Moving Ahead to More Recent Times in My Story pf 2


Moving Ahead to More Recent Times in My Story pf 2Played with Dude for a bit. Very ghetto minded guy…….need I say more about why I was so attracted to him?Once again I was fortunate to have a white boyfriend into handling the camera when this Black Dude and I had the urge to make a movie. Let’s just call him D. The Black Dude that is. This white boyfriend is another story……I enjoyed teasing more than pleasing him ….lolThis is what I wore when I picked D up from where he was staying at the time. Not sure what it is about the bad boys and low achievers that makes them so damn magnetic for me! Met D at a bad place in a bad neighborhood where folks good folks went to do bad things – well, maybe folks who were good and kinky. We partied a bit and D got his first thorough and complete cocksucking iskenderun escort from a crossdressing fag like me. Yes, it was even before we left the car. Regular girl ghetto whores wear jeans and sneakers. So for tempting with a show of cleavage, ass, and stockings or pantyhose ending in spike heels…..yes, I do enjoy that edge on the street competition with real pussy. After our first meet at a friend of his place we got together regularly, usually there. Going up several layers or wooden stairs on a Friday or Saturday night did make me a new friend or two on occasion as well. Even a fat girl, or especially a fat girl who is definitely fat, not really a girl, so she dresses to tempt and tease for partying with a Black Dude. Maybe adapazarı escort even one who does not mind sharing you with friends or whomever as long as he enjoys his party? Or even better yet, one with a nasty imagination who wants make some niche porn…….. deletedRemoving his shoes and socks I looked up. He was enjoying his cold beer and smoke. Smiling down deviously at me when he took a break . Then another sip and another hit. Being as useful as i can for some kinky Black Man adds to the rush. I vaguely remember D telling me that tonight would be special. We would already make a fun night of it by partying while my white boyfriend filmed. Maybe D. had even more In mind for tonight? My mind started to race…..Whitey helped me get başakşehir escort ready and knew the signs of my transition into a totally sub slut…. White boyfriends who enjoy helping with some shaving, lotion, and lube are dear to my heart. This Whitey did not drive so he had to wait for me to come back with D. I usually wore a long light coat so my turquoise skirt did not cause whistles on the street while walking to and from my car. Being a fat assed white boi in drag, strutting around bad neighborhoods….it has got to be toned down with a long coat… least until I get my party mood in higher gear and inhibitions lower… I really love to hear a Dominant BBC issue orders and instructions. I think we talked about some of these ideas while I was down on my knees in front of D. I would love to do some video partying in front of a bigger group than a solitary white boyfriend. Being in drag and pleasuring some BBC with an audience tossing out nasty ideas and insults would make for a better time……at least to my current standards….lol Could definitely be a better video.END of Part 1 share your comments and thoughts

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