My Adventures in Pleasure Ch. 05


When I was in my last job in HK before I left, there was a receptionist called Jenny. She was Chinese, about 48 years old, and married, though her husband was running a business in Australia. I used to just flirt with her, & comment how beautiful she looked (she really was beautiful), etc. Once when her son came, I jokingly asked if he was her younger brother, so she was very flattered.

I used to say that if she were single, I would have kissed her in the office, making her blush. One day, when I said it, she said, “So what if I am married, it is only a kiss”, so I made sure no one was looking, & kissed her. I then said if she had been in my house, I would not have been able to control myself, but left it at that. We would all share our lunch, & every body would wait to see what I had brought, as it was always special. The Chinese especially loved Idly & sambar, as I never made it spicy.

One day, Jenny said I should cook a meal & bring to the office for her. I said it would be better if she came home, especially on a Sunday. She agreed quickly, & I began to get an erection there itself, wondering what would happen.

That Sunday, I made Indian food, which she ate well & enjoyed. After lunch, we were sitting & sipping wine, when I said I really enjoyed kissing her, but in the office, it had been too short! She did not answer but put her wineglass down, and came & sat on my lap. We began kissing deeply, while my hands Trabzon Escort roamed all over her. She began moaning, and putting her hand inside my pants, began pulling my penis, moving around on my lap. We quickly stripped & began hugging, but she said I couldn’t enter her! The way she began stroking & rubbing me with her hands & body made me ejaculate fast, as she had a very sexy way of doing it, while making noises that I knew she was also enjoying it. That day, she really did not let me enter her, but I was free to lick & suck her all over. She made me ejaculate totally 4 times by evening, which I had never thought possible! She had small but firm breasts, with hard light pink nipples, that I enjoyed chewing, making her almost shout in ecstasy.

Using only my hands & tongue, I did manage to give her two orgasms, after which she left, promising to come back soon. My behavior with her was always very proper in the office, but I could get her excited by whispering naughty things to her, or complementing her.

She came over a few times, but the second time she let me go all the way. She seemed to be feeling hot in the office, & when I told her to come home with me in the evening, she quickly agreed. We did not waste time, as we had eaten food on the way. I took a quick shower, & came out naked except for a towel, from the bathroom. She had taken off her clothes, sitting on the sofa with only a slip & panties. When Trabzon Escort Bayan I stood in front of her, she used her feet to pull off the towel, and began massaging my penis with them. She was so good, squeezing, rubbing & pulling, using only her feet! They were so soft, & she was such an expert that I had my first ejaculation there itself, while standing. When my semen spurted on her legs, she rubbed it & spread it on herself in a very sexy way, telling me it was full of protein, like any good quality skin lotion!

Then I went down in front of her, stripping her naked, and licking her all over, from head to toe. She was on the sofa, to make my penis wet. When I was hard & wet, she sat back on the sofa, & lifted her legs to her chest. Her pink vagina was fully exposed, but looked so small. I reached forward & tried to insert, but she was tight! With difficulty, I entered her slowly, while she was hugging me tight & moaning so loud I thought the neighbors would come knocking on my door!

Once I was fully inside, I could hardly move as she was gripping me tightly. When I began to stroke in & out, I kept kissing her, but my strokes were really slow due to the tightness! She later told me I was so large for her that she had an orgasm for every few strokes that I gave her. Of course, I too could not control & came very soon. She let me ejaculate inside her, as she had no worry of pregnancy. Because of her Escort Trabzon tightness, I could remain inside her even after I became soft!! When I finally pulled out, we just lay back exhausted, holding each other.

Her tightness had nearly squeezed me dry, but she gave me only a half-hour, before bending down and sucking me to erection again. Her said that she enjoyed it so much she wanted more, as she needed to make up for a lot of lost time! This time, I made her get on her knees, bending down with her buttocks raised & legs spread. Her pink vagina was fully exposed, as she had slim thighs & buttocks, giving me better access. Even then, it was tight, so I could enter slowly, but more fully. I could reach down and hold on to her breasts, like handles, almost lifting her, while squeezing her nipples between my fingers. In this position, we got into a slow rhythm, which she said gave her extreme pleasure, & it was great for me too. Unfortunately, the pleasure was so high that it was difficult to hold for long, making us both have orgasm within minutes of starting!

Next day she took off, and I got a call from her that she had to go to the doctor, as her vagina was very painful, but that was the best sex she had had in a long time. We could not have sex more than once a week, as she said she needed to recover each time, but she would come to my place, & masturbate me very often, till I left HK.

She had a great knowledge of how to please a man, and the fact that I made sure that she was satisfied first, made her happy. There were times she would make me ejaculate, only by rubbing me with her body, while making loud moaning noises, and she would have an orgasm just by me licking her vagina.

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