My Cabin Retreat, Revisited


This is a follow-up story to “My Cabin Retreat”

I suggest you read the first story to understand this one better but you don’t have to.


It has been several months since I was up at the cabin in August and met Jan and Sam.

Jan and I stayed in touch and chatted about our time at the cabin. I always asked about her daughter, Sam and how her relationship was going with her daughter.

She told me that she and Sam still shared a bed on occasion and that it was nice but something was missing.

She asked how I was doing since my break up with my former girl friend. I told her I was much better since I met her.

I then asked Jan if there was anything I could do to help with her daughter.

Jan then said, “Mike, maybe there is something you could do for me.”

I asked her what did she have in mind.

She asked what I was doing for the upcoming Fourth of July. I told her I was going to the cabin for a few days to relax and cook out on the grill. And, that I would be up there alone.

“That is perfect. How would like company?” Jan asked.

I told her that would be terrific. Then I asked what did she have in mind.

“Mike, here’s the deal. Sam and I weren’t going to do anything for the Fourth but spending the holiday with you would be ideal, if you don’t mind?”

She continued, “Sam and I could go up to your cabin a day before and get settled in and get everything in order.”

I told her that would be great. Then I said, “What else did you want to do?”

“Well,” She continued. “I was thinking that maybe you could seduce Sam. I know you like her and she is hot and great in bed, with me, anyway.”

I said to her, “So, you want me to fuck your daughter. Is that correct?”

“Yes, Mike. As long as I get to fuck you too.” She said, laughing.

I said to her, “Of course you and I will fuck, as often as we could. But, you have to wear a sexy bikini.”

We Urfa Escort laughed and agreed on a plan.

I had been listening to the weather reports and the Fourth weekend was going to be very hot, perfect for skimpy bikinis.

A week before the Fourth, Jan and I went over a plan.

We would be at the lake relaxing. Jam would have on her sexy bikini and we were both sure that Sam would be wearing next to nothing.

I would flirt with Jan in front of Sam and Jan and I would make out and eventually go inside for sex. We figured that would make Sam jealous.

After Jan and I finished, we would come out and then I would make a pass at Sam, flirting with her.

Jan hoped that would make Sam want to fuck me.

Anyway, that was the plan but we would have to play it by ear too.

Jan and Sam showed up at the cabin early on the third (I hid a key in the flower pot for them) and when I arrived later that morning, I found that the women had everything in order.

I brought in a my stuff and some fireworks that I was going to shoot off at the lake. The weather was very hot for this time of the year and was perfect for sunning and swimming.

After awhile, I asked the women if they wanted to join me by the lake and they both said yes.

I changed into my bathing suit which was a little snug and would clearly show my bulge if I developed one.

Jan came out wearing a bikini that she wore for the first time and it looked like it was a size too small as her tits were barely covered. I wasn’t complaining at all.

Sam wore her white see through micro bikini from last year.

When Sam saw her mother, she flipped out telling her she looked like an easy lay. Her mother laughed and said, “And what’s wrong with showing my goods when you do the same. Are you jealous of your mom?”

Sam turned red and just turned around and laid on her towel, ass up.

After a bit, Urfa Escort Bayan I winked at Jan and we started our plan. I whispered to her that I was changing the plan and she nodded an ok.

I started feeling Jan up, keeping an eye on Sam to see if she was watching, which she was.

As I made out with Jan, I removed her bikini top and her beautiful breasts were clearly on display.

After a few minutes, my cock was bulging out. Jan told me to remove my suit so I would be more comfortable. I asked her about Sam.

Then Jan yelled to Sam, “Sam, is it ok if Mike and I fuck right here? You wouldn’t mind, would you dear?”

Sam looked at us and said, “Mom, if you want to fuck Mike here, just do it already.”

I got naked as did Jan. We continued playing and before long, I mounted Jan and noticed Sam watching.

I turned to Sam and asked, “After your mom and I finish, would you like to join me over here? I am sure it would be ok with your mom.”

Just then, I shot my cum load in Jan.

Jan squealed a bit and said it felt great.

I got off of Jan and she moved over to allow Sam to join me.

I told Sam to get comfortable and remove her suit.

Sam stood up and peeled her bikini top and bottom off and she showed off her smooth pussy.

“Now, isn’t that better?” I exclaimed.

Sam got up and moved over to my blanket and laid down besides me.

As soon as Sam laid down, I pulled her to me, our naked bodies together. My soft cock pressed against her; my hands all over her nakedness. My cock already getting hard.

Jan watched as I started feeling her daughter up, kissing her and sucking her erect nipples.

My mouth moved down to her pussy and I started licking and playing with her clit. Soon my tongue was inside her treasure. Her legs spread wide for me.

I could see Jan watching.

My cock was hard enough now to fuck her. Jan gave me Escort Urfa a look of encouragement and I slipped my cock in her daughter’s cunt.

I started fucking her slowly, then picked up the pace. Sam was now meeting my thrusts and her fingernails were digging into my back as her body arched up over the blanket.

I told her I was going to cum and spurted out whatever cum I had left over from my fucking Jan. Even as I stopped fucking Sam, she kept at it until her orgasms subsided.

I fell to the side exhausted and spent.

Jan came over and kissed and hugged Sam and told her she was terrific.

As I rested, Jan came over and laid down besides me and Sam was on my other side.

For the rest of the afternoon, the three of us fucked and shared each other.

That evening, we shot fireworks, enjoyed a great meal and spent the night together in bed.

Jan and Sam put on a great show for me in bed and I fucked them both many times that night.

To me, one of the the highlights of our fucking was having mom and daughter on all fours as I slipped my cock in and out of their wet cunts, going from one to the other as The two played with each other’s tits.

The other moment was when I fucked their virgin asses, one at a time, with the other one underneath, doing 69.

The next morning we discussed what we wanted to do about our situation while we were naked.

Jan suggested that the three of us come to the cabin at least monthly, for a weekend of sex. I told them that would be fine with me. Sam said she was ok with it too.

Then, I suggested that, depending on the need, if anyone wanted to meet up at the cabin for one on one sex, it would be ok. Both women agreed.

Before we left, I made sure that Jan and Sam had a key to the cabin.

It has been a year now since the three of us enjoyed our sexual adventure and it hasn’t slowed down any.

Whenever we get together, we hang out nude and have sex whenever and with whomever we want.

I have been giving it some thought about the three of us moving in together and maybe I will mention it to Jan and Sam the next time we get together for a weekend of fucking at my cabin…

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