Mrs. Carolyn Ryan


Being recently separated, and not really cherishing the bar scene, I joined an adult website dedicated to finding compatible couples to meet. Not to soon after joining, I received a hit in my cupid box. There was a married woman about my age just looking for men to chat with online and email her erotic stories. She also indicated how she liked to have her breasts played with and sucked, and since I love to breasts, I said what the heck and decided to answer her ad, especially since she also lived in the same town as me, I told her a little bit about myself and spiced my message up a little telling her how much I love to caress and suck breasts. About three days later, she replied.

After some introductory emails, we met on one of the many chat sites and really got into some hot and heavy cybersex. One thing led to another and soon we will talking on the phone, and engaging in very intense phone sex. Her voice is so sweet, it will melt the hardest man in a second. She eventually got up the nerve to meet me. We Sakarya Escort set up a date and time for lunch, making sure it was in another town, as she certainly didn’t want to run into one of her friends and/or husband’s friends.

When I saw her, she was wearing a nice pair of slacks, that really showed off her curves, and a blouse. She was more beautiful than I had imagined. We hugged and went inside the restaurant.

We ordered lunch and had the normal chit chat, and we could tell the sparks were flying. I was just smitten by her. Her eyes danced when she smiled, and trust me she had the prettiest smile of anyone I had ever seen. We quickly ate, and decided to go to her car. We sat in the parking lot, and talked a little bit more. Soon we were kissing. Her lips were so soft and tender. The more we kissed, the more aroused we got. Soon, I was softly caressing her lovely breasts. She unbuttoned a couple of buttons, allowing me to kiss and suck her now very hard nipples. I couldn’t believe Sakarya Escort Bayan how perfect her breasts were. Perfect balls of pleasure, with nice long nipples. She then reached inside her pants, to get some of her pussy juice on her finger so I could suck it off. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I’m telling you, she tasted so good. We had to be careful though as people were in the parking lot. We decided to drive to another part of the parking lot that was deserted.

Once we parked again, we started kissing and caressing each other again. She was rubbing my now very hard cock, which was about to bust through my pants. I continue to kiss and suck her breasts. I was also rubbing her pussy, she was so turned on, she was grinding my hand against her pussy, rocking back and forth, driving my hand into the seat. After a few minutes of this, she said lets get into the back seat. Once in the back seat, she sat in my lap, so I could suck her breasts better, she wrapped her arms around my head, pulling Escort Sakarya me closer into her chest. Then she said, James you want to suck my pussy don’t you? Well that really made me harder and go wild. She climbed off my lap, pulling down her pants, and panties.

I spread her legs and started sucking her hard clit, and shoved my middle finger inside of her. The move I sucked and slid my finger in and out of her pussy, the hotter she and I got. I wanted to feel her pussy lips around my cock, I pull down my pants, and again she sat in my lap. Taking my hard cock in my hand, she rubbed it against her pussy, telling how good my cock felt there.

She then worked my cock inside of her. I couldn’t believe how tight she was. As she worked her pussy up and down my cock, I continued to suck her breasts. My hands were cupping and squeezing her ass cheeks, Since we were so worked up, it didn’t take us long to be cumming. We just sat there, for a few more minutes, wanting the incredible feeling to last.

We have made arrangements to meet again, and I can’t wait. This time, I hope we can make love in bed, where we can explore each other’s bodies, and not have to worry about someone peeking in the window, or getting busted by the cops. Plus, really take our time making love over and over again.

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