Mr. Richards Makes Me… Ch. 02


I went home that night and just thought about how much I loved having sex with Mr. Richards. I could feel my pussy get wet with excitement just thinking of his cock in me. I still hurt from being stretched out like I have never been stretched before. All I wanted to do was sleep so tomorrow would come and I could go see him again. My mind kept wondering what he had planned for me. I kept wondering if I should be scared or if I should be excited. I mean I hardly knew this man, yet when I was around him, I was putty in his arms. Finally I drifted off to sleep having the best sex dreams of my life.

I had the day off so I slept in late. Finally at about 11 am I got out of bed and went downstairs to get something to eat. I hadn’t eaten in so long, and I knew I was all alone, so I went down naked and had some cereal. The whole time I ate, I thought of Mr. Richards and my pussy just stayed in a constant state of wetness. I finally finished and went back upstairs and took a long bath with some oils to make my skin even smoother. I shaved my legs and I shaved my pussy smooth. Finally I finished bathing and went and dried my hair and curled it. I then put on my makeup. I put lotion on every inch of my body then went into my room and painted my fingernails and toenails. I made them a cute pink color since I wanted to be as much of Mr. Richards little girl as possible. Finally at about 3:30 pm I went into my closet to pick something out to wear. I remembered Mr. Richards told me to not wear any outfits, since he would have all my clothes ready for me. So I decided to do something I had never done before: I slipped on a long coat, put on my 4″ heels and applied some perfume all over my body. I grabbed my purse and my keys and headed out the door.

The whole drive there I kept wondering what he had planned. My pussy was so wet; I could feel the wet spot on the coat I was wearing. Since it was a warm day and I was in a long coat, I had the air conditioning on high and I could feel my perky nipples standing at attention, rubbing the front of my coat with every movement. Finally I arrived at his gate. I went to roll the window down on my Jetta, to push the button to open the gate, but before I could hit the button to the window, the gates opened. I slowly drove up his long driveway till I reached the front door. I got out of my car and immediately adjusted my coat, since I know my super wet Kuşadası Escort pussy was being shown to anyone who was inside. I walked up to the door and it opened before I could even knock. There stood Mr. Richards in just his swimming trunks, with no shirt on and a beer in his hand. His eyes twinkled as he looked at me.

“I see that you know how to follow instructions very well” he said. “I also noticed that you left nothing to my imagination under that coat, and I do have to say, I like it a lot that you shave yourself bald. You don’t know how much I love that in a woman.”

“I was hoping you would like it” I replied. “I wanted to make sure I was your little girl in every way I could be”

“Well, you did an excellent job, even with your matching finger and toenail paint. Very, very good. Now be a good girl, go back to the guest room and put on a swim suit. I picked out the ones I liked. Hopefully you will like them too” he said.

I went back to the back room and noticed 3 bathing suits all laid out. I looked at each one and noticed that none of them really covered my body at all. I decided to put on the pink one, since it matched my polish. As I slid on the bottoms, I felt the familiar feeling of the thong strap go up my ass crack. I knew that Mr. Richards must have really liked me in my thong the night before. I put on the top and it hardly covered my small tits. Oh well, this is all for him I figured. I walked back out and into the back of the house. Laying in a reclining deck chair was Mr. Richards. He stopped sipping his beer and looked me up and down.

“Very Nice! I am glad I got your size right. I was shopping for you all day. I must admit, small women are such a turn on, especially you. Your body size is everything I love about a woman. You look so womanly, yet you also look so young. Come here and sit on my lap Julie” he said.

I followed my orders and went and straddled his lap. I could feel his thick cock straining inside of his shorts. I wanted him so badly. I leaned down and kissed him, tasting the bitter after taste of his beer that he was drinking. I stopped kissing him and started kissing his neck. I worked my way down kissing his chest and licking each of his nipples. I could feel and hear him moan lightly as my tongue flicked his nipples. I continued kissing my way down his stomach till I reached his swimming trunks.

“These Escort Kuşadası must come off” I ordered.

“Yes my little girl, anything for you” he replied, as we both slid his shorts off.

His cock sprang free and I attacked it with my drooling mouth. I kissed the head of his huge cock and swirled my tongue around his thick head. I heard him moan deeply as I applied more suction to his cock. I got it really wet with my saliva and started jerking the shaft of his cock as I sucked the head of his cock. I could feel his hips rise to each of my jerks and moan deeper and louder. I wanted to suck every drop of cum out of his balls, but he grabbed my head and stopped me before he could cum in my eager mouth.

“Not yet my pet. I have to feel your super tight pussy again before I cum” he said.

He sat up and kissed me deep. He untied my bikini top and took it off of me. He had me stand up and he slid my thong bikini bottoms down. He stood up and kissed me again. He stopped and spun me around so my ass was against him. I could feel his cock against my ass and I instinctively started grinding my ass on his huge thick cock. He had me get on all fours on his deck chair and he spread my ass cheeks. I felt his tongue on my clit and I came hard. His tongue started to dart in and out of my pussy and I was going wild. I was grinding my ass harder on his face, trying to get every inch of his soft delicate tongue into my pussy. I could feel another orgasm developing and when I thought I was going to explode, he slid his tongue out of my pussy and started licking my virgin asshole. I came so hard. I fell forward, leaving my ass in the air for his tongue. He kept licking my asshole as he started inserting his finger into my waiting pussy. I started moaning like a crazed whore, begging him to keep shoving his fingers in me. Soon I felt another and then another finger pry open my tiny tight pussy. I had 3 of his fingers deep in my pussy, rubbing on my g spot and his tongue prying open my virgin ass. I started to shake and felt another massive orgasm hit me.

Before my orgasm could pass and my shaking stop, I felt his fingers leave my pussy gaping and I could feel the cool breeze blow on my saliva covered anus. As I was about to complain, I felt his thick massive cock head pry at my pussy’s entrance, and with one massive thrust, he slid all 8 inches in Kuşadası Escort Bayan me. This sent me over the edge again and I came hard on his cock. My pussy was so tight with each contraction, he couldn’t even move inside of me. As my orgasm passed he grabbed my hips and started to pound me hard. I was loving every second as I moaned and pinched my own nipples.

“Fu…u…uu…uuu…uck me Mr. Richards” I let out in between each of his massive thrusts into my tight pussy. “I want you to fuck me good. Make me cum again on your cock. Please Mr. Richards fuck me. I want to feel your cum in me. Shoot your cum deep in me so I can feel it slosh around my belly.” I moaned and begged.

“Are you sure I can cum in you?” he asked. “I don’t want to get you pregnant!”

“Don’t worry Mr. Richards, I am on the pill” I cooed happily.

That sent him into an animalistic pace as he slammed so much of his cock deeper and deeper into me. I was gasping for air as his cock reached new depths and made me moan and buck harder against his cock. I was about to scream out more nasty comments as I felt a sharp sting on my ass as Mr. Richards started to spank my ass with every thrust. This made me moan like an animal and beg for more. All of a sudden there was one final sharp sting on my ass as I went into another orgasmic state of convulsions and my pussy tightened up on Mr. Richards cock again. This sent Mr. Richards over the edge and I could feel spurt, after spurt of his cum shoot deep into my womb.

I lay there, pinching my nipples milking his cock for all of his come with each contraction of my pussy. Mr. Richards leaned down and kissed the back of my neck. We both fell down and he ended up lying on my back with his hard cock still in my cum coated pussy.

Mr. Richards kept kissing my neck and my ears as he whispered to me, “Spend the night with me. I have more in store if you would like?”

“I was hoping you would ask. I never want to leave you Mr. Richards. I could stay like this for the rest of my life, with your cock embedded in my pussy” I replied.

“Oh I wish I could too my sweet little girl. But that would mean I could never get any work done, which means I couldn’t buy you any more treats!” He said into my ear as he laughed.

“Well, ok, but I am definitely spending the night! But before we plan that out, how about a swim real quick so I can freshen up some? I said.

“Deal!” He replied. “Then we will go out and get something to eat and I’ll bring you back here for some more fun, if you are game?”

“I am so game!” I giggled in response. “I’ll do anything for you Mr. Richards!”

The rest of the night is coming soon…

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