Mrs. Young Ch. 02

Big Tits

“Dude, you should go for this one brunette who always comes into Starbucks. She’s fuckin’ hot.” Michael told me. We were sitting in the woods on a fallen tree behind his house smoking a joint. The sun was setting and some rain clouds were slowly coming in for the evening.

“Brunette?” I furred my eyebrows.

“Yeah, she’s probably easy too. I’ve seen her give her number out more than once.” He passed me the joint.

I took it and brought it up to take a hit before replying. “I don’t really go for brunette’s, man.”

“You haven’t seen this girl.” He said. “And what the fuck? You’ve been with like 5 brunettes!”

“I’m sure she looks good.” I didn’t doubt him. “And I know. But I’m just attracted to blondes more than brunettes.” I said, thinking about Mrs. Young.

“Like, her titties and everything. Her ass, man!” He put his hands out in front of him, groping the air as if it were the brunette’s ass cheeks. “You shouldn’t even be worried about what color her hair is.”

“Why don’t you get with her?” I handed the joint back to him, dropping the whole hair color conflict.

“Hey, I’m just trying to help you out. You haven’t gotten laid in months.”

I let out a breath of laughter, then tried not to look smug. “I’m just tryna focus on my shit. Like you said yourself a few weeks ago. Might as well keep track of school. Then it’s off to the real world working for the rest of our lives. Why, did you change your mind about that?”

He shook his head, giving me the half smoked joint back. “No. We’re about to graduate, Matt. Shit’s about to be gone. We won’t ever be able to get away with what we do now. Chillin’ like this… it’s not gonna last. Which is why we need to do everything now. Everything.”

I watched smoke drift up above my face after it left my mouth. “I guess you’re right,” I agreed with him, not wanting to miss out on anything.

“Fuck the future,” he said, “we gotta live right now.”

“I still don’t want to fuck that brunette though.” I told him, smiling.

He looked at me like I was insane, “You’re gonna fuck her. We both are.”

“Fuck her yourself.” I said.

“I can’t.” He said and took the joint from me, taking a big drag from it.

“Yeah you can. You’re a big boy. Grow some balls and fuck her.”

“Well,” he said, looking down at his shoes. “I actually already tried too.”

“And?” I asked.

“She wouldn’t.”

“And now you wanna see me get shot down by someone I don’t even wanna try to get with?” I laughed.

He grinned, “No, man. She said she likes having threesomes.”

I gave him a blank stare. Michael and I were best buds. Pretty close. I knew just about everything there was to know about him. Did about everything with him. Except that.

“I don’t know about that, bro.” I said.

He sighed, and looked a little annoyed with me, “Come on, man. It’s sex. Pussy! Think about it as us taking our friendship to another level. We’ve never fucked a girl together.”

“I never thought about doing it either to be honest.”

“Well start thinkin’. I’ll even introduce you to her before.”

“Woah,” I took the joint from him. He had almost smoked the rest of it. “I never said I was doing this with you.”

“You’re not saying no either.” He commented. And he was right about that.


After smoking we headed back through the woods. It had started raining by the time we got out and made it to the back door. The kitchen was empty when we got inside.

“Aye,” I said, “where’s your mom been all day?”

He looked around, almost as if he had just realized we hadn’t seen a lot of her all day, too. “I don’t know. I haven’t seen her since she got mad about my jock strap joke.” He chuckled.

“I don’t think she was too upset about that.” I told him.

“She’s probably been up in her room all day then I guess.” He said. “Don’t know.”

“Do you think she’s gonna make something for dinner tonight?” I asked, making it seem like I had a reason to bring her up.

He shrugged. “Maybe she will since you’re still here.”

I actually felt like I should talk to Mrs. Young. I had been thinking about the way I’d talked to her this morning all day. I didn’t know if I really insulted her or hurt her feelings. She was still my best friends mom, and I didn’t think she deserved that. Even though I still thought she was teasing me.

“We could order pizza or something if she doesn’t,” Michael told me.

“Sounds good to me.”


“Aye, fuck you, man!” Michael punched my arm. The hardest he had ever punched me. I hate to think about how hard he’d punch me if he knew what his mom and I did.

We were sitting upstairs in his room. I was kicking his ass at some Black Ops.

“Temper, temper.” I waved my finger at him. He quickly smacked my hand out of his face.

A knock on the door made us both turn our heads. Mrs. Young was in dark blue capri sweatpants and a black t-shirt. I liked her casual, young mom look. I’d been liking a lot of things about her young mom look lately.

“Hey, you making anything for dinner?” Michael asked her before escort mecidiyeköy she could say anything to us.

She nodded, not giving me a single glance. “I was coming to see what you guys wanted to eat.” I watched her lean against the door frame and cross her arms, waiting for an answer.

“We were talking about pizza maybe if you didn’t feel like cooking…” He brought up.

“Pizza sounds good.” She stopped him, getting out of cooking all together. “I’ll order here in a few. What do you guys want?”

“Large pepperoni and buffalo wings from Gino’s,” he answered for the both of us. It was good with me.

“Okay,” she said, then disappeared from the doorway. And still, she didn’t even look my way.


“So, did you think about that thing we were talkin’ about earlier?” Michael asked me.

We were sitting downstairs in the living room eating our pizza. I felt a little uneasy because Mrs. Young was sitting on the other couch watching TV with us.

“What thing is that?” She asked, looking at Michael.

“Shh,” Michael waved her off. She rolled her eyes at him. He looked at me, waiting for my answer.

“What thing?” I asked, glancing at Mrs. Young. She looked away from me then took another bite of her pizza.

“You know,” Michael mumbled. “The thing.”

“Oh,” I said, the light bulb coming on. “Oh! Uh, I don’t know, man.” I shook my head. Not really wanting to talk about it right then, especially when his mom was with us.

He was about to say something else, but was interrupted. “When are your parents getting home on Sunday, Matthew?” Mrs. Young asked.

It surprised me that she was still talking to me, but it seemed that she was only looking forward to me leaving because of the question. “Sometime in the evening, I guess.” I replied, looking away from her.

“You should be happy to be able to go home.” She commented.

“Mom,” Michael spoke up. “He’s only staying here one more night. He’s not homesick.”

She ignored him and finished her pizza.

“It will be nice to go home, but I like hanging out here,” I replied.

“Anyway,” Michael said to me, “we’ll talk about that later.” I knew he was referring to the threesome I wasn’t even sure I wanted to be apart of.

Sure, everyone thinks and maybe even dreams to be in one, but when I think about being in one with my best friend, it just seemed strange. If I ever had one, I always pictured myself fucking this random girl with this random guy I had never met. Or better yet, I’d have two beautiful women for my self to enjoy. We would just be three strangers enjoying a nice fuck.

But now Michael was altering the way I pictured it. I’d have to see him again. I’d see him almost everyday. I didn’t want to think about the threesome every time I would hang out with him.

Never thought I’d act like a little bitch when it finally came down to having a threesome with a girl who was extremely willing.


“Well?” Michael asked. We were sitting up in his room about to play another game of Black Ops. I had gotten my belly full and was feeling up for a nap more than anything.

“Well what?” I asked.

“I got her number in my phone,” he said, “Let me know so I can call her and let her know.”

“I don’t know,” I shook my head.

“You shouldn’t even be hesitating right now. You need to get laid, bro.”

Before replying, I stopped from seeing Mrs. Young walking into the room. She had a pile of Michael’s shirts stacked in her arms. Without saying anything to us, she placed them at the end of his bed then made her way out of the room. I looked back at Michael who seemed to have never taken his eyes away from me. I was sure Mrs. Young was out of hearing range before I spoke.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea. Really.”

“What’s not a good idea about it? You need to see this chick!” He raised his voice.

“I mean, I’ll see her but I really don’t think it’ll change anything.” I told him.

“I’ll have her come over tonight. We’ll smoke one and talk.”

I watched him pull his phone out of his pocket. He pushed one button and brought it up to his ear. He must have had this girl on speed dial. I wondered if she was actually that special.

I looked back to the door way, feeling like I had seen something.

“Aye, girl,” I heard Michael greet the “special girl” through the phone.

I stood up and walked towards the door and looked up and down the hallway. I saw the shadow of Mrs. Young going down the stairs. Had she been listening to our conversation?

“Yeah, I was wondering if you wanted to come over tonight and smoke with me and my buddy? Maybe have some fun?” Michael’s voice faded as I left.

I walked out of the room, lucky that he didn’t notice at all. I quietly made it down the stairs. Dishes rattling in the sink let me know that Mrs. Young was rinsing off the plates we had used for our pizza.

I turned the corner for the kitchen. She had her back faced to me. The bowl of fruit from this morning was still sitting in the center of the island. I headed for it knowing she couldn’t hear my footsteps because escort şişli of the running water.

I grabbed a slice of kiwi, enjoying the sweetness in its flavor. I looked Mrs. Young up and down and I leaned against the island.

She turned the water off, placing the last dish in the dishwasher after rinsing everything off of it.

I kept a serious look on my face as she turned to face me. She quietly gasped, jumping from realizing she wasn’t alone.

“Matthew,” she said with her hand over her heart, “you scared me.”

I smiled weakly. “I guess I got you back for scaring me last night.”

“I scared you?”

“When I was looking for a blanket,” I reminded her.

“Oh,” she recalled. “Yes.” She looked away from me. Her hands seemed to be more interesting to her than the fact that I was standing in front of her.

“Jenny,” I began.

“Mrs. Young,” She corrected me. “Don’t call me Jenny.”

“Are you going to look at me?” I asked, ignoring that she didn’t want me to call her by her name.

She reluctantly looked back at my face. Keeping eye contact wasn’t easy for her. Her hair was down and some-what a mess. I found it more attractive than I normally would have.

“I uh,” I started. “I just wanted to apologize for earlier.”

She stared at me, like she was a deer in head lights. Like she couldn’t believe I was saying sorry.

“I really shouldn’t have said what I said.” I added.

I watched her step away to walk around me. She had a fake smile across her lips.

“Hey,” I stepped in front of her, holding onto her wrist. “Did you hear me?”

She nodded, not letting me off the hook for calling her a horny slut.

“Well, I am sorry.” I repeated.

“I really don’t want to talk about it.”

“But I do. I don’t want to argue and have this tension between us.” I told her.

“There’s no tension. We’re not arguing.” She said.

“Matt!” Michael called from upstairs.

I ignored him, keeping my eyes on the woman in front of me. “I feel tension. I don’t like it and if it makes you happy, we can just forget about what happened. I’m fine with it. I’ll get over it like you have.”

“That’s what I’ve been telling you all along.” She said.

It made me feel stupid. “Okay.” I said.

“Okay.” She replied quietly, making me feel just as uncomfortable as she probably felt.

“Aye, Matt!” Michael called out again. I heard his footsteps hammering down the stairs. Mrs. Young stepped away from me. She made herself look busy, grabbing the fruit on the island counter and wrapping saran wrap over the top before putting it in the fridge to keep it all fresh.

“Yeah?” I answered, turning to see him coming around the corner.

“Let’s go for a walk,” He said, already putting his jacket on.

“It’s raining, Michael,” Mrs. Young scolded him.

“It’s just sprinkling,” he informed her. “We’re just gonna walk up the road.”

“How far is that exactly?” She questioned, watching Michael push at me to go upstairs and get my jacket.

“Just up the road,” he said. “Ok, see you when we get back.” He forced our exit.

He followed me up the stairs to his room. I grabbed my jacket off the floor and looked at him as I put it on.

“We’re gonna meet her at go-mart to buy some blunt wraps then we’re gonna go somewhere and smoke.” He told me. He seemed a little more excited than he should have been about the whole situation. I still hadn’t agreed to anything. But he seemed really sure of himself and this chick.

“Whatever,” I said.


“There she is.” Michael pointed out. We had walked about ten blocks just to get to go-mart from his house. I liked that it wasn’t too far, especially since the rain started to pick up.

My eyes landed on a long-haired, brunette girl standing on the sidewalk under the roof outside of the gas station. She had a pink hoodie on with her hands in the front pocket keeping warm. I noticed her dark jeans were very tight on her legs. The girl was skinny. Very much Michael’s type, I confirmed. But he had been right. Maybe I just needed to know what she looked like to make the next step he wanted me to make.

“Aye, girl,” Michael greeted her first. “You look amazing.”

She flashed a perfect white smile at him, dimples and all. “Hey.” She said. I saw the sparkle of a tongue ring before she closed her mouth. It excited me a little more. And she did look amazing.

“This is Matt,” he introduced me. “Matt, this is Anna.”

“Hi,” I held my hand out in front of her. She looked at me cautiously and grinned at Michael before shaking it.

“Hi,” she said. I noticed that she didn’t have much makeup on like a lot of other girls at our school did. It was more of a turn on than I thought it’d be. She was naturally beautiful.

“So uh,” Michael dug through his pocket for his money. “Get whatever flavor wraps you want.” He handed it over to her.

“Cherry?” She suggested.

“Anything but cherry,” he declined.

“Jerk,” she teased him with a smile. “You know that’s my favorite.” She began walking away but not before I saw Michael squeeze escort taksim at her thigh before she was out of his reach.

He turned to face me, grinning widely. “Well?” He raised his eyebrows, waiting for my opinion.

I looked through the window at Anna again. She was talking to the person behind the counter inside.

“I don’t know, man,” I told him.

“Oh my god!” He stepped closer to me. “Look at her. She’s a 10. Hard 10. She’s perfect and she wants to fuck both of us. At the same time! Don’t fuck this up for me, Matt.”

“Dude, chill,” I shrugged, “I’m still not saying no. Let’s just smoke and I’ll figure shit out.”

“Figure it out tonight, because she told me she wouldn’t mind doing it outside if we wanted to.”

“What? Tonight? Why?”

“We don’t gotta plan to have a threesome. We’re just gonna do it. Be cool. She’s comin’ back out.” He argued.

I kept my mouth shut as Anna made her way back outside to us with a blue packaged wrap in her hand. She put it in her front pocket and kept her hands in there like they were before.

“Ready?” She asked, looking between both of us.

“Yeah,” Michael answered, “Let’s go to the Primary playground. There’s a lot of trees there.”


The three of us walked side-by-side. The roads were deserted and wet. I listened to Michael and Anna talk back and forth. He continued flirting with her and she flirted back.

I thought about what Mrs. Young might be doing at home. She was all by herself. Could she have been finishing up the laundry? Maybe having herself a glass of wine like she had last night. Or maybe she was lying in bed. Was she thinking about us? Me?

“Ain’t that right, Matt?” Michael asked me.

He brought me out of my thoughts and I realized I hadn’t really been listening to either of them at all. “What?”

They both laughed together at something I didn’t get.

“I told you,” Michael said to Anna.

“Told her what?” I asked, feeling left out.

“I said, you needed to get laid.” He told me. I nodded, not wanting to say anything.

“I think we all do.” Anna said after a second of silence between us.

I saw Michael smile at me, letting me know I would feel like complete shit if I didn’t do this with him.

“Yeah, we do.” I said.


We finally made it to the Primary playground. The school only held kindergarten to 2nd graders, so almost everything but the swings were too small for us.

We each occupied our own swing and passed our joint back and forth. The swings were placed under some trees and I found it annoying that water was dripping on us from the wet leaves above. It was still sprinkling and kind of cool out.

“You’re both 18 right?” Anna asked. It surprised me because I thought she would know. She seemed to know Michael enough to at least know his age.

“Yeah, I’m 18.” Michael answered her. “But Matt’s 19.”

“But you’re both seniors?” She questioned.

I nodded, taking a hit from the joint. “Yeah. Michael’s birthday’s in August. The last of the year to turn 19. Had he been born a month later, he’d be a junior right now. And we probably wouldn’t be friends.”

“We’d be friends,” He argued.

“Doubtful,” I said. “We met in class in middle school.”

“We could have met sometime in high school too. Bros for life, man.” He said, taking the joint from me as I held it out for him.

“You got any lady friends, Anna?” Michael asked.

“Nah,” she said, “Not close ones. Can’t trust bitches now-a-days.”

“Heard that,” Michael said. “It would be nice if you had close ones though.”

“Why? You getting bored of me?” She smiled at him.

“No,” He laughed, showing her he wasn’t bored with her. “I just figured it would be even. I got Matt here and then you could have your friend here.”

“I like the three of us here,” she told him. It helped me believe what Michael had told me earlier about her wanting to have a threesome.

“So,” he said. “What do you want to do?” He was the last one to take a hit from the joint before it was completely gone. I looked across the playground, wondering what was about to happen between the three of us.

“I think both of you know.” She said bluntly. “Isn’t that why we’re all here?”

“Only if you want to.” Michael told her.

“I wanna give one of you a blowjob.” She said looking between both me and Michael. We even looked at each other, not really wanting to decide.

“You chose.” I told her.

She got up from her swing, her back facing both of us, “Let’s go over to the side of the school.” She said.

We both left our swings and followed behind her. Michael walked by my side and smiled widely then walked up behind Anna and grabbed her ass. She giggled at him and squeezed his arm.

“Stand over here, Matt,” She instructed me to lean against the brick wall of the school. I did as she said and watched her walk closer to me. Michael stayed behind her, rubbing at her hips.

I felt her hands touching my chest and they lowered down until they reached the crotch of my pants. She unbuttoned them and pulled them down just enough to pull my dick out of my boxers. I wasn’t fully erect and I could sense a little disappointment from her. Maybe she thought I wasn’t big because I wasn’t completely hard. I wondered how experienced she was.

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