My Bi Friend’s Wedding Ch. 03


I grabbed the bottle of tequila from Kate’s hand and brought it to my lips. The clear liquid burned as it slid down my throat, but it was defiantly working to bolster my courage.

“Why the hell did I let you talk me into this again?” I asked her as she tried to pry the bottle from my iron grip.

“Because you are the only one that can actually dance MJ,” she tugged on the bottle, “Now give me that before you’re too shit faced to shake your booty!”

She laughed at me as I tried to dodge her hand, hanging onto the liquid courage for dear life, she finally managed to wrestle the bottle from my grasp anyway.

We were hiding in the kitchen of Mel and Rick’s condo. Me, dressed in tart wear that consisted of a tight red satin and lace corset with little fishhooks up the front, a red satin garter belt, red fishnet stockings and higher than high heels. Kate was flittering around me, fussing with my hair and retouching my make up.

It was Rick’s bachelor party, and I could hear the men on the other side of the thin swinging door, drinking…talking…making man noises (I’m sure I don’t have to elaborate on that one.) and I was to be the entertainment for the night.

I reached for the tequila again and Kate batted my hand down, “No more MJ! Jesus girl what is wrong with you? Most of those guys have seen you naked before!”

“No they haven’t Kate!” I sounded a little whiney even to my ears, “I only know Rick, Ken, and Chris…Oh and of course Scott…But I don’t know any of the other men!” I looked at her pleadingly, I knew there was about 15 of them in the other room, “Come on, you do this! You are much braver than me!”

“MJ I know you can do this,” she smiled at me as she ran her fingertip lightly along the soft skin of my breast busting out over the top of the tight satin, “Just go outside yourself…Lose yourself in the music and the moment.” She finished with her fingernail flicking over my nipple. “Trust me MJ, you will have fun…that I am sure of.”

She smiled a wicked little smile as I moaned, my nip hardening under her touch. Then she pulled back.

I started to give myself a little pep talk as I heard a strange voice on the other side of the door announce loudly that it was time for the “entertainment” to begin.

I looked up at Kate nervously and took a deep uneven breath; she leaned in and kissed me lightly on the lips, then turned me around and gave me a little push toward the door.

“Knock ’em dead girl!”

With that she let herself out the sliding door and I was alone for a few moments.

The tequila was helping me somewhat as I plastered a smile on my face and I jerked my hand out, pushing open the door.

The lights were turned low and Rick sat at a chair in the middle of the living room. The other men stood to the side in the shadows, I could barley see them.

The music I had chosen before started to play, ‘Feelin’ Love’ by Paula Cole. I focused all my attention on Rick, walking over to him seductively, my hips swayed to the bluesy rhythms of the song as I started to move.

I started a little shaky, thinking about all the other men watching me. Then I thought about their cocks twitching in their pants, all of them growing hard and wanting me as they looked at my body in the barely there clothes. I found myself getting into it, feeling sexy and wanton. I switched my focus to Rick and following Kate’s instructions, just let myself go.

I blocked out everything but Rick as I slinked around him, rubbing myself against parts of his body. Running my hands over his muscled shoulders, which were drawn tight as his eyes roamed over my red satin clad body.

I started to strip, swaying as I unhooked the eyelets on the corset one by one. I got the last one open and held the corset over my breasts, using it to lift and move them as I slipped in between Ricks thighs. I released them and then leaned over his chair, rubbing my nipples back merter escort and forth against his cheeks, then his lips. When I felt the warm wetness of his tongue brush against my breast, I pulled back.

Smiling playfully at him and throwing the corset behind me. I cupped my breasts in my hands as my hips moved, my nipples were hard and my pussy was already wet.

I felt amazing! So free and empowered as I saw the look of raw hunger on Ricks face.

I turned my back to him and sat down on his lap, biting back a moan as I felt his cock already very hard and pressing against my ass. I gyrated on him, giving him a slow and thorough lap dance.

His hands traveled to my hips, holding me close as I shifted again and again. He lifted his hips slightly, pushing his erection snug against my body as I rubbed my ass up and down his length. His hands traced leisurely up my sides and then it was his hands cupping my breasts, pinching and tugging at my nipples. I covered his hands with mine and moaned out loud as I continued to move against him.

Again, I stopped and I pulled back. Delighted at his little groan of disappointment.

I stood with my back to him and hooked my thumbs under the elastic of the red satin panties. I slide them slowly down my legs, bending over low to get them past the impossibly high heels on the red shoes.

I stayed bent over, moving my legs far apart and rolling my hips. Giving him a perfect view of my light pink vulva, I’m was sure it looked delicious, all dark pink, very wet and very juicy.

I slid my hands slowly up the inside of my thighs, my long hair brushing against the carpet as I brushed the sides of my hands against my cunt. I shifted my hips, arching my back and feeling my wetness as I slowly pulled my nether lips wide, showing him my wet and very hot little pussy from behind. My clit throbbed as I saw him lick his lips, his eyes glued to my sex.

I couldn’t believe how much this little performance was turning me on!

I stood again up again flipping my long hair down my back and turned; I ran my hands down over my breasts all the way to my drenched pussy. I was sure Rick could smell my arousal in the air.

I put one leg up on his chair, my toes pressing against the now obvious bulge in his pants. I pumped my hips at him while I cupped my breasts, tugging and toying with my nipples.

He moved slightly, lifting his hips to press his cock harder against the toe of my shoe and watched me as I slinked one hand slowly down my torso and brushed my fingertips lightly over the smooth lips of my sex. Then I opened myself to his gaze, and slid a finger inside. I moaned as I teased myself, my hips bucking against my hand as I continued to finger my pussy, harder and faster, only inches from his face.

I flicked my thumb lightly over my clit, once…twice…three times…and that was it. My moans filled the room as my knees came close to buckling, I came so fucking hard. Rocking my hips against my hand as my juices spilled from my opening and coated my now slow moving fingers.

I took my hand away, bringing my wet fingers to my mouth and slipped them inside. I moaned as I tasted myself, licking and sucking them seductively as I looked down at Rick.

His eyes met mine and he smiled as he gripped my ankle and slid his hand up my leg slowly until he was a breath away from my now completely saturated sex.

His fingers brushed over the outer lips of my sex. I moaned loud, my clit throbbing from my recent release and I shifted my hips toward him; I almost lost my footing as he stroked his fingertips gently up and down the still tingling lips of my pussy.

“Mmm…Yess baby,” I groaned out and leaned closer.

His fingers pushed a bit into my still pulsing opening as I pulled and rolled my very hard nipples between my fingers, letting my head loll back as he slid his fingers deep into mutlukent escort my drenched sex.

He pulled away and I glanced down at him. He ran his tongue over his wet digits, tasting me as I had done a moment before.

“Delicious, MJ,” He grinned up at me as he cleaned his digits, “You are simply delicious, babe.”

That being said, he moved his hand to his lap and started to slowly undo the zipper on his Levis.

I smiled eagerly, more than happy to oblige as I moved to my knees. The other men in the room a distant memory as Rick freed his hard cock from the confines of his jeans.

I helped him tug his pants down over his lean hips, his nice big hard cock springing into view as I reached my hand out and gripped it by the base. He kicked his jeans off his feet, spread his legs and leaned back to watch me as I worked him.

I ran my hand over him. He felt like steel wrapped in velvet, rock hard and smooth. I pumped my hand up and down, gauging his reaction.

I leaned in closer and blew across the tip, then licked, stabbing my tongue into the tiny hole and tasting the wetness already seeping from him. I circled the purple head of his cock, running my tongue over him and then trailing lower, exploring every ridge, every vein.

His hands came up and tangled in my hair as I tormented him. Long licks, over the shaft of his cock, lower over his heavy cum filled balls. I nuzzled the rough skin on his sac, moving my lips against him, and then flicked my tongue over the extremely sensitive area just behind. I traced every inch of him with my tongue, gradually working back up to the head of his cock and then placed a chaste kiss on the head, I looked up into his gorgeous brown eyes as I slowly I drew him into the hot cavern of my mouth.

His hips lifted as his grip tightened in my hair. He tried to push as much of his huge cock into my mouth as he could until I gagged a bit when the big purple head hit the back of my throat.

I wrapped my hand around the base of his shaft and gripped him tight as I slid my mouth up and down. I sucked hard and straddled his leg, rubbing my soaked pussy against his shin as I bobbed my head up and down his cock. My hand cupped his balls as I let my teeth lightly brush along the length of his shaft, something I knew he loved from the other night when all of us had played.

He moaned, his hips lifting against me as his breathing got short, he started to grunt each time I filled my mouth with his cock and I knew he was getting very close.

I slowed my pace, not wanting it to be over for him yet; I took my mouth off his cock and started stroking him, moving my lips back down and mouthing his balls, sucking one, then the other into my mouth as my hand traveled up and down his shaft. My clit throbbed with each little moan that escaped his lips.

It was then that I felt a presence behind me a strange pair of hands on my body. They slid up my sides and cupped and lifted my breasts, almost testing their weight. Then they started to roll my nipples between the fingers, pulling lightly. I moaned loudly, too horny at that point to really care who’s hands they were.

Rick took one of my hands in his and stopped my teasing. He pulled me to my feet and traded me places, pushing me back into the chair. This time he kneeled before me, wrapping his arms around my thighs and pulling my pussy toward his waiting mouth.

I moaned at the first touch of his tongue on my cunt. I pushed my hips out, opening my legs as wide as I could. I watched him as he licked and teased his tongue along the seam of my slit then slipped it inside, exploring each fold then flicking it lightly over my still hard little clit. He ate me like a man starving. Driving me insane, taking me higher and higher as my loud moans filled the room and ripples of pleasure ran up and down my body.

I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, otele gelen escort I turned to the left to see a nice and thick cock bobbing just inches my face, I looked to my right, there was another.

I reached my hands up without even thinking about it and gripped each one, stroking the smooth skin, running my hands up and down the shafts as I lifted my hips against Ricks questing tongue.

I leaned over, wrapping my lips around the head of one of the cocks and drew it into my mouth. I moaned at the salty sweet taste or precum as I sucked it in deep. My hand still pumped one while I bobbed my head up and down the length of the other.

Ricks tongue flicked faster over my clit as I moaned loud again and again around the cock in my mouth, then I switched, sucking on the other cock as my hand pumped the one that I had just had in my mouth.

I almost screamed as Ricks mouth locked on my clit and sucked hard…almost too hard.

The pleasure/pain shot through my body like a bolt of lightening. I groaned out his name as I broke, my hips bucking wildly, my almost thrashing movements ground my sopping pussy hard against his lips.

My body tensed and I was being moved again. Rick pulled me down onto the floor, laying back and maneuvering me over him. I straddled his hips and rubbing my wet slit along the length of his shaft, coating his cock in my juices. I shifted, lifting up as he pushed deep inside me with one hard stroke.

I moaned long and low as he buried his cock inside my wet pussy. He held my hips still, buried to the hilt as cocks appeared beside me. I started again, sucking one and stroking the other while Rick moved below me. He pushed up into me deeper and deeper. I sucked harder and pumped my hand faster. I cried out around the first cock as it exploded between my lips, I swallowed fast, taking every drop. The thick, salty fluid slipping down my throat as the owner pumped hard into my mouth.

Rick ran his fingers over my clit as I turned to suck the other cock, another took the now empty spot on the other side.

I sucked and licked while Rick fucked me deep and slow…I stroked and I swallowed… maybe 10 or 12 times. They all blurred together and I lost count as I came over and over from the fingers that strummed my clit, the mouths that were nipping and licking at my nipples and Rick’s cock filling me again and again.

I clamped down hard when I felt fingers slipping into the tight ring of my ass, Rick’s growls echoed in my ears as he finally reached his peak. His cock exploded, pumping his seed into me. I could feel the shaft of his cock growing larger as it pulsed and spasmed deep inside me, filling me to overflowing with his fluids.

I was moved again, this time Ken was below me and someone I couldn’t see kneeled behind me, as Ken slipped his cock into my pussy the other was working his cock slowly into my tight little asshole. They both buried themselves and then started to slam in and out of me hard, I moved with them as they filled me and fucked me until I screamed out and came over and over coating both of them in my nectar.

Then another cock in my mouth as someone fucked me from behind so I was speared at both ends. I was laid on my back as someone else slid a hard cock between the soft skin of my breasts, I squeezed his shaft between them as he pushed through my cleavage, he grunted loudly as he splashed his hot come over my lips and chin.

More fingers sliding in and out of my drenched pussy as another guy straddled my chest and forced his cock between my lips. Hands fisted tight in my hair as he fucked my mouth. I lifted my hips against the hand working my cunt, my whole body writhing and tingling.

Mouths, hands, cocks touched every part of my body. I was fucked, fingered and licked until I could barely move and had sucked and fucked so many cocks I had lost count.

The last thing I remember was my husband kissing me softly on the lips and wrapping me in his arms. I laid my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes, he held me close as my whole body still hummed with sensations.

I closed my eyes as my body started to gradually relax, kissing his neck and snuggling close, I drifted off into the abyss of a totally sated and completely enveloping sleep.

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