Moving House

Jada Stevens

A new man had recently joined Pandora’s friendship group. She was instantly drawn to him. He was highly intelligent, exceedingly nerdy and rather arrogant. He was of average height and athletic build, with sandy blonde hair, blue eyes and pale clear skin. He had masterful hands with which he practiced martial arts and sword fighting.

At every social gathering, Pandora and he always found themselves interacting with one another more than those in the group. They never consciously sought one another out, yet every time, it was inevitable that they would be drawn into deep conversation with one another, with the topics growing more intimate each time.

At Christmas, he got rather drunk and was more overt in his seeking out of Pandora for their intense and intimate conversations. Their body language was a giveaway to the whole group that they were interested in one another, but neither was ready to make a move, certainly not in public. If anything happened between them, it would need to be away from prying eyes and remain secret. They were both aware of this and the illicit nature of any potential encounter between them only heightened their intrigue and impatience.

In one of their heated and increasingly explicit conversations, Pandora was appalled to hear that had barely had any good blowjobs in his life. She felt it was her moral imperative to right this terrible wrong. As they were now good friends, Pandora sancak escort offered to help him move house, in a completely selfless way and not at all as an opportunity to be alone for an extended period of time with him, honest. He accepted her offer gratefully and innocently, completely unaware of her intentions, but subconsciously hoping something might happen. He certainly didn’t have the courage to make the first move, so he resigned himself to live in hope that his fantasy would be realised.

On the day of the move, Pandora drove her car to his soon to be previous house and helped him load all of his possessions into it. It was a hot day and she was just wearing a thin summer dress which clung to her athletic yet womanly figure. She wasn’t wearing a bra as it was too warm and he could see the outline of her nipples through the thin fabric. If this wasn’t enough to cause him uncomfortable and inconvenient arousal, each time she bent over, he caught a glimpse of her lacy knickers under her short dress. They eventually finished loading the car and set off to his new home. Once they had brought everything inside, she turned to face him, looked him in the eye and with her hand round his throat, pushed him against the wall.

As she pinned him there, with her other hand, she rubbed his cock through his trousers until it was rock hard. He gasped with pleasure, sarıyer escort albeit with difficulty whilst being choked.

Slowly, she sank to her knees and released his throat. When she was eye level with his bulging trousers, she undid them, whilst keeping eye contact with him. She could see that his tight boxers were wet with precum where they stretched over the tip of his turgid cock.

She pulled his boxers down and released his eager member. She took it in her hand and pulled his foreskin back gently to expose his precum soaked head. She kept eye contact while she licked playfully, teasing him til he groaned with pleasure and frustration.

When he could bear it no longer, she thrust his engorged penis down her throat, right to the base, where she gagged on it hard. She proceeded to alternate between fucking her throat with his saliva-drenched cock and sucking the tip while using her hand on his shaft. She also licked and sucked his balls with relish. Finally, after him fucking her throat and her moaning with pleasure on his cock, he blew his huge load right down her throat, which she swallowed eagerly. She lapped up any cum she had missed and stood up to kiss him, her lips still wet with his cum.

As she kissed him, she slid her hands up her skirt and into her sodden knickers. She parted her pink moist pussy lips with her fingers, then sefaköy escort thrust them inside. When she took them out, she put them in his mouth and said, “look how wet sucking your cock has made me.”

On tasting her sweet pussy juices, he caught hold of her arms, spun her around and bent her over in front of him. “Hold onto your ankles.” he commanded. She obeyed him willingly and rose her ass up and arched her back, making her glistening pussy even more visible.

His cock was already hard again and he plunged his penis straight into her warm tight cunt. He grabbed onto her hips and thrust hard against her ass, his balls slapping against her clit. She screamed and moaned in pleasure at being fucked so hard. In between thrusts he slapped her ass and left clear hand prints. Each time he spanked her she ground her pussy back harder against his pulsating dick.

After a thorough pounding, she came hard on his cock, her pussy throbbing and tightening around him. This brought him close, but he pulled out and came between her ass cheeks and watched the cum trickle all the way down to her freshly fucked pussy.

This sight kept him hard and he rubbed his cock in the cum between her ass cheeks, lubing her up to enter her ass. He pushed the tip of his penis in slowly, as she gasped with a new kind of pleasure. As her ass accepted him, he pushed inside harder and faster. At the same time, she played with her clit with her fingers, to heighten the pleasure from her ass being fucked. He pounded her ass balls deep and watched it jiggle with every thrust. Eventually he blew another load deep inside her and when he pulled his cock out, his cum oozed out of her.

She fell to her knees, thoroughly satisfied and exhausted. It was totally worth being a good friend.

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