My Boss


My BossI was 18 and had gotten a job working at a shoe store . I had been working there for about 3 weeks my boss was a big muscular black man I always loved to look at his fine tight ass. He was always rubbing against me when he passed me behind the cash register. One night after we closed we had a lot of shoes to put away he was on a ladder taking care of the higher shelves I was next to him on the lower shelves. He called my name I looked up he had his big thick black cock out my mouth feel open in shock he grabbed the back of my head pushing his cock into my mouth . I tried to push away from him in shock he told Alaçatı Escort me to shut up and suck his cock . I was so surprised I started to suck . He tasted to good he filled my mouth his cock was so big . My pussy was getting so wet . he came down off the ladder holding me by my hair . He pushed me to my knees pushing his cock back into my mouth fucking in and out telling me what a good cock sucking slut I was . He then pulled my panties down and fingered my wet pussy I moaned loudly loving his fingers probing my pussy . He told my he knew I was a hot slut who needed Alaybey Escort a fat black dick to use me he made me take the rest of my clothes off. He them manuvered between my legs rubbing his cock against my wet pussy he then slowly pushed in slowly fucking in and out I tried to get away he was so big it hurt he held me down pushing in . Finally he must have decided he wanted his cock in me he pushed in hard and deep . I screamed in pain I was so full of cock . He laid on top of me still he started to finger my clit It stared to feel so good again he stared fucking Aliağa Escort in and out i was getting wetter he was moving freely in and out of my cunt . It felt so good I was moaning crying out loving the fucking I was getting. He was riding me hard and fast shoving in and out hearing our boddies slapping together . The wet sucking sounds of my cunt fucking me harder and harder . My body arched up in ecstasy cumming my cunt clenching his big black cock he let out a loud yell and fucked in deep and shot his thick load up into my cunt . He rolled off me I lay there gasping . he grabbed my face and looked into my eyes telling me He owned my cunt now he would use it when and where he wanted and it was up to him who else he let use it . He then got up pulled his clothes on told me to get dressed and get out he wasn’t paying me over time and I had better be ready for him the next time I worked . I replied yes sir and left .

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