My cousin Mark


My parents were going through a bitter divorce and I had been sent to my Aunt and Uncles house to get me out the way. I didn’t mind because my Aunt and Uncle had a huge house out in the country and my cousin was about my age and we got along well so I would have someone to talk to.
My mum drove me up to the drive of the house, the gates opened automatically and we drove up the long tree lined drive, it was visiting this house that had caused my brother to go into investment banking just like our uncle who was 40 and had been retired for 5 years. We drove past the pool with a diving board and the tennis courts and up to the large house. My Aunt came out and helped me bring my stuff inside and showed me where my room was and went to have a cup of tea with my mum while I unpacked. There was a knock on the door and Mark my cousin walked in. “hey Katie I thought you might want some help unpacking”
“Oh thanks Mark that would be great”
“So apart from the obvious what’s happening in your life”
“oh well not too much just relaxing after exams, it’s odd waking up and thinking that I don’t have to sit and revise all day”
“Oh god, tell me about it bliss isn’t it” he replied.
We chatted like this for the 10 minuet’s it took to unpack then Mark suggested we go and have a game of tennis. Last time we had played it had been a few years ago and he had won easily, but since then I had had a series of lessons and had recently represented my school in a county cup and won. But he didn’t know. We walked down with him boasting good naturedly about how he would wipe the floor with me. He got the rackets and balls out of the shed and led the way inside the tennis court. We started with a simple rally until he smashed it back at me expecting me to miss it but I got to it easily knocking it just over the net to score. We spent the next hour playing with me winning consistently and Mark getting more and more and more desperate to beat me just once. we got to a game point in his favour I smashed it into his court and he flailed at it just hitting it causing it to rise up into the air but it started to come back down still on his side I Laughed at him but saw the glint in his eye as he jump forward and hit it gently over the net as it fell. “I WIIIN I am the CHAMPION!” he yelled gleefully.
“You dirty cheat” I laughed back
“What me? Cheat? Noooo” he smirked “come on lest go for a swim, I’m all hot after thrashing you” he suggested before I pushed the point
We dashed in quickly to change. I came out to see him dive into the pool. I climbed onto the board but ever the show off I somersaulted off the board and landed feet first in the water. I rose to the surface and shook my head before opening my eyes to see Mark staring at. “Well you are full of surprises aren’t you?”
“One or two” I smirked. We started swimming lengths until I snuck up behind him and dunked him. When I let him up I backed away quickly “that’s for cheating at tennis” I grin
“Oh you’re so for it now” he grinned before lunging at me I tried to swim away but he got my ankle and pulled me under. He let me up and I spluttered and gasped for air. “Even?” he asked stretching out a hand, I made it look like I was going to shake the hand but lunged and pushed down on his shoulders pushing him under but he rolled pulling Sincan Escort me under while he surfaced and held me down. everything was blurred under the water meaning that it took me a few seconded to realize exactly where I was, right in front or his crotch, so I head butted him causing him to release me. I surfaced and had time to take a gulp of air before he jumped onto of me crushing me to him as he dunked me. My breasts were crushed against him and I could feel his cock pressed into my stomach I felt it twitch and then he let me go. We kept fighting but he was careful never to allow me to get close to his crotch again.
It clouded over and I suggested we get out “you go ahead I’ll be out in a minuet” he replied. Which clearly meant after his boner had gone. So I got out and started to dry myself at the side of the pool, I was rubbing my legs when I noticed Mark was still in the water clearly I want helping his…situation. So I finished drying quickly and went inside and got dressed.
We had a roast for tea and then Mark and I went to watch telly while my aunt and uncle went to a pub quiz. We watched some random episodes of scrubs before we put on a film and got some popcorn. the film had a very graphic sex scene in and I could see Mark was getting very aroused, to be honest I was also getting a little arouse which is probably why I decided to tease him by cuddling up next to him so my head was on his shoulders and the side of my breasts brushed against his sides. Through the clothes obviously. When I did this I saw his dick twitch trough his trousers. Right after the film he decided to go to bed. I knew he was going to masturbate so I went to my room to give him some time. But as I lay down on my bed I started thinking. I realized I wanted to watch. It was wrong to want to watch my cousin wank but I wanted it so bad I couldn’t stop myself getting up and walking down the corridor to his bedroom. Inside I could hear bed springs I peeked through the key hole it felt so wrong but I was too horny to care I don’t think I have ever been so unbelievably horny. I realized this is what it must be like to be a guy. I saw him lying naked on the bed his dick hard and both hands wrapped round its length. Then I heard him muttering, “oh oh yeah fuck my cock” I imagined he was talking about me I could feel my pussy getting more and more wet and I could feel my heart beating faster and faster the blood coursing through my veins. “ooooh Katie ohh yeah Katie let me fuck that pussy” he was talking about me, he wanted me for real I knew he had been hard around me but I thought that was just because I was a girl I don’t think he actually wanted to fuck me. and I wanted him so bad as I pushed the door open I was wondering if it would spoil the relationship we had, if it was just plain wrong to do this but they were buried by a huge rushing sensation that was pushing me on, it was excitement mixed with adrenalin and a longing. I hadn’t had sex for just under a year so I really wanted it.
He looked up in shock as he saw me walk in he tried to cover himself up. “It’s ok I know what you were doing” I said as I climbed onto the bed.
“What are you doing?” he asked still covering himself
“I heard you moan my name, I thought you might like the real thing” as I said this Ankara Olgun Escort I pulled his hands away from his cock and started to stroke it and I went in to kiss him. He pulled away at first but as I wrapped my slender fingers around his shaft he moaned and lent forward to meet my lips. We kissed softly as my hand gently pumped and massaged his cock. My pussy was contracting involuntarily at every position I moved. Even shifting the position of my legs as I kissed him was just giving it a little quiver causing it to get wetter and wetter. There was no embarrassment or awkwardness we both wanted this so much. He slipped his hands up my top to rub my breasts this sent shivers down my spine and ended in pulses around my pussy. I stopped winking him to allow him to take my top off then kept going. With my free hand I slipped my skirt and panties off and undid my bra letting it fall off. Then I cuddled up to him pressing my hot naked flesh against him while still jerking him off. I was panting heavily and I just wanted to roll around with him pressing our sweaty naked bodies together. His dick was rock hard and already slimy with a lot of precum. Touching it made me feel dirty and gritty. I stopped and lay back and spread my legs by this point I was gasping for air I was so excited when he thrust into me the gratification pulsed through me. He filled me completely the touch of his shaft pushing against the soft tight walls of my pussy. I wanted it so much just the feel of him sliding into me was almost like an orgasm. He went slowly trying very hard not to cum right away. I ran my hands over his body down his sides and back up over his stomach and over his abs. I bucked my hips into him as he thrust in, this caused him to go in that bit deeper making me gasp in pleasure I lay back with a groan I continued to buck my hips into him each thrush sending pulsing waves pure pleasure coursing through my body. He sped up harder and faster no longer trying to hold back he was past the point of no return he was going to cum. I wrapped myself around him as I felt my orgasm build inside me like a wave of pressure spreading out from my pussy enveloping me then he grunted and I felt him ram his cock deep into me very hard and he stayed there I felt his cock pulse and then felt the pressure and the warm wetness as his cum pumped into me again and again he shot wave after wave of cum into me. I love it the feeling of his cum filling my pussy was exquisite and I felt myself peak my orgasm exploded inside of me. My legs wrapped tightly around his legs and my arms wrapped around his torso as I bucked against him. My pussy was quivering and contracting round his cock as I buried my face into his neck letting out a few quite moans and grunts as I finally found my release.
I collapsed panting onto his bed and he rolled off me his chest heaving with exertion. I turned to him “well that was fun”
“Yeah that’s one way of putting it” he replied and he lent in and kissed me. I kissed back and we lay like that for a few minutes while we caught our breath. “So what’s the situation here, were cousins but we just had sex. It probably shouldn’t happen again” Mark said.

“It shouldn’t but that doesn’t mean it can’t” I replied running my hand Ankara Ucuz Escort up his torso

“You want to do this again?”

“Don’t you?”
“Well…yeah but were cousins” he replied
“Well all I know is that that was the most fun I have had in a long long time and I don’t want to leave it there”
“I know I feel the same but it’s weird” he said weakening

“Did it feel weird?”
“Well no…But…”
“Then if no one finds out it doesn’t have to be weird”
“I suppose” he said hesitantly
“Well why don’t I convince you” I said. With that I wiggled down the bed until my head was level with his cock and I climbed onto him and kissed his dick causing it to twitch. I could taste the mix of cum and my pussy juices on his cock, it tasted good. so I started to swirl my tongue around in circles on his bell end and then started to suck the bell end before moving down taking his whole limp cock into my mouth each time I moved my tongue his cock twitched and I could feel it swelling and stiffening in my mouth, it slowly hardened growing until it filled the whole of my mouth pressing against the back causing me to gag a little so I pulled back and started to move up and down his cock with my tongue flicking along the bottom of it causing him to groan in pleasure. I started to rub and fondle his balls and the base of his cock while I sucked and licked the end. Then I slid down further and further until he was once again cocking me but this time I didn’t stop I side further on to his cock swallowing to help him slide down my throat. Then I pulled back and did it again. “oh fuck Katie I’m gonna cum again” I pulled back and started sucking his bell end while furiously pumping his shaft “OH FUUUUUCK IM CUUMMING…OOOoohh” his cum pumped into my mouth so much of it some spurted out dripping down my chin and onto his balls. The rest I swallowed licking his cock clean sucking and fondling his balls to keep him hard. When I was confident he was going to stay hard I climbed up and straddled his crotch and positioned his cock at the entrance to my pussy. Then I slid down taking him in all the way to the hilt. Then I start to grind back and forth causing his cock to rub and stimulate my pussy all over. He reached up and started to fondle my breasts, when he pinched my nipples I shuddered with pleasure. I started to move up and down allowing his cock to almost slip out before slamming back down onto him each time I did this I let out a moan of pleasure. I started tightening and relaxing my pussy around his cock. I felt my orgasm building and starting a more rhythmic up and down motion as I got closer and closer to the edge before I slammed down onto him throwing my head back and arching my back as wave after wave of pleasure ripped through me. I lay onto of him quivering as I slowly came down from the peak. “Katie, I’m so close can I keep going?” Mark asked
“I have a better idea” I said as I climbed off him and bent over exposing my ass to him, he didn’t need any encouragement as he climbed up behind me and slowly worked his cock into my ass, he slid in fairly easily due the lubrication of my juices. He started off slowly but as my ass relaxed he got faster and faster pounding his way in and out of my ass. He felt twice as big and just as good in my ass as he did in my pussy. But he didn’t last long. He wasn’t lying when he said he was close. His cock pulsed inside me and shot load after load of hot sticky cum deep into my ass. Grunting with each load.
Then the door opened “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE?” I recognized my aunt’s voice

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