckle your balls, back and forth, one than the other, over and over,,,spittle drips down my chin as i do soaking you. now a trick i do love….i suck both into my mouth…i struggle just a bit to capture both….mouth full, cheeks full, i suck and pull…pressing my tongue between them,,,that sensitive center line…putting more pressure on the pair…struggling to keep them captured,,, struggling with a lack of air ,,, enjoying the play while wondering how it would feel. i know there is pleasure but is there a bit of pain too? my lungs on fire, my eyes watering, i release you now gulping air and breathing hard, my eyes land back on your neglected cock. with more of a growl than a moan, i lick my lips as i am staring once again for the taste of you beautiful manhood.
I can feel my seed rising in my shaft as you sucked and tugged on my full balls. Watching you fill your mouth to bursting point, to see the small tears run down your cheeks as your lust for my cock and balls consumes you…as you take the swollen head of my cock back into your mouth I swivel you around pulling your soft yet firm thighs either side of my head. As I do so I feel your bullet hard nipples graze my my thighs and rest on my stomach. I spread your thighs wide so that your perfect pussy lowers to my mouth. As I spread you your whole body lowers and more of my cock slides into your open waiting mouth, my hips jerk involuntarily and I feel you gag on the head as it hits the back of your throat. This only spurs you on more and I feel your exquisite tongue work my shaft….
Your gaping pussy is so close to my face, I can smell your sex, it fills my nostrils, my lungs and can no longer resist it. My tongue traces around your puffy lips tasting your juice, it hits my mind like an explosion, the taste so rich, the nectar thick with your arousal. I feel your body shudder as I work your lips around the edges working closer and closer to hot interior of your truly wonderful pussy. As my tongue probes inside you I feel you tighten your pussy muscles and the inside you pushes out to meet my open mouth. I suck it all into my mouth, sucking the essence of you into my mouth and throat. Your body is squirming, contorting, you can no longer focus on my cock, it slips from your mouth as my right hand reaches between us and take that swollen nipple between my fingers, twisting and pulling…the moan that escapes you is so erotic as you collapse on me. My tongue and fingers work you in unison, your body mine, all I can think of now is your pleasure…I want My Muse to be totally fulfilled, pleasured as she deserves.
I my tongue begins to work in circles around your huge clit, your whole body shakes as it gently grazes her with each motion, closer and closer, I can feel her throb in my mouth as I finally suck it into mouth my tongue working back and forth, my fingers never stop working your nipple and you are alive on me, your hips grinding my mouth as you ache for that release you know is coming. My left hand moves over your perfect little ass, pulling your tight cheeks apart, I find your tight little button and circle it with my finger, feeling it pucker, you shudder uncontrollably and the movement pushes my finger into your receptive ass. The sounds you are making fill the room, the smell of our sex fills the room. You are lost in your pleasure and your nipples, clit and ass are be pleasured by your Man, by your desire, the man who allows Dee to be Dee….oh the pleasure I feel as I take you to new heights…your pleasure, your needs, your wants…..
You raise up and you are now upright above me, your hands on my chest, I can still work your nipple as you grind my mouth, actually fucking my mouth, my tongue and finger working your clit, plunging your ass, finger finds your anal gspot and you go wild above me,
You begin to cum, and you scream my name over and over… I do not stop as your body loses control, the orgasm rippling through you…as this happens I move my tongue to your pulsing hole…I find your distended urethra and suck it into my mouth my tongue circling it….your orgasm intensifies …your whole body convulses and shudders as a new type of orgasm takes over your body and you totally lose control, you collapse on top of me and it happens….your sweet golden rain floods from your body, filling my mouth, covering me in your piss as you scream out…….I hold you tight to me allowing you your pleasure and I feel such passion for my Muse…..

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