My Dad Turning Me Into His Cumdump


I was home alone for the weekend, since my father went away on a business trip. He’s the CEO of a construction company and had a big project that took him out of town. After high school I couldn’t afford to live on my own and luckily dad wasn’t in a hurry to get rid of me. I’m 24 now and I work at a phone repair shop to help dad pay the bills and we have a shared respect for each other. I think he liked having me around since my mom passed away when I was 7. Even though he is a very handsome man, in his 40s, very fit due to his job, he never dated after she died.

My father kinda became an alcoholic after her passing. We always have whiskey stocked up so he could come home after work and chill on the couch in his boxers with a glass of bourbon. Thankfully he isn’t necessarily a mean drunk but he was distant and cold. My father is a very manly man. He is built like a god and has a good layer of hair all over. His face is very handsome with a chiseled jawline and soft brown eyes.

I thought I’d make good of this rare opportunity of having the house to myself by inviting a friend over. We have been friends for a long time but recently we started fooling around. One thing about my dad is he’s pretty homophobic, so my friend and I have to sneak around. Usually we just have sex in one of our cars at a park, but I figured since dad won’t be home until tomorrow we could hangout and fuck at my place. We got really high while we watched a movie but we were mostly talking and laughing. After the weed started to kick in I noticed he was getting a bulge in his sweats.

“Why don’t you just pull that thing out already?” I told him after he passed the joint and I took a long hit.

He laughed and did as I said, showing me his semi hard 6.5 inches. I gave him a smirk as I handed the joint back before lowering my head and taking his balls in my mouth. I could smell and taste sweat as I gave his nuts a nice soak. His moans were like music as I licked my way up to the tip of his dick right before swallowing it.

It wasn’t long before he had me bent over the back of my couch while he plowed my eager hole. As his cock is going in and out of my tight ass he yells “Fuck! You are such a slut, bro!” He strikes one of my cheeks which makes me whimper.

“What the FUCK!!”

I look over at the source of the thunderous yell and, to my horror, see my father slam the front door simultaneously throwing down his duffel bag. My friend immediately pulls out and begins to apologize.

“Dad, i-” I begin to stutter out my apology as terror takes over my body.

Dad rushes at us and grabs my friend by the arm and roars at him to get his clothes on and get out. He is nothing but a speedy ankara travesti blur as he does what he’s told.

“Who the hell do you think you are, fucking on my couch, boy?!” my dad screams.

“I- I’m sorry, dad. I th-thought you were coming home t-tomorrow,” I managed to get out but only at a whisper.

“We got done with the job early so I decided to catch a flight this morning,” he explains calmly, “and what do I come home to?! My fag son getting butt fucked!” I cringe as he yells that last part. The whole time I’m curled up on the couch at an attempt to cover myself. “Do you like dick, boy?” he asks and I offer no answer. “DO YOU?” he yells impatiently.

“Yes” I whisper as I begin to cry. There is nothing but silence for what felt like hours.

“Fine,” he finally says calmly, “you’ll enjoy this.” Then, he did something that completely caught me off guard. He grabs my head with both hands and slams my face into his crotch. I try to pull away but he keeps a tight grip on my hair and smears my nose into his jeans.

“You like that boy? Huh, you like the smell of my cock!”My father continued to force me to smell his crotch until he said, “Lick it! Lick my jeans and show me what a worthless fag you are!” He was right, I am enjoying this. I’m crying but I am so turned on and don’t want this to end. As I came to this realization, I do begin to lick at my father’s pants right where his bulge is.

“That’s it son! If you’re gonna be a filthy faggot in my house, then I’m gonna get some use out of you,” he declares before throwing his head back in awe. As the outside of his pants get wet with my saliva, I start to feel something. During this whole conflict my dick became very soft but now it’s coming back to life. All of a sudden I get thrown back on the couch. I hear him start to chuckle.

“Oh man! You really are a fag aren’t you son? You’re getting a chubby from licking your old man’s crotch,” he continues to laugh and my face becomes very warm with embarrassment. “I see big dicks don’t run in the family. Yours is nothing but an overgrown clit!” It’s true I’ve always been insecure about the size of my manhood. I’ve only measured up to 4 inches totally hard.

“I guess it makes sense for a homo to have a tiny pecker. Would you like to see a real man’s dick, son?” he says with a cocky voice. I can not believe my father just asked me that. “Answer me, boy!”I pause again before nodding yes. “Well, don’t just sit there! Unwrap it!”

My hands tremble as I slowly unzip the fly to my dad’s jeans. I start to pull his pants down but I get knocked back with a slap to my head. “Just pull it out! I have to get a taste of that whore mouth before I fully commit ankara travestileri to this.” I do as he says and put my hand in to fish out his dick. I’m shocked by what I feel with my hand and blown away when I finally get it out and in my sight. My dad is totally soft and his dick is already hanging at at least 5 inches! It’s very thick and absolutely beautiful. He must have seen the surprise on my face cause he says, “wait until you see it at it’s full glory,” with a sexy smirk on his face.

I receive another smack to the face. “Are you waiting for Christmas? Start waking it up, faggot!”

I raise my hand to touch my father’s dick for the first time. It’s so warm and as I wrap my hand around it, I realize I can barely fit it in my grip. I slowly start to pump it up and down, and even though it takes a few minutes, it begins to grow in my hand. I quickly have to add my second hand to accommodate its large size. It is at a minimum 8 inches long (but I’m betting 9.5) and nearly as thick as my wrist. It has veins running along the sides and it gorgeous thick head covered by foreskin.

“Suck it,” he says those two words that inflict fear in me once again.

“What? I can’t fit this in my mouth, dad!”

Once again I get a slap to the side of my head followed by my face being slammed into his crotch. This time there are no clothes between me and his monster, so my face is covered in his bush while his huge cock rests on my cheek and my mouth is touching the crevice between his nutsack and thigh. “I didn’t ask if it’ll fit! I told you to suck it! You should’ve thought about the consequences before you decided to have your friend butt fuck you in my house. Now open your mouth and stuff my nuts in there!”

“That’s it son, worship daddy’s big balls. This is where your life started,” my dad moaned as I sucked hard on each golf ball sized testicle. I was really getting into it and reached down to stroke my rock hard penis. I got a slap from dad but this time it wasn’t his hand but his dick. He continuously smacked me with his bat and it was so heavy I thought it was going to knock me out.

“Don’t touch your clit, boy! You are a fag and fags only receive pleasure from real men’s dicks. Now, enough messing around. Stuff my cock down your throat and don’t give me that bs about it not fitting!” I was so drunk off of my father’s scent that I didn’t care anymore if his dick didn’t fit. I wanted him to use me and destroy me. He is a god and I am his loyal worshipper.

I kissed his pole all the way up to the tip. Without hesitation I devoured his head and immediately started swirling my tongue all around it. I heard him sigh with relief and it dawned travesti ankara on me that this very well could be his first blowjob since mom died. That thought should’ve turned me off but it only made me suck harder and go further down his beautiful dick. I could only fit half of it in my mouth mostly because my mouth was stretched wider than it’s ever been. My father let me set the pace and I was going to town slurping and he loved it when I flick my tongue one his slit. He was moaning like crazy and when I stuck the tip of my tongue into his piss slit I heard moan under his breath, “oooh fuuuck best cocksucker ever.”

Daddy’s patience didn’t last cause he started fucking my face and shoving more and more of his cock down my throat. The blowjob got very sloppy and gobs of my throat slime was falling on the floor. I thought my dad was gonna kill me by suffocating me with his rod and I was perfectly okay with that. He finally was able to get his dick all the way down my throat and held it there. As I was gagging he sat down on the couch and had me kneel between his legs.

He allowed me to go up for air and said, “I should’ve been using your slutty mouth years ago,” then he spit in my face, it landed on my cheek, and shoved my head back down. Dad looked so hot when I looked up and saw him with his mouth open and his arm over his eyes, showing off his hairy arm pit. He kept one hand in my hair to bounce my head in his lap like a basketball. Sometimes he would have me suck just the head, other times he’d make me take the whole thing.

“Fuck son, I’m trying to break your faggot mouth to punish you, but you’re taking it with ease!” It’s true, I was amazed with how well I was holding up. He forced every inch to slide down my throat and I was taking it.

“Ssshhhitt! You better get ready, boy! Daddy’s about to dump his load down your throat!!!” He was pumping my throat up and down on his big cock like crazy. I just know that after this everything changes. I’m not his son anymore, I’m his faggot fuck toy for him to use and abuse. It shows by the way he’s using my mouth, thrusting in and out like a fleshlight.

“Here it comes, son!! Drink down my load and let daddy turn you into his personal fag cumdump!! UGHHHH!!!!!” He plugged my throat as it pulsed and shot his babies. I struggled but I had no choice, I either swallow his load or drown in it. He removed his cock from my mouth and threw my head off of his lap causing me to fall to the ground. I was a panting mess as I gasped for air and wiped my spit and his cum off my face.

“Fuck…. Maybe having a gay son won’t be so bad. Now why don’t you go get me my whiskey?” It wasn’t until I stood up that him and I noticed I had cum without touching myself. He spared me the extra humiliation as we just shared a knowing look and he smirked and winked before I walked into the kitchen. I loved every minute of that and now all I can think about is that wonderful dick that created me 24 years ago.

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