My Asian Master: Tested Twice


Master was not ready to take me as his slave. He subjected me to two tests. The first was my ability to obey. I knelt. He handed me a black jockstrap, a white handkerchief and a blue cloth napkin. All three were stiff with semen stains. I learned that these items were prepared from the Master’s cum by his previous sub. My orders, for the next three days, were to wear the jockstrap under my underwear at all times, to smell the handkerchief once an hour and to use the napkin at all my meals. Master was shrewd. Even though I was not allowed to touch his cock, he made it possible for me feel it, smell it and taste it.

Master also gave me a small glass vial hanging from a necklace chain. The vial was filled with Master’s cum. I was to wear the necklace always and to hold the vial between my lips for at least three hours a day.

I followed Master’s orders carefully, but on the third day, I got busy at work and forgot to pay lip service to the vial filled with Master’s precious cum. I did not know it contained a tiny sensor activated by the heat of my saliva. When I presented myself at the end of the third day, Master knew of my failure. He blindfolded me, shoved a butt plug in my mouth, and ordered me to hold a sign which said: “I am not worthy to swallow my Master’s cum.” He posted the photo on his online profile.

After taking the photo, Master Ankara escort removed the blindfold. He placed a glass with two ice cubes in front of me. I was to suck on the butt plug and hold the sign until the ice melted. The ice was Master’s frozen semen. After it melted, Master allowed me a taste. Master believes in both reward and punishment as a way to train his slave.


When he sent me home, Master handed me a sheet of paper with detailed instructions. The ability to follow instructions was my second test. It was a role play. Master would play the part of a house guest and I would be his servant. My duties were carefully worked out.

I arrived three days later, dressed as ordered in a business suit, spotless white shirt, silk tie and well-shined black shoes. Master let me in and then disappeared. 20 minutes later, the doorbell rang. The “guest” had arrived.

“Good evening, Sir. I’m so glad you could join us. May I take your coat? ” I hung his overcoat in the closet. The guest was dressed in a business suit. “The theme tonight is Tropical Pleasure. I am instructed to help you get comfortable.”

I led the guest into a bedroom. “I have a robe for you, Sir.” He started to unbutton his shirt, but I gently placed on my hand on his hand. “That’s my job Sir. ” I unbuttoned his cuffs and then his shirt. I slid the shirt off his Ankara escort bayan shoulders and hung it up.

“Please have a seat.” I got down on my knees and untied his shoes. After I had removed his socks, I asked if he would like a foot massage. Of course, he said yes. I massaged toes, feet and ankles until he told me to stop.

I asked him to stand up. Still on my knees, I undid his belt, unzipped his pants. They dropped to the floor where I carefully removed them so that nothing fell out of his pockets. I helped him slip into a thick terry cloth robe and led him to the dining room. I knew that if Master were present, I was to walk respectfully behind him and his guest.

The guest sat in an easy chair. I brought him a plate of delicious appetizers I had prepared at home. I returned with a pitcher of Singapore Slings. After I had poured his drink, I explained that I would be pleased to hold his drink for him while he enjoyed the appetizers. I sat at his feet with his drink in my hand. I handed it to him whenever he requested or when he asked me to go into the kitchen for additional appetizers. On my second trip to the kitchen, I realized that my instructions were also a guide to how Master should be treated and served when he comes home from work.

My guest started to get tipsy and spilled two spicy meatballs in his lap. I carefully Escort Ankara reached between his legs to retrieve them. He shifted his body so my fingers pressed against his basket. I was prepared for this. “You have a nice package, Sir, but I must follow my instructions.” I took his plate and returned with fresh meat balls.

When my guest could eat and drink no more, I suggested that he rest while I resumed my chores. I assume this is the part of the evening when Master and his guests would chat and joke.

As directed on my instruction sheet, I went into an adjoining room. My instructions were vague. Make creative use, it said, of objects placed in that room. There were only two objects – a leather blindfold and a medium-sized metal bowl. I sat on the floor, covered my eyes and placed the bowl in my lap. I waited. Ten minutes later, the door opened. Footsteps. I felt feet against my legs and heard an urgent and strong stream of liquid. Most of it landed in the bowl. Some splattered on my hands, suit pants and silk tie.

For obvious reasons, my guest had stored up a lot of piss and despite his drunkenness, his aim was good. But before he was done, a second pair of feet pressed against me, a second stream started. I was startled but kept my cool. Eventually, the pissing stopped although both men seem to enjoy shaking their dicks a long time because I felt additional drops on my hands and tie. Master removed my blindfold. I looked at the unexpected guest he had invited in for the final service. I smiled at him. “Good evening, Sir. I’m so glad you could join us.” Master was pleased.

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