Mother-In-Laws Secret Video Found Ch. 02


To catch everyone up, my mother-in-law, the one who helped doom my marriage from the start had asked me as a favor to copy some of her old VHS tapes onto DVD. While going through the box of mostly boring movies I found on the back half of a goofy teen movie an interracial porn tape staring you-know-who. After watching the tape several times I went through the box and found two more such tapes. I had planned to call my mother-in-law on the next weekend to parlay these tapes into favorite son-in-law status, use her favor to get my wife back home, and perhaps a place in her will (I’d say better place but I knew I was not in there at all).

Midway through the week she called me up and said that she needed me to return the video tapes. Knowing what she wanted I told her that I was still working on them. I let her stew on it a bit telling her I found something on them.

She got more frantic telling me that she was coming over there right now. I told her she could not do that as I was going out for overtime on my job since I had to pay for couples-therapy after all the shit she had put in my wife’s head had caused us to separate.

“Look I copied all the tapes onto my computer, and I stored the files on-line so just in case anything happened to my computer your precious memories would not be lost.” I told her this in case she thought she could break into my house. “Come by Saturday early.” Then I gave her my breakfast order to be filled at a bagel place that was both good and had some notoriously long lines.

That Saturday the doorbell rang at seven in the morning, I took my time answering it. It was Ann. For all my bravado I felt a little funny, I had had seen her naked getting gang-fucked. I saw her tits, and round soft ass. And I had jerked off several times to that decade and a half younger version of her. But as I looked through the door she still had those same fat MILF tits, and though her ass was a bit fatter it was still very bangable.

I let her in, stringing her along in the agony. I sat at the table and savored my bagel and coffee. She was wearing a track suit that hugged her body just right. When I finished I went and brought her the box of tapes and the DVDs I made for her.

“Is there any more copies? You know I could have you arrested, or sue you.” She said, not sounding as tough as she had wanted to.

I told her that there was only one other copy and that I would give it to her before she left, and in addition there was nothing on my computer. “However, there is a copy of your “special” tapes on an internet storage account. If I should have any problems, I will give a friend the code word and it will go out over every bit torrent site in existence.” She gave me a perplexed look until I explained the concept of bit torrents to her then she looked weak in the knees.

I had her sit down on the couch and sat next to her. “You told my wife all the shit that messed up our sex life and meanwhile you were doing this?” I turned on a tape, It was Ann at a resort laying under the shade in a two piece black bikini that only emphasized her curves and white skin. Ed, her husband, was nearby talking to her.

The Ankara bayan escort audio was pretty bad, but finally I heard him halfway through a sentence “…must have been tired or something. I will make it up to you tonite.”

Ann scoffed saying “That is what you said the past few nights. I don’t know what is wrong with you.”

The next scene had her in her hotel room with two black guys who were dressed like hotel workers. One was behind her squeezing her big tits through her bikini top, the other one was in front of her as she reached out to grab his huge bulge through his white shorts.

Ed, her husband, stood on the side saying that he was going to fuck her good, later. She laughed telling him to go out or play golf or something and she was glad that it was a full service hotel.

Ann was horrified. “We made those tapes to spice up our relationship.” She said, now on the defensive.

I told her that she was a hypocrite, and that she had messed up her own daughter’s head with so much crap that our own sex life was all but ruined.

The man behind her took off her bikini top at the same time that she opened the fly of the man in front of her letting his cock flop out. “Full service hotel.” She said dazed as she grasped his monster sized dick and started to stroke it while the man behind her pulled out his own cock and then squeezed her tits.

“I could do that.” Ed whined in the background. He pulled out his own equipment which looked so pathetic next to these two giants that he had to withdraw to the side to watch.

The black man in front of her kissed Ann deeply with his tongue.

“I have to admit, you were very sexy back then.” I told her, and despite her protests I could see her nipples rise. Ed had left her a few years ago for some young thing he had hired to work in his shop.

Ann was pushed down to her knees and took turns sucking on the cocks in the film.

“You know I bet your tits still look pretty good today.” I said driven by a horniness that I had never felt before. “I’d like to see them.”

She made a startled scream of “What!” starting to get up.

I told her she was free to leave and I was free to do what I wanted with my tape.

“This is wrong! This is black mail.” She said sitting back down. I assured her I would stay where I was I just wanted to see her tits. “If my daughter finds out… You really want to see..” She said then unzipped her top down past her bra.

“Nice!” I told her. Now pull them out, over the top of your bra. Come on.”

She stopped, looking at herself from years ago. She was naked on the bed playing with a vibrator as the three men in the room watched.

Her hands grabbed her left tit, then her right and pulled them over the top of the bra. They were big, a little fat, but still well shaped. She started to put them back into her bra when I told her to stop. “Play with them. I want you to squeeze them, like you are, like you did in the film.”

This met a little less protest. She called me a pervert but she still squeezed her own tits. I told her to play and pinch her nipples. She cried about what would happen if her Escort bayan Ankara daughter found out. I told her it was better this than she sees the film on-line.

“That’s sexy. Now suck on your own tits. Come on don’t be shy. That’s it kiss you nipples. No suck on them. Yeah! That’s it don’t be shy.” I told her.

On the film she had, under one of the black guy’s instructions, tossed away her vibrator and was fingering her pussy. “Mmm! I’d like to see you finger yourself like you are doing in the movie.”

“No way!” She said letting go of her tits.

I told her I just wanted to see her do it and that I would not go near her. On the screen the black guys were commenting on how sexy she looked. She got up, I thought she was going to leave, but instead she slipped her pants and panties down to her ankles, she took her right finger and rubbed her clit. “Happy?” she said.

I told her I was and I wanted her to keep rubbing her pussy. I told her it looked beautiful, as good as it did in the film. “Rub it faster.” I started to hear a wet sound and her nipples hardened up. On the screen the men told her to stick her finger in her pussy. “Do what you are doing on the screen. Yeah stick them inside of you.”

She glared at me but then she slowly pushed one of her fingers inside of her followed by another. She fingered herself faster and faster until she actually came.

I knew it was now or never. I got up and came towards her. She stood up, her eyes darted to my hard-on.

“What are you doing..” she managed to get out before I kissed her. She pulled back a bit but I kissed her again, deeper this time as my hands felt her tits. As we pulled apart I told her I wanted her to suck my cock but first I reached between her legs, my fingers felt her wet pussy. I rubbed her as she protested.

I pulled her jogging suit top over her head and then I unsnapped her bra. “What are you doing?” I had her step out of her pants and panties so she was nude with only her sneakers on.

She looked towards the television screen where her past self was taking a deep dicking from one of the black studs on the screen, then back at me. I undid my belt. As I unzipped my fly I told her, “You see until my wife comes back I am in the twilight zone, I can’t date, so I can’t get laid and yet as stimulating as porn is it’s just not the same. So you are going to suck me off right here wearing those cute sneakers of yours, then we are going into the bedroom and fuck all day long. You are going to stay the entire weekend and be my sex slave.

“Oh wait.” I said going to a draw in the living room coffee table.

“What do you want me to do, make lunch?”

I told her that was not a bad idea, but that I wanted her to use something while she sucked me off. I showed her the small but powerful vibrator. “Yes I bought it for your daughter but she never used it. Thanks to all the crap you put into her head.” I handed it to her, then kissed her again as I gently pushed her down onto her knees and pulled my cock out of my now open fly. I told her to turn it on. She looked puzzled and then I realized she did not know if I meant me or the vibrator. Bayan escort Ankara I pointed to the vibrator; it went on with a very loud buzz for something so small. She touched it to the front of her pussy and her eyes almost instantly closed with a look of ecstasy.

She took me in her other hand and kissed the head lightly then took me into her mouth, her skills were another thing she had not passed on to her daughter as she sucked me off. The vibrator now disappeared inside of her. She kept a steady rhythm of sucking breaking it up to lick my shaft and balls. I ran my hands gently through her hair. All too soon I felt like I was going to climax, so enthralled was I by her dedication I gave her a warning which to my pleasant surprise only made her go faster. When I came she kept sucking until a second wave of pleasure came over me.

She got up and I told her we were going to the bedroom. “I really don’t think we should..” she said as I guided her there. I kissed her neck as my hands felt her full soft breasts. I raised one to my mouth and sucked on her nipple, then with the slightest of pushes she sat down on the bed. I pushed her up further and spread her legs. She still had on her sneakers but I did not care. I kissed her pussy making her shiver then I plunged in working her the best I could.

I felt her hands pushing my head in closer to her as she came. My cock recovered from before and I got on top of her.

“I can’t believe we are..uh..” she said as I slid inside of her and started to pump taking my time. I kissed and sucked her tits working my way up to her mouth. Then when the time was right I rolled us over so she was on top as I watched her fat MILF tits bounce up and down.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” is all that she could repeat as her fat ass slapped up and down on me. I held her hips and began to thrust upward telling her I was about to cum. I had never shot a bigger load. She collapsed on top of me and I kissed her deeply.

I pulled out and then rolled over so we were facing each other side by side. I led her hand down to my cock and she started to jerk me off as I sucked her tits. Within a few minutes I was back up again…

She was on her hands and knees and I was behind her now in total control, pulling it nearly all the way out and then slamming it back into her, followed by some steady fucking. I reached around and played with her breasts until I came again. As she laid there resting I got up and helped her with off with her sneakers. She looked at her watch claiming she had to go. I opened the dresser drawer and took out another bigger vibrator telling her again that she was going to spend the night with me. As I turned it on she tried to think of excuses, but could not think of any as I teased her clit with it.

I worked her pussy with the vibrator watching her nipples harden. It would be a long but enjoyable morning…

“I’m hungry.” Ann said getting out of bed naked. I told her we would take care of it as we were going out soon. “Going out where?” she said. I opened the door to the closet and took out a leather dress I had picked up just for her.

I will cook lunch for us, but later we are going to the city and you are going to be my date.” Ann looked a little scared but I assured her the clubs we were going to were not ones her friends would be going to…

I will relate the details of our date in m next story…

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