Mr. Basketball Ch. 09


The next chapter on the Mr. basketball series. All characters involved in sexual activity are over 18.


I backed out of Thom’s driveway after dropping Taylor off and turned to head home. It had been another long weekend away at an AAU event showcase for her. A lot of scouts were there from colleges around the country to watch the elite high school players compete and show them what they had to offer. Taylor played well once again and I hoped she impressed more than a few. I was happy that colleges were interested in her but it was taxing on me. I did a lot of the leg work to get her name out there and get her into these events so she could get to the next level. Since I had been through all of this it was kind of a given that I knew what to do to help her. I didn’t mind it and I knew it was going to pay off, it was just time consuming and stressful.

I made the turn into my driveway and smiled as I pulled to a stop at the house. Home sweet home I thought as I got out of the car and grabbed my bag from the back seat. I walked up the sidewalk and opened the front door. My eyes met Teagan as she stood on the staircase wearing one of my button down shirts and nothing else.

“Hey good looking,” I smiled as I closed the door.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” she smiled seductively.

“You have?” I asked taking her into my arms and kissing her deeply.

“I have. My fingers have been busy all morning.”

“You’ve been knitting again,” I teased.

“Hmmm,” she growled. “If you want to call it that.”

She pulled me by the arm up the stairs and into the bedroom. We started kissing again as soon as we reached the foot of the bed. Her fingers worked quickly to open my shorts and drop them to the floor. I opened the one button holding the shirt into place and let it open on its own. The soft swell of her chest teased the edges of the shirt as I stepped out of my shorts.

“What are you doing in my shirt?” I asked as I lay her on the bed.

“It smells like you so I put it on. I’ve missed you.”

“Hmm,” I growled. “I’ve missed you too.”

I quickly climbed between her legs and took in the soft swell of her mound. She was clearly excited already as I leaned closer to taste her. The pink folds were wet around the center and swollen with desire. I gave her a gentle lick from her pucker all the way to her clit. Her wetness coated my tongue as I crossed her opening and stopped at her clit. I flicked it softly with my tongue.

“How many times did you play with yourself before I got here?” I teased.

She sighed as I teased her clit before dipping into her wetness and tasting her again.

“Twice I think. But this is much better than what I can do myself.”

“Is that right?” I teased tasting her again.

“Ummm hmmm,” she moaned softly.

I folded her lips away from her center and teased her clit more with my tongue. My cock was leaking heavily and wanting to sink into her. It had been a few days and she was on my mind from the moment I had left until I had gotten back. I loved this woman more than I ever thought I could love anyone. I circled her clit a few more times before sitting up and letting my shirt fly into the corner.

I kissed her mouth heavily again as my cock nudged her cunny. Her wetness touched my tip as I leaked onto her. She turned her hips lightly letting me catch her opening. I slipped inside slowly letting my cock stretch her as I pushed deep inside of her. My hips met hers as she gasped into my mouth. Her legs wrapped around me as I rested inside of her and found her neck.

“Fuck,” she whimpered as I remained deep inside of her and let her cunny squeeze me.

I slowly started to pull from her until just the head remain inside her puss. Her nails softly scratched my back as I slowly filled her again. Her cunny was surprisingly wet and hot today. I moved to her left nipple and sucked it into my mouth as I softly fucked her. I could feel every curve of her cunt as I rose and fell back into her.

I looked up at her as she smiled in pleasure. Her green eyes were just hooded little slits as she smiled her perfect smile back at mine.

“I love you baby,” I whispered.

“Ditto baby,” she gasped as I crashed back into her.

She let her legs fall to the bed opening herself up to me more. I increased the pace and filled her deeply touching her cervix with each fall into her. She panted harder and called my name in a ragged breath as she started to cum. I continued at the same pace and let her soak my cock. The sheet below would be wet from her cream as she started to come down from her high.

“My turn,” she giggled and pushed my chest.

I pulled from her and saw the little wet spot that she had left on the sheet. I rolled to my back as she followed quickly. She leaned down and took my cock into her mouth tasting her cum on my cock. She deeply swallowed me down until I felt the back of her throat. She slowly withdrew giving me a seductive smile as she reached the tip and let my cock pop out of her mouth with a loud smack.

Her legs swung over Sakarya Escort my body as she settled over me. I pointed it up as she pressed her cunt over it and let me slip in again. She undulated her hips as she leaned down and kissed me again. I could taste her on her tongue as our tongues tangled together. My hands felt her perfect body as I traced her ribs down to her butt.

I squeezed her cheeks roughly before pulling them open. It opened her up more as she pressed down harder on me. I bumped her end again as she gasped and rocked her hips harder. She sat up now and pressed me further into her cunny. She started bouncing roughly on top of me as I moaned in pleasure. Her tits softly swayed from side to side then up and down as she increased her up and down on me.

I gripped her hips and guided her movements as she panted above me. I could feel myself getting close now as I pulled her harder onto my cock. The way her cunny started squeezing me indicated she was close again. I softly bucked into her as I started filling her. Her eyes closed as she gasped and yelped she was cumming again. Her cunt milked me as I filled her deeply and finished.

She fell back onto my chest and kissed me again. We spent a minute kissing before she rested above me and smiled.

“I’m late,” she smiled.

“Do you think you might be?” I asked excitedly.

“I don’t want to get my hopes up,” she sighed but still smiled. “I feel different this time so maybe.”

“All we can do is hope and keep doing this,” I offered with a smile.

“Like we would stop if I was,” she giggled.

“True,” I laughed.

“How late are you?”

“Just over a week now.”

I hugged her tightly again. We had been trying for a few months now so this was a good sign.

“So, how did things go at the basketball thing?” she asked.

“Taylor played really well,” I smiled.

“Did you recognize anyone?”

“A couple of faces were the same. There were a lot there I didn’t remember seeing before. I think there were a lot of division two schools there.”

“That’s good though right? I mean that there are some people you have seen a few times.”

“She’s going to get something,” I smiled. “I don’t know what she is going to get but it’s going to be something. I hope it’s a big division one school. That’s where she needs to be. She would be selling herself short if she plays for anything smaller.”

“You don’t sound bias or anything,” she giggled.

“I’m not,” I laughed with her. “She is really good Teagan. She needs to be at a big school.”

“I’m so happy for her,” she said. “She’s worked so hard and it’s going to pay off for her.”

“That it will,” I sighed. “She just has to play hard this season and she will get something.”

“You will keep her motivated,” Teagan offered as she slipped from my body now. The sway of her hips as she headed to the bathroom kept my attention for the moment.

“I’ll keep pushing her along,” I said. “It’s up to her to play hard and give them a reason to want her.”

“What do you want to do today?” Teagan asked.

“I was hoping to get in a nap,” I sighed. “I’m tired from this weekend.”

“Lazy old man,” she teased as she slipped into bed with me again. “Although, a nap does sound nice.”

“Hey,” I said as a thought popped into my head. “Are you going to be able to travel to Italy for our anniversary if you are pregnant?”

“I don’t see why not,” she thought. “But I don’t even know if I am yet.”

“Have you taken a test?”

“I wanted you here,” she said. “Tomorrow morning I’ll take one.”


A lot had changed for all of us since that second week in August. Life had changed and in ways that we had never thought it would. I started going down the wrong path again. I was using whiskey to numb the pain as I started to revert back to the asshole I used to be. Hopefully with the start of basketball and me being more involved with that it would get me out of the funk I was in. In some ways I couldn’t help but revert back though. Teagan was gone and I was lost without her.

Life as I knew it had come to an abrupt end one August night after Teagan and I had gone out for a nice evening together. I never saw this coming and it still stunned me to think about it to this day. Without her I had no guide and no real reason to do anything but go through the motions. She meant everything to me and once again life came in and took what I loved the most. I didn’t understand why life was so pissed off at me. Hadn’t I been through enough already?

I found myself in a fog as I walked into the school gym and looked over the list of players that wanted to try out. I glanced around the gym and saw Taylor stretching with Tessa under the hoop at the far end. Taylor had gotten two offers from big name division one schools and five from the mid major ones. She was the one bright spot in this depressing time we were going through.

She hadn’t made up her mind yet. She was planning to go on some unofficial visits during the Christmas break and see what they Sakarya Escort Bayan had to offer. I was asked to travel with her but I hadn’t given an answer. I was thrilled for her, don’t get me wrong. I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind to go along with her given everything that had just happened.

“Do I really have to try out for the team?” Taylor asked.

It brought me out of my thoughts and back to the gym full of girls waiting on me to get things started. I put on my best fake face and tried to smile for her.

“Yes, you really have to try out,” I said with a slight laugh. “Don’t worry though, it’s just a formality thing. I’m pretty sure you’re going to make the team.”

“What if I really suck?” she teased.

“You can kiss those scholarships goodbye,” I teased back.

“Do you really think I will get one?” she asked more serious now.

“You’ve done all the right things,” I smiled. “You’ve played in the summer camps, you’ve got great grades. Your name is out there, they know who you are. When I was getting recruited I had them showing up my junior year talking to me. They’re doing the same thing for you. You’ve even gotten some offers. You are going to get something.”

“Thanks coach,” she smiled.

“Now get out there and give me a reason to give you a spot on the team.”

She smiled as she left my side and went to join the 55 girls who were trying out this year. It was the largest that I had dealt with so far in my four years of doing this. I glanced around the gym again and saw it was crowded more than usual. I always had it open so anyone could stop on by. A few faces I recognized and a few I didn’t. You never knew who was going to be showing up and I always made a point to tell Taylor to always be positive.

I flipped my notebook open and looked it over. I was just about to start when somebody tapped me on the shoulder. I turned and saw Rodney Whiteman standing there with a smile on his face.

“Can I help you with something?” I asked.

“I was wondering if I could help you,” he said. “I’ve always been interested in coaching and my dad thinks it would be a good idea for me to help you out.”

I wasn’t fond of Rodney or his dad for that matter. George Whiteman had taken over for Gary Hart as the dean of the school this past year. Mr. Hart had been running this school for the past ten years and we had a really developed a great relationship after Sam had quit and I took over. He loved what I had done with the team and for the school.

He was promoted to run the school district over the summer much to the dismay of the staff here. They all loved him and wished he would stay but they all understood why he left. He was gifted at his job and his skills were needed at the top level. George Whiteman moved into the dean spot and had already created friction with much of the staff. He was changing policies and had moved a few staff members here and there if they didn’t fall in line as he put it. His sudden interest in me and my team now had me a little concerned.

“Do you know anything about basketball?” I questioned.

“Yeah, the ball goes through the hoop and you get points. Whoever has the most points wins.” He smiled trying to be funny and get me to respond. I wasn’t buying it.

“Teagan was my helper,” I sighed. “I’m kind of a one man show now. I have a very systematic approach to the way I run things and it’s worked out for the past four years. I think I’m all set for the time being.”

“Ok,” he said smiling. “Let me put it to you this way. My dad would like me to help and I want to help so where do you want me?”

“I don’t want the help,” I said. “Rob is my assistant and that’s all the help I need at this point. Maybe the guys’ team might need some help.”

“Well, I’m here to stay so you can fight me or use me but either way I’m going to be here,” he said firmly. “Dad wants me to help you out not the guys.”

“Fine,” I said highly annoyed now. “Get a pen and some paper and take notes. I’ll figure something out for you to do in the coming days. I have to get this rolling or we are going to be here all day.”

I watched him turn and head to my office to get some paper.

“What was that all about?” Rob asked.

“I guess we have another coach,” I sighed.

He looked at me with concern. I shrugged and turned my attention to the task at hand.

“Alright,” I called as the gym went silent. “There are fifteen spots open on the varsity squad. Nobody has a spot, everyone will be trying out for it. To start with, I want a five on five game that will last for eight minutes. It will be a running clock, I will make the calls. There will be no free throws at this time. I’ve divided you up into groups by alphabet so pay attention to who is in your group.”

I started listing groups of five girls at a time. There was a good mix of girls in each group. The only strong group was Taylor’s group. Seeing as how Tessa and Taylor had the same last name they were put in a group together. That’s just the way it worked out.

“This Escort Sakarya is not only an individual tryout but a team try out. As basketball is a team sport, you will be graded on both individual play as well as team play. I will make cuts at the end of today and take 30 girls into tomorrow. Let’s get started. I want group A to play group K. Group K will take the ball out first.”

I watched as Taylor went onto the floor and got the inbounds pass. She started up the floor as I thought back to her in her freshman season. She was night and day different now. She was good back then but rather timid and unsure of herself. She did win us the state championship that season with that incredible leaning shot as time expired. That was then and this was now. Last year we checked out in the state semifinal game and finished third. She did all she could in that game to try and get us the win but it just wasn’t enough. The year before that we made it to the state quarterfinal game before we lost. It was a hard year on her since Mandy and Mindy had graduated and she had to shoulder the load. That was the year she improved though. That was the year she went from good to great by the end of the season. I thought for sure they would make it all the way last year but it just wasn’t meant to be.

This year was going to be different. She had worked hard all summer and went to a couple of camps and showcases to improve and show the scouts what she had to offer. They liked what they saw and said they would be watching her to see how she played this season. I knew that if everything went well she would be playing at the next level.

She took a look from the left side and didn’t see anything open so she crossed over and drove the lane making an easy layup. I smiled as she went by and watched her pressure the ball on defense. When she was on her game and in the zone she was unstoppable. Right now she was just cruising along and doing what she had to do to get through. She was going to make the team, there was no doubt about that.

I watched her athletic body as she defended the ball by getting low and keeping her body balanced over her feet. I smiled inwardly at how well she stayed home and didn’t break on the fake. I watched as she tried to tip the pass as it went left. She got a finger on it but didn’t get enough of it as it left the other girls hand. I watched her turn and follow her through the flow of bodies as she stuck with her. She had certainly changed physically too. She had filled out in all the right places and was quite stunning. I had to look away and focus on the ball as the shot went up.

Her sister, Tessa, quickly grabbed the rebound off the missed shot as Taylor called for the outlet pass. Tessa knew right where to find her and sent it on the way. Taylor caught the ball on the run and looked up the floor to see what her options were. There were two girls getting back to play defense. Taylor saw the opening and took off down the floor. She quickly crossed over to the right and drove down the middle confidently making another layup.

I pointed to her silently saying good job as she jogged past me again smiling. She stopped right at the half court line and waited before pressuring the ball and making the girl pick up her dribble. She slapped the ball free and flipped it behind her back before cruising down the lane again to make another layup. Again she smiled at me as she trotted back to wait again at the half court line.

“Ease up a little,” I ordered.

“Yes sir,” she mumbled as she backed off.

I watched her again as she moved with little effort to guard her assignment. The ball moved around and another shot went up that missed. Tessa grabbed it and found Taylor on the edge waiting. This time she slowly worked her way down the court. She stood near center court and looked over her options again. Tessa slowly cut in behind her and moved down the painted area with her hands ready. Taylor waited until she got a little more space before dumping the ball to her where Tessa scored without a problem. They both had worked hard to improve themselves and it was paying off.

The eight minutes went by rather quickly. Taylor had scored twelve already and Tessa had six. Taylor had a couple of assists and Tessa grabbed more than her fair share of rebounds. They both impressed me along with Tracy who had spent most of last year on the JV squad. I moved her up when we started districts but she only saw a limited amount of time.

The horn sounded loudly before Rob silenced it. “On the line,” I called. “Give me five then get off for the next group.”

Taylor led the group down and back five times never losing steam as she finished first. I took notes on who had gas left in the tank and who really started to slow down. I put a star next to Tracy who was a little gassed but gave it her all to finish strong.

“Get a drink,” I called. “Group B and group J lets go. J gets the ball.”

I had a line next to Nikki who was a freshman and a promising player from what I saw when I ran the minicamp and had seen her play in the youth league. She played timidly but had a good looking jumper. She needed some work on her defense. The eight minutes went by quickly with more fouls and loose balls bouncing all over the place. They weren’t as clean as the first group. They lined up expecting to run but I threw another wrench in the plan.

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