Ms. Marca Ch. 58

Alexis Ren

I want to tell you about the afternoon/evening of October 19th. of this year 2002.

For you gentlemen who don’t know I’m Marca. I am in my mid 30’s, 5′ 10″ tall. My husband calls the sexiest legs in town, with 40DD tits that don’t really need a bra except to hide my extra big nipples. If you believe that I got a bridge to sell you! I work out regularly and have a very nice build that is envied by most of my friends and all my enemies. My husband is 15 + years older than I am, and is in good health. We have no children, (another reason I have this body) we have been married 6 years. I have to confess I also enjoyed the looks that I get from men and those horny old husbands of other women. Their eyes are always on my 40DD and having a body that included the big melons is a 23 x 38 that fits on the 5′ 10″ 140 pound frame and I still have the looks that made me a model before I was a Mrs. and a Good Neighbor.

As many of you know my husband and I are big football fans, college football on a fall Saturday afternoon. The trees are turning, crank up the fireplace, few friends over to watch one of the big games, sweater weather, yes life is good. On a day like that the bar is stocked and the little finger food with chips and dip is set up for everyone to stuff their face with. I never touch the stuff, how do you think I keep this 40 x 23 x 38! My husband had informed me he was having some of the guys from the club over to watch the game on Saturday and since it was just them and no wives, I had made plans to do something with one of my girl friends that afternoon. About 30 minutes before the guys were to arrive my girl friend called and told me she had to get to her office, some type of problem had come up and could we do a rain check.

My husband said if I can stand a bunch of old men all afternoon stick around. I told them you were not going to be here, so this will make their day! You know you’re the hottest thing in the world when it comes to being a member of the club. Keep talking big boy your making my day. What the heck why not! I had on my tennis shoes and a pair of jeans with a pull over type sweatshirt. My makeup and hair is always in place, believe me I look good, just very casual. He looked at me and smiled they just wont get to see any of that goddess type body today with what you got on. You want me to dress like a sexy high class hooker, big boy? He laugh and went on to the den to set up his bar. I went up stairs.

I went though my stuff trying to find the sexy, nastiest, whore looking outfit I could put together. I heard the door bell ring and I knew my fan club was starting to arrive. It took about 45 minutes for me to put together something that gave me that slut, whore, I want to fuck look. While the men gathered in the den and started the day off with a round of something stronger than Dr. Pepper I made my entrance. As I came down the steps the room began to grow very quite and heads turned to see who was approaching what creature was this descending from heaven to share her presents with these surfs. It was as if time had stop every eye was on me even my husband had his face frozen and jaw was on the floor, in fact every guy had his mouth open as if they were sizing up my nipples to suck.

I knew, as I stood there smiling and kind of looking around, that I had a total glowing sex-flush all over me. I had on a short red and black pleated skirt that was about 8 inches above my knees; yes it was rather short. My top was a 3/4 long sleeve low cut V type black sweater and my under things were a black thong and a lace top bra. I had on a pair of open toe 6” black high heel pumps the heel were of clear plastic and they made that hard clicking sound every time I took a step. These 6” babies made my ass stick out. Gold ear rings and gold chain belt with a gold watch band set off my dark tan

With a big smile I looked at each guy right in the eye and after sizing up the room I broke the silence. “ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALLLLLL, Gentlemen, welcome so good to see you again! Please make yourself at home, who needs a refill let me get it for you!“ The looks I got told me I had made an impression and they continued to look the rest of the day. Everyone settled down in the den with drink in hand and the day actives began. About 30 minutes into the game 3 more guys showed up that my husband didn’t know but they had been a member of the club many years ago. All the other guys from the club knew them. I was being a good hostess and acting as bar tender/ hostess for all. This went on for about 2 hours and I had my usual one glass of wine. As you know I’m not a drinker, however every time I turned around my glass was full, so God only knows how much I sipped. I totally did the run-way walk and my hard nipples were busting out of that low cut sweater and every time I bent over all eyes went to them. When I bent over the other side of the room got the other show, my around tight butt and hard legs. elvankent escort I was strutting in my heels, and. I just kept smiling and once in a while I would toss my hair. As the afternoon went on I would get this hot flash feeling and my nipples would go rock hard. The blood just rushed through me and I had a couple pretty dizzying hot flashes. God it was if I were turned-on! What is wrong with me and hell no one has touched me and I feel like I’m having foreplay. These old guys are not that good looking, and I’m not hot for any of them.

After the Penn State / Northwestern Game I went to the kitchen to get some more chips, dip and other goodies. One of the guys came in and offered to help me but I told him I had everything under control. He began to move around the kitchen, just getting in my way and when we found ourselves bumping in to each other he put his arm around my waste and lowered it on my ass and began to tell me how great I was. Bullshit, bullshit and did I say bullshit! I told him he needed to be nice, my husband would be upset if he new he was doing this. “Your right Marca, but God you got a body!” When he said that he ran his hand up under my skirt and up my leg and felt my ass and 2 of his fingers went up my crack of my ass and the look on his face told me he knew I was wet. I stay damp 90% of the time and the other 10% I’m dripping wet.

I looked at him and my mouth fell open and I looked around to see if anyone had come into the kitchen or was watching as I backed away and still he didn’t move his hand. “Please someone might come in and see you!” I tried to move but he had me up next to the bar in the kitchen and I was up against it and he was running his hand over my ass cheeks and up and down my crack. Than he slips them down to where he wiped my pussy lips and they were dripping wet. He than move his body close to me and rubbed his cock up next to me, he was hard and he was big! I kept telling him to stop someone might see you. He kissed my neck and began to finger my cunt lips and he had me breathing hard and I reacted as anyone who had one to many glasses of wine, and who was horny and hot. “Please don’t do this to me; I can’t do anything, please stop! He might walk in on us!“ I tried to keep my knees together and puckered my ass but as much as I fought him he open my pussy and I lost it.

“Oh God Oh my God please I can’t, don’t make me do this oh, not here, please!“ My knees went limp and he spread my thong and legs just a few inches and put 3 fingers in me and began to pump them in and out. He had me, I was about to give in, he had me letting go of my resistance. I was slowly bending over the bar resting my hand on the granite top and spreading my feet about 2 feet apart and he had his long fingers going deeper. I was groaning and moving, shaking my head no-no as I called out for him not to do that, but my body was betraying me, my ass was humping back on his fingers. I was ready for him to fuck me and just as he moved behind me I could feel him unzipping his pants and he was pulling out his cock, when the kitchen door open and it was one of the other guys.

“Marca we need more ice where is it Hun, just tell me, I’ll get it. I pointed toward the fridge and looked back over my shoulder to see what the guy behind me was doing. The son-of-a-bitch had dropped down behind the bar and was under me and was out of sight. He kept his hand and fingers in my pussy and he knew he was driving me crazy. “Marca you better watch out we are getting horny out here and one more drink and your husband well pass out from all the booze we are pouring down him!“ He laughs as he went out the kitchen. Oh God if he gets drunk he will go to sleep and they will all try to get friendly! I looked down and saw the first guy on his knees and was about to lick my pussy. He had pulled my thong down to my knees. “ Marca we all want to fuck you till you can’t take it anymore!”

As I felt the warm, burning sensation from my butt spread over my entire body, I mused on his words. God I wanted more I could do them all over and over again! “My husband will kill me if he knew we / you were doing this! He pulled me to the kitchen walk in pantry and closed the French levered doors and slapped my ass and told me to bend over!“ I did as he said and he went right for my ass hole and he didn’t stop there. Next he went for my love hole and began to kiss and suck the juices from it. I just stood bent over holding on to the door so it would not open and could look up and see though the levered shutters. His hands gently caressed my hips and ass, his lips and tongue worked on my thighs and pussy, moving slowly toward my inner lips. Finally, his tongue opened me, and he began to lick my pussy. I spread my legs farther, offering my entire pussy to his mouth. I never feel so beautiful as when a man’s face is between my legs. He swallowed all the juices I had to offer him. I couldn’t stop moaning as emek escort his tongue ventured farther and farther into me. He started licking my hard little clit with his agile tongue. He did this rapidly, making me moan and gasp at the rush of the climax I had coming on. As he worked on me, my thoughts wandered to my husband and about last night when he ate me out. I played with my hard nipples and wish I had a cock to suck as he licked and sucked my pussy. He brought me to the brink several times, but eased off, allowing the sexual tension to build. By then I was pleading for him to make me cum. I looked at him and said “Don’t tease me make me cum!”

He looked up and said “Are you going to put that pussy to work, are you going to fuck baby?“ YES GOD YES, I’LL DO ANYTHING YOU GUYS WANT!“ His hands were under my ass, and I was humping his face furiously, but he kept on gently licking my clit, sending me higher and higher. I had to bite on and suck one of my fingers to keep from crying out when the glorious orgasm finally made my body tremble. I went off and almost passed out I had slipped down the side of the door and was on my knees. It took me a few minutes to come down off that sex high and was breathing so hard I felt as if I could not get my breath. He wiped off his face with a my sweater and told me to get up and come with him; I pulled up my thong and fixed my sweater and tried to look like nothing had happen, like a woman who had not been manhandled.

Oh how can I look my poor husband in the face! We went into the den and there was my husband asleep in his easy chair. “Marca baby we been spiking his drink since we found out you were going to stay here for the day, the boy will be out for hours!“ They all laugh and gave each other high fives. “Baby we been putting something in your little wine for the past hour or so and I personally know your ready for sex even if you say no, so get your pussy ready baby we are going to party!“ Before I could say anything one of the guys was down kissing my thighs and licking toward my pussy. Someone was trying to pull down my thong and moved his head to my pussy. As he got my thong to just below my knees he said, “God I love a shaved pussy!” I always keep myself shaved down there and this did not go unnoticed. “Wow! Look at that! Her pussy’s completely smooth” I heard a second voice cry.

Someone else was pulling on my sweater and how they did it I can’t remember but they pulled off my sweater and skirt. I felt hands slipping across my tits and stomach, and someone was licking my ankle. And then another voice from the other side of the room: “Oh, yes. I love a shaved cunt!” Two more guys had come up to me and I looked at them, “No my husband might wake up! Baby he is out and we will make sure he stays that way!” I was desperately trying to fight within myself the need to have them , I was going to be raped!

My vagina was leaking fluid and the tingling had turned to out and out lust. I felt hands pulling and taking off my bra and hands were on my breasts, squeezing my hard nipples and twisting them almost painfully. And then it happened. From the corner of my eye, I watched one of the guys bend his head down between my thighs. His strong hands grasped my legs and pulled them widely apart, spreading me obscenely. I was standing but bent over and had men at my ass and under my pussy. Others were sucking my nipples and I found a hard cock in my hand humping my fist. Oh God I was moaning and groaning.

My orgasm hit me as soon as I felt a tongue on my clitoris. My back arched and my hips bucked forward toward a mouth as I trembled and shook through my climax. I had hardly enough time to come down, when I felt a long penis being pressed towards my face. I knew that it could not belong to my husband, this was a real mans cock and my husband was still asleep/passed out no more than 6 feet away from me in his easy chair, God I hope he was. I didn’t care whom the cock belonged to; I just wanted it in my mouth. Turning my head, I let the owner push his way passed my lips and into my throat. One guy was delightfully lapping at my flowing juices, cleaning them from my wet pussy and licking them from my inner thighs. I had someone at my ass and he had spread my cheeks and was tonguing my brown hole.

“We keep asking your husband if you’re a good cock sucker but all he does is smile so baby it’s up to you to prove it, show us Marca! He is always saying that you are an excellent lover. I bet you got great deep throat’ technique“. I couldn’t answer them because of the face fucking I was getting. Deftly, I swirled my tongue up and down the sides of his cock and covered the tip of it with my lips and then sucked. I increased the pressure of my sucking, sucking his entire cock head into my mouth. I sealed my lips around the fleshy pole and I glanced up at him. “Oh, that’s fantastic!” He gasped, dropping his hands down to my long tangled hair, his fingers eryaman escort intertwining in the silky curls as warmth began to ripple along his belly. I glanced over at my sleeping husband, oh please God don’t let him wake up, please!

My lips glided on his cock, and with every stroke I increased the tempo of my sucking. I massaged and fondled his balls as I sucked. I toyed with the heavy sac, enjoying the feel of his nuts in my hand. The tension in his balls increased just before his prick heaved inside my mouth and within a few short minutes I was rewarded with a mouthful of delicious male seed. For a moment I feared I might actually miss some of his milky load, but I managed to drink most of it, some leaked out and ran down my chin on to my neck and on down to my breast. I squeezed his balls, then his cock root. It took a minute to recover, as I wiped the cum off my lips and licked my fingers and I looked up at them. “Please no more, not with him here I can’t relax; I can’t with him asleep in front of me. Help me get him to bed will you?” They took my drunk passed out husband up to one of the guest bedrooms on the far side of the house, I didn’t want him waking up and hearing what was going on down here, this party was going to take off and I was in for a ride.

I saw a chance to go up stairs and do the bath room thing and try and clean up some, get what cum I could off me. I put on a short silk robe that showed every curve I had when I wrapped it around my body. I was showing all leg and nothing was left to the imagination. It came down just past my pussy. When I came out of the master bathroom I went looking for my husband before I went back down. I suddenly thought about my husband and the guys putting him to bed and if they had undressed him they would see how small he was. All God that would be so embarrassing if they new what a little worm he had. I saw one of the guys coming out of one of the small guest bedrooms. He looked at me and gave me that smile that told me he approved of what I had put on and I knew the party was not over. He put his hands on my big 40DD and was about to do a lip lock on them. “Excuse me a second is he in there,” I said, and headed for the room. I turned and looked at him and told him to have a drink ready for me when I come down. It was dark in the bedroom, so I had to fumble my way over to where he lay. “How’s my little boy?” I whispered, sensing his presence under the covers. “Hello,” he whispered back. “I have a headache he said and someone just gave me a pill for it!”

“Ssshh,” I said scolding him gently. “You had too much to drink and your company is still downstairs. “Oh Marca I’m sorry I’ll get up and be a good host!” He tried to stand but fell flat on his face on the floor and it took all my strength to get him back in bed. He looked up again and I stood over him with my hands on my hips looking down at him and than I put my hand down on his chest. “No I don’t want you getting up and making a bigger fool of yourself! You have made a total ass hole of yourself today!” He looked away and in a low voice said “I’m sorry, don’t be mad please!” Will you’re the man of the house, but I guess I’ll be a good wife and be nice to them if that is what you want?” I could see he was trying to understand what I had just said about making a fool of yourself.

“You do remember what the different bets were that you made don’t you?” “How much did I lose Marca? Baby you didn’t lose anything; I had to pay off your dumb fucken wagers and I still got to pay one more. What did you do to pay off the bet? “You don’t remember Goddamn you and I got to be the one to pay, will let me refresh your memories! I had to take off something for each touchdown Penn State scored and my heels didn’t count! I got to put it back on when Northwestern scored. Oh my who won honey? You ass hole Penn State 49 to 0! All I had on at the end of the game was my heels and thong!”

Oh my God Marca how could I do that to you, oh honey please forgive me I just don’t remember any of that. Don’t tell me you don’t remember the TCU / Louisville game? He shook his head no and closed his eyes and shook his head in total rejection. “What happen?” “Oh they gave you a chance to get even. TCU was a 12-point underdog, so you took Louisville and if they won I got to put my clothes back on and they had to serve me drinks for the rest of the day and clean up the house after the party. You were so sure of Louisville 9th ranked defense that TCU would not score that you said if TCU did score I had to serve drinks and dip to each and everyone personally, that was IF TCU scored.

You were so sure that you took the wager from one the guys that was like a double or nothing thing. What was that? They got to chose how they were to eat the dip they all went for licking the dip off my breast/nipples. I had to set on each guy’s lap and give him a fresh drink and put dip on my nipples and let each one lick and suck the dip off. He looked at me and had that look of hurt in his eyes. “Did TCU score? My God you don’t remember what happen?” He just lowered his head even more and said very low “no honey I can‘t for the life of me remember!“ DID TCU SCORE! “First of all the final score TCU 45, Louisville 31

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