Mr. Randall


I walk in, closing the door behind me. I walk over to your desk and stand in front of it. You are busy typing something so I clear my throat.

“Miss Anderson. Please, have a seat,” you say as you finish what you’re doing and sit back in your chair.

I sit down, my nerves a bit in a mess. Having a crush on your boss is unnerving by itself, but seems to be worse when it comes time for evaluations.

I cross my legs, making sure my skirt is tucked under me. I nervously clasp my hands together. I finally glance up at you. My lips quirk in response to the small smile on your face. I know you can tell that I’m a little nervous, but I wonder if you know exactly why.

You fold your hands in front of you on the desk. “Miss Anderson, I know you haven’t been here very long but I’m sure you’re familiar with how evaluations go,” you say.

I tuck a stray curl behind my ear and nod. “Yes, Mr. Randall, I am,” I answer.

“Good, well let’s start then.”

You pick up a piece of paper from your desk and glance at it before looking back at me. I feel myself squirm a little under your scrutiny. I try to keep from blushing, but I can feel it turn my cheeks red.

“I have been told that you are very pleasant to work with,” you begin, “but it seems you’ve had some difficulty with the work. A few of your co-workers have said that you seem to have not caught onto exactly how to do everything quite yet.”

“Oh, I, I guess I have had some problems with remembering to do a few things,” I stammer.

You stare at me and I feel myself blush more. I know exactly what you’re talking about because those things that I tend to forget were taught to me by you. And that’s the very reason I forget them. I had a hard time concentrating on what you were telling me because I was too busy thinking about all the things I’d like to do to you.

“I noticed that the things you seem to not remember are the things we went over.”

My eyes snap up to meet yours. I’m trying to şerifali escort believe that you’ll think it’s just a coincidence. I can see in your eyes though that you know it’s not.

“Why is that, Miss Anderson?”

I bite my lip and look down. My face becomes more red than before. I look back up at you and shake my head.

“I don’t know,” I say unconvincingly.

You stand up and walk around your desk. You cross your arms in front of you and stare down at me. I try to meet your gaze but have to look down.

“I think you do,” you respond.

I uncross my legs, run my slightly sweaty palms down my thighs. I clear my throat and glance at you. That’s when I see you staring down my shirt.

I feel myself get wet and squirm more in my seat. Your fingers reach out to curl around my jaw, lifting my face.

“I, I was somewhat distracted when you were teaching me,” I confess.

“Distracted by?”

I shift again. “You,” I answer simply.

You stand up and start to walk to the windows on the wall. You close the blinds on each one in turn. I watch silently and nervously as you finish and come back to stand in front of your desk.

“Then you’ll have to relearn those things,” you tell me, “but you’ll have to make it up to me for having to teach you a second time.”

My wide eyes meet yours. I feel myself become more wet at the tone of your voice. Surely you can’t mean what I think you do.

“How?” I breathe out.

“You can figure out how,” you answer with a smirk.

I search your eyes for a second. I know what I want to do. I just don’t know if that’s what you’re talking about.

I tentatively lean forward. My hand reaches over to your belt. I look at you, you aren’t stopping me so I grow a little more bold.

I undo your belt, slide the top button out and unzip your pants. I slip my hand in, curling around you. I slide you out, my mouth watering.

I silivri escort drop to my knees in front of you. My tongue slips out to glide up your shaft. The taste of you is better than I thought.

My hand moves slowly up until my thumb caresses the head. I glance up at you, you seem mesmerized. I bite my lip again and smile at you before turning my attention back to your cock.

I open my mouth, sliding it onto you. My tongue slips around your shaft before moving up to the head. I glide my mouth all the way down, feeling you in the back of my throat.

I start to slide up and down your shaft. I groan, I can feel just how wet I am. Your hand comes up to rest on the back of my head. Your hips gently thrust.

I suck ever so softly, feeling you become harder with every thrust. My hand moves down to massage your balls. I hear a quiet moan escape your lips.

I pull off for a second, my hand taking my mouth’s place. I look at you, my mind still wrapping around the fact that I’m getting my wish.

“Take off your shirt,” you tell me.

I quickly unbutton my shirt and let it fall off my arms to the floor. You reach down and slide a finger over my bra. You pull one of my tits up til the nipple comes out. My nipple puckers up as you massage it and I moan at the feel.

I wrap my hand around your cock again. I slide my hand up and down as you continue to play with my nipple. But I miss the taste of you and so lean down to pull you into my mouth again.

I taste your precum and it makes me more hungry. I start to move my mouth up and down your cock faster. I feel you lean back and thrust deeper into my mouth.

I open wider and let my mouth sink down until your cock hits the back of my throat. I hear you groan as you pull back and thrust deep again. I pop off for a second after gagging a little bit.

You grab my arms and pull me up. You turn me around and bend me over your desk. I feel şirinevler escort you slide my skirt up.

I rest my forehead on the desk. My arms propping me up a bit. My heart’s beating a million miles a minute and I’m panting at the thought of you inside me.

I can feel you hesitate at my lack of underwear. “Oh you definitely are my dirty little bitch, aren’t you?” I hear you say.

I groan as I feel the head of your cock against my pussy. “Yes, Mr. Randall, I am.”

You thrust hard into me and I bite into my hand to keep from screaming out. You grab my hips and massage them as you continue to thrust.

I gasp and arch my back. You gently slap my ass, enough to make a snap but quiet enough no one else can hear. I moan.

You reach down and gather my hair in one hand. I feel you gently tug before yanking a little harder. I gasp a little louder.

You lean down next to my ear. “Quiet, Miss Anderson. I don’t think anyone else needs to know how exactly you’re making up for your shortcomings.”

I look back at you as you straighten up. I bite my lip and smile at you. You smile back before slapping my ass again.

I lean my forehead against the desk again. I moan softly over and over as you slam into me. Your cock hitting the exact spot I need.

I feel myself start to quiver. I arch my back and raise my hip a bit so you can go deeper. I groan as I feel myself lose it.

You slide your left hand down to squeeze my tit. Your right hand grabs my hip and uses it to slam harder into me. I feel you thrust hard as you empty inside me.

We both stay where we are for a minute, catching our breaths. You’re the first to move, stepping back from me. I straighten up and slide my skirt down before facing you.

You use a kleenex to clean up then zip your pants up. I move around you to get my shirt and quickly button it. I turn around, a little worried about the after part.

You’re sitting on the desk, your arms crossed and watching me with a small smile. I smile back, though that does little to calm my worry.

“I’ll do better next time, sir,” I say softly.

You smile a little wider. “Good, because if you don’t you’ll have to prove to me again that you want to learn.”

My eyes snap up to meet yours and my pulse quickens at the wicked grin on your face. Prove it again, huh?

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