Mother-In-Law’s Desire


I never expected it to happen. I had visited the in-law’s home to drop off some wood for my father in law, but he wasn’t in. However, my mother-in-law was.

I took the wood around the back, and when I had finished, she invited me in for a drink.

While the kettle was boiling, I noticed that she was still in her T-shirt that she wears in bed. She had a bathrobe on, and this T-shirt but that was all. As I sat down, she sat opposite me, and started asking how my day was going. As it turned out, my day had finished earlier than I had planned by the fact that the offices had suffered floods, and we had all been given the day off. My mother in law had invited the wife and I over for a meal that evening, but said that we could turn up anytime, as she would be in all day. My wife was still at work, and would otele gelen escort be for another 5-6 hours. It was while I was thinking about this, that my mother in law noticed that I had gotten my shirt dirty.

“Do you want a fresh one?” she asked. I replied that I preferred not to borrow shirts, as I tended to forget to return them. “In that case”, she said, “let me wash it for you,” and she started to undo the buttons on the front of my shirt. As she did so, I looked into her eyes, and noticed that she was looking back into mine.. a deeper emotion was there, and I couldn’t work it out. Finally she removed the shirt, and took it from me and put it into the washing machine. Now I was topless. She turned around and smiled in a way that I must pendik escort admit started to turn me on. She then commented on how hot it was, and started to remove her bathrobe.

It was then that I noticed her figure for the first time. 36D and a figure to long for. As it was a night dress, she wore not bra, but her breasts seemed firm enough to hold their own. Her nipples, I noticed were starting to protrude through the top, and something stirred in the depths of my lap. She looked at me, while I tried to adjust my sitting position, and as I struggled to hide the evident growth, and smiled again. She then took me by complete surprise.

As she sat there, she slowly, and methodically opened her legs. This made matters worse for me, because rus escort it was then that I noticed that she wore nothing underneath her night attire. My cock was now at full alert, but I was still stuck as to how to approach this. Here was my mother-in-law trying to seduce me, and here I was getting caught in the seduction.

She looked at me, smiled again, and asked if I liked the view from where I was sitting. I just squeaked a reply, and kept looking at her shaven pussy. Next she got up and walked over. Kneeling in front of me, she started to undo my trousers. As she did this, she slowly licked her lips, and caressed her nipples.

When she removed my underwear, she released my hard cock into the open. She took one look, stood up, and sat down on it, slamming her body onto it’s length.

As I caressed her breasts through her T-shirt, she gyrated and continually slammed her body on my cock. I could feel the wave of emotion building up inside of me. Before I knew it, I was ready to explode.

She smiled at me, once more, and made a huge effort to make me cum. Without appreciating what we were doing, I planted the seed that made my sister- in – law.

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