Mother Explores Daughter


The phone rang.
“Hello,” Janice said into receiver recognizing the number immediately as she glanced at the display.
“Hey honey,” Harold said on the other end his voice distant. “I got bad news.”
“You’re not going to make it for dinner are you?”
“I’m sorry but the meeting ran longer than anticipated and I’ve missed my flight and now with that storm passing through they’ve cancelled the flights for the rest of the day.”
“Will you be back tomorrow,” Janice asked leaning against the wall staring at the table set for three.
“Yep. I’ve already been booked on the afternoon flight.”
“Okay.” She said still disappointed.
“Tell Katie I’m sorry. I have to go the hotel shuttle is here. Love you. Call you later.”
“Love you too.” Janice said just as Katie entered the dinning room.
“Was that daddy?” She asked.
“Yeah he’s not going to make it. They cancelled some flights and he’s stuck.”
“Oh. I guess it doesn’t matter if I change or not,” she said.
She was wearing a long white tee shirt like the one her mother was wearing. Neither of them wore anything under them. Like mother like daughter she thought. She was right in more ways than she knew.
Katie at fourteen years old looked almost exactly as Janice did when she was fourteen. She had long wavy blonde hair and deep blue eyes. Her face was small and round with perpetually pouted lips. Her breasts were small and round beneath the tee shirt at about 32A with nipples hard and eager to pierce the fabric. No doubt as she matured her breasts would be the temptation of many men. She smiled wondering how they felt. She glanced down at her own as Katie left for the kitchen. Firm and round her 36D still drew attention easily. It was then she wondered if Katie was still a virgin.
Katie reentered the dinning room with a bowl of salad that Janice had made in one hand and wine in the other. Before Janice could say a word Katie was gone again. She really didn’t think she should have the wine until Harold was home yet as she sat down she found the opener and popped the cork while waiting for her daughter to bring the remainder of the meal.
I wonder if she’s experimenting. Janice thought as she watched her sweet hour glass frame not at all much like normal fourteen year olds. She was just like she was when she was fourteen, she thought again as Katie took a seat next to her mother.
“Shall we eat?” Katie said.
Katie had water for herself but as Janice sipped from her own glass she didn’t think it would do any harm for her to have a little and suggested it.
“Why don’t you have some wine baby.”
Without protest Katie filled the glass that was meant for her father.
Not what Janice had expected she shrugged. It was a Friday night so if she slept late she’d have two days to wake up.
The rain began to fall. It pattered against the Tandoğan Escort house like untrained drummers trying to sync themselves.
Janice decided to start a conversation as she was no longer interested in just eating in particular now that she was interested in her daughter’s sex life. She’d already talked to her about all the do’s and don’t but with most things children never listened but Katie was a good girl. Janice smiled. So was she at twelve she was already giving blow jobs and having her pussy licked and licking pussy by other bi curious girls at school in her day.
“How is Darren?” She asked.
“Darren. Darren and I broke up.”
“When was this,” she asked as she drained her glass. The rain was coming down harder.
“’bout a week ago.”
“Why? What happened.”
Katie took a sip of her glass. It was still full. She liked the sweetness of the wine but it was strong.
“I wanted to fool around and he didn’t.”
“That’s a first.” Janice said not realizing she’d said it aloud until Katie responded.
“Yeah well I guess he’s all religious and the like and even though I knew he wanted some he said no.”
Janice frowned wondering how anyone could refuse her daughter. In fact she was having a hard time keeping her eyes of her still hard nipples behind the shirt.
“Maybe he’s gay or something.” Janice said.
“Naw he’s just afraid of accidents. Kids and such.”
“That’s why they’re condoms.” Janice said.
“Yeah but he says they’re only 99.9% good.”
Janice laughed. “Well they’re other things you could do.” She said finishing off her second glass hardly having touched her food.
“I tried to suck him once he didn’t like how it felt and I’m afraid taking it up the ass will hurt.”
“Nah.” Again Janice spoke thinking she’d only said it in her mind.
“You’ve done it mom?”
“Uh maybe a few times.” Her mother said trying to smile away her blush.
Katie finished her glass. She reached out for the bottle and knocked the water.
Janice grabbed for the glass but her impaired skills only helped in knocking the entire contents on Katie’s shirt.
“Oh dear.” Janice said. If she couldn’t see her daughter’s nipples before now as the fabric became almost transparent from being wet she definitely could see them and the shape of her little girl’s breasts. “Honey go up and change…”
A flash of lightening sliced through the sky. The lights in the house flickered and faded thunder rolled.
“Well I guess we’re both going up stairs no,” Janice said as she got to her feet a little uneasy. “We’ll clean this up tomorrow.”
Feeling around in the darkness as their eyes adjusted to the light the pair found the stairs and made their way up to Janice’s room.
“Let me dry you off.” Janice said. She felt some resistance from Katie. “It’s okay…” Before Katie could Tunalı Escort finish Janice had her shirt off and was leading her towards the bathroom.
Janice hit the night light. The battery powered circle brought light to the room. She quickly had a towel on Katie’s chest though her hands seemed to do more toweling than the towel.
When she was done she handed her daughter a box of matches. “They’re some candles on the dresser, light them?”
The light spilling from the bathroom was enough for Katie to find the candles and go about illuminating the bedroom.
Janice couldn’t believe what she was thinking but seeing her daughter naked with the glow of the candles dancing off her body, the wine influencing her better judgment and the smooth silky feeling of her breasts she found herself with her stap-on in hand and sliding it on under her shirt.
Katie was done. “Mom I’m going to get a shirt.”
“Wait.” Janice said emerging from the bathroom.
“What’s that?” Katie asked as her mother approached her shirt still on and the bulge pointing at her.
Janice peeled the shirt off. Before Katie could say another word she took her in her arms and kissed her. Kate’s breasts were soft and warm against Janice’s own breasts. She could feel her daughter’s nipples hard against her chest. She could also feel juices from her own pussy oozing down the inside of her leg.
Katie was unsure of how to react. She tried to pull away. The strap-on rubbed against her clit clumsily. It sent shivers through her and weakened her as did the hot wet kisses of her mother, her tongue deep inside her mouth.
“Let’s play a little,” Janice said leading Katie to the bed.
Laying Katie on her back she spread her legs and began to probe her soft warm pussy with her tongue and fingers. Her tongue found her clit and her fingers slid easily into her moist opening.
It didn’t cross Katie’s mind that she was laying on her mother’s bed and her mother was going down on her, all that crossed her mind was how hot her mother’s tongue was and how eager she was for her to thrust the strap-on into her.
Katie’s pussy juice slid into Janice’s mouth. It was sweet and the more that dripped from her the more Janice pushed her fingers into her going deeper and deeper into her soft wet virgin hole. Each stroke brought the volume of Katie’s cries higher and higher as her breathing increased.
Janice savored the sounds she made, enjoying them and feeding them with unrelenting fingers.
Katie’s back arched further enveloping her mother’s fingers.
“Mommy!” Katie exclaimed as she arched her back again pushing herself against her mother’s mouth as she climaxed.
Janice felt Katie’s pussy tighten around her fingers.
Katie fell limp, weak breathing hard and shivering though not from cold.
Janice Türbanlı Escort took one last lick of her daughter’s pussy and then slowly crawled up on top of Katie.
“Are you going to put it in now?” Katie asked.
“Oh yes.” Janice said her own pussy throbbing and eager to feel the strap-on rub against her clit.
She reached into her bedside drawer and pulled out a tube of KY. She rolled Katie on her stomach.
Too weak Katie didn’t protest. She felt a warm cream slide between her butt crack and around her asshole.
Janice felt more of her own juices oozing down the inside of her thigh at the thought of what she was about to do and to who she was doing it. She rubbed the residue cream from her hand on the shaft and guided it to Katie’s tight asshole. In the flickering candle light she saw Katie’s puckered pink hole contract.
Janice pushed on her asshole. “Relax baby,” she said and slowly the head was in.
Kate felt the head slip into her ass. It was a mixture of pain and pleasure with the pleasure the dominant emotion.
Janice slowly slid the remainder of the six inches of hard rubber into her daughter.
Katie moaned and then sighed. She didn’t expect this and even though she was curious she hoped when her mother started moving it wouldn’t hurt too much. Katie bit down on her bottom lip as her mother slowly began to stroke her. She could feel her clit rubbing against the bed an unexpected surprise and one which sent further ripples of pleasure through her body. The ripples washed over her like waves on the shore each time her mother pressed down into her ass.
Janice took Katie’s hands and squeezed. The strap-on was rubbing against her clit with each thrust into her daughter’s tight round ass. She’d had her hands on the girl’s ass at first but as she felt her arousal growing she had to let go before she dug her fingers into her flesh. She began to drive it into her harder and faster as Katie’s moaning grew louder and louder matching the inevitable approach her own climax.
Katie gasped and let out a whimper as her body relaxed. She couldn’t believe her mother was riding her ass and she was enjoying it so.
Hands interlocked they both squeezed hard Katie even harder as she felt multiple tremors wash over her body.
Janice thrust her phallus into her daughter one last time as her climax weakened her and with a racing heart and panting breaths she fell limp on Katie’s back her body wet with sweat.
“Mommy, are you alright?” Katie asked.
“Oh yes baby. You?”
“Umm-hmm. That was good.”
Janice slowly slipped the strap-on out as Katie sighed. She slipped it off and pulled her daughter close. They kissed wet hot breasts pressed against each other again. “Don’t tell your daddy.” Janice said.
Katie slid her hand down between her mother’s breasts and down between her legs to her sticky pussy. The sensation of Katie’s fingers on her flesh released a shiver across her body. Katie brought her hand back to her mouth and the two shared the delicacy they shared from Katie’s hand.
“I won’t tell if you let me fuck you next time.”
“Baby the night’s still young.”

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