My Boyfriend Introduced Me to a Pal


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


I sat there bolt upright; my body was warm against the ridged wooden chair. Panic flashed through me as I heard footsteps coming along the hallway.

“What the hell had a got myself in to?” I asked myself as my heart began beating faster than it ever had before. Every inch of my skin tingled in anticipation.

The door swung open and an icy breeze surrounded me.

“Well, well, well, what a beautiful sight to behold.” a voice echoed through the room.

Although my eyes were covered by a silk scarf I could sense his towering shadow moving closer to me.

Instinctively I began to jerk against the restraints around my wrists and ankles. There was no way I was breaking free but there was something so terrifyingly exhilarating about the fight.

The second he touched my body a ringing silence filled the room. His fingers caressed down my neck lingering on my collar bones before skimming my breasts and then gliding over hips.

He stopped and knelt in front of me. I could feel his breath through my sheer knickers. Warming, sultry. He continued caressing me; his fingers flowed over my thighs towards pussy. My needs were palpable.

“You smell so sweet” he growled as he gently stroked Kartal Escort my pussy. The pressure of his fingers against my glistening knickers made my hips grind in welcoming waves.

“Lift up your arse” he blurted as he hastily pulled my knickers down to my ankles.

There I was completely at the mercy of fuck knows who. For a second the thought popped back into my head. “What the hell had I got myself into?”

As quickly as the thought had entered my head it left again when I felt his gentle kisses against my smooth pussy. He stayed there for a while; his lips millimetres away from mine. I couldn’t tell which one of us he was teasing by waiting like he did.

My clit was pumping by this point, I needed to feel the release of his touch. He began kissing my thighs as he used a single finger to circle my pink clit. A gasp of delight burst out my mouth from deep within me as he continued to massage my pussy. The combination of sensory deprivation and the cocktail of emotions I was feeling intensified even the most fleeting of touches. Within what felt like a matter of minutes I was on the edge. I could feel my juice trickling down my bum cheek.

Through gasps I whispered. “Please.”

“What’s that you say? Please stop?” he said in a playful tone as Kartal Escort Bayan he patted my throbbing pussy keeping me on the edge.

“Please.” I repeated, louder this time.

His tone changed from playful to stern in that moment. “Finish your sentences” he chastised me as his pats turned into slaps.

“Please let me cum.” My voice quivered.

“Good girl.” he whispered in a soothing tone.

He dove two fingers deep into my tight pussy and resumed circling my clit with his other hand. Heat filled the room as I convulsed against his hands. I lingered in that moment of ecstasy for longer than ever before.

The sound of his belt unbuckling snapped me back to reality. I heard his trousers drop to the floor and him stepping back towards me. His leisurely approach to our encounter had now shifted to an intense urgency as he untied my restraints and directed me toward the bed. He positioned me so that I was lying down, my drenched pussy at the edge of the bed. He tired my wrists back together then ran his hand over my pussy before I heard the slick, hurried noise of him using my cum to lubricate his wank.

My pussy was still tingling from my orgasm but once again I was filled with excitement as my clit started pulsing in a pleasantly painful Escort Kartal way. He slapped his rock hard cock against my smooth, soaking pussy and glided in between my lips. I could not resist the urge to grind against him. He returned to gliding his hand up and down his now throbbing cock. His head was pressed against my clit; I could feel his pulse pounding. His strokes and the circling of my hips in perfect synchronicity sent me straight back to the edge of orgasm. His pants and growls intensified.

“Fucking slut.” he groaned as I felt streams of his hot cum cover my pussy.

A wave of pleasure washed over me for the second time.

My pussy was still pumping as I heard him pull up his trousers before the door slammed shut. Even though I wasn’t tied down I lay there frozen in the moment.

Once again I heard footsteps approaching the room.

“Baby girl, you’re a mess. You look so perfect.” Ben’s warm voice sounded surprised.

He stood in between my gaping legs, lent forward and removed my blindfold. He towered over me with a proud look in his eyes. He took some time to take in my body. I could see his eyes darting over every inch of me before lingering on my pussy. I still don’t know what he was thinking as he absorbed the image of his baby girl covered in another man’s cum for the first time. He gently wiped my pussy clean with a fluffy towel before joining me on the bed and enveloping me in his arms.

“Would you like to meet more of my friends?” Ben tentatively whispered as he played with my hair.

“Yes please” I answered as I looked longingly into his eyes.

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