My Dream


I could only sit there, quietly staring down in awe as I watched that magnificent chest rise and fall in rhythm as he slept. My pussy lips quivered painfully as I continued to stare mesmerized by that slight movement of his body. Even after an incredible amount of time I had spent beneath him, countless orgasms, I could not believe I wanted him again. My insides already felt like overcooked spaghetti from the sheer size of his cock slamming into me so deeply and so fully that I was left a breathless mass of flesh when he finally shot his wad inside me.

I could feel my slicking lubrication seeping from between my irritated folds and it was all I could do not to reach beneath that covering and grab hold of that delicious tool, waking him from a much deserved sleep and starting all over again.

When I first saw him tonight, I could not believe how incredibly handsome he was, thinking maybe, I had drank entirely too much and instead of a pink elephant my brain had manifested this incredible man in my bed. And everything that had taken place in the course of a few hours was only a dream.

Of course, that had to be it. I was dreaming. A liquor induced dream that had brought all of my frustrations to surface. After all, it had been nearly ten years since I’d had sex; something was bound to snap eventually. But if it was a dream, as I speculated, why did my pussy hurt so bad, why did my insides feel like mush and why the hell was I sitting here grinning like a Cheshire cat wanting even more?

I saw my hand come up, my eyes rounding in shock as if it had suddenly grown a mind of its own as I tangled my fingers in the luxurious matting of dark, curling hair on his chest. It felt like hot silk, his skin even hotter beneath my palm as I moved over the large muscles beneath his flesh.

I heard my own gasp as he moaned softly at the intrusion of his slumber but that damned hand of mine would not obey an instruction my brain was giving it at the moment. My eyes locked onto my fingers as that hand moved over him, tweaking one male bud that had thought itself well hidden beneath that silky hair.

I could not believe how incredibly gorgeous he was, thinking my brain had conjured up something that had obviously been hidden deep inside me as to what I wanted. I was always writing about dark-haired men with bodies that never quit, a hairy chest was my downfall and muscles without being grotesquely disfigured. I wanted quiet power and this is what my brain had given me.

My hand moved to the other side, gliding through the silk once more as I glanced up at his face, completely astounded by the pure male beauty of it. Yeah, I knew he wasn’t real, he couldn’t be. No man on this planet could look like that, I don’t care who or what genetic background one had.

Deep, rich sable hair was a stark contrast to the pale blue pillowcase beneath his head, his skin tanned to perfection. Eyelashes that most women would kill to have lay softly against his high cheekbones, a strong yet almost lovingly chiseled nose and the most unbelievable lips I have ever seen in my life. The bottom full, soft almost pouting, begging silently to be sucked inside my mouth again and again.

My eyes lowered to his strong, corded neck, watching as the blood pulsed through the vein at the side, knowing that same pulse intimately as I felt it when he was inside me, so large, so swollen in lust. Damn, he was big, almost too big, something I didn’t think possible and when he sank that massive rod inside my pussy, I wanted to literally pass out in relief.

Oh yeah, he was definitely a dream, I felt the frown drop my mouth downward, that impulsive hand moving again, Urfa Escort lower, following that dark trail of silk to where it disappeared beneath the covering.

My breathing deepened, the sticky and hot moisture between my legs increasing by leaps and bounds as I pushed the covering downward, exposing rippled abs to my hungry eyes as they shifted from his upper body. Another soft moan escaped his lips as my hand continued to follow that dark trail downward, my fingertips grazing over the now coarse hair of his pubic area, pushing the covering lower and lower as I moved. I wanted to see him, all of him, every last unbelievable inch of his flesh.

Not just that however. I wanted to know his taste now. I wanted that steel pole plunged to the back of my throat, swallowing around that massive head as he swelled. I had experienced his astounding capabilities inside my pussy, but I wanted to devour his cock, fill my belly with his hot cum knowing it would be as delicious as the rest of him. I could feel my stomach fluttering as I thought about it, something I had never done before, had never wanted to do with anyone. That was until I had mentally conjured up this Adonis.

My fingers finally found their treasure, wrapping around that large length of flesh, marveling at the size and circumference even though he was soft now. I calculated in my head how long he might be, how well he had reached the back of my pussy finding that one spot that a woman only dreamed a man could find. Eight, nine inches, my brain guessed or possibly more. Something else that told me he could not be real. Men weren’t built like that, at least none that I had ever heard about except in porn movies or bragging men themselves. From my female friends I had learned one thing over the course of years however, and that was, if they bragged about how big they were, it typically turned out that it wasn’t worth the effort of verbally trying to impress a woman.

I nearly screamed when his hand came up, grabbing my wrist, as my brain had been so occupied with my thoughts and my frown lifted as I discovered, to my utter delight, that he simply wanted me to stroke him. My grip tightened around him, developing a rhythm as I glanced back up to his face, finding a set of turquoise colored eyes staring back at me. I wasn’t sure which I enjoyed more at the moment, those oddly colored eyes or the heat of his skin beneath my hand.

Pausing at his head, still holding him, I lightly circled my fingertip around him, feeling him shudder slightly in response. My gaze lowered to that powerful muscle and then quickly back to his eyes, they were starting to smoke again and those incredible lips curled into an almost crooked grin, as if he knew exactly what I was thinking.

Of course he would know what I was thinking. After all, he was a figment of my imagination; he came from the depths of my brain I had believed long since dead. Back and forth my eyes moved, from his face to that slightly swelling cock in my hand, which I was stroking again almost unthinkingly.

This was just a dream, what would it hurt to put my mouth around him? Hell, if I couldn’t have a little fun in my awakened life, why not indulge myself in my dreams. Just once anyway.

I felt my back bending, my head lowering over him and my hand gripped his cock tightly, lifting him upward. I could smell his scent, musky, rich and heard the rumble of hunger deep inside my belly.

Blowing lightly, using one of the techniques I had learned during my usual ‘research’, his hips pulled down against the mattress, as if that had caused him some pain. Obviously, my research had been wrong. Little did I know, Urfa Escort Bayan at that moment, that he had indeed enjoyed it, that was simply a reflex action to keep himself from driving that delicious piece of steel down my throat, something I would learn in just a while.

My tongue shot out, tracing around a silky head and his cock began to stiffen. The feel of blood filling him quite a unique sensation as I held onto him, and I simply let instinct take over.

Opening my mouth wide, I placed him between my lips; my tongue circled slowly around the head, hearing him puff out a breath above me. For the first time in a long time I felt powerful, in control and that feeling gave me even more bravado than before.

Pulling him into my mouth even deeper, my tongue working around that continually growing head I could hear his breathing increasing, the blood now surging into his cock, as he grew even larger. I’m not sure where I had read about doing what I did next but as I continued to hold onto him with my hand, I pulled my mouth away, blowing again around his head, cooling off the saliva that coated his skin and he nearly bolted upright from the mattress.

Bending him backward slightly, I licked his sensitive underside, my tongue crossing over my own fingers on my way up and then back down and buried my face against him, inhaling his pure male scent. When I sucked one of his jewels into my mouth, whirling it back and forth, coating him with my saliva his cock instantly grew full, his legs shifting slightly apart to allow me greater access to him. I felt my body shaking in quiet yet controlled humor and the exhilarating power I now had over him. Pressing the tightening sac against the roof of my mouth, my hand continuing to stroke at his length, I switched sides, giving the other sac the same treatment before moving back to that now massive pole once more.

The first taste of pre-cum nearly sent me insane as I savored his taste, hearing him grunting, trying desperately not to shove his pulsating length into my throat. Below, my pussy was screaming, demanding that it be given another round and I went to my knees, spreading them wide yet not letting him slip from my mouth. I was enjoying this far too much to let go now.

As if he sensed what I needed, I felt his hand slip between my thighs, one large finger finding my demanding pussy and thrusting inside. The feeling was so delightful that I pulled his full length into my mouth, ignoring any gag reflex as that enormous head passed by my tonsils. I swallowed deeply, keeping my throat muscles as tight around him as I possibly could for a brief moment and then began a rhythm with my mouth, matching his driving finger inside me, almost unable to keep my hips from bouncing up and down upon his hand.

Although I could feel my own orgasm building, I was determined to fill my belly with his cum and I increased the speed of my mouth working around him, using teeth, tongue, lips, anything I could think of to get him to cum for me. Holding him completely inside my mouth, I removed my hand, reaching below to give his filled sacs a nice tight squeeze, urging the heavy cream upward.

I could hear his finger sluicing through my pussy, that pressure inside me building second by second and when I gave him another squeeze; his hips drove upward, sinking him deep inside my throat. And at the same time he gave my pussy one final mind-numbing thrust and my dam ruptured just as his incredibly hot cum rocketed down my esophagus, hitting my belly and warming my entire body in a delicious heat.

My pussy muscles devoured his finger; I could feel the pumping action of my own Escort Urfa cream washing over his skin even as his cock continued to empty itself of his cum. I had never tasted anything quite like this before and it was as if I would never be able to get enough as I pulled him forward, sucking for everything I was worth in an attempt to get every last precious drop I could until there was nothing left.

Once I had drained him dry, I released his cock, resting my forehead against his lower belly, feeling him taking in deep breaths after his powerful release. His hands came to my shoulders, pulling me upward and I had no choice but to straddle his abdomen on my way.

Those turquoise eyes flashed in appreciation beneath me and in the next moment, my bones were melting like butter as he gave me the most intense kiss I had ever experienced in my life. I used that opportunity to suck in that full lower lip of his until he was moving me again.

I guess my excitement showed on my face as he pulled upward on my hips, urging me to come to him and he gave me another one of those crooked grins, yet this one held a bit of wickedness as well. My thighs were stretched as wide as possible as my knees moved up around his shoulders, and the feeling of his hot breath reached my well-abused pussy. My entire body nearly burst into a flaming inferno as he pulled me down to him and I thought perhaps I would die in pleasure when his mouth closed over me.

His knees came up, letting me use them as a prop for my back, opening me wide as I lounged against them now. I could hear my own gasps, the raspiness of my breathing as his mouth pleasured my pussy in an almost insane way until at last I exploded for him one more time, his tongue driving deep inside me, sweeping back and forth, delving for any remaining cream of my orgasm.

I don’t even remember going to my back again after that but the sheer bliss of having his amazingly still rock hard cock pushing itself back inside my pussy was incredible and I welcomed the sensation with glee.

Twice more he brought me to orgasms, which I thought were going to short-circuit my brain a few times in the process. And when he drove upward one final time, I was totally astounded to feel the steaming liquid of his body filling my ravished pussy yet again. The man was incredible, another clear indication that he was not real.

This time he collapsed in exhaustion, completely spent now and as he rolled quickly to my side, not wanting to crush me beneath his weight, every nerve ending in my body screamed in pleasure. I had been more than satisfied by this man, time and time and time again as I lay nearly breathless beside him and the most wonderful feeling of lethargy began to seep into my body until at last I fell into the most peaceful sleep I had ever had in my life.

The alarm clock’s shrill blare brought me fully awake and I found my lips still curled into a soft smile as I recalled my dream. I rolled over to look longingly at the empty pillow beside my head, my eyes widening as I spotted the small folded paper resting there.

I sat up quickly, my entire body rebelling in that action, my fingers shaking as I picked up the note and scanned its contents with a stunned expression.

‘Some dreams are worth repeating, call me’, the note read and there was a phone number and the scrawled signature of Eric. It wasn’t possible, surely I did not do what I had dreamed, he had not been real, I had convinced myself of that during my dream. Yet as abused and completely gratified as my body felt, I slowly began to realize that I had truly not been dreaming and a grin crossed my lips. Already the idea of having such a man in my bed again was passing through my mind and I knew right then and there that this was going to be a whole other story line for me to write. And this time, I had all the research I needed without so much as lifting a book or clicking a mouse button to find it.

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