MOUNTAIN HUMPIt was the first hunting year we ever went up together. She had her boyfriends, her smoking, her attitude; I had my girlfriends, my music, and my art. We very seldom saw eye to eye, being a few years apart, but for some reason, this year Shelly wanted to come to Maine with Dad and me for the week. I trekked up north every fall with my father; he hunted deer and I sketched landscapes. We’d done it every year since I was in junior high. What made my sister Shelly want to come this year was anybody’s guess. The 5-hour trip to the cottage was pretty dull, my Dad wasn’t a great conversationalist and Shelly and I didn’t really get along very well. We settled in pretty quick; Shelly complained about pretty much everything: the cottage was too small, no tv, no phone, the bed was lumpy. Almost every word out of her mouth made me wonder why the hell she wanted to come anyway. Well, here we were, Dad said, we ought to make the best of it. We weren’t leaving for a week.Early in the morning on day 2 Dad disappeared into the woods with his hunting gear. I knew from years past I wouldn’t see him for days. Shelly immediately started bugging me about the ‘lack of anything to do’. I told her that I had plenty to do; I was here to sketch the Maine landscape and wildlife. I had a spot that I had picked out years before that was about an hour’s hike north. She had seen my work from past years and was actually very complimentary; she joked in years past that I was the only one of us that ever came back with anything worth displaying in the living room. But for Shelly, it was only day two and she had nothing planned; she was already bored to tears.’Youre welcome to come with me, but I have to tell you: it’s rough going around here. But it’s a great hike. Come on and keep me company! What else are you gonna do around here alone?’ I asked. Our relationship was not great over the pastfew years, she seemed to live to goof on her little brother. I guess it’s just natural sibling rivalry and all that, but god, she could be a bitch. I had hoped that on this trip, we might reach some sort of compromise.’I can do it! I’m no wimp…Let’s go!’ she demanded.So we got our stuff together and off we went. I led the way; me in kahkis a backpack and hiking boots and her in cut-offs, a t-shirt and sneakers. She was under-prepared, but I figured with me as her guide she’d be OK. We didn’t talk much; the hike was challenging and the pace I set was gruelling. Most of the conversation between us consisted of Shelly yelling for me to slow down or asking if we could take a break. About a mile in, I heard Shelly scream. ‘Owwwwww! Shit! Steven! Ohhhhhh… ankle….I broke my ankle….’ She was sitting on a deadfall about 20 yards behind me holding her foot. I ran back to check on her. ‘It’s broken!”It isn’t broken. Can you move it?’ She moved her foot from side to side. ‘Yeah…but it hurts!!’She took her sneaker and sock off. ‘Let me see…’ I held her foot in my hands and felt for swelling. ‘Well, you twisted it, but I don’t think you sprained it. Let’s sit for a bit and take 5.’ I rubbed her foot for a bit. ‘Feel OK?’ She looked at me greatfully. ‘Yeah’. She had calmed down quickly.After the break, we resumed hiking. I no time, we were at my spot; a clearing on the side of the small mountain we had been slowly hiking up. There was the large, flat outcropping of rock where I liked to sit and gaze out into the sky, sometimes for hours; I had done watercolors, pencil and charcoal sketches, even photographs of sunsets, the clearing, and the surrounding landscape. I felt sort of like I owned this acre. It was mine. Even Shelly was mesmerized. It was a warm, beautiful day; not a cloud in the sky. The sun shone down brightly down on the clearing and the air was clear and clean. ‘Wow. No wonder you come back every year. It’s awesome!!’ I smiled and nodded my head. After a few moments, I proceeded to set up my portable ‘studio’ and Shelly laid out a blanket on a flat spot in the clearing to get some sun. She casually pulled off her t-shirt; she was wearing a pretty skimpy bikini top underneath. I glanced over and caught myself stealing a look at her boobs as she bent over straightening the blanket. Damn, I thought. Nice pair, sister or not. I’d admired my sister’s tits ever since they’d first made their appearance about 5 years ago. For a tall, slender girl of her age, they were truly outstanding: 38-D. I breifly wondered if any lucky guy ever got a chance with those, her being such a bitch and all. My sister then proceeded to strip off her shorts, revealing the other half of the bikini, a thong, no less. I could not resist catching another sneak peek. Ok, Steve, keep your mind on your work. After only about 30 minutes, Shelly called to me. ‘Steve! My foot’s still killing me! Can you come over here and rub it like you did before? I think it’s swelling up!’ She asked in a little girl, pouty voice that was kind of comical. Annoyed, I walked over to her spot in the sun. ‘Doesn’t look swollen, ‘ I said. She was laying back on her back, propped up on her elbows. Her legs were open wide; my eyes reflexively locked on the center of her groin, barely concealed beneath a thin strip of material.She held her foot up to me and said ‘Please just rub it for a bit. You made it feel better before.’ I knelt down and took her foot in my hand, holding her leg up by the bottom of the calf and rubbing it gently around her ankle and heel. I noticed her eyes shut as I rubbed; I had a few opportunities to check out her long slender legs and the way that her bikini bottom fit around her mound…Her upper chest and stomach were glistening with suntan lotion she had applied herself. Still bronze from summer tanning, she was shooting for one last sun session this week. No doubt about it, my sister Shelly was a fine peice of ass…What was that tingling in my penis?’Mmmm…’ She opened her eyes again. ‘I’ve gotta turn over now; while you’re here could you put some lotion on my back for me?’I was pissed. ‘Shelly, listen, I didn’t come up here to be you personal assistant! I’ve only got so many hours of workable light to work with here!’ But as I spoke, she turned over on the blanket on to her stomach. ‘C’mon, Steven, It’ll just take a minute…’ as she spoke, she reached up and undid the clasp the held her bikini top together at the back. The straps fell at her sides and I could see a good bit of her large breasts pressed against the blanket underneath her. I knelt there on my knees, staring down at my sisters near-naked body; the only thing barely covered was the crack of her ass. To my amazement, I realized that I was developing a real old fahsioned hard-on in my pants; I was glad Shelly was on her back and wouldn’t notice it. In a daze, I saw myself reach for the oil; I could not resist. I protested, but just for show. ‘I’ll do this, Shell, but this is it. I’ve got to work today’. I poured the oil into my hand started rubbing it over her back. It was warm and slippery and it turned me on even more. Her skin was flawless from her neck to her toes. I was enjoying every second of this; sure she was my sister, but how many times did I have the opportunity to give such a hot piece of ass an oil massage?’Don’t miss any spots,’ she said as I rubbed. I was careful not to get too close to her ass or tits, but then she said ‘Do my legs, too…’ and I noticed that she had spread them ever-so-slightly; the shape of her pussy was clearly visiblt through the fabric of her thong. ‘You don’t want me to burn, do you? ‘I rubbed the oil over her soft-but-firm thighs and stared at that spot like a zombie. In a flash, she turned over. ‘Oh!!’ she shouted; sounding half-hearted, and twisted at her waist and turned almost completely over. ‘What was that! A bee! Steven! A bee!’ My surprised eyes were riveted as her enormous breasts were exposed to me. Her nipples were huge and hardened. Her magnificent tits swung left and right as she looked around for this ‘bee’ or whatever had ‘startled’ her; but I had seen nothing. She feigned embarassment and tried to cover her boobs with one hand, barely covering her big nipples. ‘Steven!!’ she said, glaring at me, the anger in her tone equally phoney. I caught myself and tore my eyes away from her mammoth hooters and blushed. She lifted Escort her sunglasses so I could see what she was looking at: the bulge in my shorts.’Jesus Christ, Shelly! Don’t be pissed at me! I’m sorry!I didn’t do anything wrong! Man! I’m going to get to work now…God’! I got up and stormed away. Back on the flat rock, I sat trying to concentrate on art for some time, unable to get the mental image of my sisters fabulous naked boobs out of my mind. The embarassment of Shelly catching me staring at them had killed my erection immediately, but she had seen it…she had wanted me to see her tits and she wanted me to know she had seen my erection. I was pretty confused as I grappled with conflicting emotions and feelings. About an hour later, I had a few sketches done and was working on a color study of the forest below when Shelly appeared. ‘Hey. You’re not mad at me, are ya? I’m not mad at you.’ she asked.’I’m not mad. Just…embarassed,’ I replied. She was still clad only in the two-piece. Her body shined in the sun. ‘Well, don’t be. It wasn’t you fault. No big deal. You know how I am with bugs. Hey–can I see what you’ve done?’ I showed her what I had. She oohed and ahhhed. Truth is, I was still pissed that she had trapped me into that embarassing scene. ‘What about that one?’ she asked, pointing to one sketch that I hadn’t taken out of my portfolio to show her. ‘Lemme see!’I protested but she was at the portfolio before me. She pulled out the piece and her mouth opened in an exaggerated ‘O’. ‘Steven!! Is this me!?!’I was caught. The sketch was of Shelly; laying on her back on the blanket, sans bikini, propped up on her elbows, legs spread, one leg bent at the knee. It was a very good sketch; I told myself earlier that the only was to get her image out of my mind so that I could get some work done was to draw it. Now I was really in for it. No doubt she would act shocked and violated, like she did when she ‘accidentally’ showed her titties to me, and harass me to no end, even though I know she’d be secretly flattered. ‘Shelly, look, I’m…’She interrupted me. ‘Oh my god! This is great! I love it! Jeez, Steven, it looks just like me!’She liked it?’I didn’t know you could draw people too…Wow, I feel like a model! Do you want to draw me some more? Can I have this?’ She shot questions at me as I stood stunned at her reaction. Clearly excited, Shelly eagerly awaited my answers. Actually, I had thought of asking my sister to model for me before, but our relationship was usually very antagonistic and she would definately have ridiculed my request. Now she was offering!’Huh? You want to model for me?”Yes! I think it would be fun! Please draw me?’ Maybe this could be something good for us; perhaps we were outgrowing our bitchy brother-sister relationship and working together on this would be a real turning point. ‘Well, I could use some figure studies…OK. Sounds good. Let’s find some settings.’Shelly was way ahead of me. ‘How about down that little hill over there by that big tree? I could climb up those big rocks right next to it!’ She pointed to a spot down the hill a bit. I told her OK and off we went. I set up my stuff on a slope above the group of rocks so I could look down at her about 10 feet away. Shelly grabbed her blanket and bag and ran down the hill, her massive tits bouncing as she ran, and began climbing up the rocks. My gaze followed her beautiful ass as she ascended. ‘How’s this?’ she called up to me. She sat in the center of the widest, flattest rock and lay down her blanket. ‘That’s good. Face the sun a little more and it’ll be perfect. Good.’ As I got settled and started thinking how I would approach the peice; I stared down in amazement at Shelly removing her bikini top. She unsnapped it at the back and slipped it off her shoulders and smiled up at me. Her big round breasts were breathtaking; her oversized nipples were very visibly hardened again.’What, Steven? You’ve done nudes before, haven’t you?’ I stammered, trying to keep my eyes aff her gorgeous boobs. ‘Yeah, but…you…you’re…”Jeez, Steven you just saw them about an hour ago, anyway; and we’re brother and sister, right? It’s not like you’re gonna get turned on or anything!’ There was no doubt, she was clearly teasing me. She saw the big bulge in my pants before, she knew very well I’d be turned on. ‘Wow…this feels great! So free and natural.’ She stood up on the rock and ran her hands through her long jet black hair. Just then it was all becoming clear; I realized that my sister was actually getting off on making me uncomfortable. She was trying to turn me on and then attempting to humiliate me with it. I was younger than her but I wasn’t an idiot. Well…two could play it that way. I decided to fight fire with fire. ‘Um, OK, get back into your spot. Yeah.’ I started working. This was great; I actually had an excuse to stare at her chest now. I felt my cock start to tingle again. ‘Arch your back just a bit. Can you hold it like that? Good.’ God, these were the kind of fabulous, all-natural tits you see in the classier magazines. And I had a front row seat and a lisence to stare. Shelly looked very happy with herself.A slight, warm breeze blew through the clearing. ‘Ohhhhhh, that feels good. This is such a wonderful place…I feel so comfortable here. Like I belong here.’ The sun was still beating down on the clearing. She broke her pose. ‘Hold on, Steven. I want to get more comfortable. ‘ Shelly stood up and slipped her bottoms down and kicked them off. ‘OK. There. Where were we?’ She looked up at me and said, ‘Well, this is how you sketched me eariler, right?’ My heart skipped a few beats. Her pussy was shaven into a thin vertical line of fine, light brown hair. I could not beleive I was looking directly at my sister’s pussy. She looked up at me, searching for my reaction. I gave her the opposite of what I thought she was looking for. ‘Nice.’ I kept right on working. ‘Back into position, please. Yeah. Good.’ I hoped Shelly had been disappointed by my deadpan response. Truth is, I was now more turned on than ever, but I wasn’t going to let her razz me about it. I was going to go with it. And if she really wanted to push it, I had secret weapon up my sleeve.’I hope this comes out as good as the last one…Though I won’t be able to show them to anyone…I guess this will have to be our little secret, Huh, Steven?”Mm Hm,’ I replied as I continued working. ‘Try not to move so much, OK?”Well, if I’m going to sit here in the sun I’ll need more tanning lotion, right?’ She was really pouring it on, trying to elicit a reaction from me. She grabbed the bottle and spread oil over almost every inch of her fantastice naked body. She even made a show of rubbing it into the strip of hair over her thin, pink pussy lips. She spent extra time applying it to her tits and inner thighs, looking up at me now and again to make sure I was watching. I watched every second, boldly making eye contact each time she glanced up at me. I was not going to give her the satisfaction of embarrassing me again. The only reaction I showed was happening in my shorts, but I wasn’t sure if she could tell. Then Shelly pushed even harder; she was determined to get me to break. As she lubed up her fine bod, she started moaning. ‘Ohhhh, Steven. It feels so good to be naked out here…Mmmmm…I feel like I’m high! You should try it! I bet you’ll love it too. Go on, take your clothes off and be naked with me. Mmmm….No one will know…’ She was squeezing her slippery tits as she spoke, and her legs spread a bit more with each breath she took. She wanted me to look at her pussy. I could soon see that it was wet with her inner uices and those pretty pink lips had swollen a bit. She was as turned on as me. I knew that she expected to balk at her request, and maybe even call a halt to the procedings, so I didn’t. I decided to act on my true feelings, before she could use them against me. And my true feelings were that I wanted to fuck her badly. She had been teasing me mercilessly all day; she deserved what was coming. I called her bluff and used my secret weapon.’Alright, I think I will. I could stand to get some sun myself,’ I said and I stood up and slipped off my kahkis and t-shirt. Shelly froze like a marble statue and stared at Escort Bayan my naked body. Her mouth fell open as her gaze happened across my fully erect penis. My sister was not the only member of my family who was well-endowed; my cock was a very thick 10 inches when fully hard. She was dumbfounded as she stared at my fat cock. ‘You’re right! This feels marvelous! What’s the matter, Shell, anything wrong?”N-no…um…I just never saw…I mean, I’m your sister…You’re not supposed to be turned on!!’ It was a feeble attempt to make me feel uncomfortable again and deflect the focus from her obvious shock. Now it was she who was uncomfortable. I had beat her at her own game. ‘It’s only natural, Shell. You look a little excited yourself, as a matter of fact. We’re both human beings; and I won’t deny that your body excites me. Are you willing to admit the same to me?’ I had really turned the tables and put her on the spot. I loved it. She was staring at my dick as she spoke. ‘Well, OK, I guess…You’re in great shape, you always have been. But I’ve never seen your…never seen you naked before. Dude, it’s just so big…’ Her voice trailed off at the end. Her eyes finally met mine. ‘I admit I was trying to get a rise out of you today, but I was just goofing around. I was trying my ‘stuff’ out on you; I thought it would be fun to…to tease you a little. Maybe I went too far. Maybe we should stop this…’ She kept glancing at my dick as if it might disappear if she looked away too long. She paused a moment, still gawking. ‘So my body excites you?’ she asked, straightening her back and accentuating her rack. The tips of her huge nipples were fully extended and hard. ‘Yes. And you didn’t go too far, Shelly; I’m really glad it led to this. I have to hand it to you; this really does feel wonderful, being naked out here in the wilderness with my sister…I feel really alive and free…Let’s forget the sketch for now, OK? I just want to enjoy this with you. Let’s make it last.’ I looked up into the clear blue sky. I was trying to sound as mature and composed as I could, knowing that would throw her even further. Actually I was shaking like a little k** deep inside at the situation. Here we were, brother and sister, sitting out in the woods stark naked and very turned on. But I had control of the situation now. ‘Can I come up and sit with you?’ ‘Yeah! I mean, OK.if you want to, Steven…’ She sounded like a different person. Scared, excited, intimidated–maybe I could parlay this into the beginning of a new dynamic in our relationship; with me in the dominant role for a change. The dismayed look on her face said ‘how did we wind up here?’ as Shelly watched me walk down the slope and climb up onto the rocks where she sat. She moved over onto one side of the blanket. I sat down beside her cross legged. We both looked out at the sky silently. My erection was softening. There was a tremor in her voice as she shoftly spoke to me. ‘This is so weird…but really beautiful, Steven. So quiet, so peaceful, so private. I’m really sorry that I was such a brat today…and I’m really sorry that I’ve been such a brat to you all your life!’ She looked 100% sincere for the first time all day. It was genuine. I knew then that my strategy was working. I would be in her before long.It’s OK, Shelly, it’s just normal brother sister stuff. Listen: let’s today start a brand new relationship. Here in the peace and beauty of our little clearing. Naked, free, and alone in our own little world.’ I found her hand and held it. It was trembling slightly. I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. I felt her breast press against my side and my cock began to stir. I lay back on the blanket and sighed as Shelly turned and looked down at me, all sweet and innocent, as if she were lost and awaiting instructions. ‘Did I really get you that turned on? Do you think I’m a sexy girl?’ she asked. ‘Shelly, didn’t you see absolute proof just a second ago? What more proof do you need?’ She glanced at my cock and quickly looked back into my eyes, ashamed. ‘It’s OK, Shelly, you can look at my penis. I want us to be completely open from now on. Go ahead if you want to.’ She looked back at my slowly hardening dick as she spoke. ‘It’s so beautiful…’ she whispered.’Touch it, if you want to. Go ahead.’ She looked down at me, wide eyed and disbeleiving. ‘You want me to…Can I? Is it OK?”It’s more than OK, Shelly! I mean it…I feel so close to you…Our relationship just reached a new level, you know? We can do anything we want. We’re totally free now. Whatever happens here today will be our little secret, just for the two of us; a private bond that only we two will share. Go, ahead, Shelly. Touch it. Make it hard again. Don’t you want to touch it?”Hhhhhhh…Yes. I do…’ She nervously reached out and put her hand on the length of my shaft. She smiled at the first touch of the slowly tightening skin. She slowly slid her palm over the entire length of my cock. ‘God, Steven, it’s…I’ve never seen a cock this big…’ It was almost fully erect now; Shelly tried to get her fingers around the shaft; her hand was just barely big enough. She marveled. ‘Go ahead, that’s it; up and down…Yeah…oh, Shelly, that feels so nice….Ahhhhh.’ She was gently stroking my cock from the bottom of the shaft up to the head. Her fabulous rack was swinging slightly to and fro as she massaged my dick. I reached up and ran my hand over her back. After stroking her back in long, light strokes, I pushed her lightly towards me, brining those big, beautiful boobs just inches from my face. I could hear her breathing becoming a bit more harsh; she knew what was coming next. I moved my head forward and took a nipple into my mouth with a big wet kiss. I bit the tip ever-so-lightly, and continued to kiss and lick her nipple and the area around it. ‘Ohhhhhhhh, Steven…..Hhhhhhhhhh…’ She tightened her grip on my cock and jerked a bit harder. I ran my hand back down to her ass and began stroking there. When I thought the time was right, I said ‘You can do anything you want to, Shelly. Anything at all. I’m here for you. This is so beautiful.’ I laid it on thick. Soon, while my head was still buried in my sister’s generous cleavage, she moved her body further down and I felt her soft, moist lips and tongue running over the length of my hard-on. ‘Ohhhhhhh, Shelly…Oh, god….That’s so beautiful…Put it in your mouth, Shelly…Oh, Oh..Mmmmmmmm.’ My sister was sucking my cock. I looked down at her and watched her eagerly devouring my dick; she was really working hard and loving it. It was the noisiest blow job I had ever recieved. She loved being told what to do. The warm midday sun shone down on her ass and pussy as she gave me head. Her moist cunt glistened in the sunlight. I needed to eat it. I knew making her come would be another lesson in humility for her. I reached over and grabbed her leg and moved her over me, bringing her pussy directly over my head. She sucked my cock like a madwoman, now; eager to be eaten. I reached up and grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and pulled her pussy down to my waiting mouth. She was soaked. Her hot pussy was delicious. I began licking and kissing her cunt lips, clit and asshole and she had to pull her head up off of my massive cock occaisionally to moan and groan and catch her breath. I focused more on her clit and worked it furiously with my tongue. I could feel her big, soft jugs bouncing around on my stomach. I must have been getting somewhere, because her hips were gyrating on my face erratically and she was grinding her pussy into my mouth and tongue. She was going to come any second.Suddenly I stopped. She continued sucking for a bit, and tried to push her cunt down into my face, but I held her back and waited. ‘You want some more Shelly? Hm? Tell me Shelly, what do you want?’ She stopped sucking. I could hear her trying to catch her breath, her chest was heaving.I could barely understand her. ‘Don’t stop…Oh, Steven, make me cum keep going please?!!’ She tried to look back at me but I just stared straight up at her gaping pussy lips. ‘I’ll make you come. But first I want you to beg me; talk dirty to me.’ ‘Please, Steven, lick me some more!’ she pleaded. ‘Eat my pussy some more!’I reached up and gave her snatch Bayan Escort a good long lick, lingering at her hard clit. ‘Not bad…you can do better.’ She quickly licked and kissed the head of my cock. ‘Mmmm. Steven, I love sucking on your big fat cock…Mmmmm…please eat me while I suck it…Mmmmmm…eat my cunt…my hot wet little cunt! Mmmmmm, baby…please?’ ‘Very good! You’re a dirty girl aren’t you? You like talking that way do me don’t you?’ A few more long, slow licks and a little nibbling on her clit. ‘Yes. A very dirty girl, sucking your brother’s cock! Tell me how dirty you are.’ I sucked her little pink knob into my mouth and tongued it rapidly.’Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhh, Steven, yes I’m a bad girl a very bad BAD GIRL…I love to hmmmm…SUCK my brother’s big hard COCK while he… nnhhhh…eats my WET CUNT…mmmm, yeah, lick it there…right there…Lick my pussy, baby…OH!! YES!! OH!!!’ Shelly came like a tornado just then; shaking and wailing for a full 30 seconds, completely out of control. She fell in a spent heap and lay on top of me, panting. Her soaking wet pussy was on my chest, inches away from my face. Her luscious tits were squashed against the area just above my groin. Shelly held my cock and aimed it straight up into the sky; she was stroking it again and kissing my balls. ‘That was fucking great, dirty girl. But we’re not done yet…”What? Tell me what to do, Steven! I’ll do anything! Anything! Just tell me!’ There was an air of desperation in her voice that I really enjoyed. ‘Mmmm..I want it in me…Please? Please?’ She began licking up and down my dick like a lolipop. “Lmmnnn, mmmmyumm.”Listen to me. We’re going to go down onto the grass. We’re going to get to know each other even better. You’re going to do whatever I say. Right?’ She nodded in agreement, never taking her eyes off my schlong as she licked it. ‘Right?’ I wanted to hear it.’Right! Anything!’ She was completely under my control now. I was about to fuck my beautiful sister. Shelly got up and helped me stand. She waited for my next instruction. ‘Hold my cock. Don’t let it go. And don’t hurt me! If you hurt me we’re leaving. Be very careful. Let’s go.’ Shelly gripped her hand gently around my penis. I grabbed the blanket and we moved toward the edge of the rock; she struggled a bit as she walked beside me, holding my semi-hard package. We climbed down the rocks, her going first backward, making sure not to let go. We walked to the tall grass and stood on the blanket facing each other. ‘Good girl. Kneel down. Now. Hold my cock up and lick my balls. SLOWLY. Good. Mmmmm. Kiss them. Good. Keep licking. Don’t jerk me off!!’ Shelly looked up at me, frightened. ‘Just hold it there and keep licking. Very good. Ahhhhh. OK. Put my cock into your mouth.’ She started to give me head, moving bobbing head up and down. ‘NO! No! Just keep it in your mouth and keep still. Put your hands down by your sides.’ She blinked up at me again, wondering if she were following my directions correctly. I looked down at her; she was totally subservient, kneeling there unmoving with the head of my semi-erect dick in her mouth. She was my slave. I stood there silently for about 2 minutes, testing her obedience. She didn’t move a muscle. ‘Good girl. Very good, Shelly. Now lay down in the grass.’ She obeyed. She looked absolutely wonderful spalyed out in the grass under the warm sun, her fantastic body in a beautiful natural setting. As she lay waiting, I noticed a smile on her face that I had never seen on her before; a happy, contented, glowing smile. She was transformed. I was teaching her an important lesson: This was who she really was. This was what she really wanted. ‘Show me what a dirty girl you are.’ I watched to see how she’d respond. She started slowly sliding her hands all over her body; lifting one leg, feeling along the length of it, then the other, caressing her tits and inner thighs, eyes closed. ‘That’s not dirty, Shelly. Show me dirty.’ Her hands shot back to her boobs and she began pinching and squeezing and pulling on her huge nipples. ‘Yeah. Show me what a little slut you are.’ One hand found its way to her puss and her legs spread as far as they would go. She began feeling around the outside of her cunt, along the lips and over the mound. ‘More,’ I said, looking down in awe of this beautiful creature writhing in the grass. ‘Show me your cunt, dirty girl. Show your brother your cunt.’ Shelly spread the lips of her pussy with fingers from both hands; she was literally dripping wet. Her hips were moving as she spread her lips open and I could see the trail of pussy juice that ran down to her little brown butthole and into the grass. ‘What’s that, Shelly? Is that your clit? Show your brother what that does, you dirty fucking slut.’ Shelly began rubbing the top of her lips slowly in a circular motion with the four fingers of her right hand. ‘Yeah, you like that, don’t you? Put a finger inside. Ooooooh, yeah, good. You like putting on a dirty show for your brother, don’t you, bad girl?’ Shelly was finger-fucking herself with her other hand and frantically nodding in agreement. ‘Can you come for me that way, Shelly? Yeah?’ More nodding…I stood over her head and knelt down so my dick, still semi-erect, and balls were inches from her face. ‘Come again, bad girl. After you come, I might let you play with your new toy…would you like that?’ I began stroking my dick right next to her face as she looked on. ‘You want to ply with your new toy some more, dirty girl?’ Her masturbating was building to a fever pitch; a low moan began to build as she saw the first drops of pre-cum appear at the head of my now fully erect dick. Two fingers in now, and she was seconds away again…’STOP!!’ I shouted. Shelly looked up terrified. Panting and sweating, she looked on the verge of tears. ‘You want this in you? Want my cock?”Mmmm Hmmmm! Mmmm Hmmmm!’ she begged. ‘Get up and turn over; on all 4’s. Right. Show me that pussy. Yeah…What do you want, Shelly?’She bent around to look me in the eye. She was crying, tears ran down her cheeks. ‘I want your cock! Your dick! Please! I need it!’ Her pleading was music to my ears. I placed the tip of my cock up against her asshole. ‘Hmmm…not today.’ I moved it down to the opening of her vagina. ‘There, you go, you bad girl. Your brother’s big fat cock.’ I reached up and grabbed a fistfull of hair and pulled her head back. ‘You ready, Shelly?’ She replied, ‘Yes, yes..fuck me now…give it to me! Please!’ through gritted teeth. I plunged in. I shot straight to the top with the first stroke. I felt her wetness ooze out around her lips, soaking my ball bag. ‘AAAAaaahhhh!’ Shelly yelled. ‘Oowwww! Ohh! God!’ I felt bigger, harder, longer that I ever felt before as my stiff dick slid into my sister’s pussy. I started sliding it in and out, faster and faster, every once in a while giving a not-so-gentle tug on Shelly’s hair. Her giant boobs bounced uncontrollably as I pounded her from behind. She just seemed to get wetter and wetter; her cunt was warm slippery heaven. ‘It’s so good! It’s so good! Ahhhhh! Oh! It’s so FUCKING good!’ Shelly was clearly having the time of her life. Every so often I’d smack her ass with my open hand, leaving a red mark; her bucking against me seemed to intensify with every slap. She was fucking me back just as hard as I was fucking her. I reached around and grabbed those luscious mounds and squeezed. She bent upwards and I began kissing her neck and shoulder as we fucked. I whispered into her ear, ‘Bad girl. Dirty girl. Fucking your own brother! You want me to stop?”NO! Please! Please!” Are you sure, you bad girl? Isn’t fucking you own brother really bad? Maybe we should stop…’NO! PLEASE! DON’T STOP FUCKING ME!!’ She started wailing loudly and I could feel the semen building up to the breaking point inside me. We came together, an explosion of heat, sweat, semen and screams. I pulled out and shot wads of thick, hot cum onto her ass and back. While she lay there in the grass quivering, I rammed my dick back in and threw in a few more strokes, eliciting a shreik of joy from my sister. Her vagina squeezed every last drop of cum from my cock. We crashed back into the grass, catching our breath. ‘God the was fantastic,’ Shelly managed. ‘I never dreamed it could be that way.”This is a beautiful thing…’ I said. ‘What do you think?”Oh, yes. Definately.’ Shelly said. ‘I don’t think I could live without that beautiful cock now that I’ve had it in me…”Don’t worry about that.’ I said. ‘Our new relationship is only beginning…’

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