My Best Birthday Gift


We are married for more than ten years. We are yet to be blessed with a child. I am Nidhi, a mixed North Indian offspring of a Punjabi father and a Kashmiri mother, I am now in my mid thirties. I have fair complexion, tall, slim and well developed boobs. My hubby Venky, a typical southee, would reach forty in another few months. He is tall and dusky.

Of late we found our sex life stagnating and dangerously monotonous. While Venky still gets excitement in fucking me, I get no such excitement even after Venky tries various unorthodox sex. To bring back my sexual interest he started showing me some hardcore porno videos that I loved to watch initially and felt some rejuvenation in my sexual urge. But it lasted for a very short period and I lost interest in watching these ugly porno films with no story and all about sucking and fucking. But I still enjoy some videos that have some story line, particularly when a wife cheats his husband. Maybe, watching such videos I developed a kind of inner urge to cheat my beloved hubby. But I have no courage in venturing into such unknown world of sexual fantasy.

One day we both were watching an erotic movie, not exactly a porno film, where after cheating her hubby once, the wife slowly became nymphomaniac in cheating her hubby again and again and invited many strangers, even her hubby’s friends, to have sex with her. Her hubby used to make very frequent trips to other cities for his professional activities. She used to take advantage of his frequent absence and on his return she used to narrate her experiences to him who believed that his wife only fantasized and there was no truth in her stories. But once when he returned home shortening his tour, he found his wife was exuberantly enjoying vigorous pumping by one of their neighbors whom he knew as a very innocent decent gentleman. He realized that whatever he was used to believe as his wife’s fantasy were all realities. He could not withstand his shock and committed suicide in some gruesome manner.

Frankly speaking both of us could not guess that the movie would end so gruesomely. In disbelief we kissed each other, maybe in a panic and I asked my hubby, “If you find your wife doing such cheating, what will you do my darling?” My hubby took a long breath and quipped, “I am not such a stupid to kill myself. Rather I will allow you more liberty.” I was really taken aback listening his instant remark, though knowing his over possessiveness I knew, he was simply pretending. Actually he would kill me before any thing.

We fell in love when we were in Delhi and after a few years of courtship we got married, though there was bit hesitation from both families to accept our marriage. But soon my parents and Venky’s parents reconciled and accepted our marriage. Venky being a software engineer got a good offer from a software company in New Jersey, USA. We shifted to New Jersey a year back. Having some experience in fashion designing back in India I got a part time job with an Indian fashion designer at New York. Most of my work I do in my house and visit their office once or twice a week. So I do stay in our luxurious apartment that we could not even imagine back home.

One day my hubby called me from his office that he was planning to buy an insurance policy that needed my signature. So one guy from the Insurance company would call on me with an insurance application form and would get my signatures under my hubby’s signatures. Maybe, in some part he would take my signatures exclusively. There I must read the papers before signing. In other parts where he had signed I need not to go through before signing. I could sign blindly. I always found Venky to be very meticulous. This time also no exception.

Around noon the fellow banged our door bell and I opened the door with no hesitation. A well built well dressed black fellow smiled at me and politely explained his purpose of visit. Having the prior information I asked him to come inside. Generally in other days I used to wear only a dressing gown with no panties, no bra. I would feel very comfortable with no underwear. But since I knew a guy would come from an Insurance company, I put on my panties, bra, a navy blue baggy top and a light blue tight jeans.

“Hi I am Alex” he introduced himself very politely before sitting on the sofa. Then he took out some papers from his briefcase and told, “I guess, you know, you need to sign these papers wherever your husband had signed”.

“Yes I know” I also sat on the sofa very close to him so that he could guide me signing the paper wherever needed. Immediately I felt, he had applied some extremely provocative perfume to attract female attention. Anyway I ignored it for Venky had in a few occasions told me that the black guys did apply this kind of perfume very often.

I started signing wherever he guided me to sign. I found, the forms are quite elaborate running into pages. Moreover he told that the forms need to be signed in duplicate. This means, I had to put more that fifty signatures.

“Mam, kartal escort can I have some water please? I am feeling very thirsty” Alex looked at me intensely, “Isn’t it very hot today, Mam?”

“Oh yes, it is pretty hot” I smiled at him, “I’ll bring some water for you”.

I brought a glass of water and he finished it in no time. Putting down the glass on the table he told, “Mam, shall I tell you something? Hope, you’ll not mind.”

“Why shall I!” I exclaimed.

“You look extremely pretty” he stammered a bit, then steadied his voice, “I saw a lot on Indian beauties. But never saw them in proximity. You are gorgeous.”

“Thank you” I gave him a shy look and concentrated on my signing act.

“I guess, you didn’t believe me” he held my hand and stopped me signing, “I am telling it from the core of my heart, Mam.”

He brought his head very close to me. I could once again get the strong smell of his perfume. It was utterly sexy. The smell went up to my head. I asked myself, was the fellow flattering with me? If so, should I provoke him go further? Suddenly the gray cells of my brain started tormenting me. If he was provoked, would it lead to a fulfillment of my fantasy of cheating my hubby? Oh, no. What a nasty way of inciting my evil senses. How could I be so dirty? I tried to calm myself.

“Yes dear, I know, you are telling it from your heart” I blushed.

He was looking at me with his eyes sparkling. He might have noticed my blushing and my unmindful use of ‘dear’ to a stranger. I didn’t know whether these were provocative enough. But what he did next, I felt he was provoked. He took my hand and kissed it. It was shocking to me, but electrifying as well. My entire body went into a spate of numbness. I jerked my head and recovered from my senses that went into a tailspin momentarily.

“Hello, where else I have to sign” I shrieked in a bid to recovery.

“Sorry Mam” an apologetic smile spread on his lips, “Can I use your toilet?”

Suddenly I looked down and discovered a huge bulging inside his trousers. I could feel, he had an erection and he wanted to tranquillize his excitement in the toilet. I could visualize, he relieved himself by masturbating and a stream of while fluid was gushing out of his cock. My senses went into another tailspin. He cleverly noticed my mood change and dragged my hand to the area where his cock might have stiffened and throbbing. I didn’t stop him and allowed him to press my palm on his bulging. I closed my eyes.

Just in a flash he unzipped his trouser and I could feel his hot steaming cock flew out and touched my hand. It was hot. It was throbbing. In normal sense I would have pulled out my hand and asked him to stop all these nonsense. But the warm of his cock put me into a huge delirium. I opened my eyes. Could not believe, a huge black cock was dancing just a feet away and I could get its smell. I couldn’t control myself and grabbed it with my palms.

Alex must have guessed that it would be difficult for me to recover and come back my normal senses and it was time to tease me further. I could feel, he held my head with his hands and pushed down my head to taste his cock. In no time his cock head went inside my mouth. Excitement enticed me. I started sucking it and he groaned. He pushed his cock further into my mouth. It went deep into my throat. It almost choked me. I coughed it out and started licking it all over. He was groaning and moaning. The sound whipped my passion further. I lost all senses to realize that I was entering in a serious extramarital sex with a stranger.

He lifted my baggy top and threw it some distance. He unhooked my bra and I allowed it to drop. He grabbed my boobs, squeezed them vigorously. Then he licked them all over. He sucked my nipples, licked them briskly. Oh, what an exciting sensation. I could feel, my pussy started juicing madly, my panties were getting wet. Then he moved upward and kissed me passionately. Responding to his growing passion , I pushed my tongue inside his mouth. He sucked it so zestfully, I could not remember whether my hubby had done so ever.

I felt, I was drowning in an ocean of ultimate sexual pleasure. Had I not responded to Alex’s advances I would have missed a memorable sex experience and would have repented forever. I knew, greatest pleasure was yet to come. Ultimately the guy would fuck me with his rock hard hungry monster that scared me at first sight.

Alex pulled down my jeans and moved very fast to lick my pussy. He didn’t pull down my last peace of modesty, my panties. I had no idea why did he leave my last modesty when I surrendered completely. All along I kept my eyes closed. So I could not find out what he was doing. Suddenly I felt that he tried to reach my fuck hole by pushing his tongue by the side of my panties. Oh my God! It gave me an electrifying sensation. Slowly he pushed his lips inside my pussy and started sucking. In between his hungry tongue licked it. I went berserk. kaynarca escort I pushed my pussy up to allow his lips and tongue go deeper. At that point he pull down my panties to take my entire pussy in his mouth.

“Oh dear, you are unbelievable” I screamed loudly, “Had I not responded to your call, I would not have this incredible experience”.

Alex was so absorbed in eating my pussy he could not speak. I opened my eyes. I found, Alex was still dressed. I pushed him up. I lost my patience. Instead of unbuttoning his shirt, I almost tore it apart. I removed his belt and pull down his trousers along with his underwear. I saw a well built masculine body with a god gifted fucking shaft fully erected and throbbing to eat me.

“Oh Alex, I can not wait. Fuck me, fuck me hard” I fell down on the sofa keeping my legs apart to invite Alex to push his giant cock inside my little pussy. Even at that height of ecstasy I could not escape a scary thought whether that giant cock could enter my little pussy, an exclusive property of my hubby so far. Sensing my scare, Alex whispered, “Mam, don’t worry. It will enter as a hot knife in a cake of butter.”

“Oh dear push it, push it” I dragged him towards me and he placed his cock head in my pussy. Still I couldn’t believe, my pussy was under siege by a stranger. He pushed it. My pussy swallowed it. First time in my life I gave it away to a stranger. Feeling was ecstatic. He pusher it further. His huge fucking shaft went deeper. No pain, no bleeding. I felt, how correct he was. A red hot knife was cutting apart a cake of butter. He pushed further. It reached the bottom of my cunt. I groaned aloud in extreme pleasure, “Oh my gosh, what a pleasure. I can’t believe fucking could be so wild.” My groaning inflamed Alex’s passion. He started pumping me. He picked up speed gradually. I could feel, his rock hard cock swelling with each stroke. My pussy went into madness, juicing madly. Alex kept my legs apart by his hands. As he started ramming my pussy like a wild animal, he pushed my legs further so that his swollen cock could get more space to move up and down.

“Mam, are you enjoying my pumping” Alex’s voice shuddered as he pushed up his cock to start another vigorous push down.

“Oh my darling. You are too good. You fuck so well” my voice also shuddered with his stroke, “Fuck me hard. Fuck me hard”.

My cry for a hard fuck whipped him and he rammed my pussy with increased speed.

“Ah, Ah, I gonn coming. Fuck me, fuck me, Ohhhhhh… flood my pussy with your hot cum” I groaned loudly, “Burn my pussy with your hot juices… Ohhhhh…..”.

“Mam, are you sure?” Alex desperately asked.

“Oh dear, am pretty sure. Dump your hot load” I shrieked

“Mam, I am comming… Ohhhh my God, What a pleasure fucking you, so lovely, so lovely, you bitch…” Alex ejaculated tones of his hot thick semen into my womb and broke down on my body. The heat of his steaming swelling cock had already thrown me into a new horizon of pleasure. But his furious jet of hot cum threw me out of the world. I embraced him to feel his heart beat.

We could not move at least for next fifteen minutes. Alex almost slept over my body totally exhausted. I was also completely drained out after getting at least three violent orgasms. I could not remember whether I had so many orgasms in one fucking session with Venky in ten years of our marriage that I experienced in just fifteen minutes vigorous pumping by Alex with his giant dick.

I didn’t open my eyes. I was still flying in my unreal world of sexual fantasy. My soul was yet to realize that I had an explosive extra marital sex with a black stranger who ate me thoroughly and flooded by love box with a never ending stream of thick hot cum. My mind, my soul, my heart, my body all were still drowned in a deep ocean of ecstasy.

But the reality came down heavily when I felt that our fucking juices were gushing out of my pussy and dripping in our expensive spotless red carpet. I jumped out of my fantasy world and felt that the juices were dripping in my thighs and the entire region of my vagina was in a total mess, wet with sticky fluid that Alex and me spurt at the height of our ecstasy.

I could not find Alex. I picked up my clothes strewed all over the places, my bra, my panties, my top and my jeans. I rushed to our private toilet attached to our bed room. In front of a huge mirror in the toilet I discovered a new woman who enjoyed sex with a stranger first time in her life, groaned, moaned from the deep of her heart in every sexual advance by the stranger. I didn’t clean my body immediately. Rather I was getting deep pleasure watching the reminiscences of my fantastic voyage in a forbidden world of sex with a stranger all over my body. Repeatedly I turned from left to right and right to left to see the stains in my body. Pushed my fingers in my pussy and took out some semen of Alex mixed with my pussy juices still left in my cunt. Immediately kozyatağı escort I put my fingers in my mouth and sucked the juices. It tasted so exotic that I had a minor orgasm. I could not believe I could get an orgasm just tasting semen of a stranger. A wonderful feeling swept me into another horizon of pleasure. I repeatedly pushed my fingers in my pussy and licked the juices till a very little left.

I took a shower and cleaned my body. After drying up with a towel, I spayed some exotic perfume that Venky presented in my last birthday. I rarely used it. I left my clothes in the closet that I was wearing just before I experienced my life time sexual pleasure that fell on me like a thunder in a blue sky. I didn’t wear any bra. Nor any panties. I just draped me with a colorful housecoat. Alex was no longer a stranger that I need to come out in front of him formally dressed.

Suddenly a deep sense of gilt came out of my stomach and choked my throat. I cheated my hubby. I might have fantasized it, but never thought it to happen. That too with a guy that he sent to our residence with tones of faith and trust. Even if I told him my sex experiences with the guy, Venky would not believe it. He had so much trust on me. I couldn’t stop a few drops of tears that rolled down from my eyes.

I came out and saw Alex sitting in the sofa collecting the pieces of papers that he brought for my signature. He was dressed up just like when he came to this apartment. He could not lift his eyes, Nor could I. I walked down slowly and sat in the sofa to complete my act of signing the insurance papers for which my hubby sent this guy.

“May I wish you a happy birthday” Alex raised his head and looked at me.

I was shocked. How did this guy know that today was my birthday? Only Venky knew it In fact, while going to office he wished her with a warm hug and long kiss. He told that they would go out for a sumptuous dinner after he retuned from the office. A spell of disbelief caught me in a net of mystery.

“How do you know that?” overcoming my shock I murmured.

“Your hubby, I mean Venky told me” Alex quipped with a charming smile, “He sent me to give you a birthday gift”.

“Birthday gift? What are you talking?” I exploded with astonishment in my eyes, “Do you mean this insurance policy is my birthday gift?”

“No Mam” he started smiling naughtily, “You just had it. Enjoyed it. You went ecstatic.”

“Oh no” I screamed in disbelief, “It can’t be.”

“Yes Mam” Alex held my shoulder, dragged me and kissed me again, “You often fantasize sex with a black guy. You got it as your birthday gift. A gift from your beloved hubby. He sent me here to fulfill your fantasy on your birthday. Believe me.”

“I can’t believe” I shrieked in despair, “My hubby planned it?”

“Yes, Mam. Venky is my colleague. We used to talk about sex regularly. Being a bachelor he very often asked me whether I had sex with anyone. Though I had not many sex experiences, I used to tell Venky as if I fuck a lady every week end. He became fascinated to hear my experiences. Then one day he told me about your fantasy of sex with a black guy. I could see a sparkle on his eyes. It gave me a feeling that he wanted to fulfill your dream. He showed me your intimate photo. I felt, he was desperate. Otherwise he won’t have shown his wife’s very private sexy photo to a black guy after telling him her fantasy” Alex took a deep breath and stopped.

“Oh my God” I screamed again. I could feel my blood circulation increasing rapidly.

“Thereafter I started provoking him by telling all sorts of imaginary stories of my fucking married ladies. I knew, a day will come when Venky will surrender to me. It happened yesterday. He told me that it would be the best birthday gift for his wife if I go to his residence and could manage to fuck her and fulfill her long cherished fantasy. Initially I felt little nervous. But I took it as a challenge. Now you know, you had your best birthday gift. Isn’t it, Mam?”

“You two are unbelievable” I closed to him, hugged him and kissed him passionately, “Now give me the papers and I’ll complete signing.”

“You need not sign anything. These are all scrap papers. As I told you I am your hubby’s colleague and not Insurance agent.” Alex held me tight and rubbed my boobs with his manly chest, “This was just a ploy to come your apartment and seduce you. Your hubby planned it and I executed it.”

“Oh gosh. It was a perfect murder” I kissed him again as if I knew him for years, “When can we meet again?”

“Maybe, in your next birthday” Alex put another kiss on my lips and got up.

“Why not earlier?” I pleaded with my eyes sparkling with passion and lust.

“Let’s see” Alex spanked me affirmatively and departed.

I got down to remove the stains on the carpet. Some stains I could remove, but I could not wipe out a few stains where my pussy juices had percolated deep in the carpet. I felt sad. I knew, Venky would certainly notice them, if not today, but on some other day. Another small feeling of sadness engulfed me also. When a sense of gilt choked my throat, I tried to cover it up with my little achievement of cheating my husband. But after hearing the background of Alex’s adventure, my little achievement got totally crashed. Venky’s success overshadowed my achievement.

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